Monday, November 30, 2015

More Latexskin?

I'm kinda jonesing to order a couple more .25mm Latexskins in black and silver neck entry just because I'm craving the sensation of the thin latex. It is such a different sensation from .4 or different! It is so thin and stretchy you'd even forget you had it on if you didn't see yourself in the mirror with a shiny skin! fuck....I'm so horny for 0.25mm today!

What about Latexcatfish's 0.25mm options? Half price is hard to pass up.

Rubberstud of the Week #397

Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday

Our inboxes are being inundated today with sales! sales! sales! I am promoting one that you know I am particularly fond of :-)

20% Off the entire Invincible Black Collection. Enter Code BRF20 when checking out

Link to Invincible Black Collection

‪#‎irubr‬ ‪#‎BlackRubberFriday‬ ‪#‎blackfriday‬

Ends Midnight 30th November 15 GMT


As I've mentioned before, the Rubber Canuck blog celebrates 10 years of pervertedness on October 15, 2016. I'm planning a big rubber party for it, so expect your invitations in the mail soon! LOL

September also became the newest record month for number of blog posts at 51! Something I just noticed now?!?! What the hell was I talking about in September? No doubt a lot of posts of the scrumptious Latexskin model!

Another big milestone should be happening in a week or so, the MILLIONTH visitor to this paltry blog. My Sitemeter counter, though not displaying correctly, is the one that has always been on this blog since it's inceptions as Calgary Rubberman and Gummiphiliac, so I tend to use it as the baseline.

So here we are:
I suspect this should be hitting one million in the next five to seven days. Pretty remarkable, really. Even though my readership has ebbed and flowed over the years, I still really appreciate the 228 of you that check in every day! It really makes my day, really keeps me motivated to find interesting, funny, and beautiful things to post and things in my life to remark on, as this has in fact become the defacto record of my kinky sex life; without it there would be no way for me to recollect dates, locations, times, details, etc. I enjoy going back in time and checking out what I've done and how I've evolved in the past ten years! Funny that many things have happened, yet rubber is still front and center in my life. Maybe not as screaming loud and focused in the middle of the room, but now more subdued and integrated even a little bit into everything I do. I think I like it this way is sort of metaphorical for how life becomes focused on different things as we get older? I don't know, maybe I'm reading to much into it.

At any rate! Yay Rubber Canuck! Thanks to all of you...I hope you've found lots of material to fap to on this blog over the years and maybe even some sparks of inspiration or knowledge that you've found useful. I have no idea where everything goes from here, but it would be interesting to see if this damn thing goes another ten years without Google or the next iteration of Omnipotent Host deciding it no longer mees their Guidelines and is dismantled. At some point maybe I will move hosting somewhere Tumblr has certainly taken off too and most likely is the wave of the near future anyways! :D


I'm heading home from the 8x6 men's night and even though there weren't many guys there it was a ton of fun. We really gotta start promoting the right events in this city!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Things Going On

THIS is tappable next week, I hope...
So yeah, the last week has been interesting. Mr. P and I went to the men's event at 8x6 last Thursday. It ended up being very quiet, and in all honestly we had both absolved to just having a few drinks and heading home UNTIL a very cute young guy came up to Mr. P and started chatting him up. Apparently they had messaged each other on Grindr so there was already a bit of connection there. Anyways he was already interested in playing and when introduced to me seemed even more eager so Mr.P and I took him into the play area and had fun with him. We've been in touch a few times over the past week and he seems keen to play again next week so we'll see what comes out of that. He's very handsome and has a delightful bubble butt, lives in the West End so it might kinda be Mr P and my opportunity to drop!

Friday we went out with friends. Saturday we went to Meat Draw and then with J and B to the Shameful Tiki Lounge. B came downtown with us afterwards and him and Mr. P fooled around (until 5am, apparently), whereas I immediately 'went to bed' when we got home; I had simply had too much rum. Sunday I woke up very ill - fortunately for me Kinkyrbrbottomboy cancelled and Wardog's ass was too sore from his Saturday night punch fisting that he was appreciative of a night off as well. So I blissfully (albeit painfully) slept, watched Season One of Master of None and the first six episodes of Marvel's Jessica Jones.

