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The odometer on Rubber Canuck slipped over 300,000 unique visitors over the past day or so. That's 1,091 posts over the past four years, read by so many! Thanks to all of you for your support and great feedback. Nothing makes me happier when I run into someone at an event, we have a conversation about something, and they say, "oh, I read about that on your blog." I like to think I'm educating and informing as well as titillating and arousing. I love working on the blog and I love all of you!
Rubbermen marching on to 400,000....

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A classic Buddy Cole skit from Kids In the Hall.

Hard Heroes Flashback

A classic scene from the original Can-Am Productions "Hard Heroes". This was the first fetish video I ever bought and the first and last time I had to submit a challenge to Canada Customs to get the video imported into Canada since at the time (around 1997) they deemed it 'too explicit'. I didn't win the challenge so I simply had the video re-routed to a friend's place in the U.S. and I brought it back to Canada in my luggage after a trip there to visit. That was a long time ago...the video is stored away somewhere on VHS. That would be a good one to try and get digitized on DVD!

Suspension Prep

Blackshinyrubber's visuals are just so, er, pretty, I had to post this vid here. Nicely done!

Going Underground

Vancouver Men in Leather UNDERGROUND
Leather Fetish Party
SUN. FEB. 27 8 to 11pm
The Dungeon Bar @ FIVESIXTY 560 Seymour St.

DJ Nick Bertossi

Play Space ~ Men Only

Sexy Dresscode: Leather, Fetish, Underwear, or Nude (No Streetwear)

Members: FREE Non-Members: $5

Play Party @ STEAMWORKS After


Announcing our March Leather Loft Event details:

Vancouver Men in Leather
FRI. MARCH 11 9 - 11pm
Numbers Leather Loft 1042 Davie St.
Leather, Modern, Tartan, Utility ...Kilt, Leather, or Shirtless

50/50 and Door Prize Draws
Membership: $5/event or $20/year
Play Party @ M2M After

Events for The Curious to Serious

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Northwest Sash Bash 2011

A few of the Rubbout organizing committee members have decided to head down to Portland on the March 4-6 weekend for the annual Northwest Sash Bash! I'm really looking forward to finally checking out Portland, and meeting some of the kinksters and leathermen that will be there for the weekend!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Rubbout Postcards

Here is the initial draft of the new postcards targeted towards the local market, especially focusing on the Saturday night Slick Dance. What do you think? I think Mitch is a superstar! :D
And who's that stud under the mask and straightjacket? ;p

Monday, February 21, 2011

West Coast Rubber Winter Warmup 2011 Re-cap

I had the privilege of attending my third Winter Warmup in Palm Springs on the February 11-13 weekend. I flew into Los Angeles and drove out to Palm Springs with my friends Rubberchris and XXXRubberXXX. We barely had room in the car for ourselves and the gear.

We got into Palm Springs around 6pm, went to grab some groceries and got to the Helios Resort around 6:30pm. Most of the gang had already arrived. We had a welcoming glass of champagne and got ready for dinner at Dink's. There were 12 of us at dinner. Once again we marvelled all the patrons and had a bunch of people come to our table with questions and asking for pictures.
We went over to Toucan's Tiki Lounge for a couple of drinks then everyone went back to the Resort to sit in the hot tub and misbehave. I had had a very early morning with very little sleep the night before, so I crashed around 1:30am.

In the morning I had some fun with our very sexy pup staying in the room with me and Mr. Rubber Pup 2010. Afterwards we spent the afternoon lazing by the pool and trying on lots of each others gear. Fun!
Rubberpup adjustments
Nacho Canucko
We had some pizza and lots of drinks in the afternoon. In the evening we all dressed up and went to Wang's in the Desert for dinner. Afterwards we went to Hunter's for a couple of drinks then to the Tool Shed. We got back to the resort around 1am and I soon found myself in the dungeon playing with Rubberkitten. It was about 5:30am when I went to bed.
Sunday morning came far too soon. We had a WCR meeting with L8txdad and L8txboy to consider what format we want the following couple of events to be. It looks pretty much that the next Mr. West Coast Rubber event will take place in Palm Springs in February 2012.
Palm Springs Waterworks Department Inspector
Trying out Rubberkitten's Slick It Up Netsuit

Most of the weekend crew left by noon or shortly after. Our crew hung around with some of the guys staying longer and perved out in suits, masks, hoods for the rest of the afternoon. Some Palm Springs friends showed up in the afternoon for our ad-lib 'Introduction to Latex 101' course ;).
We packed up and left the Resort around 6pm and headed back to L.A. Despite being exhausted, we stayed up until 2am again fooling around :)

I was on the plane back to Vancouver in the early afternoon on Monday. I can't believe how quickly the weekend went; despite being a short visit, it was great to see the California crew again. I am hoping that a lot of them are coming up to Vancouver for Rubbout!

