Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Myofascial Release

The King's Choice

Reader Goran from France pointed me to a Chinese latex site on Taobao which appears to sell custom rubber suits and gear to men at the site TOPMAN: The King's Choice. I appears it's directed at gay men in particular; the photography might indicate this isn't a big assumption to make as there is lots of homoerotic imagery and loads of tight latex on muscular bodies. Gorgeous photography, actually, and some previous postings of mine might allude to some of the series highlighted here.

Model lines: Honors, Showstar, Equueus, Polo, Johnson, Hades, Pisces, Dark King....not gay at all.
Anyways, thanks for sharing, Goran! There's some sexy photography here!

It claims the styles are crafted in Europe....not so sure about those claims, but....the imagery.

RIP Stéphane

In Memoriam
Stéphane Donaldson
Mr. International Rubber 2009

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we share the passing of MIR2009 Stéphane Donaldson. In addition to being MIR2009, he held the titles of Mr. Rubber Montreal 2008, and Mr. American Rubber 2008.

Stéphane's career was in the fetish world having worked for many years at Priape in Montreal, and recently having moved to Los Angeles to join the team at Oxballs.  During his title year and beyond, Stéphane worked behind the scenes to increase the visibility and acceptance of rubber gear in gay culture, hosting rubber contests and events across Canada as well as using both his personal and professional contacts to encourage studios like Titan to increase the visibility of rubber in adult films.

Stéphane was a private man who kept his professional life in the fetish world separate from aspects of his private life but speaking in general terms, we feel he would want it mentioned that he was an avid horseman and the father of three.

Although his photos and demeanor often appeared serious, once he let his guard down his glowing smile and fun loving personality radiated through everything he did.

As is our tradition, we ask that you raise a glass to celebrate his life, but as he did not care for the taste of alcohol, perhaps you will try one of his favorite drinks, a Cranberry and Coke.

We will be replacing our website for the time being with a memorial page with pictures of Stéphane proudly representing the International Rubber community and  being himself.

We extend our condolences to his family and children, his colleagues and friends around the world, his classmates from MIR2009 and to everyone whose life he touched and impacted.

Rest In Peace Brother.
You will be missed, but not forgotten

This was shocking news from friends in Los Angeles this morning. Stéphane was one of a kind; my condolences go out to his family and friends. He was instrumental in incubating the rubbermen movement in Canada through his incessant personal and professional support. He lived with passion and a sense of humour; he will be sorely missed.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Rubbout 25: Elemental

Here it is, the new artwork for Rubbout 25: Elemental! Once again designed and created by Stephen Sadowski, who also did the artwork for Rubbout 21 and Rubbout 24, we are very pleased with the graphics and can't wait to spread them all over the world to promote Rubbout's Silver Anniversary in 2016! We hope you will consider coming, and official VIP invitations will be going out soon! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

More Latexskin Blue

I found some more pics of the fit guy in the Latexskin metallic blue catsuit I thought I'd share.

I've been thinking a lot about my next purchases, and also what I should get as a special outfit for Rubbout 25. I love the thin Latexskin catsuit I already have; what do you think about me getting a standard Latexskin catsuit in silver for the event????

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


NEWSFLASH: Check "RUBBER CANUCK", @Rubbout or Rubbout on Facebook on Friday for some big news on Rubbout 25!

It's been a busy week....everything comes to a head this Friday. We had a rehearsal on Sunday for our Military Interrogation performance for the Vancouver Fetish Weekend Uniform Fetish Ball on Friday night. We had the five guys playing the main characters there, and I think we had everything covered; we are doing a dress rehearsal Friday evening just before we head to the Imperial for the performance at 11. At soon as we're done, we jump into cabs and head to the Hot & Sticky Party at 8x6 to catch the tail end of the fun!

Last weekend was fun. I worked late Friday evening, then, horny, went on Recon and started talking to PiercedGuyNYC who invited me over to fist top him and JayPigVan. I was in a toppy mood so this worked for me. I got over there close to 1am, worked over their holes until probably around 5, when Jay went home. PGNYC took a turn on my ass; we ended up talking for a couple hours until 8:30 in the morning or so, when I got a text from Mr. P to get my ass home and give him a morning BJ.

Anyways, very talented holes, we've already made plans to get together again. PGNYC only lives a half-block away so I'm hoping for many more opportunities to play in the future.

Last night, Wardog came over for a regular Tuesday night romp. His butt is still not healed from his, er, problems, so I fucked him for an hour or so, then he aggressively went to work on my hole for another hour or so more. Nice quick session, we really enjoy the time we get and it has been a long time (Shadow Falls!) since our last tryst.

What's this weekend going to bring? PGNYC wants to get together on Saturday though there is lots of other shit going on. I guess we'll have to see what the days bring.

Only nine days until vacation! Yeah! Unfortunately I'm missing Vancouver Pride this year to head back to Manitoba with Mr. P for a family reunion. We've never had one before and there are some family members I haven't seen in decades so I am quite looking forward to this. It is also Mr. P and my FIFTH anniversary on August 8, so I am going to treat him to a nice night out and hotel suite in Winnipeg on Saturday night before we fly back to Vancouver on Sunday.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hot & Sticky: Fetish Pride 2015

Rubbout presents HOT & STICKY: A Men’s Fetish Pride Party

Kicking off Pride Week in sexy, kinky style! Coincidentally this is also the first night of VFW Vancouver Fetish Weekend and the epic Uniform Ball, so we hope to see lots of pervy gearheads out on the town, eager and ready to party!

Friday, July 24
$15 cover (free coat check)
Club 8×6 1775 Haro Street, Vancouver

Rubbout have been holding annual fetish and kink parties for men in Vancouver for a quarter of a century! This will be the third party at 8×6 with Fri July 24th being the epic Hot & Sticky Party which kicks off Pride 2015!

Rubbout will be unveiling the new artwork for Rubbout 25: Elemental at this party :)

(19+) (men) (sex+) (fetish) (licensed) (demos)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Battle of the Bulge

Canadian rowers win battle of the bulges
By Jim Buzinski @outsports on Jul 17, 2015, 1:02a

The guys are on full display at the Pan-Am Games.

The members of the Canadian men's quad and eights were on display when they won the gold medals at the Pan-Am Games in Toronto. It's what you get when you combine tight spandex with revealing red.

At the 2012 Olympics, assistant rowing coach at the University of Michigan Charley Sullivan detailed the issue:
You see, if you choose to row, and you have a penis and a testicle or two, said equipment will inevitably be on full display. ... This is a major piece of education that we do with our guys about two days before their first fall regatta, about the same time we give them their first pair of rowing shorts, or "trou" as we call them, short for trousers.

Trou are made of spandex. They’re tight enough to not get caught in the rolling mechanisms of the boat’s seats, and just loose enough to let you move well. Although you can wear underwear under them, it’s not particularly comfortable, it can get in the way, and really, there’s no need, so most male rowers I know go commando. Furthermore, many young men also shave their testicles; less hair to get caught in the moving parts. (This particular bit of knowledge is also often passed down by older guys on the team, not by the coaches. We draw a line somewhere.)

In any case, guys who row need to grow a pair and put on a pair, and to show off what they’ve got. Like swimmers and their Speedos, it’s territory that comes with the sport.
Here are the Canadian rowers in all their glory on the podium this week:


I once had a pink catsuit.....sold it to a friend for a "Pink Party". I kinda regret it, it fit me so well and it was unique.

The rubber I miss......this guy wears it much better for Latexskin anyways :)