Monday, February 27, 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Formal Dinner and Drinks

Wonderful dinner at Trio, off to the bars in a few hours, great opportunity to change outfits and perv out for a bit.

Live From Palm Springs

27C and not a cloud in the sky. Heavenly.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Call for rubbergimps

I am planning on doing a formidable fantasy scene at the Rubbout Slick:Invasion dance on April 7th if I can find enough guys that want to participate in it. I am thinking of doing a modified Star Wars scene akin to Han Solo in carbonite. We will have two guys as Stormtrooper-like soldiers who will carry in the Han Solo victim, put him in an upright vac-bed and we will lock him in. A guy who would be the gay version of Princess Leia would be pretty cool too...

If you are coming to Rubbout, enjoy full rubber coverage, vacuum bondage, light breathplay onstage, please email me at and let me know. You will be covered so no one will know who you are. It'll be fun!

Thanks! Reid

Prince Albert poll results

Thank you to all of you who voted in the poll! I appreciate it. I think it gave me some insight into the world of PA ownership. Statistically the sample group here is probably a big non-random (ha!), but it certainly shows that a lot of guys love PAs or the guys that wear them. Interesting stuff. As a bottom, I think I need to experience PA fucking more to appreciate it; it's mostly been an oral relationship for me so far. I would never get one myself but kudos to you guys that have one and love it! Take care of it and take care of those who enjoy it with you :)


With less than 24 hours before I get the hell out of here and head to hot, sunny climes for a week, it was possibly prescient that there was a lot of skintight goodness in my Facebook feed this morning.

Zach Bell, a former teammate of mine has resurged in the World Cup track cycling standings recently with a 3rd place finish in the Men's Omnium at the London World Cup last week. Zach is a great guy and I'm glad that he is being rewarded and (finally) recognized for all of his hard work over the years.

With the successes the Canadian women's and men's teams had at the World Cup, there is now a lot of buzz about Canada's prospects in track cycling at the Olympics this summer. Through all the years that I raced on the track, I always claimed that track cycling was a PERFECT sport for Canada to excel in since it was season- and climate-exempt for the most long as you had the commitment to grow a program at a world class all-season facility. The facility question has been ongoing in Canada for years now, and it looks like Canada may finally get a world cup velodrome in Southern Ontario, but a lot of the success in the current Canadian team has come from Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec for the most part. B.C. has the only indoor velodrome in Canada to date, but Alberta and Quebec have some impressive outdoor facilities and obviously very effective, popular programs. Maybe my predictions are about to come true?!?!?

Todd Storey, the previous Mr. Florida Rubber 2011 before last weekend, is also an avid freediver. He linked out this interesting video on freediving, with all the skintight neoprene goodness that comes with it. Exhilarating, dangerous, holy crap it's gotta take a lot of resolve and training to do it competitively.

There are lots of skintight visuals to enjoy, which are the shape of things to come this summer as we come up to another Olympics, which is always a pervert's buffet as far as buff men in skintight outfits are concerned.

So, we're off to Palm Springs tomorrow morning for West Coast Rubber. I'm really looking forward to seeing the peeps from L.A., San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago. I'm bringing Mr. P, and my friend J with me, neither whom is particularly gummiphilic however I've sold them on all the sex they can potentially get if they come and cloister themselves in a men's resort in Palm Springs on a weekend when a bunch of perverts are going to be around. Naturally, they thought it was a great idea and are coming to check it out!

Also Bill and Mitch, who between the two of them have co-produced Rubbout for its entirety are coming as well, so there will be three generations of Rubbout producers at the party as well! It's going to be interesting, everyone's getting very excited.

Next Tuesday, I'm off to the Rio Grande Valley in southeast Texas to stay with my parents for five days. I haven't been down there to their winter place since 2008 so it'll be good to hang with them and their friends for a few days. A lot of their life-long friends also winter down there so some of these people I've known for my entire life and it is always a treat to spend time with them, especially now that they are all getting older and dogged with health problems, etc.

