Thursday, January 31, 2008


Ahhh...silence. For the first time in a long time all the computers in the house were shut down last night. It was weird not to hear the whirr of the fans as I was shutting the lights off to go to bed.

The boy and I are off to Texas tomorrow for a week. I'll be online but probably not posting as we're hoping this to be a 100% R&R vacation, particularly after the Arctic hell we've been through here this week. Minus 50 Celsius windchills on Monday and Tuesday morning....brrr. One doesn't want to go outside in that dressed in layers of insulation, never mind latex! I need heat and green so badly...

Have a good week. I'll be back.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Did I mention that we are officiatlly going to IML? Well, apparently the gang's committed. Right now there are six of us. I'm amazed that this is actually working out. The host hotel's been booked, now it's a waiting game for spring seat sales to Chicago or a cash in of frequent flyer miles. Either way, I'm heading to the Windy City to express myself in all my rubber glory in May.

How exciting. It'll be the time of my rubber life.


After reading FoxZatt's dire news that Cocoon is raising all of its prices 10% on February 1st because of increases in latex costs, I've been revisiting my thoughts and readings on shortages of our favorite material due to a multitude of influences. It's also made my insatiable greed lust for more latex to go into overdrive. I ended up buying my royal blue Invincible polo shirt and some black latex go-go shorts earlier this week. As soon as my STR suit gets back repaired, I'll be considering another catsuit purchase as well. Gotta get moving on my rubber stockpile....

I know I was considering transparent or white in previous posts, but I have talked to a few 'influential' people on line that have been making me think about changing those orders somewhat.

There is truth in the story that I have an affinity for olive green. As you may have noticed over the past few months, I have this military/enforcement bend in me that has been presenting itself in my photo sessions. Well, I've always had a weakness for men in uniform, but I never ever knew this lay latent in me like this! I've seen how an olive green STR suit looks on the likes of rubberjockwa, and I likey likey likey.

I've always been fascinated by the pearlsheen latex too, especially since receiving the pewter catsuit. I saw how Libidex makes their catsuits with accoutrements and that's a look that's recently come back to me. I love this pearlsheen blue one. Stunning.

At any rate, the concern I have for potential disruptions of the unexpected kind as well as price increases this spring and summer are making me think I should buy now and pay later. Bad consumer! Bad debt! Bad rubberman!

I'm completely part of the problems I lament about. But at least I'll have lots of latex to ease the pain.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rubber S.W.A.T.

I got a bit creative last night and made a few rubber accessories that I had been thinking of adding to the 'Rubber Recon Squad' outfits. I had a few scrap pieces of the pewter latex as well as lots of black to work with. If you notice, the armband says 'R.M.P.' - Rubber Military Police. This is going to be a great outfit for IML! Unfortunately I highly doubt I'll be able to cross the border with my toy guns......

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fetish and Relationships Revisited

Since I wrote the blog entry about negotiating a long-term relationship between a fetishist and a vanilla partner, I've received a lot of feedback from other rubbermen on the topic. As I thought, it appears every relationship gets to the point where a dialog on boundaries and expectations is mandatory. Everyone I talked to is currently in, or has gone through, a period of turmoil in their relationships due to their budding, expanding fetishism gaining increased 'priority' in their lives as an individual and as a partner in a relationship.

I must say that I fall into this boat too. When I first started dating my partner eight years ago, I was pretty heavy into lycra fetishism, but really hadn't delved into latex at all yet. At the time he was also a lycra 'appreciator' -- not to say he wore it often, but had in the past and repeatedly said how much he liked the look on men.

Fast forward eight years later and I'm a rubber freak - four catsuits going on five, lots of other clothing, accessories, vac-bed, hoods, three gas masks, plugs for every orifice, you name it...meanwhile the husband is basically hasn't changed a whole lot and expects similar things from our lovelife as we have had all these years together...tried and true, safe, and sane.

This has all brought new dynamics into our lives -- and an honest dialog about everything is still forthcoming. We manage to get topical discussions in from time to time, but no holistic overview of both of our perspectives and desires on things yet. I'm not sure what the fetishism is evolving into for me so it's hard to communicate that to a partner when you're not even sure yourself what the 'next thing' might be.

