Monday, March 31, 2014

Badge of Honour

The rubber crowd has a running dialog about how the markings you get from Latex vacuum bondage devices is a 'badge of honour' of experiencing something only those 'in the know' will appreciate.
Last night Abigkid put me in the fisting cube. He's trying to sell it to me but he was also filming something for upcoming puppy events so I was happy to oblige. I love the vac cube! So much fun!
Instead of being the instructional and doting top for Rubbout weekend demos, I think I'm going to have to take a turn at vac bondage bottoming and try to accumulate some additional markings :-)



If you forego the coveted Rubbout weekend pass, which is a steal at $65 for all the events on Rubbout weekend, another option is to attend the social highlight of the weekend, the GRAND SLAM dance at Heaven's Door Lounge on Friday evening at 9:30. It's going to be a sweet party, and if we can get it sold well, you're looking at a room full of 350 sexy men in sports gear, rubber and leather from all over North America.

Tickets are $10 on sale at Little Sisters Bookstore and from Reid. On Friday at the door they will be $15. There are currently two contests being run, one through Xtra! Vancouver and Daily Xtra! and the other through LOve Events. Check out Facebook for more details. Enter the contests, get on the Guest List!

Good luck, and see you on Friday! :D

Almost there...everyone's getting very excited!
Check out and for more information.

The Grand Slam Greet the Meat Cruise Party Social Facebook event page is here.

Rubberstud of the Week #310

Dominatrix Men's Fashion Show

Black Body provided men's latex clothing to the Dominatrix party in the Netherlands on the 8th of March 2014. Featured designers included Invincible Rubber and Black Body.

Friday, March 28, 2014

The DeeJays

At Rubbout 23 we have a couple of heavy hitters in the North America DJ scene, mainstay DJ Marc Tattoo playing the Saturday night play party and up-and-comer DJ Del Stamp playing the Friday night social. They are empowered with setting the atmosphere for a weekend of debauchery!

DJ Del Stamp on Twitter
DJ Del Stamp on Soundcloud

DJ Marc Tattoo on Podomatic
DJ Marc Tattoo on Soundcloud


Our rubber brothers across the water are gearing up for their fifth anniversary. Have a great weekend guys!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rubbout 23 Presale Contest #2

***Register for your Rubbout 23 Weekend Pass by midnight April 2nd and get a chance to win an amazing choice of one of two latex catsuits from our latest sponsor, Latex Catfish***

Can you believe that Rubbout is coming up in just over a week? The Rubbout team has been madly working away and we’ve come up with an exciting surprise for everyone! For the first time ever, Rubbout is being sponsored by latex designers Latex Catfish.

Who doesn't want new gear to wear on Rubbout weekend?

YOU have a chance to win either this size SMALL Dainese-style catsuit or this size LARGE black and red catsuit in time for Rubbout weekend.

All you need to do is buy your Rubbout Weekend Pass by midnight PDT on April 2nd and you will be entered into a draw for this amazing latex catsuit. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

Go to, click on 'Weekend' and purchase your weekend pass for a paltry $65 using Paypal.

One pre-event winner will be selected and will have the option to choose either the Small or Large catsuit. All weekend pass purchases completed BEFORE midnight on April 2nd will have their names entered in the draw. The winner will be announced Friday night at the GRAND SLAM Greet the Meat Party.

The unchosen suit will be forwarded to be used as a raffle ticket draw prize to be sold during Rubbout weekend and drawn at Rubbout Rebound Brunch on Sunday April 6 at 1pm.

Latex Catfish has slowly built a steady following of latex enthusiasts from all over the globe. Their latex wares have been showcased in movies and advertisements, and it is quickly becoming a household brand in amongst latex enthusiasts. With many exciting, unique and amazing designs, Latex Catfish is always working to produce high quality latex gear at an affordable price. Selling gear ranging from catsuits, jocks, shirts and shorts to sleep sacks, vacbeds, bondage hoods and fully inflatable toys, Latex Catfish has an amazing selection and is also happy to work with you to create unique gear that will fulfill your ultimate fetish fantasies. Check them out at

Rubbout Contest #1

This is the first of two Rubbout contests being announced today...

Xtra! ( is a proud supporter of Rubbout 23! Win tickets to Grand Slam at Heaven's Door April 4! Email to enter.
The second contest announcement will be coming later tonight...stay tuned, it's very exciting!

Boys In the Sling

Another great session this weekend...with a guest!