Story #3: Scott, Colin & Dean

This is the third story by Gordon Thomas about an amazing rubberman fantasy....three army guys exploring the rubber realm for the first time. Gordon starts all of his stories start with the same statement, then describe how the guys became rubbermen. Enjoy!

Story #3: Scott, Colin and Dean by Gordon Thomas

Describe for us your first time in a full rubber suit, which made you a true rubberman.

[Scott] I grew up in the Midwest, so after joining the military, I got stationed at Camp Pendleton Marine Base just north of San Diego, CA. I was a EOD military ordinance removal diver and my roommate at my barracks was one too. My first experience in full rubber happened when Colin, my new roommate, asked me if I wanted to attend a Fox Hole party that next weekend. I agreed not knowing exactly what to expect. He said it was a military gear party where you will have a chance to get your rocks off in a circle jerk or something while in different types of gear. You see, fox hole stands for the way the soldiers fought WWI by digging a hole and sleeping in it with a fellow soldier while in full combat gear. I asked if it would be dive gear or what, and he said he did not know for sure but do not rule anything out. He got the notice of the party from a Marine stationed in Miramar.

Now being an eighteen year old male, I had the ability to jack off four times a day if I had the chance. Colin was the same way and I could hear him jacking off at night just after he thought I had fallen asleep. I found empty condom wrappers in the trash and figured he was jacking off into a condom during his late night sessions. That following week I headed out to a local adult book store where they had all sorts of things to assist a young man like me. The clerk showed me some black rubber cock rings. He explained how they can assist by keeping you hard between multiple sex sessions and can be used to stretch a lubed condom over your entire cock and balls for a clean jerk off at night between the sheets. He said getting the right size was crucial, and he showed me a package of five that varied in size. He also suggested a crystal FleshLite that looked like a flashlight. The gel silicone inside was ribbed to give ultimate male pleasure.

I headed back to the barracks and knew Colin would be gone for at least a few more hours. I decided to get geared up in my scuba wetsuit incase someone walked in on me. I tried on the different rubber cock rings until I found the one that felt most comfortable to me. I took a ribbed condom and turned it inside out, so the ridges were against my cock instead and lubed the inside and stretched it over the rubber cock ring. Damn, did that feel good. I was ready for sex. I slipped into the conforming wetsuit and laid back on the bed. Feeling the neoprene rubber over my body I rubbed my groin and felt my cock slip around inside the lubed condom just underneath. I wanted to wrap my hand around my cock so bad. I pulled the wetsuit down exposing my cock again. I took the FleshLite and removed the cover and shot some lube inside. I aligned my cockhead to the entrance and pushed my mantool into the soft gel tube. A few strokes and I knew I was hooked.

I wanted the wetsuit over my body, but I had to settle for just the lower half. I placed the FleshLite into the neck of the neoprene suit and imagined some diver on diver sex as I closed my eyes and felt the rubber condom slide its raised ribs passed my cockhead. The surroundings of my barracks disappeared as my imagination took me to the diver locker room and the guys on our squad gearing up for the next dive. I was thinking how it would be at this upcoming Fox Hole party and what it would be like with everyone around me having a gear enhanced male orgy. I dreamt of my dive buddy and I enjoying our gear together. I felt myself getting close and could not stop, as it felt so good. I bucked my hips into the FleshLite until I passed the need to cum. The next few strokes were pure pleasure. I shot heavy amounts into the condom and felt my dick swim around inside its rubber confines. The orgasm was intense.

I laid back on the bed listening to my breathing subside. Sure enough, the cockring was keeping my cock fully erect and hard. I was still very sensitive. I slid my cock out of the FleshLite and looked down at my rubber covered mantool. I stroked it and felt the sensation of having just cum. It was too soon. I cupped my balls and ran my fingers over the surface of the latex. I concentrated on the ridge running down the underside of my cock. The rubber slid around and I could feel my cock start getting rock hard again. I slid the tip of my cock back into the FleshLite and felt the great sensations again. I knew I could shoot again soon if I just took my time and did it right. My imagination went back to my diver sex scene. I saw that muscular butt between my thighs and felt the length of my cock invade it. Soon, I could tell I had the potential to cum again. I picked up the pace and delivered a second wave of cum into the ribbed condom. The intensity was just as strong as the first, maybe even better because it lasted a bit longer.