Before my rum poisoning...
Monday was Pub Trivia, Tuesday Wardog finally got over to apply a nice two hour fisting session on me after I was done schmoozing at a Networking Event downtown, and stayed Tuesday night.

Last night Mr. P and I finally went out for our first big grocery shop in a very long time; Wardog showed up at midnight after a traumatic episode with an excitable drag queen needing a place to crash.

Tonight I have an orientation session for a new professional membership I have recently joined (I'm seriously going to do some stuff to advance my career! Zounds!). Friday night is the Shadow Falls Reunion Potluck and I think a bunch of us will go out to Burnaby to the party in the minivan.

Saturday is play day with Almazmol; I am supposedly hauling the sling and equipment over to his place around 2pm and play starts at 3pm. I'm hoping not to run any later than 4am  I'm really looking forward to a full gear day; I am keen to get dressed up in his genuine football kit and have a scene dressed as jocks before getting into hard-core rubber play later in the afternoon/evening. He hasn't had confirmation from Ironfist or Jockstrapboy69 and I think he just wants to play it by ear as this is his first hosting opportunity in a long long time (recently divorced) so I think he just wants to keep things intimate and low-key, which is perfectly fine with me. I just want him to work me over for 12 hours....such a treat for me, I really enjoy our time together as all he wants is to top me!! *HUGE GRIN*

If all goes well I'll be spending most of Saturday like this...
Sunday afternoon I am hosting Kinkyrbrbottomboy from noon to six; he has been bugging me all week about coming over sooner to which I've been telling him to chill, it's a busy time of year. I plan to get him in the vac-tower and experience that before putting him in full rubber and putting him in the sling.

Sunday evening I'm supposed to be meeting up with M, SS and Figaro for a discussion about Handler training, setting a play date session for us all once or twice in December, discussing my Vancouver Rubbermen aspirations with them and more details hashing out about the proposed Rough Trade fisting event at Steamworks on January 9. I have also reached out to Del at Steamworks with more ideas on House Rules and Membership application in order to prevent guys that aren't truly interested in participating from getting into the playspace....some ideas are being thrown around, I am also going to reach out to the MAFIA group in Chicago for some tips and tricks as they are the event we're modeling ours after.

Next week, who knows! Wardog will probably be over Tuesday night for a full night of ffun, We are going to try and get Bubblebutt over on Wednesday or Thursday and into the sling. I have to work some or all of the December 4-6 weekend (and ironically our corporate Xmas party is the evening of the 5th...) so I don't expect to have too much planned, though if things go well with Kinkyrbrbottomboy I will try to have him over on the weekend in addition to another buddy who is interested in getting tied up and fucked.

I always love this time of year! So many horny boys running around in December! Lots of pics to follow this weekend....

Kinky Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving (just the fun stuff) for all the American perverts I know and love.


I dunno....just geeking out about latex Superhero outfits with a buddy this morning.

There are too many girls in cosplay...more bulges and pouches, please.

So, for those of you who haven't followed this arduous blog for the past nine years, here has been my "Wish List" evolution for superhero latex outfits.

It all started with Northstar, who I thought was really appropriate for me and unique, until I saw online that a guy in the UK already had had one made!! Grrr
Then it was Spider-man (of course....seems like a logical latex superhero outfit to have made)...with all the head-to-toe coverage and such,,,,however he's been done many many times over....
Then it was Nightwing....simple styling and the hottest ass in the Marvel Universe.....and this still may be my choice given I haven't seen too many around in latex....
However, the current fave is Deadpool...lots of accessories, weapons, and full coverage bodysuit and mask (of course).
What to do, what to do? Maybe two?

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Kilker Visits Invincible Rubber

...and an older post of Robert's photoshoot with Invincible, only because I want it at the top of my scroll so it's more accessible for fapping time.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Artist Spotlight: Gizmorian

Gizmorian was born in Hamburg, Germany, where he still lives and works. Even as a child there was a lot of interest in drawings with liability to the dark things and that bias still exists.

After an education in graphics he worked in different companies. However the fascination for the male body became soon a main part of his art. Predominantly the scenarios of his art occur on the computer with a graphic tablet. 

