Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My next project

This is Pin. He is a statue. I have marvelled at how much he looks like a featureless rubberman. My intent is to mimic him in a similar stance and Photoshop myself alongside him in a picture.

It will be a placement and lighting challenge, but a fun one!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The suit and cap have arrived! I had to take some pictures tonight. The suit with the new boots is such a freaking hot image! The suit didn't arrive exactly as I'd ordered, but I'm pretty happy with the errors.

Monday, July 23, 2007

La soirée des Mecs à Montréal

Friday night I got ready to meet up with my friend Latxboy and his group of friends for a rubbery night out. I had brought an outfit to Montréal to pair with the new boots as I knew at some point we'd be going out -- the photo shoots were an extra bonus! I met Latxboy and his boyfriend at their condo around 10pm, had a few beers and got dressed. A couple of their friends showed up around 11pm and we headed out around 11:30. It was exhilarating to be walking down Rue Ste-Catherine fully dressed in my rubber and surrounded by four other hot rubbermen! There were still a lot of normies walking around in the street enclosure area (post-Just for Laughs), so we got a lot of attention. There was supposed to be a fetish night at L'Aigle Noir, but there was basically no one there. We met up with a couple more of the group's friends and a very cute young guy who hung out with us for the rest of the evening, as he was basically the only other one in the bar dressed in rubber. He claimed it was his first time out in rubber in public ever, so it was a pretty monumental evening out for him as well. I told him in broken French how resolute he was to go out on his own. But, being as cute as he was, I don't think he was having any problems garnering attention.

So we went to Le Parking instead, as it is one of the most popular bars in the Village these days. There was a Blackout Party in the lower level which was also dead, so we spent the evening on the main dance floor with all the other non-rubberized gay boys. We sure got a lot of stares and errant groping while walking along Ste-Catherine and in the club! We would get into trains and grope and rub each other's rubber against the next man's rubber. It was very hot and arousing (and me in my rubber tights for all to see! For shame! ;-)). This drove some of the other guys into a frenzy and they would decide to join in too, including some of the as-expected creeps, one of which followed me around the club all night. The feeling of rubber-on-rubber is like nothing I've ever experienced before. The slight friction of rubber on rubber. The smell of another man in rubber in front of me. The groping and the sensation of another's body heat through the rubber. It was fantastic.

I think I said fantastique about a hundred times that night...

The night was a lot of fun, despite the zero turnout. It was figured by the guys that are big in the Montréal rubber scene when we talked about it: 1) that a lot of the fetishists are in Toronto this weekend for Folsom Fair North, 2) that a lot of the service industry queens are laying low to save up money for Pride weekend, and 3) the remainder are probably out camping/out of town. Too bad -- another poorly-timed weekend out, but it was exhilarating to go out with other rubber guys instead of always being the only one! And a hot group of boys at that. Better a group of seven or eight than just me, although they all thought the evening sucked. It was ground-breaking for me! One step at a time.

Fortunately, I also got to practice French since a couple of the guys only spoke French, and I did get told by several people that they were impressed with my 'Prairie-accented' French (mind you, that's coming from people that don't speak a work of English and haven't heard me speak that language yet). The cute rubber boy and I hung out together for most of the night and did some groping and feeling by ourselves on the dance floor and the terrasse, but I told him I was dedicated to my boyfriend and wasn't going to do anything. I think he was into me and this really disappointed him. In the middle of a conversation on the terrasse with several others he excused himself and never came back. *sigh* Tant pis. He was very, very cute. Why do I always find these gorgeous guys in Montreal every time that I'm there that I can't do anything with? Grrr on the boyfriend! LOL

Latxboy and his boyfriend had left the bar around 2pm for home since they also were going camping on Saturday morning, but I stayed until the end with the rest of the guys until leaving around 3:30. I went to the condo to quickly pick up my stuff and chatted with the guys for a bit until 4am. Yipe. I decided to walk back to the Plateau as I was still wired awake and the morning was turning out to be a beautiful one.

I can't imagine what the feeling would be like to be in an entire room full of rubbermen, and it is becoming a higher priority that I go to Chicago for MIR this fall day-by-day.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

He shoots, he scores!

Here are the first pics from the photoshoots taken in Montreal this week. I'm particularly pleased that the lighting worked out so well. I had the opportunity to use some good lighting sources and a large workspace, so I spent a lot of time setting up the front, side and back lighting effectively and trying many different things. I wanted it so that the artwork would be accentuated as much as the latex. It was also an attempt to remove the bright spots that typically show up using a flash. I took some experimental shots without the flash as well. I like how the shadowing worked out in some of the non-flash photos (especially produced on the face by the hat and overhead lighting) but once again, the lack of flash reduced the shine on the latex from the front as the photo was being taken. I'm quickly learning that there are always compromises when attempting to photograph and capture the essence of black latex.

Regardless I think they turned out very well! In fact, this is probably the best photo series I have generated to date.

Props to my peeps -- The artwork in the background is by the talented Montreal artist Yvon Goulet. I'd like to thank the incomparable Mme. Olive for posing with me! She is the friendliest python I have ever met.

I'm heading out tomorrow night on the town with Latxboy and company as a last blowout on my trip to Montreal. It sounds like we will be making stops at Le Parking and L'Aigle Noir. Hopefully there will be some naughty pics to post! :-)

I leave for home on Saturday evening. I received confirmation on Tuesday that the Mr. S suit is on its way to Canada, so I'll have something to expect in the mail next week!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007



After a very successful race weekend in Bromont, I am now relaxing at the home of some friends on the Plateau in Montreal. I had a very productive shopping day yesterday -- I bought some new TredAir boots at Rio on St-Denis, and a funky PVC cap at the Fetiche Store on Ste-Catherine. I took a round of shots in the gallery last night and will probably do some more tomorrow. I am planning on meeting Latxboy in the Village tonight for some beers and see what plans we can cook up for the remainder of the week and the weekend. Also, my longtime friends in Ottawa, Cdncyclist and TriGuy might make an appearance in Montreal this weekend. Could be fun! I'll even try to get some pics up before the end of the trip. None in the pewter Mr. S suit though -- it still hasn't shown up in Calgary yet. But the new boots and cap with the Twist My Rubber Arm suit bring the look to a whole new level! It is so sexy! I'm very excited to wear it out on the town before the end of the week.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I'm eagerly awaiting the clothes to show up from Mr. S. I'm not sure if they'll be here before I head to Montreal, but if not I'll be posting lots of pics of us out on the town when I get back.

Have a great July, everyone! I'll have a fresh rubber report after the 21st.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Oh, Canada!

Here are a couple of pics of me acting Captain Canucky patriotic in my favorite speedskating skinsuit and my nation champion jersey from 2005.

Happy Canada Day! It's number 140 this year!