My roommate came home just on time and asked me if I was looking forward to the party tomorrow night. He finally got the directions and we are to meet up with Dean at Miramar Airbase and ride our motorcycles together to the event. He said that I would like Dean, and easy going guy and also easy on the eyes. Dean was single, and Colin said that testosterone was good to him giving him distinct manly features including a strong squared jaw line and masculine shaped V torso shaped body. The party started at 19 hundred hours and food and beverages were provided. They were known for a good spread and had it catered by a local restaurant known for its comfort food.

The next evening we got dressed in our racing leathers. Mine was the Dainese Trickster Evo and Colin wore the Alpinestars Shift Racing SR1 and we headed to Miramar to meet up with Dean. As we got closer to the entrance of the base, we could see Dean waiting for us as he flagged us with his gloved hand to follow him. Dean was sporting the new Spartan Elite racing leathers that matched his blue Yamaha sport bike. We rode south on the I-15 to a house just outside the La Mesa community. Parking was hard to find, so it was good that we rode our bikes. We parked near the entrance to this large Colonial looking house. I parked my Kawasaki Ninja near Dean’s sport bike and he took off his Arai helmet and reached out to shake my hand to introduce himself to me. He said, “I’m glad you could make it Scott, Colin has said some great things about you.”

We walked in the front door of the house right through to the back yard . There you could see over a hundred guys with three large white military dome huts surrounding a central fire pit. Each structure had a large flag above the door; the Leather flag, the Marine Corps flag, and the Rubber flag. Dean said as he walked down the stairs, “Follow me, I have a surprise for you guys.” We walked over to the third military hut and entered the large room. On the right side, behind a lighted counter, was a guy dressed in black rubber with olive drab rubber accents. “This here is my good friend Tom and he is here to hook you guys up,” Dean explained as he introduced us to Tom. There were rental rubber suits off the rack for $50 and then custom made suits. “Tom here will take some basic measurements and get you a more custom fitted suit,” as Dean handed him his credit card. “Buying rubber with plastic. Here, what ever these guys want, put it on my tab.”

Tom had us get out of our motorcycle racing leathers and place things into a rucksack, then labeled it and hung it on a hook on the wall. He took measurements of my inseam, chest, waist, torso and asked for my shoe size. Colin and I waited as Tom returned from the walk in closet with two black latex suits covered in a plastic bag. “Here gentlemen, these should fit you quite well. Since things are on Dean, would you like a hood and a gasmask? We have the black Russian model, or the British S10, or the popular Uncle Sam version of the 80’s, the M17,” Tom questioned. “I’ll take a hood and the M17, please,” I replied as Colin chose the black Russian.

Dean returned, “Tom, I see you hooked these men up for me. I’ll take my suit too. Gents, let’s get jocked up.” We walked across the room to the opposite side where there were six shower stalls with natural colored latex curtains and three long benches containing lube containers hanging off the ends. “Ok, the first thing you want to do is shoot some lube inside your suits and rub it all around coating the interior of all of its surfaces. Then jump into the shower for no more than 5 seconds, just enough to get wet. Then you will be able to slide right into the back entrance of the suit. The suit had a three way zipper that went down from the high collared neck, down the back, up and around to the base of the attached cock and ball sheath.

After rubbing the lube inside my suit, I shot some extra lube into the sheath. I put on my rubber cock ring and did my quick jump into the shower. I sat on the bench and slid the cold latex over my legs one at a time. I then stood up and inserted my arms into the gloved sleeves. Pulling the front of my suit up, I stood upright and felt the suit slide perfectly into place. “Ah, looks like black rubber suit fits you quite well, Scott.” Dean walked around me and zipped the suit up my back. I could feel the rubber conform even tighter to my muscular frame. Colin wanted to wear his racing leathers over his rubber suit and go back outside to the bonfire party. Dean showed him how to use the plastic garment bag to put over his legs, one at a time, and pull his leathers on without them sticking to the rubber. “Damn, this feels good. Different, but good,” Colin reported as he zipped himself back into his motorcycle racing leathers.