Anyways, I'm going to have to race-pack tonight and just hope that I'm bringing the right gear with me. I'm hoping Mr. P will bring the rubber back to Vancouver with him next week while I travel with a carry-on bag down to Texas. I'll be writing and updating via smartphone and Wi-fi as I can, hopefully with pics from Palm Springs as they appear! Ciao for now!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birthday Cake

No fetish here, just loving the orgy. Enough double penetration to make your head spin!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Friday, February 17, 2012


Have a good weekend....rubbered up or not...
...if you get a chance to jump on a pole, JUMP ON A POLE!

Mr. Florida Rubber

Congrats to Todd Storey on his excellent title year as the first Mr. Florida Rubber! Who will be the new Mr. Florida Rubber? The contest starts tonight in Ft. Lauderdale! Check out the abundance of events going on this weekend at LeatherWerks and Depot and Ramrod Bars HERE!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

One Week to Go!

Eek! Getting so excited!

West Coast Rubber 2012 - Almost Here!


We're just days away from all of the rubbery action for WCR 2012 in Palm Springs. Hurry and get in to the host hotel to be in the middle of it all.

WCR 2012 is set for February 24 - 26, 2012. We've reserved the entire Camp Palm Springs resort for all of the hot rubber and gear action. Check out the weekend schedule below and then snag your Full Weekend Package or individual tickets.

Remember that you must have a full weekend package to book a room at the host hotel*. And that's definitely where you'll want to be this year.


Meet and Greet, 7 PM - 9 PM - CPS (Camp Palm Springs)
Get Your Gear On Play Party, 10 PM - 2 AM - CPS

BBQ and Perv Pool Party, 12 Noon to 4 PM - CPS
Full Rubber Dinner, 6 PM - 8 PM - Location TBA
Mr WCR 2012 Contest, 9 PM - Midnight - Location TBD
Full Gear Party, Midnight - 3 AM - CPS

Brunch 10 AM - 12 Noon - Cafe Lulu (on your own - not included in weekend package)
Goodbye Pervs Pool Party 1 PM - 4 PM - CPS

What's in a name? Well obviously we love rubber! But we're multi-function kinksters and get hard for other gear as well like tight gear spandex & lycra, sports kit, superhero, hazmat, skin, uniforms, and leather. The important thing is to Get Your Gear On & Get Your Rocks Off!

*You must have a full weekend package in order to book a room at the host hotel. Once you book your full weekend package, you'll receive an email within 24 hours with a booking code to give to the hotel. Buying a weekend package doesn't guarantee a room however. The hotel is on a first come-first served basis.


Are you a true rubber freak? Does walking past a tire store make you get hard? Then you're our kind of rubber piggy and you may be the one to snag the Mr WCR title.

Seriously though, we're looking for one hot dude to continue a our new rubber tradition. Get your Contestant Form, slip on your favorite gear and give us scoop on why you should be the latex god of our dreams!

There are no official duties associated with the Mr West Coast Rubber title nor is there any compensation, either in cash or cash equivalent. However, as a chosen representative of our rubbery community, there are some things we hope Mr. West Coast Rubber will accomplish.

Mr West Coast Rubber is strongly encouraged to compete in the Mr. International Rubber contest held in Chicago.

Mr. West Coast Rubber is invited to serve as a judge at the 2013 Mr. West Coast Rubber contest to be held approximately one year after the 2012 event.

We hope that Mr. West Coast Rubber will attend rubber, leather and fetish events whenever possible to promote the title and the Mr. West Coast Rubber Weekend as well as rubber/latex fetish. There is no travel fund, and any travel is done at his own expense.

Mr. West Coast Rubber should always represent himself and the title in the best possible manner (ie, tons of hot, rubbery, gear play!).

And of course, as the chosen rep of pervs everywhere, Mr. West Coast Rubber is expected to don fetish gear at every conceivable opportunity and to engage in (smart) sexual exploits whenever and wherever possible (and legal).

Download the application here or email us

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Zipper Tutorial

Happy VD Day!

Here's hoping you all have wonderful VD.
Enjoy the corporate-created holiday that really doesn't mean anything, everyone! Well...not entirely. There's a good chance you might get laid ;p

Monday, February 13, 2012

R.I.P. Whitney

I know everyone's consoling and opinionating, but Whitney Houston's death has hit me hard. All negativities, problems, tragedy, and criticisms aside, Whitney was one of my five divas (along with Madonna, Olivia, Sheena, and Kylie) who helped me cope through my challenging 80s and 90s through song and dance until I came out of the closet, then remained steadfastly there belting out the amazing songs off My Love Is Your Love as I was coming out and testing the waters. So many memories, so many chills up my spine and big smiles whenever I felt her power. I grew up with you, and it pained me to see you struggle. I will miss your magic, Whitney; the world has a little less shine to it now that you're gone. I hope you are at peace.

