Friday, November 29, 2013

Separated At Birth?

Out with the Old, In with the New

I always like to see what the Rubber Retailers have up their tight sleeves as far as outwork picked out and themes decided on for their new year's calendars. I have amassed a few of Invincible and Stockroom's calendars over the past few years, but one that always eluded me was the Blackstyle calendar. Personally, I think Blackstyle's artwork and photography for their website, promotional materials, and catalogs is some of the best around. Remember those two hot naked guys pressed together in that standing vac-sheet and breathing through tubes? Seared in my memory...

They seem to pull off the best balance of perversion, sexuality and art the best. They have many chasing their lead but they always seem to pull ahead. We'll see what people think of the artwork for their 2014 calendar. I think they have put the full 12-month calendar on one page, which is regrettable. I still love seeing a new horny image every 30 days!
This bomber is da bomb.
What can I say about the bondage suit other than, "yes, please!"?
No words. Simply no words.

Multiple Hard Spots

Yikes! This hits so many perv pressure points for me! :)
Poor, blue-eyed beauty.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

(Almost) Black Friday

I submitted the first (!) of my Christmas orders for new rubber today; I'm not sure if it will be the last but it was time to do some re-stocking of my rubber closet with some new shit that isn't torn, split or degrading...the repair pile is getting high; if someone knows a rubber repair person that can save a bunch of my stuff, please send them my way. I need help!

So here's what I got from Invincible Rubber. Why did I go with Invincible, you ask? Well their stuff is some of the first stuff I bought and though much of it has needed some repair over the years, it is the stuff that has stood the test of time the best. And Paul and the boys are pretty cool and great at supporting the rubber communities in the UK and elsewhere. That matters a lot to me, considering some of the suits I've had that have only stood up for a half dozen wears before disappointing me made from companies you don't hear a peep from otherwise. I'm looking forward to discussing the modifications (hopefully) with them!

Firstly, a simple Rubber Surfsuit Thru Zip (Size: Medium)
Latex Colour: Black
Zip colour: Black
Latex gauge: 0.45mm/0.17-.2"
I've been wanting a simple surfsuit for playtime for awhile now.

Secondly, Rubber Chaps With Buckle Waist Band (Waist size: 34")
Inside leg: 34"
Latex colour: Black
Zip colour: Red
Inside leg stripe width: 1 x 1cm Stripes
Stripe colour: Red
Lace colour: Red
Thigh size in cms: 59
A sexy pair of chaps that will actually fit me! And look great in the sling ;)

Next, a Dildo Mask! I've been wanting one forever! I'm getting a boner just thinking about using this on a guy.

And of course more asstoys:
Inflatable Grenade Large Dildo (Colour: Black)
More inflatables! More inflatables!

and finally, a heavier weight Rubber Zip Shoulder Catsuit with Codpiece (Size: Medium)
Latex Colour: Black
Zip colour: Black
Optional rear zip: Black
Latex gauge: Black 0.55mm/0.20-.25"
A rubberman's black cocktail dress. I don't have a pristine one at the moment.


REALLY liking Ego Assassin's new men's HEX Line.

I have a few EA items, would love to get more from them, including a full body MESH suit ;)


How'd I miss his new video? HOT!
...and of course, I will also include one of my Rubberfranky faves:

The Hottest Ginger

...on two blades! I've gushed over Jon Montgomery before; he's back in the news again as Sochi 2014 approaches and he apparently didn't make the cut to the Canadian skeleton team this year. Too bad, he's very nice to look at ass-up in spandex on a skeleton sled and gave us one of our most memorable Canadian moments from our best Olympics ever as a nation when he won gold and drank from a pitcher of beer passed to him in Whistler town square heading to his medal ceremony.

In addition, he also hosts the Canadian version of The Amazing Race. I haven't had an opportunity to see much of the show but I'm sure he's as handsome as ever, judging from the press junket shots of him.


He's so hot; I dream that he's hung like a ginger horse too!


Now, segueing onto the topic of Sochi...what the Russian politicians are doing, so much like politicians all over the world is pander to their base. Putin's base is not a well-educated or progressive base, but it's all about money and power....I guess it always was...but it just seems so much more pronounced now that corporations have taken over the world. I figure back in the day it was always the most powerful institution, be it the Church, the Military, etc. that controls the policy decreed by the presiding political body, but the propoganda they spew 'that it's always in the best interest of the citizenry' is ridiculous. Desperation to hold on to power by throwing the citizens you've vowed to represent under the bus....very admirable.

