Tuesday, July 28, 2009


As you know I'm heading to Montréal on Thursday (with a stopover in Calgary) for Diverscité weekend. It is always a good time and I don't expect this weekend to disappoint. I guess I never said what I ended up buying from Polymorphe through Priape for the runner-up spot in the Mr. Rubber Vancouver contest.

I bought a black latex jockstrap, the transparent smoke vest and brief, and a black latex baseball cap. I picked up the jock at the Vancouver Priape store earlier in the week and the briefs were in today, but I will be picking up the vest and hopefully the cap at the Montréal Priape store either on Friday or Saturday. I hope to get to wear out the vest and briefs to the K.L.U.B. Party on Saturday night. Everything looks great! As much as I'd like to be in Vancouver for my first Pride here as a native, I'm excited to be going to the east side of the country to see old friends and make new ones (hopefully).


Does anyone know what's going on with Guyzingear? It's been down for days now...

Monday, July 27, 2009


Gah! I have a pending order sitting in my shopping carts at STR and Blackstyle. I am so tempted to click the 'SUBMIT' buttons...SO TEMPTED! I have to reign in the spending, seriously. I have enough gear for now, seriously. But the desire to get more is always there, and seems to be endemic to the kinky personality. What's a hapless rubberpig to do?


The Germans are at it again!

Have any of you guys tried out Vivishine? I was directed to it after the Mr. Rubber Vancouver contest by the Priape guys. You basically put a couple of capfuls of the stuff into the rinse water for your latex, swish the articles in the water, and voila! Once the latex dries, you are left with a slippery, polished sheen on the rubber in addition to having some additional lubrication inside the suit the next time you put it on. The polish is very nice and uniform. I've tried it on a couple of items already, and I'm pretty impressed with the results.

Check out the cheeky video on the Vivishine website.

Rubberstud of the Week #65

Friday, July 24, 2009

Lock me up...

Funny how you find all these old photo shoot proofs that really never made it into the public domain. Looking at them again, you see that some of them really aren't too bad, and that makes you curious why you chose the ones you did to post. Usually for me it's a lighting thing or a new pose or new gear that I want to show off in the horniest way possible.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Live Long and Prosper

Canadians Bianca Beauchamp and Martin Perrault at the Fetish Evolution Ball 2009 in Essen, Germany April 12, 2009

All in One

I typically won't post Guyzingear vids here since we can all see them on the site. Exceptional exceptions do occur, though.

In this series, all Scubaccs is missing are a fuck machine and milking machine for a perfect rubber session!

Colton Ford in SlickItUp

Here is Colton Ford's latest single cover...hot stuff! He's still got it.


I'm heading to Montreal for Pride weekend this year (there it's called Divers/cité). Here are the posters for the fetish parties going on on the weekend. It's going to be great!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Closed system

OMG - s2lx's rebreathing system and suit is so HOT! Watching him start to squirm at the end is amazing.

Rubberstud of the Week #64

Friday, July 17, 2009

My new favorite phrase

Dumm fickt gut

I've been seeing a guy who's ancestry is German who taught me a great phrase yesterday, Dumm fickt gut, literally "Dumb fucks well". Those Germans have a precise phrase for everything! Basically it describes a guy who may not be the brightest bulb in the package, but who makes up for a lack of wit and intelligence by being able to fuck well. He may be stupid, but he fucks good! :P

You know the ones we're talking about. They're obvious. Beautiful but stupid-looking. You only hope they live up to the fickt part.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Latest from Yvon Goulet

Yvon Goulet has been busy this summer...here are some of his latest. He gets to work with such beautiful men! Yvon's profile can be found at the ArtsQuebec site; his Facebook profile also contains a lot of his work and contact info. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see him when I'm in Montreal in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

G.I. Joe

Okay gearheads, the new movie is coming out on August 7. There will be lots of eyecandy and gear to drool over! I'm looking forward to seeing it! Possibly some great Hallowe'en costume ideas will come out of it as well...?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend of Lycra

I didn't even realize until today how much lycra I got to wear this weekend! LOL

The Vancouver Men in Leather social on Friday was sports-jocks-wrestling theme. I wore my Nike workout gear - power top and tights. It was a fun party but I went home early. I ran with the Frontrunners on Saturday morning, then off to Wreck Beach for the day with friends. The Superheroes and Villians party on Saturday night celebrating Celebrities' 5th anniversary was a lot of fun. I went as Spiderman in my lycra zentai, my date went as WonderPig (don't ask! ;-D). Sunday a friend and I rode to Steveston, south of Vancouver in the morning, and I spent the rest of the day lazing on various pub patios on Davie. What a fantastic weekend!

Rubberstud of the Week #63

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bound Gods

Thanks to FoxZatt, this is a trailer vid for the Bound Gods video where the "Cock Aching" pic comes from. Very hot scene...I think it is SlickItUp he's wearing Fox, not rubber...! It's fucking hot, nonetheless. The top has been in several previous vids, including Mustang's "Vanished".

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Visitor

Logan McCree stars in Raging Stallion's latest big budget film about a visitor from out of space who's oddly curious about the sexual habits of gay San Franciscans.