I think the key is to try to keep a partner as involved as you possibly can and discuss the 'terms and conditions' as a team rather than set your own pervy rulebook and expect your partner to accept it all without question.

It's frustrating to see latex or leather couples together and think, "they're so lucky -- they must not have to deal with all this negotiation crap", however like any other couple I'm sure they have had similar discussions -- this isn't something that is limited to a kinky/vanilla relationship dynamic. Even two rubberpigs would have different expectations and boundaries they'd be prepared to define within their relationship. If there's anything I've learned in the fetish world it's that everyone is, at a minimum, different in their preferences and expectations. We all stumble across other fetishists online whose tastes and kink are very similar to ours and typically I find this extremely hot and intriguing -- but that's a story for another day (are having similar kink tastes and lifestyles enough to hold two people in a LTR together?).

There are many aspects of a relationship that need to be negotiated and balanced in that you are still dealing with two individuals who may have very different ways of approaching and dealing with relationships anyways. A gay relationship would have different things to negotiate than a straight relationship and has advantages and disadvantages in this respect.

Yeah, the conversations can get strange and uncomfortable sometimes. I 'assume' by my partner's reactions (or lack of reactions?) that he thinks I'm a freak and doesn't want to participate in some of the activities I experiment in because they're too over the top for him. These feelings of depravity/guilt make me get defensive to the point where I end up preferring to play by myself rather than bring any fetish stuff into our mutual sex lives. Consequently the 'normal' sex suffers because I find vanilla, sort of...vanilla. Let's just say right now I'm having a lot more solo rubbersex than I'm having with another human being.

For example, there have been instances where I'm completely rubberized head-to-toe and he fucks me (my interpretation: obligingly), but he has no desire to get into the play scene at all -- doesn't spend the time on a lot of foreplay or dressing up (although, in his defense, foreplay is a tad difficult with a gas mask on). I don't think he really understands what 'play' is and being vanilla, he doesn't really see any need or purpose behind it.

Despite admittedly not having a lot of conversations about this, I haven't really seen a lot of signals from him that he wants to get into more complex play situations...he's really not that imaginative or inspired, I guess.

He says that my interpretations of his reactions are wrong, but then he doesn't really initiate anything when I'm getting frisky in rubber. I think in our particular case he is getting a little overwhelmed by it all but doesn't want to say anything. It also doesn't help that our down-time schedules do not cross as often as desired, so I find myself playing in rubber by myself even more, which is evolving into something of a lonely, frustrating venture. Not surprisingly, now I have the increasing desire to play with others that would be fully appreciative of the scene, and playing at times when it is convenient for all participants.

I don't think he understands that to me, if the scene isn't arousing for both of us, I'd rather not do it together at all.

To be fair, some fetish play is very much an individual venture by nature. Case in point: the vac-bed. He (obligingly) zips me in and monitors things, but to have him initiate a massage or get involved in some other fashion? It's something I have to instruct him to do, not something that he would do instinctively. And heaven forbid if I could ever get him into it. He sees the vac-bed as being a very solo endeavor that is very boring for the monitor. I find it very frustrating and as a result, the vac-bed has been in storage for some period of time now. I have to figure out better ways to get him interested. I would like to get him into some rubber just to show him how erotic two warm latex-clad bodies rubbing and grinding against each other is. My plan is to start getting him to tie me up as a rubber prisoner, something that will force him to get involved in the play scene. In addition, I plan to get him to help me create more videos outdoors this spring and summer.

*sigh* But fundamentally, he has stated that he can't stand the constriction of anything on his neck, etc. so to solve this, I'm going to get him a surfsuit or wrestling suit either in my new order or at IML. I fear that the mantra, "you're either born kinky or you aren't" rings more true in my head each day due to my experiences with my partner. It shouldn't be this much work to involve someone that claims they are 'into it'.

It's definitely a point of contention right now. We need to figure out how to make this work better than it has been so far.

And as it has been pointed out to me several times, I have to keep in mind that all these thoughts I'm having are specifically my thoughts. In order to get a full understanding of what he thinks about everything, we need to have those conversations. Otherwise I don't really see the relationship continuing as we continue to diverge further and further from each other.

So, of course, everyone who is going through with this asks everyone who seemingly has negotiated it successfully for advice and guidance. The answer always seems to be 'it's a continual work in progress' or 'I'm not even close to figuring it out yet'.