But I digress....

I really wish the noise and dissent about Sochi would get louder since I think the IOC is about as corrupt and entitled a political body as they come and they deserve a big reality check. I can't stand to see the images of Russian GBLT people being assaulted, jailed, killed simply for trying to lives their lives as honestly as they can.  However, the emotional side of me loves the Olympics...I know most of you could not give a shit about Winter Olympics, but they are a big fucking deal in Canada. I grew up playing hockey, curling, x-c and downhill skiing, speedskating...they are all part of the Canadian experience. We really do all freak out a bit when the Winter Olympics come; that we hosted them the last time was something this country embraces as part of our collective history. And I do - REALLY DO - love watching young fit buff men do their thing in skintight aerodynamic outfits....I mean, who doesn't...oh, did you not know that about me yet?!?! ;)

The rational side of my brain should prevail. Screw you Putin, screw you Zhuravlev, screw you Kremlin, screw you anti-gay law, screw you IOC. You all suck and I hope you pay for your attempts to trample human rights. And I hope a heat wave blasts the Black Sea and the Winter Olympics are a disaster, beautiful men in spandex or not!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Inflatable Wank

Hard Play

I finally got around to doing some research on this film that came out earlier this year and found out that Hard Play encompasses several scenes that I've wanted to find out the source of for some time! This is one hot fucking film by Cazzo Club, I think I might get a membership just to get my hands on this film. Some of my favorite porn stars doing the things they do best. Cazzo also isn't a company to shy away from rubber, bondage, leather and fisting.

A new Cazzo fisting movie called Hard Play is coming out soon. It features international porn stars such as Cutler X and Dolan Wolf who both perform for the first time for Cazzo. Geoffrey Paine, Christian Herzog  and Jordan Fox are Cazzo Favorites. Sylvain Lyk already gave a stunning fisting performance in Krass. Fernand Dutch and Lobo Bayard are newcomers. For Lobo it was his very first shoot – but certainly not his last.

Rubber Muscle

If you think full rubber coverage hides male muscle, think again. Si Hands latest creation is with the bod of model Niall Rubbatrouble. Thanks for sharing, guys.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yes, Oh Yes!

Head To Toe

Sometimes I really relish in being a freaky pervert.

Bored in my hotel room in Victoria last night, I decided to suit up and spend a good part of the evening in delicious rubber encasement. I did condom breathplay with tubing again; I hope you enjoy!

More completely covered seal of the head condom in this one...

Monday, November 18, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sexy Spider-Man

From Adala Clothing....for $950! Yikes!

Rubbout 23 Preview

The rubber ball is slowly starting to bounce for Rubbout 23...the organizers (including yours truly) have been kinda slow getting started this year, but in anticipation of another team meeting next week, I still have some deliverables to complete and hopefully some stuff accomplished before the Christmas rush leaves us stranded until mid-January. So, while I'm procrastinating at getting stuff done, today I at least created a new placeholder for the Rubbout Facebook page until we get our official photo shoot and branding stuff done. We are planning on a sports theme for the 23rd annual party April 4-6, 2014....tentative name of the weekend is 'Grand Slam', though we have been considering a few others. What do you think of the following?

  • End Zone
  • Goal Post
  • Jock Itch (LOL I'm saving this one for the play party!)
  • Tight End
  • “He Shoots, He Scores!”
  • Geared Up 
  • Rebound: Recovery Brunch
  • Timeout
  • Penalty Box
  • Time-Out
  • Grandslam Play Party
  • Dugout: Meet and Greet
  • Hat trick
  • Tackle

I've  been on the lookout for some great latex sports gear photos out there; a few of our sponsors like Mr. S, Priape and Invincible have all had great sports gear lines for's just a theme that turns the crank of a lot of gay boys that are also into rubber.  It must be the hyper-masculinity ideal of professional and amateur sport that gets guys going. As for me, I'm still undecided about what I'm going to do for gear next year...I would love to get some soccer or football gear, but I think a trade team cycling skinsuit might be more appropriate? I have yet to get another wrestler and/or a surfsuit....both will be equally appropriate!

Latex Motorcycle Suits

Seems to be the new trend...well, not that emulating certain uniforms or outfits in latex hasn't been done before, but the detail put into the latex motorcycle suits, looking a lot like the original leather ones only tighter and shinier is a very hot, pervy direction to go in! The results are impressive!

Check out militarium's creations. Marvellous!