The next West Coast Rubber event will be the last weekend in August; a bit different format than last year, for this one will be all parties all weekend on a standard weekend instead of the Labour Day long weekend as it usually is. I will be helping with marketing and sponsorships for WCR2012 until I am pulled off to focus on Rubbout 2012 in the late fall. I'll be trying to juggle both going into 2012.

Rubbout Leather Fetish Gear Swap


This is the first call for gear for the 2nd Annual Leather Swap as part of Rubbout's 20th anniversary activities. For more Rubbout activities visit

Last year's swap was very successful and we are aiming for even better this year.

Whether you want to buy or sell leather/fetish/gear this is the sale for you.

Where: PumpJack Pub – 1167 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC
Date: Saturday April 2nd 2011
Time: 12 noon to 5 pm
Why: Clear out your old leather and buy new gear
Who: Run by the 2011 Rubbout committee
How: Follow the simple instructions below
Volunteers: For Rubbout XX are needed and you could be one of them – a few hours will go a long way.

If you are buying gear:
Sales start promptly at 1pm – be there early for best choices, at 4pm prices are reduced to clear out remaining goods.

If you are selling gear:
The first step is to go through your gear and decide what you wish to clear out (one man's junk is another man's treasure or fun in this case)

Contact: Rob via email – stating you have gear for sale. Within 24hrs you will have complete instructions on what to do.

Special Request – Please forward to anyone you know who may be interested in buying or selling gear.

Thanks – Rubbout committee 2011.

Mr. New England Rubber 2011

From Sir Justin:

I guess some of your are familiar with MIR history, in that case just skip the next paragraph below.

Back in 1992- Before MIR existed, there was Mr.Vulcan 1993 contest in Boston, and The Boston Leather Knights presided the contest... then in 1995 when the interest waned, and there was concern about it vanishing. IN 1996 It had to be transplanted to Chicago for it survivability, and it was renamed as MIR. This year November MIR will be celebrating their 15th anniversary. Just in time for the 15th anniversary there's a revival in a form as Mr. New England Rubber 2011 at Boston Ramrod. ( if you wish to verify the history behind MIR go to

This contest will take place at Boston Ramrod on March 26, 2011 which is at 1254 Boylston street, Boston, MA. There no door cover. All fetishist are welcome, however contestant is encouraged to wear rubber to get all the points to win. The contest is open to the resident of MA, VT,N.H.,R.I.,CT,ME, with obvious interest in kink/fetish/rubber/neoprene/PVC/spandex.

Among the prizes are 15th anniversary gift certificate for the winner, providing the winner of the first MR.NER 2011 opportunity to experience MIR from contestant perspective ( I've been there at IML as the 2010 32nd IML contestant number 29, so I know what it like- exciting roller ride). The honor of being the first in the line of future Mr.NER, of making a kind of history to echo back to MIR.

For more information, or to apply to be a contestant:

**Note: the contestant section should be ready by the end of next week, so you can either apply or download and print it and fill it out manually.

Rubberstud of the Week #147

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reports from Palm Springs

It might be a few days for me to organize, photoshop and post my pics from the West Coast Rubber Winter Warmup weekend in addition to writing the 'Report From' entry, but in the meantime you can see some pics of the action at the resort at Leatherati Live.


It's amazing what you miss when you sequester yourself in an all-male resort in Palm Springs for the weekend.  Iran is now Egypt, Valentine's day was a whirl-wind of dinner and a scary movie(!), and the Grammy Awards were on.  From all accounts the show was a massive improvement over the yawn-fest of a few previous years.  A highlight was Lady Gaga's arrival in her egg.  Her performance was latex-y as were her dancers.  The egg may not be latex, but I'd sure like one anyways.  Full of J-Lube.

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Artist Profile: Gizmorian

German illustrator Gizmorian depicts beautiful men in kinky situations.

His bio (translated from German, obviously):
Born 1969 in Hamburg, Germany but growed up in a conservative small town with poor space for activities.
Although an artistic streak had been noticed but less chances for a self-fulfilment. Only able to show the more "presentable" artworks.
The dirty pictures had to stay in the back of the drawer.
In the beginning of the 90's in art studies I enhanced my skills but the erotic effect of the male body kept as an essential part.
With buying a computer another fantastic world appeared and beside oil colours and colour pencils I started to use the graphic tablet
in 2003. Until now it is a solid part of my works and it fascinates me anytime again.
Longings and fantasies to make become "reality" for the viewer is the drive for me as an artist.
His work was brought to my attention by a reader of the blog. Thanks Jake! I love hearing from all of you, please send stuff of interest on to me. As much as I like to browse the Net for all things rubbery and perverted, real life gets in the way far too often and I'm afraid some remarkable things go missed. Thanks guys! :)

Recon Event!