Damn! So if I ever figure it all out, I'll develop a 12-step program, write a book and get rich! LOL

Sunday, January 20, 2008

All those toys...

Almost feeling like I'm entering a second childhood, I found myself in the Dollar Store on Saturday after my workout, picking out toy guns! I found a couple of small assault rifles that I want to incorporate into the pervy rubberspy outfit. I'm going to fashion out a thighstrap for one of the guns out of latex strips and a rubber shoulder harness for the other one. Will this costume building rampage ever end? I hope not! LOL

Of course, I went into Priape shortly afterwards and had to explain to the inquisitive staff what I was planning for the toys...

Someone else has the idea...

...for a rubber spy movie!

From the GayRubberLovers Yahoo! Group:

I'm looking for male rubberists and latex lovers to play extra all in rubber bad guys in a secret agent spoof spy film i'm shooting in LA from friday March 7th to sunday March 9th starring Anastasia Pierce

Now I'm going to be playing a bad guy myself along with 2 other guys but we really need an additional 11 or 12 guys to play bad guys with us. You won't need to say anything or have any previous acting experience ,just must have your own black rubber catsuit/smoothskin wetsuit and a black hood and be in in or near to Los Angeles for some or all of Friday March 7th to Sunday March 9th..

Already on board to play the sadistic boss of the evil organization is Anastasia Pierce. so it will be great fun.

The best way to describe it is like a rubber skindiver/latex type cross between James Bond,and Pamela Anderson's VIP.

The way we shoot the film is that all of bad guys will keep getting killed ,shot or blown up by Sheila Almeida www.myspace. com/sheilaalmeid a2007 a female secret agent (the good female agent),so when the film is completed it will look like thousand different bad guys get their ass kicked!

Preferably you'd be quite short say around 5' 9" and under but that's not essential.

Obviously you would be paid.

contact is here or

Andre's stealing my idea! This sounds like it would be a very fun set to be involved in. Any of you going to be in L.A. around this time? You could become a rubberstar! My idea is similar - just more gay and more pornographic! LOL

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fully Loaded

I had a photo session a couple of weeks ago where I decided to add all the latex belts, bags, collars and harnesses I had to see what the full complement would look like. I first put on the Human Workshop harnesses, then the Sam Browne belt. I cinched the strings of the STR carry bag through the belt of the Sam Browne to hold it up higher on the back so that I could run the Russian gasmask hose into it. In some of the pics I have the Russian gas mask on, and in later ones I have it hooked to my front belt as a 'backup' while now wearing the Blackstyle full-hood gas mask. Add to that the HW collar, and put it all over the Latexa suit. As a final touch, the Tred-Airs (of course). I think this overloaded look is hot! I took a final jerk-off video too...the Latexa CB sheath now has a hole in the tip to let all the gunk come out!

I'll touch it up and upload it to Guyzingear tonight, hopefully. I just got the home computer up and running again yesterday (it was a motherboard crash...), so I'm not sure how the video looks yet.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ultimate Rubber

My rubber and mummification fantasies have come to life in pictures I discovered on guyzingear. Dmordmor's pictures are rubber lifestyle captured in images that make my head spin. What an imaginative, hot scene these guys create. Great job!

Oh STR - where are you?

I'm reminiscing about the Skintightrubber suit. I hope it comes home soon!

(*cue slow, sad music with lots of piano and strings...*)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Here is a nifty compilation of a large variety of rubber play scenes by Rubberto. It's a great summary of all things rubber, BC, hazmat and perverted!

Find more videos like this on guyzingear

Friday, January 11, 2008

Fetish and Relationships

I've had the opportunity to talk to several fellow 'gearheads' over the past few weeks and gained a lot of insight into how people negotiate their fetish desires with their need to maintain a long term relationship with a partner that does not share their fetish outlook or intensity for creative play scenarios. There seems to be a common pattern to how the evolution of the fetish is shaped by the relationship as much as the relationship is shaped by the dialog created by the fetish.

Thank you very much guys, for taking the time to thoughtfully write me back and engage in conversation with me....