Despite a lot of pans about Raging Stallion's releases as of late, Logan is in this one in SlickItUp suits and latex. He recently did the hot photoshoot for Mr. S's latex line. What isn't this guy into? Who cares? As said in the forums, I'd pay to watch Logan dictate a phone book.

A Divide

A conversation with another latex afficionado this week delved into the situation of the divide between the straight and gay fetish crowds that seems to occur in most North American cities if not all over the world. We tried to make sense of why the two groups (if you want to categorize) tend to run their own events with very little cross-over. We both came from interesting perspectives: he, identifying bisexual; me, gay, obviously. Both of us have a strong affinity towards total coverage and latex fashion, which is what initially drew him to me since he saw that I saw things 'differently' than most other gay men.

We discussed many of the flavors of rubber fetishism and could not come to a definitive conclusion on the question of the evening other than the fact that gay guys aren't particularly interested in seeing women in latex and will obviously go to events where other gay guys are in the hopes of getting laid. Gay men who look at latex as an accessory to sex are (IMO) hopelessly boring in rubber, wearing only minimalistic black outfits sometimes with accents of blue, yellow and red (how daring!). The latex as an enhancement of the exposed male body with a few hints of basic color are all you'll basically see. The straight crowd on the other hand, handles all of this differently. The men, who generally don't or won't wear latex at all, only go to these events to follow the women who love to wear latex for its visibility, uniqueness, sensuality, and fashion possibilities. You won't find a lot of straight guys wearing latex...because it's too, um, feminine? gay?...and a lot of men that do identify as bisexual. The vast majority are there to ogle the women, simply put. I won't say that some straight men won't make the effort to dress up for an event, it's just that it's typically not latex.

Can these two crowds ever find commonality? It's possible the reasons they're into latex are too distinctive to be reconciled. Of course, at the very big fetish events and Balls, yes, there seems to be a mingling of the minds, however this may be for the fact that these events are SO big and SO pivotal, it is a priority that anyone and everyone that is into fetish attend these events at least once in their lives as if it were a pilgrimage. But what about the local events? The gays and the straights both say they are inclusive, yet there is no real effort made to bridge the divide between themselves and the events they almost always hold separate from each other. The poor bisexuals once again are in the grey area in between, not being totally accepted by either camp.

There is this differentiation between the sexual and sensual aspects of the fetish that need to be looked at. Most men as mentioned earlier see latex as an accessory or tease as part of the precursor to raw sex or as being too feminine. Women see it as a way to stand and model and be noticed while enjoying the sensuality of the materials they are wearing. They do not see it as precursor to sex -- many women get home and take the latex off. Many gay men prefer to have sex fully enclosed in rubber. It's all very complex, but I think you get my drift...

I've felt affinity between the camps yet not felt completely in one or the other as well. I will show up at gay rubber parties in color (heaven forfend!), and feel like a weirdo because I'm not wearing a shade of black latex made with easy access to my ass. I do really like the fashion aspects and the variety of design possibilities with latex - something for which I guess I have an affinity more with the straight women who like to wear it and have enjoyed my time at straight fetish parties for the most part other than knowing I will be going home alone. I will wear black for play parties and at home while having rubber sex mostly because that is what is expected (and logically, easier to keep clean (or at least have the appearance of being so...)).

I honestly think I enjoy the parties on both sides since they placate different facets of my fetish.

This is why I have been having a hard time creating content for the LoveLustLatex blog. It is primarily targeted to the straight crowd; as the token gay man, there is a lack of material out there in the gay scene that I feel would interest a cohort of people mostly interested in fashion, design and color. That being said, I have a perfect opportunity to start a dialog between the two camps to see if they can work together to create synergy to focus on strengthening the fetish community. The question is, will anyone listen? Does anyone really care? Does anyone have any thoughts?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Large-scale latex manufacturing

Interview with a Liberator designer. This is pretty interesting. Check out Catsuit guy at 3:10!



SlickItUp at IML

Here's hot Super Dave (creator and designer for SlickItUp) doing an interview with The Sword at the IML market. Interview? He's doing an interview? I didn't notice.

Week of fun

Wow....I'm a very lucky rubberguy. I managed to squeeze in three play sessions this week with three hot guys! Monday I was in Winnipeg with Tallswimmer, Thursday I was together again with Tuffruff and on Friday I had the fortune of being able to play with Lthrrubnz while he was briefly in town. He even got me into the vac-rack again! All were great sessions. It's very exciting to meet guys into full latex coverage as much as I am....I wonder sometimes if we aren't one-in-a-million even amongst the freak crowd.

The weekend weather was so incredible, I was able to spend Friday afternoon on Wreck Beach (there's a nude gay section which was packed!) and a gay harbor cruise on Sunday. Busy busy!

Rubberstud of the Week #62

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cock aching

I believe this pic is from the Bound Gods series. It is such a fantastic angle, I had to re-post it here - in the middle of the week! Gadzooks!

Hot rebreather

Pat's just done another photoshoot...I can just sit and view his hot pic sessions again and again, day after day...

Check out the GreylandAlterEgos Yahoo! group for a lot more of his stuff...