Dean put his arm around my back and guided me over to the back room. His warm rubbered arm felt good against my new rubbered skin. It also was a bit more intimate way to guide me to the back room which housed the rest of the rubbermen. It was the first clue I had that Dean liked me as much as I liked him. We walked through some black rubber curtains to the large open curved room at the back of the military hut. The first thing you could see was a projector displaying images of early military divers displayed upon an opened parachute that curved with the ceiling of the hut. These UDT men wore some pretty provocative rubber suits during the Korean War and the beginning of the Cold War. Along the left hand side of the wall were six inflatable beds. Above each one was a blue colored light shining down on the black rubbered sheets. Two of the beds had guys laying on top of them enjoying each others rubbered company. Along the right side of the walls were three rubber slings. Between them were sets of inflated rubber inner tubes. They were highlighted with red spot lights. In the center of the room were several groups of guys just exploring their rubbered bodies.

Dean says to me, “I should explain the rules. First, anything goes. You may touch anything you want and do anything you want. It is okay to jack any guy off, but frowned upon if you take it too far without his consent. And lastly, no unzipping other guys suits without their consent either. Condoms are found throughout the room along the walls by each one of the colored lights. Just roll them on right over your attached cock and ball sheath.” While he is explaining this to me, his hands are starting to explore my newly rubbered body. “Poppers are used only when you wear your gasmask. Just attach a corrugated hose to your mask if you want some guy to give you a hit. Then attach the filter if you do not want anymore.”

“I have never used poppers before,” I told Dean, “How do I know when I have had enough? And what are they used for?” Dean explains, “When wearing rubber, you will get a rush when you get a hit of poppers. It dilates your blood vessels making your heart race and gives you a warm rush over your skin while giving you the strong feeling of desire. It helps you enjoy the rubber you are in and the rubber surrounding the guy you are with. The effect is strong at first, lasting five minutes or so, then tapers off over time. Proper timing and it will accentuate your rubber orgasm and make you feel one with the rubber.”

He takes a black corrugated hose and attaches it to the side port of my M17 gasmask. Then puts my hood over my head making sure it fits me fine, then puts the gasmask over my head. “Does that fit you okay?” he says as he looks into the lenses of my mask. I nod. “Ok, one second while I get mine on,” Dean says as he takes the two tubes an joins the ends together. Now as he talks, I can hear him through the hose and I can now hear him breathing.

“Now, just relax. Take it slow. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy the rubber. Enjoy the masculine body of the guys around you,” Dean assures me. “Now take in one deep breath.” I felt the sweet alcohol smelling scent of the poppers enter my mask and work their way into my lungs. I look out of the lenses and see Dean there waiting for their effects to take hold. I feel the warm rush hit my brain and my heart begin to beat faster as my skin becomes ultra sensitive and a strong feeling of desire hits me like a hammer. “You like that?” Dean asks, “You will feel a bit light headed, but trust me, I won’t let you overdue it and ruin your rush.” Dean then steps closer to me and grabs my shoulders. I reach forward and feel his cock in front of mine. I start moving it around inside its lubed sheath. I feel it begin to get hard and fill the rubber as it starts pulsating and working its way up to an erection. “Yeah, buddy, that is it,” I hear Dean echo through the corrugated tube linking us together. “Fuck, yeah, I love rubber,” he says.

Taking it slow, I run my hands over his narrow hips. Then around to his muscular butt before circling back to his now fully engorged cock. I begin to start stroking it, feeling it slide inside the sheath. His perfect cock grows harder and more pronounced as it fills the sheath further making the amount of movement less. Filled with desire, I stroke Dean and feel the waves of pleasure ripple through his body. I move my hands down over his muscular thighs and then up the sides of his torso and contour over his rubbered chest. “You like what you feel?” he says as he starts exploring my body and working his way down to my semi-erect cock. He slowly strokes my cock allowing it to slide within the rubbered sheath with just the right amount of pressure. The feeling is intense. “That’s it. Take it slow Scott. Feel the rubber take over and guide your desires.”

I explored his cock head. The pronounced corona at the top slid beneath the rubber, pushing it into the reservoir end and then released again. I felt his pronounced ridge running the length of the underside of his rubbered cock before feeling his balls tight up against his body. I was in rubber, yet I could not get enough of it. The desire I felt flooded me with a lust for rubber as the haze of the poppers persisted slowing time down allowing me to enjoy every moment of my rubber experience. He explored my chest with one hand while slowly stroking me with the other. I wanted to fuck something so bad. I felt so masculine enjoying the rubber and Dean’s male form at the same time. I felt exposed, transformed, bonded, and yet in my own element safely inside my own rubber skin.

