Monday, August 31, 2009


I had the great fortune of FINALLY being able to play with a new man in my life that I've grown quite fond of -- pretty much non-stop this week.

Saturday night, after going out in rubber together to the leather bar and then one of the dance clubs on Davie Street (where we scared some of the vanilla guys and amazed others), we retired back to his place for the night.

Our initial attraction to each other was a mutual potential for kinkiness...he first met me at Pumpjack a couple of Fridays ago when I was running around in a latex jockstrap. We have chatted everyday since then and had a couple of dates.

Once at his place Saturday night, he began pulling out all of his kink gear and I almost fell over. He is the kinkiest fucker I have ever met! We got into all sorts of deviance over the next 12 hours, from shared anal electro-stim, ass-grinding with a double-ended dildo (several sessions over the course of the day), some bondage and ball stretching, my introduction to sounding, and lots and lots of sex.

I've had him over at my place introducing him to rubber and masks, breathplay and bondage two nights this week, and over at his place on Wednesday night I was introduced into some more hard-core assplay. He's officially stated now that he's converted into a rubberboy, so my work there is done! LOL

I think I'm converting into an assplayer. He wants nothing more than to open my hole.

For a guy who has a childhood fear of constriction, he certainly took the vac-bed in stride last night.

I'm very excited about this because we have so much to teach and experiences to share and we are both hot for each other!!

Rubberstud of the Week #70

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fist it good

Still not sure what my stance is on fisting, but fuck, this video is hot.

STILL more skinsuit perving

Canadian track nationals are going on this weekend in Burnaby. Stay tuned for pics of my perving out (discretely) at the velodrome...


Man on man sex is a messy ordeal...fluids and assorted stuff strewn around the room. A night of hot sex usually requires a whole lot of laundry to be done the next day...or does it?

I've become a huge fan of playsheets. I've been borrowing a friends' PVC floor sheet and neoprene bed sheet for a few months now and I can only gush about how quickly it turns a regular room into veritable sex pit in which you no longer have to worry about what is being flung where.

As part of the Mr. Rubber Vancouver prize package, I won a $50 gift certificate from NastyPig which I used to buy a queen-size play sheet of my own (well, the gift certificate paid for the shipping...). I tested it out with a friend on Tuesday night and it worked marvellously. I don't think I'll ever be able to have rubbersex without it again! ;D

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Skinsuit perving...again

I still have a hard spot for the New Zealand black. I'm always drawn to teams who have black at the primary color in their kit.

Here are some images from the Track Cycling World Champs in Pruszkow, Poland this spring. The New Zealand team has in the most recent past worn Champion Systems 'latex' skinsuits and wore Orca Aeroskns at the Beijing Olympics -- a suit that they are still wearing in 2009.

Team New Zealand's Orca skinsuits caused a flurry of media attention at the Olympics when they were confirmed at the last minute. The Orca skinsuits use a new material called AeroSkn, which has an incredibly low drag coefficient, the company says.

Testing in France the week before the Olympics had shown the New Zealand cycling team that the suits helped shave fractions of seconds off performances and gave the athletes a psychological advantage, reports from Beijing said.

Meanwhile, the New Zealand triathlon team also utilised Orca’s new AeroSkn at the Olympics. The race suits were combined with Orca’s TriSkn for breathability and flexibility.

I'm not sure of the dates when the NZ track team had affiliation with Champion System (CS), but they had a similar suit, which they claimed was latex, but I'm sure is actually some poly film applied to lycra.

New Zealand National Team member Hayden Godfrey winning another International Track Omnium event (the 200 meter time trial) in the Champion System Latex Speed Suit, which apparently will eventually be available to the public....keep your eyes peeled. I'd love to get a suit in this material.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Artist Profile - Geoff Elliott Simpson
Geoff Elliott Simpson is a photographer and graphic artist from Toronto Canada. He has done fantastic work capturing kink scenes, with much of his work available in multiple media forms (including a hot series of greeting cards!). His photography has been seen in many magazines and exhibits including the new ACT Toronto BDSM Safety Guide. I'd love to work with him sometime!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Most of you probably know about the Jaked swimsuits and the stir they caused in the competitive swimming world recently. For those of you who don't, this suit basically caused FINA to ban all 'enhanced' swimsuits in swimming competition. So, we're back to skimpy speedos and exposed skin...finally. As much as I loved the racing suits (especially the full-body ones the likes of Ian Thorpe wore...yum), I am glad that swimming is going back to basics. And the eye candy thanks FINA too, imo.