What I've learned most importantly is that communication is essential from both parties to negotiate a common ground that both partners can be satisfied with. Each partner needs to express their understanding of the terms and desired involvement coming from the other partner. There can be no assumption as to what the other partner may be thinking -- what their response to a particular fetish is, what they conceive their future with their gear-playing partner to end up looking like, to what degree they want to participate, conversations about opening the relationship, or negotiating boundaries of actions outside the relationship. Also as it was pointed out, there needs to be an understanding on both parts of what 'play' is and whether both partners are comfortable with the boundaries that have been set.


I've been realizing that my perceptions of how things could or should be are completely different than my boyfriend; I think we're entering an impasse in our relationship where these conversations are going to be inevitable. Our definitions of what 'sex' is, what 'flirting' is, are not very similar, and at the moment it is causing a lot of problems. I do realize that these fetishes are all fundamentally about one thing - sex, and that this is an affront to him, a guy who thinks that monogamy and a 'nuclear family' life are what his destiny is.

I'm understanding more and more that that is a life that I don't want -- of course, I want a man to my own in a loving relationship, but I also need someone adventurous and experimental and flirty and playful - just like I want to be, given the chance. I don't want the big house and two dogs like so many other gay couples I know....BOOORRRRIIIINNNNGGGGG.

That being said, I respect my boyfriend, and we've been together far too long to let something like this - which is supposed to be fun and sexy - be the thing that breaks us up.

Now I have a new conundrum. A couple of my boy friends and I have decided to go to IML in Chicago in May. I have told the boyfriend about it and that he's welcome to come, but that it's been designated something of a 'grrllz weekend' with a dumping of the boyfriends for four days. I have no intention of doing anything other than prance around in rubber all weekend and maybe flirt a little bit. But I'm starting to realize how this makes him feel, finally, I think.

As was discussed, it seems likely that coming to terms with what I define play as and what he defines play as, if we can come to some sort of agreable point there, will be the evolution toward an eventual open relationship. I have other friends that have been in relationships for longer than we have that are at this point -- in fact more than a few. But we're gay; it shouldn't be a big deal, right?

Right now, I don't feel very comfortable about that but I will have to be honest with myself before I can be honest with him. I need to think about this some more. I am going to go to Chicago though. I'm going with some good friends and we'll have fun. It's not like I'm heading there by myself or with someone I just met on the Internet.

But maybe most of all, I feel like I've lied to him. I did make a promise, once upon a time, that whenever I went out in rubber I would let him know in advance so that he could plan to come out as well. We're doing that and I figure it's because he wants to monitor things. When we do go out, I know that he scares a lot of the guys away that want to come up and 'talk'. He's offended by the fact that I really don't think it's a big deal that guys come up to me when I'm in rubber. I know that he's got some self-confidence issues and that my desire to jiggle around in rubber in public is not helping the situation. That's why I don't want him to come to Chicago - if he's there, he won't have a good time and neither will I.

I think we've got a lot of talking to do. The funny thing is, I think most couples where one partner is a practicing pervert and the other isn't go through these situations. It's inevitable. They have to come to some sort of agreement. If it's been done before, it can be done again, so there's hope for us as well.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Processed Product Innuendo?

A catchphrase from Hot Doug's, a Chicago-based Midwest chain celebrated for its imaginative sausages and its fries cooked in rendered duck fat. Urgh.

Yeah - okay, the innuendo is a little laboured here, but how often do you hear the term, "encased meats"? Whenever I hear a term referring to tubular beef/pork/mysterious whatever products, I just have to snicker a little bit.

Planning ahead

Hey guys - I have a question. I may be a little ahead of myself, but for those of you that don't know, I have a hot pink Invincible catsuit that I won on eBay a month or so ago. I am trying my darnedest to figure out some costumes that can be made around it. Who would've thought hot pink would be such a hard color to work with????? ;-)

Can anyone think of some creative ideas on how to build a Valentine's Day costume around it? I'm thinking 'Kinky Cupid', but in my mind that should be more of a red and white getup. Maybe I should just prance around the parties in simple hot pink with quiver, bow, arrows and wings! LOL

Any inspirational thoughts?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Changing of the Guard

Have you ever wondered why the bastions of leathermen at leather events seems to have waned over the years and why these previously exclusive leathermen clubs now seem to tolerate a lot more rubbermen and lycrabois than they used to?