Inspirations may appear out of the blue, no matter if tonal or visual. Important is to keep hold of the idea.

“To understand arts you have to engage in it and willing to devote – even just for a moment!”

Monday, November 23, 2015

Breath Duties

Breath duties: A brief look at gas mask fetishism
Posted by drmarkgriffiths

In a previous blog, I examined mask fetishism that involves individuals who derive sexual pleasure and arousal from either wearing masks and/or seeing others wearing masks. Today’s blog takes a more detailed look at gas mask fetishism. As with mask fetishism more generally, there is little in the way of academic or clinical research on gas mask fetishism, and much of what is known can best be described as anecdotal.

Gas mask fetishism appears to have potential overlap with other types of paraphilic and/or fetishistic behaviour, particularly hypoxyphilia (i.e., deriving sexual pleasure and arousal from oxygen deprivation). For instance, a recent 2011 paper in the Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine led by Dr. Oleg Skugarevsky, examined a couple of deaths due to hypoxyphilia, one of which was wearing a gas mask at the scene of death. They noted that:

[Hypoxyphiliacs] use a variety of techniques to produce the hypoxia like strangulation, suffocation or reduction of the oxygen in the inspired air that may be achieved with plastic bags or gas masks that may allow inhaling some anesthetic gases (chloroform, nitrous oxide) and volatile chemicals (isopropyl nitrite and isobutyl nitrite (“poppers”)”.

A recent (and interesting) 2011 multi-authored paper led by Joe Marshall (Nottingham University, UK) examined the entertainment value of gas masks in a paper entitled: “The gas mask: A probe for exploring fearsome interactions”. They argued that a range of popular entertainment clearly demonstrates that there is “widespread and growing public appetite for extreme, visceral, and horrifying experiences”. Their idea of a gas mask interface emerged out of a long-term project “to develop interactive entertainments using biological sensing, which led to the idea of exploring the aesthetics of respiration monitoring as a form of engaging spectacle and gaming interaction”. Reflecting on their experiences with gas masks as part of the entertainment experience, they identified six key dimensions in designing fearsome interactions, some of which I think are applicable to the use of gas masks in sexual play and gas mask fetishism.

The cultural dimension: Many scholars have argued that emotions and culture are intertwined, therefore, when it comes to the use of gas masks in a leisure context, it has to take into account the cultural context. Marshall and colleagues argue that gas masks clearly have a very striking and unusual aesthetic with strong cultural associations. Clearly, gas masks are likely to evoke images of warfare, law enforcement, riot control police, etc. For those using gas masks as part of bondage and BDSM play, these associations of power and strength may be an important part of sexual roleplay. Marshall and colleagues themselves also note that:“[Gas masks] are also associated with sexual behaviour as part of sexual practices surrounding breathplay and erotic asphyxiation. Moreover, bondage wear is now increasingly fashionable – for example London’s Torture Garden fetish and body modification nightclub has moved over the last 20 years from being a semi-legal club, regularly shut down by the police, to become a well established entertainment and fetish clothing brand. Interestingly, other researchers have noted [human-computer interaction’s] ‘tendency to desexualise technology’ and have sought to raise an agenda for researching ‘sexual interactions’. It is therefore important to recognise that gas masks may suggest various fearsome and/or sexual associations and possibly heighten both kinds of arousal”

The visceral dimension: Marshall and colleagues note there is “a striking physicality to donning a gas mask which may amplify the fearsome nature of horror experiences in several more direct ways”. This again is likely to enhance the experience for sadomasochists who utilize gas mask equipment. As they also note, for many this results in “an unusual and somewhat uncomfortable physical sensation, while others may experience something closer to claustrophobia”. As I noted in a previous blog on claustrophilia (i.e., deriving sexual pleasure and arousal from being confined in small places), gas masks for this type of paraphiliac might be a sensual turn on.

The control dimension: Marshall and colleagues note that an important aspect of fearsome experiences is the “committing to a scary and unknown experience and not being able to back out, either physically or socially”. This again, is critical in some BDSM scenarios and is critical in ‘breath play’ aspects of sadomasochistic activity. Additionally, it allows one dominant participant to control, through their breathing, the physical experience of a submissive other and “playing on the fear and thrill of being controlled by, and controlling, others”.

