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Monday, June 20, 2016

KinkON Blue


Appreciation of strong masculine form in latex.

Sweaty White Spandex

Mmmmmmmm.......Grrrrrrrrrrrr..........I bet he smells fantastic.

Exquisite Gimp

So hot to be covered in skintight transparent latex for your Dom to admire.

Sweet Sarcophagus

My ultimate latex vac-bondage fantasy is to be bound like this...for hours and hours.

Rubberstud of the Week #426

Friday, June 17, 2016

Whistler 2016

Tonight we are heading up to Whistler for the Vancouver Men in Leather Retreat. I've been told there are 45 guys confirmed, a good 20 more than the events last year. This is going to be great! There are several interesting activities being planned, including "VML Bootcamp”, which is an initiation to BDSM where guys must try 3 out of 6 things to pass the VML Bootcamp and be awarded the coveted VML letters (wristband) to wear. I am curious how that's going to turn out.

Also, there will be a dildo-making workshop. You get to cast your own cock and create a silicone dildo from the cast. Now THAT should be interesting. I didn't buy a dildo-making package, but it will be fun to watch the guys that did work on their new toys.
Cocksox Rulez!
All I've been asked to bring up this year is the sleepsack. I had taken the vac-tower up last year but it hardly got used at all. For the sake of simplicity, I'm going to just bring up whatever is needed. Including the fact Mr P. and I are bring three guys up with us, there may not be a lot of extra room for big equipment. Here goes....should be fun!

Next weekend (June 23) I start my week of vacation. I'm looking forward to getting some of the projects done at Shadow Falls. Mr. P is jonesing to get up there as it will be three weeks since we were last up there....way too long. I'm happy to say we will be spending most of July and August up there.

Red & White

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

2016 International Day of Latex #IDOL

Wishing all my fetish friends a very slick and wet #IDOL day today (International Day of Latexwear)..... #mrm8 #rubbout25 @rubbout #mir20 #FetishGay #GearFetish #GuysnGear #Gearfuckers #FetishPride #KinkyMen #RubberPride #GayRubber #rubbermen @vanrubbermen @yvrrubbermen

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sex Toy Spider-man

Rubber Selfie

Sexy Chris Burke in his transparent black latex catsuit.

Life in the Wind Tunnel

Castelli Cycling Gear promotion: Going to Rio Olympics thinking of gold and nothing else. Fine tuning aero speed suits with Elia Viviani
Photo: Alberto Dolfi

A great career sitting in the wind tunnel in aero spandex gear all day long :)

Monday, June 13, 2016


Vancouver Pride Parade

Some good news today for a change....the Vancouver Rubbermen have been approved to march in the Vancouver Pride Parade! I encourage ALL of you sexy beasts to join me on Sunday, July 31 to show Vancouver our Rubber Pride. I have cobbled together a Google Form to track interest (and also inquire about what you'd like to do on Pride Sunday). Please spread the word!!!!

Rubberstud of the Week #425

Friday, June 10, 2016


I Watched the World’s First VR Piss Porn
By Bryce Warnes

June 10, 2016

I'm sitting in a chair in a small attic room. When I look down, I see that I'm wearing a pink tank top and a black and white skirt. I also have breasts. I'm usually a cisgendered man, so this is new to me. When I look up, I see a man and a woman in front of me. The woman is kneeling and the man is taking a leak in her mouth.

This is also new to me—and new to the world at large. I'm watching the first virtual reality piss porn ever recorded. The actors are named Adon Vain and Bambi Venison. And at the same moment that I'm watching one version of Adon piss in one version of Bambi's mouth, they – the real they -- are sitting next to me, more or less fully clothed and sipping cheap Malbec. The scene I'm watching took place about a month ago, but thanks to what I'm seeing in my VR headset, it seems very immediate and real.

Here's the scene: Adon, young and well-hung, has his fly unzipped. He is pissing enthusiastically in Bambi's mouth. Bambi, young and curvaceous, kneels in a black kiddie pool. Occasionally, she'll gasp for air or whimper submissively. It's hard to tell whether she's enjoying being pissed on, but she's making no effort to avoid the stream, and once in awhile she'll gulp a little down.

Since I'm vanilla as fuck, piss play doesn't arouse me, even when two attractive people are doing it. But whether I'm aroused or not, the situation is still awkward. I feel like I need to say something to the performers sitting next to me, but what? A compliment? A polite question? "How does it feel being a human urinal?" What's the script in this situation?

Anxious, I look down again at my VR female's body.

"Don't look down too much," says a man's voice. "You'll get motion sick."

The voice belongs to Matthew Lynch. He's also in the IRL room with myself, Bambi, and Adon, operating the computer feeding the video clip to my goggles. He created this VR experience, along with many others. As founder of the start-up MetaverseXXX, he's made it his mission to supply the human race with independent, kinky VR porn.

Formerly employed in Alberta as a business advisor in the the oil and gas industry, he says he was inspired by the potential for VR technology after buying a developer's kit and building his own stereoscopic camera.

Lynch was already a member of the kink and sex-positive community in Calgary, and joined Vancouver's scene when he moved here about two-and-a-half years ago. Since then, he's organized a number of "play parties" at Club 8x6, a private group-sex venue. He's also created dozens of kink VR films for MetaverseXXX, with the help of his wife and business partner, Nicole, who handles post-production.