I've had this conversation with a few people which have brought up some interesting points.

In the beginning (I guess that would be the 60s and 70s), gay men didn't have the internet to meet each other. Hell, they didn't really even have magazines or papers - they had the bars, baths, parks, and clubs. I could see that if everyone was out and about and seeing everyone else out and about that eventually, at least in the bigger cities, specialized fetish clubs and groups would develop as more people experimented and fetish items became more available on the market.

In today's world, gay is not really an issue anymore. Most of the younger generations don't see it as a definition at all and as a result you see a lot fewer young gay people getting involved in traditional gay organizations, clubs, sports teams and the like. Being gay is just not the identity definition it used to be. The 'cultural profile' of these generations also lends credence to the observation that this isn't just an exclusively gay issue. I even see it in my 'straight' sports clubs - it has been a daunting task, nearly impossible in fact, to attract and retain members in the 20-30 age range, never mind trying to pass the onus of responsibility on to them as those of us that have been running things for the past ten years start to move on to other phases of our lives.

As well, the internet has brought the world to our fingertips. Why go out to a club to meet another rubberboi when you can have him show up at your doorstep? I think a lot of people have become 'introverted' (and by that I mean simply having issue to publicly display oneself in fetish gear - you get to avoid potential public humiliation) simply because it seems to be the path of least resistance and the most safety in order to get that hot rubber/leather/PVC/lycraman into your bed. What happened to the thrill of the hunt? A primitive, archaic pursuit for modern men, I guess.

In addition to that, the number of retailers in fetishwear has exploded in the past ten years. You can't find that unique, freaky item you're looking for in your traditional local store or mailorder? Guaranteed, someone is selling it in the new media - online or on eBay.

So, you see that a lot of the visible leather and (to a certain extent) rubbermen are in their late 30s, 40s, and 50s -- and many of these are the old guard, the ones that still identify gay/fetish community in much the same paradigm it has been for decades. But I think these men are part of a dying breed. And not in a bad way - things are simply evolving into something else. I do worry about the long-term viability of some things gay that I do enjoy, particularly sporting clubs and large events like the Gay Games and OutGames because they are all based on the old paradigm of exclusivity, even though they don't all outwardly say so.

Fetish parties and such won't disappear, but I don't think as many people are attending them because there isn't as much need to find someone of your own taste through direct contact anymore. A few clicks of the mouse, and a hot kinky perv is on your doorstep.

In order to attract a new generation of kinky men to fetish parties and clubs, the old leather guard has been forced to allow some alternative members in.

What are all the younger men doing? Well, as I recall, in my early 20s it was all about lycra. It is cheap and lasts practically forever. It was those lower barriers to entry into lycra fetish that make the younger cohorts the most ardent wearers of the material, at least in public - you see a lot more younger men into this scene.

Back in my day, I thought - no, I knew - I was the only one with such a messed up affection for anything tight and shiny. If I had only had the internet back then...fetishism outside the large metros back then was a very lonely place.

Maybe it's simply visibility, but I also think lycra fetishism a lot more affordable for others. The range of lycra materials, designs and patterns over the past ten years is certainly not the limited range I had to chose from as a young man, however in those days men wore a lot more lycra in public than they do today, and they would make men's styles out of just as outrageous colors and designs as the women's. Yes, I did own neon colored lycra clothes back in the day, (regrettably! LOL). Why the loss of public lycra? Well, I've jumped into that topic before, coming to the conclusion that is partly because of the fattening up of our society and the private shame and insecurity most men feel about their bodies as a consequence that have occurred in society over the past 20 years, as well as the confusion of the masculine ideal in our gender-blended modern society that have caused the regrettable demise of lycra on men in public. Real men don't wear lycra, do they? They are starting to again, somewhat, thanks to UnderArmour and Adidas, among others.

Like gateway drugs, I think lycra is a gateway fetish too!

The public vs. private realm is something that needs to be considered. Anyone can wear their secret fetish items behind their closed curtains at home, but not so many of those will venture out into public spaces wearing the same thing, and those public figures end up being the stereotype for the particular fetish.