Rubberstud of the Week #198

Friday, February 10, 2012

You should always suspect a big gay following....


I'd follow this anywhere!
I heart Fridays!

Raise the woof!

Greetings from La Mesa, puppy-play capital of the world
By Enrique Limon

Pulling up to 50-year-old Scott Moats’ three-bedroom cottage right off of La Mesa’s central village, the first thought that comes to mind is: Pleasantville.

The lawn is perfectly manicured, the calla lily flowerbeds lush and the turquoise-hued shutters contrast charmingly with the home’s peach stucco.

Moats greets me at the door and gives me a tour, which includes a sitting room that features all custom crown moldings that he created, the most realistic faux Victorian wallpaper you’ll ever see and a quilt-covered daybed where—next to an old-timey gramophone—a fluffy white cat named Miss Chievous naps the afternoon away.

Interrupting the Better Homes and Gardens vibe, a pair of latex Dalmatian paws rest atop the kitchen counter where they were set to dry. You see, Moats is the globe’s top designer and fabricator of realistic dog masks used for the fetish known as “puppy play.”

Asked to describe the practice in one sentence, he says, “Oh, god, that’s almost impossible.”

Dress-up plays a huge part, but there’s also dominance and submission, experienced between handlers and pups, that Moats says is starting to be lost in the gay community, especially in leather circles.

“We’ve lost so many people over the years, so it’s not being taught as much, which is a shame, because puppy play is something a lot people in the younger crowd that are looking for a niche could easily gravitate towards,” he says.

“Come over to the back shed—I’ll show you where the magic happens,” Moats instructs. I’m led to a space the size of a single-car garage filled floor to ceiling with his collection of prototype masks, some 200 strong, as well as tools used to make them, such as nail clippers, mixing vats and lots of paint brushes.

There’s also a vintage floral rug, a model of the streets of San Francisco atop his desk and a loud, mesmerizing tick-tock sound coming from myriad antique cuckoo clocks hung throughout the room.

“I figure I spend anywhere from 10 to 12 hours a day here, so I might as well surround myself by what I love.”

Moats is a window dresser by trade—a talent he picked up working at his father’s Chula Vista bookstore; if you ever caught a movie during the 1980s at Plaza Bonita’s Mann Theater, chances are you were blown away by his custom creations that whimsically reflected whatever movie was premiering.

Eight years ago, Moats’ professional life took a sharp turn. That’s when he first heard of puppy play. “I really didn’t think that much of it,” he recalls. It wasn’t until a friend showed him a rubber mask that Moats’ tail started waggling.

“Latex is my big thing, and he let me try it on, and I thought it was kind of cool. I remember thinking, That could be kinda fun, being on your hands and knees and roaming around the house.”

An invitation to a fetish party in Palm Springs later, Moats’ artistic juices started flowing. Considering that “everything that was out there looked like garbage,” he took matters into his own paws—he’d made a clay mold and brought an original mask of his own to the party.

The results made attendees at that gathering bark and howl. One even pissed himself in excitement, Moats says. It was clear to him that he’d found his new calling.

“People went ballistic,” he recalls. One such individual was Thorn, editor-in-chief of hardcore fetish magazine Instigator, who arranged a meeting with Amsterdam-based specialty gear and clothing provider Mr. B’s. After an initial order of 25 masks, the business that would later morph into was born.

Given his innovations in the medium, such as zippers, texture and a paint covering that’s 35 coats strong, Moats is now the go-to guy for these sorts of masks, not to mention something of a legend at his local post office.

“You see this?” he asks, pointing to a huge map hanging on a side wall. “Everywhere you see a pin, I’ve sent at least one.”

Doren, his partner of 20-plus years, wasn’t initially too keen on the idea. “He’d ask me why was I wasting my time.” Moats says, reaching for a pin and sticking it into St. Petersburg. “I throw that back at him every so often.”