Lynch figures about ten to 20 other companies are making VR porn right now, in a style he describes as "Ken and Barbie." And while alt-sex behemoth has been experimenting with the technology, they've yet to build up a large library of clips.

So MetaverseXXX comes close to cornering the market. Lynch's whole operation is fairly DIY, with clips usually filmed in the performers' living rooms. Many of them represent the first instances of certain sex acts being captured in the nascent medium.

Besides piss, MetaverseXXX is also exploring BBW territory, and doing work with trans performers. There's something for everyone, as long as their tastes are outside the mainstream. For instance, have you ever wanted to see, in fully immersive VR, a woman fuck a man in the ass with a banana?

Such a clip will cost you $3.49 at

If you're like me and your visual cortex has been cauterized by years of internet use, scenes like that might sound tame. (After all, what can truly shock in the Goatse Era?) But that changes once you see them in VR. The technology isn't perfect—even Lynch admits it "hasn't hit primetime yet"—but regardless of some blurriness and pixelation, it facilitates an intense experience.

Lynch talks a lot about "presence" in VR, the sense of really "being there." Viewing the clips, whether your point of view occupies a man or a woman's body, a participant's or an observer's, you always feel as though you could reach out and touch one of the performers.

"The average internet viewer spends about a minute on a video," says Lynch. "But we're not finding that with VR porn. We're seeing people staying longer, feeling more connected with the stars, and enjoying it more."

This sense of presence is no better illustrated than when the performers make eye contact with the viewer. It's one thing for an actor to look at a camera, but when a performer makes eye contact with you in VR, it really is eye contact, as electrifying and immediate as in real life. And it's even more shocking when that actor is, say, eating out your virtual pussy.

As for the performers themselves, they earn a cut of the revenue from each clip's sale. Traffic was stagnant for MetaverseXXX's first year and a half of existence, but since January—when consumer VR really hit the market—it's been doubling monthly. It's nowhere close to making anyone a real living, but as Lynch says, "Everyone gets paid fairly."

Adon and Bambi seem satisfied. We chat outside of virtual reality, once I've watched their piss scene. They've done a few videos with Lynch already and they're working on more. This night in particular, they've just finished filming some analingus, plus a scene involving a choke-chain.

None of which sounds remotely appealing to me. Lynch gets it.

"Most people hate [it]. But there's a small niche that love it," he says.

Logically, it's hard to imagine anyone beyond kink's present audience really buying in. A meat-and-potatoes porn viewer might occasionally enjoy watching a bit of bondage on a 2D monitor, but as anyone who has watched VR porn can attest, the experience is much more immediate than a clip on a laptop screen.

For instance, Lynch also showed me a film in which a very large bald man jerked off three feet in front of me, all the while licking his lips and leering at my (virtual) body. I would have been fine watching the scene on a laptop, observing it with mild interest and maybe a bag of Doritos. But as a straight, sexually bland dude—one who's not really looking to challenge his place on the Kinsey scale—I found the VR experience excruciatingly uncomfortable. I was stuck sitting there with this big, imposing man masturbating at me, and all I could do was look at the carpet to avoid eye contact.

According to Lynch, this kind of discomfort is an indication of how VR is going to change pornography. The animal brain, he says, is tricked by VR. When it sees something that it doesn't like, rather than sitting idly by, it gets its hackles raised.

"Because it is more personal, if you don't like someone in [a] scene, you might have been able to tolerate it before, watching it on a screen, because you liked someone else in it," he says. "You'd be able to focus on them. [But] in VR, your animal is like 'Grrrr. I don't like that person.' That's the thing about VR—it triggers these subconscious processes, as if it's really there."

Still, VR could permanently change the way people get off when they're alone. Lynch is optimistic. He envisions a future where viewers are able to participate in fully immersive VR environments, complete with physical movements to control the experience. One in which every home has a dedicated VR room where viewers can wander around—fighting orcs, winning the World Series, shoving their fists up people's asses, or whatever.

Whether Lynch's projected future of techno-fucking ever comes to pass remains to be seen. Right now, tonight, I've had a fun night checking out some sex acts that I would probably never investigate on my own, all through a medium that literally shoved them in my face. There are some scenes in my head, now—very real, could-have-sworn-that-really-happened scenes—that will take a very long time to go away.

But in the end, the most voyeuristic VR scene Lynch shows me isn't pornographic at all. As part of MetaverseXXX's sex-positive mandate, they release educational videos, outtakes and performer interviews. It's a way of delineating between fantasy and reality, Lynch says.

In the clip, I look down and see Adon and Bambi lying entangled on the floor after shooting a scene. They're evidently exhausted, holding each other close and murmuring. It's hard to make out their words, but from the tone and rhythm, it sounds like they're checking in: Probing, reassuring. Two people who care about one another making sure everything is okay. It's a tender moment. And after all the piss and domination, it's uncomfortably real.

You really need to check out this technology, it's pretty fascinating. While you're at it, you can check out a couple of the feature films I've been involved in in MetaverseXXX's library. It'll help me actually receive my first (of at least a million(!)) royalty checks.


Here's a mindfuck to kick off your weekend.


AICP - 2016 Reel - Dir Cut. from Method Design on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Piss N Rubber

Various man-pig scenes with rubber, dicks, holes, fists, toys and piss. Scenes from, Cazzo and Club Inferno.

Harley Everett in rubber chaps mmmmmm