Why all the pics of Frederick Bousquet? I wonder....;)

Of special note, this is the suit that was worn in the famous pic that made its way all over the Internet a few weeks ago of Ricky Beren's ass when his suit split open!

X-Glide and Jaked 01 swimsuits rejected after FINA
May 20, 2009
Article from: Agence France-Presse
WORLD swimming's governing body FINA has rejected 10 swimsuits, including some of those made from polyurethane and which were used to set new world records last month.

The use of swimsuits in recent years has caused huge controversy in the sport because some experts, including some top swimmers, believe their use gives an unfair advantage in the pool.

This led to FINA putting all 348 swimsuits, from 21 manufacturers, under a full review.

After two days of tests and meetings FINA has approved 202 swimsuits, rejected 10 and called for modifications to be made to the remaining 136.

The X-Glide by Arena and the Jaked 01, which have been used notably by French sprinters Alain Bernard and Frederic Bousquet to set new world records last month, did not appear on FINA's approved list.

Bernard used the X-Glide to set a new 100m world record of 46.94sec, while Bousquet beat Australian Eamon Sullivan's previous best world mark of 21.28 in the 50m in a time of 20.94 last in Montpellier.

But FINA did not specify whether they were rejected outright or whether they appeared on the 'to be modified' list.

FINA also did not state whether the records set by Bernard and Bousquet using the polyurethane swimsuits, during the French championships last month in Montpellier, would be annulled.

A FINA statement said 10 swimsuits were rejected "for not passing the tests of buoyancy and/or thickness".

Regarding the further 136 which required modifications, it added: "136 swimsuits to be modified in accordance with 'Dubai Charter' (rule 3.1 c), as they don't fulfil the requirement stating that `swimsuit material shall not be constructed to or include elements/systems which create air/water trapping effects during use'.

"The manufacturers have now a deadline of maximum 30 days (until June 19) to resubmit the same swimsuit for FINA approval, with the corresponding corrections."

FINA's decision could also have serious ramifications for the Italian hosts of the world swimming championships in July. The Italian team is sponsored by Jaked, an Italian company.

Bousquet wore the controversial red Jaked swimsuit last Sunday on his way to beating Beijing Olympic hero Michael Phelps of the United States in the 100m final at the Charlotte UltraSwim.

French coach Romain Barnier, who manages top swimmers at Marseille, including Bousquet, would only confirm: "In Montpellier my swimmers used the Jaked 01."

Christian Donze, the French federation's technical director said: "Both swimsuits (Jaked 01 and Arena's X-Glide) are not on the (approved) list. We're waiting for more information from FINA before making any statement."


Hole Punch

Have you seen these hot new shorts from Fort Troff? Super horny!

Safer BDSM

Thanks to Ruff for this link. The Aids Committee of Toronto (ACT) has created a booklet outlining health and activity information for BDSM players.

This booklet contains practical guidelines and advice on the prevention of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis C (HCV), and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) within bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism (BDSM) play. It is an introduction to safer BDSM play and is designed to provide you with information to help reduce your risks. There are many detailed resources available to increase your knowledge of, and comfort with, BDSM (see the Other Resources section at the end of this booklet).

Rubberstud of the Week #68

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kink Humor in Advertising

This one is great!

The Visitor Revisited

Here's the intro to The Visitor with yummy Logan in yummy SlickItUp.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Mr. Rubber Toronto 2010

Coming up quick! Toronto rubber pervs...get your applications in this week.


Wha? Male to Male Breathcontrol is no more? Say it isn't so! :(


Cornholio's red Libidex catsuit in this vid is so hot! Looks fully integrated; must be neck or shoulder zip entry. Lovely!


Here is Rubberintegrale with a couple of nice outdoor wank vids.

And one of my first with the STR this video, only wish that I had had better lighting and polish at the time, but oh well...

I'm going to post 'Rubber Recon' on XTube today as well.

Rubberstud of the Week #67

Friday, August 7, 2009

Random horniness

Latexual is in a compromising electro/BC situation in the short vid below:

Another horny pic found on Flickr today:

Man, I'm horny for some rubber bondage and play this weekend...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Les nuits du caoutchouc

The trip to Montréal was amazing. I had a lot of fun with my friends from Calgary, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver and Montréal (of course) that we ran into over the course of the weekend.

I flew to Calgary Thursday night, happily escaping the heatwave occurring in Vancouver last week. We had a reunion of sorts at my friend Doug's place. Doug and I left for Montréal Friday morning. We got into Montréal about the same time as our Chicago friends Matt, Marc and Brian arrived so we shared a cab downtown. Doug and I were staying at old friends' place in the Village and the Chicago crew were staying at a hotel close by.

