Monday, March 25, 2019

Layered and Intubated FTW

This is the best intubation application of the 20cm nostril tubes in the StudioGum Anatomical Hood that I've seen to date. I am now inspired to get the same length of tubes and perform the same intubations.

ZentaiRubber Captive

I love the gear, the rubber, the bondage, the S & M aspects of all of these short clips from these two sexy rubbermen!


A couple pics of me in the straightjacket with SemFolego's breathcontrol hood on at the Vancouver Rubbermen March Meet + Play / Spark Rubbout 2019 Kickoff Party.

It was sooo comfortable! I'm looking forward to having lots of future BC experiences with this very sexy rubberpig.


Rubberstud of the Week #571

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Is It In Yet?

A few laughs for Thursday Afternoon:
So I'm watching Teen Titans Go! and yeah lmao.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


I think Spring Fever is starting to infect....I'm starting to have the feeling that I need to start knocking thirsty boys off with a stick LOL

Just kidding, I think they're all terrific and I want to spend time with all of them.

Really, who am I kidding?! I'm the thirstiest of all of them these days!

In addition to my husband, my #1 boy, and his boy (these men will always be pole position and who I love and admire very much), I've recently met another extremely sexy rubberman who recently moved to Vancouver and who hits all the right buttons....we have very aligned 'best practices' in rubber that I am very anxious to try out with him....some things I haven't tried in a decade because I didn't have any other rubber guys to try them out with. Now I do....I'm actually a bit overwhelmed by it to be honest - I haven't had this opportunity in so very long and never honestly thought I would have the opportunity again.

I plan to take full advantage of it and not screw it up, as I want to develop something lasting with this very nice man.

Balloon play! Condom play! Breath play! OMG!
The hood of our (shared) fantasies....
Can I keep it on, please?

Come, take me away....
Another young handsome man I've recently reconnected with is extremely interested in drone play with hypnosis... only being able to aquiesce to the Doms subjugation through moans and twitches...mmm Droneplay for this kinky boy.
He wants this...
...and this

And yet another that I've played with a bit but who I want to know better and who wants to experience some rubberplay, I plan to spend time with him too. He's a top, perhaps I should finagle myself into THIS position for him?
oh, if I must....
God! Rubbout! Sixteen days away! Just get here already so I can get on with my spring boys fer gawd's sake! LOL

Watt's the Safeword Travel Vlog to MIR

Here is part 2 of the guy's vlog of their MIR weekend in November 2018. I like it as it's a quick overview of all parts of the Saturday contest for those that haven't seen the format before. Pretty fun video!



Monday, March 18, 2019

Spark: Vancouver Rubbermen March Meet + Play and Rubbout Kickoff

I think everyone had a pretty fun time on Saturday at Spark, the Vancouver Rubbermen Rubbout Kickoff Party!

Special thanks to Mitch for bringing out the Alien Egg and Cube so that the VRM guys could familiarize themselves with the gear prior to running the equipment in the Demo Pit on Rubbout Weekend!

Additionally the Vac-tower made a return until the structural piping cracked. I had been waiting for repairs on the bladder over the course of two months, they were finally ready on Friday, however at the meet we cracked one of the pipes pretty badly. Now I will have to seek out a replacement. You can never have too much of a good thing I suppose!

Thanks to the guys that engaged in the electro and breath control demos at well....especially the new sexy rubberman who kept me in condom breathplay for an exquisite experience! I got into the straightjacket, got the Tadpole and the coronal electro accessories put on me and zapped away, meanwhile SemRemo put a transparent BC hood on me for awhile, afterwards, he and I played with condom breathplay. Very hot.

Very gratefully, Mook, IvyHole and N33dfulthings came over after the Meet and we played in each other's holes until the wee hours of the morning. A great weekend overall for sure.

Rubberstud of the Week #570

Monday, March 11, 2019

Friday, March 8, 2019

Antwerp 2019: Darklands

#Rubbout2019 #RubboutIlluminate

Wow, with just over three weeks to go, things are coming together at a feverish pace. We are still trying to overcome some hurdles but this year's Rubbout is set to be the best by far! The liberty we get with a convention-style format in a supportive hotel has allowed us to plan for things we've never been able to plan for before. I gotta say I'm getting pretty excited.

You've probably by now seen the hashtags out in the twittersphere....we are pushing sales hard. We have literally broke the record for Rubbout weekend passes sold. We are nearing 140 with only a dozen or so to go, and over 40 rooms booked in the host hotel, the Holiday Inn Downtown! It's going to be a burner!

I've pretty much finalized all the sponsors and vendors, will be working on some of the volunteer assignment and logistics plans, and executing the Kink Market and Demo Pit throughout the weekend. I've also been asked to do a few demos at the Friday night party and I'm considering some of the equipment to make an appeared at the Vancouver Steamworks "AfterGlow" party on Saturday night in addition to the play party. We'll see what happens.

I have so many friends from near and far coming to this year's event, I really hope I have set my self up well enough to have time to visit and play with these awesome people! The fact I have some long-time friends coming to the event for the first time is super-amazing to me.

So, leading up to April 5-7 weekend, of course, there are kickoff parties. This Saturday, Vancouver Men in Leather are hosting a 'Smoulder' party to promote Rubbout 2019: Illuminate. I have been asked to provide a demo but I think it may amount to taking the straightjacket with me and perhaps the bondage strips to do a bit of a mummification demo. I'm sort of looking forward to just being able to relax and socialize this weekend. Maybe I'll wear something rubber buttless and get fucked in the bar? LOL

Next weekend is the next Vancouver Rubbermen Meet + Play, branded as the Rubbout kickoff party 'Spark'. I'm planning to bring out the electro and add it to the mix - sounds appropriate for the theme, doesn't it? The afternoon of the 16th is bound to be a hoot!

I've got some good vid and pics from last weekend's play dates with N33dfulthings and Mook. I had the opportunity to gimp out in full rubber and get my ass destroyed. It was pretty epic, and I'm pretty grateful. I'm still trying to get the vids of the XL Pig Hole in me getting stretched out with some epic Mr. Hankeys toys in the meanwhile :D

New Libidex Men's Catsuit collection

Libidex is at is again, they seem to really love to create men's latex fashion, and I'm loving them for it! Here are some new sneak peek pics of their newest styles to add to their already substantial mens fashion and play collections.

I'm looking forward to getting into some of these someday!

Monday, March 4, 2019