There's the cultural stigma attached to the materials themselves: lycra is associated with athleticism, strength, superheroes, fitness, aesthetics/beautiful bodies, with possibility some femininity thrown in - moreso now than 15 years ago? One of my favorite fetishes, male ballet dancers, is still considered a very effeminate career choice and might always be that way. Leather is associated with durability, masculinity and primalness. It was the first material we wore coming out of the African savannahs, after all (well, maybe the furries could argue that fur came first, but I digress), and is associated with motorcycles, rock stars, and cowboys.

PVC is a 'poor man's latex', in my opinion, thus is more popular among the younger crowds just starting out on the road to perversion. It is actually more like the bridge between the three - it's got aspects of rubber, leather and lycra all rolled into one, hot, sweaty package.

But then how do you explain rubbermen? Most men in this realm have no hangups about their bodies -- many are not in the best shape, but love showing off themselves anyways. Shiny black rubber will make anyone look good, er, better.

Where does rubber lie? Somewhere in the middle. Not completely natural, not completely artificial - a mixture of both. Not completely masculine but also not completely feminine. Not necessarily associated to athletics or blatant protection. Latex provides a bit of everything - it provides protection from water, chemicals, even air and has its origins in fitted clothing because before the advent of our chemical revolution, it was the only natural material we had that could 'stretch like that'.

The men that are attracted to it are also very mixed. Some see the industrial aspects of rubber and the occupations related to it - firemen, divers, military - as very masculine images and that is what is attractive to them. Why do you think there is a big market for rubber police uniforms and military outfits?

At the other end of the rubber spectrum is the unnatural, bizarre, immersive, otherworldly look that can be achieved. Don't like the faults of your hairy, pimply, scarred natural body? Slip on a smooth, shiny, second skin. Don't even want to be human for the evening? You can look alien or like something from below the Earth's surface. That versatility is something that is very attractive about latex to many people.

It is also at this end of the spectrum where I think most resistance to rubber fetish comes from. I think most uninspired people can handle the sight of a men in full leather or lycra, but a bizarre male character in rubber or PVC might be just too over the top. Maybe it's because latex has always been the least visible of these three fetish materials traditionally? Latex fetishism and availability has basically exploded (like my catsuit) in the past decade, at least outside of Europe.

For those wanting to experiment in fetish, once again, latex comes somewhere in the middle. It's not quite as expensive as leather, but both of those are ridiculously more expensive than lycra and PVC. And -- leather and latex both have their advantages and disadvantages -- there are some things you can create out of latex you would never be able to mimic in leather or PVC, but for durability and repairability, leather wins gloves down.

So what's the point of all this? Times are a-changin'. Latex and lycra are much more visible at events that used to be traditionally almost exclusively leather parties. In addition to sheer numbers -- the huge increase in availability of materials for the more recent fetishes and the number of people jumping on board, I think the 'old guard' is realizing that in order to perpetuate the fetish scene a larger circle of acceptance needs to be achieved because the old way of doing things and how things were structured really doesn't apply anymore, especially with droves of young men that are discovering fetishism, kink and other kinksters in different ways at a much younger age. The unfortunate thing here, as the perpetual bane of existence goes (once again), is that these young men would be the most durable players (maybe not the most responsible, experimental or secure/confident) and generally be the most asthetically pleasing to see in leather and latex, however few of them have the money to amass a wardrobe of this stuff.

So here we are with a bunch of young studs in lycra, a range of really kinky middle-age players in leather and latex and most of the grand old guard in leather.

Fetishism is more visible and mainstream now than ever before. But there lies the problem. It is no longer subversive and perverted as it once was! A certain population of gay men are searching for the next subversion as part of their self and collective identity which they want to remain unique from mainstream, no doubt. As the homosexual collective identity becomes as mainstream and whitebread as everyone else, this is why, in my opinion, such scenes as fisting and other edgeplay has become so popular in the past five years.

I have no doubt that public displays of fetishism will never wane - I'm one of most ardent public rubber wearers I know, at least in this backwater - hell, it's even something I crave once in awhile. It is all that idea of attention because I am so different that is a large part of the attraction to public latex-wearing. But as our fetishes become mainstream, it unfortunately means they lose something of their uniqueness, subversiveness and pervertedness - which is why fetishisms develop in part in the first place!

So there you go - my analysis of the changing of the guard - old school to new school. It is up to the old guard to show the younger generations the spectrum of possibilities out there by creating new ways to communicate this to them. One step in this is to open up previously exclusive play parties to other fetish groups.