The Rubbout organizing committee is very pleased to announce that Recon has signed on as a Platinum sponsor! We are overwhelmed with the positive sponsor support we have received this year. In addition to Priape, Mr. S and Ego Assassin as platinum sponsors, Recon is giving us lots of coverage which is immeasurable in creating a buzz for this year's 20th anniversary in addition to ramping up the growth of future Rubbout events in 2012 and on.

Welcome on board, Recon!
Rubbout Recon Event

Check out the full list of generous Rubbout Sponsors:
Rubbout Sponsors

Winter Warmup 2011

CRAZY! I can't believe I'm off to Palm Springs tomorrow morning for my third installment of the WCR Winter Warmup rubber party weekend. I fly into L.A.; I'm going up to Palm Springs with two really great guys that I consider really good friends, and staying at the Resort with yet another couple of friends from San Diego. I am so excited to see everyone again! We will have a lot of logistical stuff to cover this weekend; what the new WCR weekend will look like and what it will entail, the American Rubber Pup contest, and of course Rubbout. All in all a great time...oh yeah, and the weather is supposed to be 30C and sunny this weekend. Suck on that, bitches! :D

Here's what's on tap for the Feb 11 - 13 weekend

* Friday, Feb 11 - Cocktails and Schmoozing at Helios and then we'll head out and get some dinner at Dinks followed by some fun play time back at Helios in the dungeon.
* Saturday, Feb 12 - Pool time all day! Plus - GEAR SWAP - bring your new or lovingly worn gear with you and swap for some new fetish stuff. Or just bring some stuff to sell! Either way, we can all use more gear :-)
Saturday night we'll all head out in gear to a restaurant TBA for dinner and show off our stuff.
More bar fun on Saturday then it's back to Helios for another run at the playroom.
* Sunday, Feb 13 - more pool time at Helios and whatever kinky mayhem we can get up to.

Lots and lots of pics and stories to tell next week when I get back...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rubbout Promo Video for National broadcast

This vid is the one that will be broadcast in all Canadian Priape stores until the event in April. Just imagine without sound! ;)

The Chase

This video is amazing! Does anyone know if Foskbcn is a.k.a. Gummisaudaukar?

Thanks for the link, frglee.

Rubber Spidey

Wow, Rubberskin's new latex Spiderman suit is fantastic! Love the look; I wonder where he got it from? It looks like the hands are in mitts, obviously it would be a big challenge to build attached gloves onto that suit.

Wow, simply wow. Rubberskin made this himself! It's beautiful!

Here's another recent one by Rubberskin.....where are the zippers on that thing?

Reese Rideout Strip Lessons

This was filmed in Vancouver for the OutTV series, "Don't Quit Your Gay Job". Sean Horlor is a Vancouver journalist and blogger, and Reese Rideout, well, is Reese Rideout.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rubbout Photo Shoot Sneak Peek

Here are a few pics from the Rubbout Photo Shoot we did with Barry on Saturday Feb. 5.  You'll see some of these pics on posters and postcards all over the place very soon!
 The Slick Party concept above looks like it turned out very well; the models were photogenic and the dirt almost looks authentic! :D
Mitch and I had a bit of fun in the wrestlers too.

These aren't the initial ones selected for print; I didn't want to give all the secrets away!

A selection of the images should be available on the Rubbout website soon.

Show Your Stuff Rubber Contest, Jan. 29

There was a great turnout for the second in a series of "Show Your Stuff" contests held every second weekend at Pumpjack Pub in Vancouver. The rubber contest took place on January 29; approximately 25 guys slipped into their rubber and came down to support the event! We used it as a shameless Rubbout promotion as well, even though the official Rubbout kickoff doesn't take place until March 12. There were six contestants, first place and $200 went to Shayne, second and $100 went to Ian!  Once again, Doug (Mr. Leather Vancouver 2010) did a fantastic job as MC for the evening.
The whole set of images can be found at the Rubbout website.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Announcing a Brand New VML Event!

Vancouver Men in Leather
UNDERGROUND Leather Fetish Party
SUN. FEB. 27 8 to 11pm

The Dungeon Bar @ CLUB560
560 Seymour St.
Play Space ~ Men Only
Sexy Dresscode: Leather, Fetish, Nude, or Underwear (No Streetwear)

Members: FREE Non-Members: $5


Sounds like a bit of sexy fun on a Sunday!