The tour continues outside, with an adjacent space he calls his “play area,” which features a maze-like setting, some glory holes and a couple of bathtubs, all next to the storage space that houses materials from his previous movie-house-decorator life, like a life-size Slimer from Ghostbusters and a 4-foot-tall Roger Rabbit.

There, he shared his advice for potential puppies. “Try what feels comfortable to you. You’re not born into anything, really. You kind of already have a niche somewhere in you; you just need to find it.”

He also suggests hanging out with someone who’s already into the lifestyle. “The San Diego Eagle”—the North Park gay bar—“has a puppy-play night every first Wednesday of the month,” he notes. “Just show up.”

Moats adds: “You’re bound to meet both obedient puppies and ones that are rambunctious and run around and might bark and sniff. Don’t worry; it’s nothing a good newspaper swat can’t fix.”

I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Scott numerous times and have some of his gear. He's been to Rubbout numerous times, including last year which was the Rubbout inaugural Puppy Play party and Best-In-Show Contest. I hope Scott's coming back; there's been a lot of buzz about this year's Puppy Play party which is being sponsored by Kink Engineering and taking place at Junction Pub in Vancouver on Saturday April 7 from 2-5pm. Hope you guys come out and let your inner puppy out to play!

How to make Latex Fetishwear Tutorials

Thank you, Master Jamie!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Tuchus has a gimp visiting him for two weeks from Montreal. He is supposed to be in subversive rubber and bondage for two weeks, and he's been warned (by some of us he talked to beforehand) that he will be put through some tough torture now that Tuchus is enjoying his newly-appreciated sadistic Topping thoughts.

I am going over for a gimpsitting shift tonight since Tuchus has to work. Several of us are rotating 'sitting' shifts. I've been told to take over the straightjacket and sleepsack, and have been instructed that gimp can't see any light (ie. to remain visually deprived). I am not sure what to expect when I show up at Tuchus' place in a few hours, but I'm sure curious! :D

Pictures to follow, hopefully....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hot Rubberf*ck

Only a couple minutes of this HOT session....

Do You Have What It Takes?

To be the next Mr. West Coast Rubber? Applications are being accepted right now. If you are interested in this fun opportunity, please check out the West Coast Rubber website for more information!

Coming Soon....

After Rubbout, but Hard 4 is definitely on the 'must attend' list.

Love Your Leather

This Friday...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Caption This

Swiped from the Recon FB page this this sculpture...anyone know where this is? Looks very similar to L4tex, if he were in a prone position ;)


Here is the Flash version of the Rubbout animation you will be seeing soon in all the Priape stores across Canada. It's hot and sexy...well worth the effort and money to get it done by Shane who was involved in the original photo shoot. He's the guy in the white latex suit! A great guy and very talented photographer/artist. Thanks Shane!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Rubberstud(s) of the Week #197

Roger!  Mr. Rubber Netherlands 2011

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wow, that's tight

Straight guys are so lame...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lacking, to say the least posts this week. It's been a challenging week for my psyche, I think it's just that time of year when things are slow, the days are still basically darkness, everyone's feeling financially pinched and live just generally sucks. I was feeling that this week, I'm slowly coming out of it, though.

I'm glad to say almost all the Rubbout sponsor contractual stuff is done. We had a great volunteer meeting last night and I am feeling more motivated now that I feel we're on track and doing okay. This month is busy with party planning, and getting one more round of photo shoots and conceptualization for the Slick Party done, printed and marketed. We have another contest night next weekend, and then suddenly, I'm going to be off to Palm Springs with a fantastic group of friends for West Coast Rubber! That's definitely something to look forward to!

Tomorrow night, Bearracuda!

In the meantime, since I was such a miser on the content-posting front, what is a better 'I'm sorry' gift than some horny pics of hot guys in rubber? Have a good weekend, boys!

Kinkiest Kink Kontest

Do you have a special something that gets you going that you think would blow any other guys away?

Rubbout, The Pumpjack , & VML Present the 5th contest in the 'Third Ring On the Harness' series:


10pm Sat. Feb 11th
Win prizes or just enjoy watching the on-stage action.
Coat Check to benefit Rubbout.
Wear rubber/uniform/leather/fetish gear for priority entrance.
The Pumpjack Pub 1167 Davie St.