The good thing is that fetishism seems to attract experimental and creative souls from its very definition, and I think this acceptance of the need to approach things in a different way has done the expansion of fetishism a great service. The bad thing is that maybe this has been too successful. Now that people are more accepting of a fetish lifestyle due to media coverage of it, it is coming into the pop culture limelight more and more, which essentially takes something away from what fetishism basically is - on the fringes of society, sexual freedom in atypical fashion through subversive expression.

What do you think? I'd love to hear some more perspectives. Read what GuyN2Gear has to say about the subject.

A Rubberman's Worst Nightmare

Latex - its best qualities are also its worst. On New Year's Day I decided to lube up and squirm into the STR catsuit for an extended wearing session, one more time before the post-holiday work week started. Things were going fine until about two hours in. I was bending over slightly while standing and all of a sudden - snap! - a rush of cold air on my ass and I knew immediately what had happened. The latex broke along the vertical seam just above the rear zipper seam, ran laterally along the zipper and then fanned out across my left ass cheek. I was so sad. I've had this suit barely over a month and it has quickly become my favorite - due to its incomparable fit and resulting comfort. I emailed STR yesterday with pictures, and they are going to do a repair on it -- I have to get it packaged and sent off ASAP.

I had really hoped to have this catsuit for the Mr. Leather Calgary IML Fundraiser on January 26th, but the chances of that are next to nil. I'm not really sure what happened. I think it's just another unfortunate situation - lube collecting in certain areas and moving out of others, leaving more friction in its wake than a slick surface to distribute the tension on. I thought it was a strange place for the initial tear to start -- I would've expected the inner crotch or lower butt to go first as it has on some of my moulded goods in the past since that seems to be the worst place for strain on the latex.

I honestly wasn't doing anything active -- I would've felt worse since it would have been my fault. I think it was an unfortunate mix of friction, tension and possibly a weak spot in the latex sheet that was used to make the suit.

Anyways, I know STR will do a fantastic job repairing and strengthening things. Hopefully I'll have it back in time for some parties in February. In the meantime, I have a lot more latex to bide my time in....I'm almost thinking of getting some rubber sheets in order to have a friction-free playing surface.....I don't think they come cheap though!

As I mature in my fetish and learn more about how to extend the life of my latex I find better ways to handle, care, and play in it as well as purchase better latex products and care products. It's all in the evolution, I guess. Latex breaks occasionally - it's an unfortunate consequence of enjoying such a pliable and resilient yet fragile material. If the maintenance, costs, and psychological trauma of a tear are all too much to handle for you, you should probably get into lycra or leather instead! :-)

On top of all this, we've had yet another apparent hard disk crash on the home computer in the past few days. Luckily I've been backing stuff up in earnest with the most recent backup occurring over the holidays, but unfortunately I will have to wait another week until back online at home. Our tech guy that does house calls isn't back from vacation until next week so for the time being, I'm writing these posts from my work computer.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Splinter Cell

Here is a short vid (with shitty lighting, again) of different angles and reflections of my rubberscout outfit get-up. Sam Fisher, eat your heart out! ;-)

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I can't wait to start taking the adventures outdoors -- when the temperature moves up a few degrees....

Rubber Crunches

I finally got another video up on Guyzingear. This was taken the other night as I squirmed, stretched and posed in my tightest rubber gear and then inevitably blew a load!

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New Year, New Possibilities

At this time of year I think everyone goes into a bit of introspection -- what was accomplished in the year we've left behind and what can be expected in the year ahead. Despite being a year of highs and lows, 2007 certainly was the year I can look back on that I 'came out' as a true passionate rubberman. My wardrobe grew exponentially, I got to have some great new experiences as a public rubber figure, and I learned a lot about myself as a person, fetishist, and rubberman from my ponderings as well as input from other influential people in my life. I can only hope that 2008 will bring even more adventure and education as I learn more about the possibilities that my 'gummiphilic' lifestyle could take me to.

All the best in 2008, everyone!


Here are a couple of vids from BobMer wriggling inside a latex 'bodycondom' - simple, yet interesting. It's always a great visual treat to get a video from him!

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Find more videos like this on guyzingear