Friday night after afternoon drinks on the terrasse at Sky Bar, we rubbered up and went to the Kochon party at L'Aigle Noir. Stéphane was emceeing a gear auction that Tony Buff and Derek Dasilva were modelling for. There was a lot of sexy rubber and leather gear going for super-cheap, but I didn't bring enough cash with me to bid on anything. Dommage! We had a super-fun night running into the gang from Legende Urbaine and as it turned out, everyone in our group got lucky that night! Fantastique!

Saturday we walked around the Village, picked up gear (including my new sexy transparent smoke rubber outfit) and party tickets at Priape, then had poutine and more beer at Café Européen. The Chicago guys and I were invited to an Ibiza party on the terrasse at BJ and Eric's place in the late afternoon, then we went to the free concert at Parc Emilie-Gamelin where David Morales was headlining.

We stayed there way too long, then had to hurry home and get our rubber to head to the K.L.U.B. party at Bain Mathieu. We arrived around 11:30 to find hundreds of sexy men dressed in varying degrees of leather, latex and lycra. Bain Mathieu is a rentable space that is an old swimming pool. The main dancefloor is the bottom of the pool. The DJs spun sexy house tunes while a mass of men on the pool floor danced away. There was a pseudo-playspace in the side room where some bondage demos were going on, but the lighting in there was very bright and I don't think it got used very much. We shut the place down, then headed back down to the Village around 3:30am.

Sunday my friend Doug and I went shopping downtown and got caught in torrential downpours which delayed the outdoor parties in the Village. We got back, met up with the gang again and went to Café Européen for more beer. We then headed to Bar Campus to watch sexy strippers and from there went for food. We decided we were going to head to Le Stud that evening; the Chicago guys were tired and went directly there while I headed back to the apartment. We had planned to go out in rubber and despite their weak effort, I decided to rubber up and go to Le Stud like that anyways. Of course I was the only one dressed up, but it was a blast. My Montreal friend Jer and I closed the place down after we ran into some Toronto friends (hi Paul!) that we spent the rest of the evening with. On the walk home I got accosted by some drunk guys that kept ripping my codpiece off.

Monday Doug headed to Québec City for the day. Jer and Bruce had to work and Matt headed back to Chicago so Brian, Marc and I went to La Ronde for the day. It is an amusement park affiliated with Six Flags located on Île Ste-Hélène. After a day on in line-ups for roller coasters, we headed back to the Village for dinner and found ourselves at Club Stock watching strippers again -- this time, older and beefier -- much nicer. Once again, I found myself stumbling home at 1:30 in the morning getting solicited for drugs and sex. Where were these people earlier in the weekend when I wasn't so tired?

Doug got back early on Tuesday, we met up with Marc and Brian, went for brunch then cabbed to the airport to catch our flights. I made it into Calgary around 4:30. Doug went home. My flight was originally supposed to leave for Vancouver at 8, but was moved to 8:50, then delayed to 10 due to storms in Toronto. In the meantime I sat in the airport bar, then met up with my friend Trevor who was in Calgary for business that day. We got onto the plane at 10 with a good buzz on and it was midnight before I got home, unpacked and crashed.

Not many pictures? Yeah, I know. I didn't have my camera out much and a lot of the pics were from the parties in the park and amusement park. I would've really liked to have taken some pics at the rubber parties, but, you know....I didn't have a lot of room to carry a camera in skintight latex gear! But I know there are other photos in existence out there that are blackmail-types that I hope never surface! LOL

Overall, a great time. I never have a bad time in Montreal, but I really need a good detox this week...back to wholesome Vancouver living(!?).


All my swag from the Mr. Rubber Vancouver contest is trickling in. I got the Eros gift basket at Priape Vancouver about a month ago and have been sampling all the different lubricants and products. I finally picked up my Polymorphe rubber gear in Montreal on the weekend -- loving the smoke grey shirt and briefs and black baseball cap -- and today the Pjur package showed up via courier. There is a bottle of Pjur Cult, Pjur Man and Pjur Back Door. After snickering at the name of this anal comfort spray "to enjoy anal intercourse to the max", I thought this is probably a pretty cool product for new players. I wish I had someone to try it out with...

I got an email from the Nasty Pig marketing guy who said that I have $100 worth of Nasty Pig products to select from their online site. I'm thinking chaps, but I really need some play sheets of my own. I'll have to make a decision on that one.

Monday, August 3, 2009