The social dimension: Marshall and colleagues note that by enclosing a person’s face in a gas mask creates a situation whereby the mask wearer is made anonymous. This leads to effects that may be especially important in BDSM situations. Firstly, the wearer feels isolated and/or dehumanized. Secondly, those viewing the person wearing the gas mask may see the person as anonymous and (potentially) non-human.

The performance dimension: Marshall and colleagues argue that the performance dimension has the potential to amplify the scary and fearsome nature of interactions while wearing a gas mask. This form of viewing via gas mask has the potential keeping social interactions somewhat ambiguous, allowing the participant to interpret the situation themselves. This again may be an important part of fantasy-based BDSM play, and the anticipation of what may happen may be more sexually exciting for the mask wearer than what happens in actuality.

The engineering dimension: Finally, Marshall and colleagues acknowledge the significant engineering challenges involved in creating wearable sensors that are sufficiently robust to operate within leisure contexts (although personally I don’t think there are many implications for sexual use from an engineering perspective).

Marshall and his colleagues concluded that many popular entertainments involve people voluntarily undergoing fearsome experiences (and my own take on this is that it can involve sexual behaviour and experiences). Ultimately, they argued that the creation of scary experiences has to take account of the multi-faceted nature of fear, that involves cultural, visceral, social, and control factors outlined above.

I’ve yet to come across any focused research on gas mask fetishes and/or sexuality. There are a few first person articles examining the issue although not from the user perspective. I’ll leave you with perhaps the most interesting by artist Callidus who examined gas mask fetishism from an aesthetic perspective after coming across (by accident) some gas mask imagery:

“I’m not sure why gas mask imagery has never really appealed to me; any more than I understand why its such a turn-on for others…When I came across this particular series of images, what really grabbed my interest was the contrast…Contrast is the foundation of all design. Whether its contrast between form, color, or aesthetic, the difference between A and B is where interesting things happen. In this case, I found the contrast between the beautiful lines of the female form and the harsh, industrial design of a gas mask to be very striking…I find bondage to be especially potent here. The image of a woman encased in this foreboding mask, unable to shut out the sights or sounds engulfing her senses while her limbs are restrained from affecting any sort of aid. It works for me”

Dr Mark Griffiths, Professor of Gambling Studies, International Gaming Research Unit, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK

Metallic Platinum

I am obsessed with Latexskin's hunky model showing off his masculinity in all its .25mm glory! Stretch and show up more of your pits, sir.

Naughty Or Nice Mosh

Sheath Suits

 Two piece:

Rubberstud of the Week #396

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Hunk in head-to-toe Skins.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Feel The Breeze

Fuck yeah HOT

Rough Trade Vancouver??

Just to let you know, in addition to working on Rubbout 25 and fostering a new Vancouver Rubbermen group, I am also attempting to start a monthly fisting group in Vancouver modelled after the Steamworks event in Chicago. I had a good discussion with the GM of Steamworks Vancouver about starting a monthly event here, with a bit of an education session at the start, and then play after introductions and some roundtable discussion. What do you guys think? Is this something that will work in Vancouver? I've sent out feelers into the fisting community here a bit for some feedback. If you have anything to let me know, please comment!

Right now, we are tentatively setting first event for Saturday January 9, 5-9pm. We will naturally tweak dates and times based on interest and attendance. So far feedback has been great, and this is making me a little excited! As much as I want to network and connect rubbermen in Vancouver, I would like to do the same for the fisting men.
I'm open to any ideas for educational discussions: I think the first one (obviously) will be on male anal anatomy, but some other ideas are: training techniques, handballing techniques, different types of lubes, different types of toys, integration with other fetishes. proper hose out for fisting, how to relax enough, and I'm sure there will be lots of questions about what's considered 'safer' fisting for STI avoidance....,etc.

I'll come up with some others, do you have any suggestions?

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rubberbiker in Dainese


Durex's campaign to get the first safe sex emoji created.

Stop Staring

Who am I kidding?