Dean pulled the gasmask off my face to rest at the top of my head. Then he removed his and started kissing me. His tongue invaded my mouth. I kissed him back and rubbed my tongue over his inside my mouth. His hands explored my rubbered body as he rubbed his sheathed erection against mine. Dean was full of desire, a rubber desire, and it was directed right at me. “Do you want to explore each other more on the bed or in the sling?” he said in my ear as he went down kissing my neck. “I’ll let you choose.” I replied as I felt this rubberman enjoy his fetish. “Well, I definitely want some more of this, so I am going to choose the bed,” he responded before taking my hand and guiding me to one of the open beds. “Besides, it is gonna start getting crowded in here after the guys outside get more and more drunk.”

He lowers me onto the inflatable bed and gets on top of me before pulling the rubber sheet over our bodies. He starts humping my body running his erection next to mine as he continued kissing me. “I’m ready for another hit,” Dean says as he lifted off my chest and pulled my gasmask back down over my head. “Take it in slowly…. Ready?” he looks into my eyes through his gasmask. Then he lifts up the brown bottle and removes the cap before he places it over the entrance to the conjoined corrugated tubes. I soon inhaled deeply feeling the poppers enter my gasmask again before entering my lungs again. Quickly, I feel the warm rush flood my body again with desire as my heart began to race again. I hear him set the bottle on the side table before he squared his body up again with mine. He lowers his weight on my again and I feel his cock start to throb. He slowly pushes it forward before backing up and shoving it deep into my abdomen. “Fuck, Yeah, Scott. I love rubber sex so much.” I then feel him ride his wave of desire with me as he starts humping me as our rubbered suits glide past each other.

I reach around his back and pull him down against my chest. Then give him a hug letting him know I am enjoying his pleasure as much as he was. I wanted him to edge himself without cuming getting the most out of this rubbered popper rush. He starts breathing heavily and I see his eyes closed behind the rubber framed lenses. He surrounds me as he continues thrusting his hard erection next to mine. He was strong, yet loving, changing his pace to match his excitement. “I want to be in you Scott, I want to kiss you, I want to fuck your awesome rubber body,” he said as he removed his mask. I lifted up mine and lifted my head up to meet his as his tongue reached out trying to close the gap as quickly as possible. I feel his warm tongue again invade me as his cock attempts to. “I love rubber, I fuckin’ love rubber. I cannot get enough of it,” he says as he lifts off my chest and concentrates on his thrusts.

He then lifts my legs up towards my head and pulls the rubber sheets again over his head. He lines his cock up with my ass crack and thrusts his cock along the root of my cock below my balls. My legs slide over his thick shoulders. His hands cover my pecs. He thrusts his rubbered cock between my legs and fucks my ball sack rubbing his cockhead against my rubber cockring giving him that extra boost of stimulation. I can hear him moan. Knowing he is getting close, I run my hand down to his cock and then encircle it with my fingers. I start to sit up and at the same time roll Dean onto his back. “I don’t want you going too far just yet,” I said into his ear as I position myself over him. I start exploring his rubbered body again and place my cock against his. I thrust my hips forward rubbing my cockhead against his.

I reach up on the side table and grab a condom. I open it and start to roll in over both of our cocks together. I give him a half smirked smile as I straighten up my back pulling his cock up with mine. “We have some more exploring to do. We are here for the party, I want to enjoy the rubber a bit more before I get on the sling.” I say as I interlock our rubbered fingers. I hold the entrance to the condom down as I pull my cock out from inside it allowing it to snap back down around his. “This condom is my way of saying that it will be you who will be the one inside me tonight, Dean.” I said with a wink.

Dean unlinks our gasmasks and we walk over to a group of three rubbermen and start exploring our rubbered male bodies as a group. My hands going to explore the guy to my right while Dean goes to the opposite side of the cluster. We were soon joined by a sixth rubberman and welcomed him in next to me. I stroked the rubberman’s cock slowly as my other hand grabbed the newest group member’s ass. I look up at the parachute slide show and see images of guys in their suits with smiles on their faces from one of the previous Fox Hole parties. Soon there was a hand stroking my rubbered cock and another one exploring my biceps and back. All of a sudden a smell the hint of poppers working their way back into my mask. I forgot the corrugated hose was still dangling without a filter on the end. Feeling right in the moment, I take a deep breath and invite the vapors in. Lust for men, lust for rubber, lust for sex fills my head. Desire fills my mind as I thrust my hips into the hand stroking my cock. Lingering on a plateau of enjoyment, I become part of a group of rubbermen enjoying their rubber fetish.

The freedom to do anything I wanted to anyone around me with that barrier of black rubber between us was very liberating. I felt so male. The feeling was echoing around the group of rubbermen. One guy was getting pretty close and started moaning. “Who ever is jacking my cock, please do not stop!” I could hear from the center of the group. We could hear his sexual excitement build, knowing it would not be long until he would be filling his rubber suit with his cum. The group got a bit tighter and the group started moving more quickly as the guy yelled out, “Oh, fuck, I am so close!” We all reach out and grab some part of his rubbered body. I was able to grab his shoulder and upper bicep. “Guys, I am gonna cum!” then all of a sudden we could hear him moan out in pleasure as the rubber suit gave him his reward in return for his deposit.

Dean waiting in anticipation found my rubbered body out of all of them in the group. “Scott, I want to climax with you, and if we keep this up much longer, I won’t be able to control myself,” he said. I pull him close and guide him to the center rubber sling still open and available. He removes his gasmask and then mine. I want to see you and kiss you while in the sling. He then puts his fingers around the rim of my rubber hood and pulls it off. I kiss him through the rubbered hood as I simultaneously remove his rubbered hood. I grab the chains on the sling and lay back up into the saddle. It swings back and forth as Dean gets between my legs. He unzips my suit just far enough to allow him entrance to my manhole. He leans forward and applies pressure to my sphincter muscle. He slowly guides his way in. Grabbing a bottle of poppers he offers me a hit before pressing it up to his nose.

His tempo starts going and I feel his rubbered manhood inside me as the rubber suit surrounds my body on the outside. As he thrusts back and forth, I feel my hips and back slide inside my suit itself. The sling is very comfortable and at the right height for Dean to deliver some pretty deep thrusts. Desire and sexual arousal fill both of our heads. He takes his rubbered hand and surrounds my cock and starts stroking it with the same tempo as his hips. “I am going to jack you off, and I am not going to cum until you do.” he says inches away from my mouth before he kisses me. I start to moan with pure pleasure as he is easily rubbing my prostate with each stroke. I could feel my balls start to pull up tightly against by body as I could feel the muscles inside my pelvis constrict. As he is kissing me I break his grip to inform him I am getting real close. He smiles and continues kissing me as his advances are taking me closer to orgasm.

Soon I am on the brink where I still have a chance to turn back before I have no choice but to shoot. “Uhhh, Fuck Yeah! I am going to cum!” I let out as his stroke takes be to and passed the point of no return. I enjoy the pure sexual pleasure as my orgasm builds to a huge climax. Next, without control, I start pumping semen into the rubbered sheath he is stroking my cock with. As my cum is pumped out of my nuts, my sphincter muscle starts milking Dean’s invading rubbered mantool. Dean’s cockhead flares and he too is climaxing with me as he starts shooting his seed into his rubber suit. His thrust goes deep as he locks his hips forward allowing his oversensitive cock to deliver its load into the reservoir tip of his cock and ball sheath. “Fuuuck!” he lets out as he rides his climax with me.

He starts kissing me again as we finish delivering our loads into the rubber suits. “You may have figured out, I have this ‘thing’ for scuba divers,” he says in between his kisses. “I think it is a rubber thing too.” He collapses on my chest and I can feel his body breathing next to mine. I know this will not be my last time at a Fox Hole party, and I would be seeing a lot more of Dean.

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Rick Rogers said...

OMG, I have always wanted to try getting fucked in a sling! It seems like the ultimate position to be in to take your partners cock really deep up your ass! I love that feeling of cumming with a hard cock in my ass too. There is nothing in the world like the feeling of my ring clamping down in orgasmic spasms on a hard cock and knowing it is going to be flooding my insides with sperm.

I love the feeling of my cock and balls sliding around inside a a cock and ball sheath attached to my suit but, my Rubber Buddy fucks me bareback so I prefer he doesn't wear a sheath. I wan his load as deep inside me as he can pump it!