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Monday at the Office

Nothing better than full rubber to enhance productivity....

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Nothing stirs nether regions more than a handsome fit man in a tight rubber catsuit. Loving the new designs from Invincible Rubber :)

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In Transit


Here is the final product from Heavy Bondage in all its 38 minutes of glory....

'Sleepsack' - a bondage movie - part 1 from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.

Final Perfection

Ultimate rubbersex
Thank you for all your beautiful imagery, Si <3 br="">


I'd love to say I wrote this but I stole it:
I don't like piss play because it always leaves me drained. I'm not into scat because I always end up pooped. I'm always beat after impact play and flogging whips me. Pup play makes me dead as a dog and rough pony play leaves me a little hoarse. Rubber is outright tiring while wax play really burns me out. And after suspension play I'm always a little high strung.
Kink and fetishes are hard work!!! :-)

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Rubber Monster



What I Mean When I Say I’m In An ‘Open Relationship’

I love talking about open relationships, and no one understands them.
So are you some sort of hedonist?
Does that mean you’re not really serious?
Why get married then?
Sometimes it can be overwhelming, because once someone finds out you’re in an open relationship it’s all they want to talk about.
But I don’t mind.
I don’t mind because understanding non-monogamy has given me an insight into why we struggle so much in relationships, and I’m not just talking about sex with other people.
In fact, saying polyamory is about sex is like saying mountain climbing is about the view. It can include sex, but if that’s all you knew you would miss the whole point.
When I talk about open relationships I’m also not talking about cheating. In a strange way, cheating actually belongs to monogamy. In a monogamous world, cheating is part of the system. It’s a pressure release value. It’s more normal to cheat behind someone’s back than to consensually arrange being sexual with someone else besides your partner.
What I came to understand through my experience of open relating is that multiple relationships require a completely different approach to relationships, and that’s why they are worth talking about.
Here are a few of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from open relationships.

Possession Isn’t Love

Consider this scenario. You meet a friend for dinner and ask how his weekend was. He replies:
Dude! It was incredible, I went on a date with a girl Saturday night and we had an amazing time. We ate food at my favorite restaurant, went out dancing then had sex and stayed up all night together!
How would you feel? You’d be happy for him, right? He’s your good friend so when he’s happy, you’re happy. It’s simple.
Now consider the same thing happens, but it’s on a first date. You ask your date how their weekend was and they reply:
Oh my god! I had an amazing weekend. I went on a date with this incredible man/woman. We went out to eat then we went back to his/her place and ate dessert of each other’s bodies then made sweet love all night. I never thought sex could be so good.
How would you feel?
Awkward huh? If you’re like most people, you’d be upset. You might choose to show it, or maybe stuff it down inside, in hopes that your date won’t notice. You might even shame them.
Why would you tell me something like that? What’s wrong with you?
This is a terrible way to begin a relationship, but it’s what we do. We possess each other’s happiness from day one.
Don’t get me wrong, I understand where that person is coming from when they say “what’s wrong with you”. In my teens and twenties monogamy wasn’t just the norm, it was the only option. I would have had the same reaction.
Just as an experiment, let’s take a closer look at your date’s response to the question “how was your weekend”. Here are the facts:
  • That person demonstrated traits like honesty and transparency by not withholding information out of fear.
  • There were no agreements in place that this person broke by having sex with someone else before their first date.
So what’s the real reason that response makes us upset? It has to do with insecurity. We don’t feel special and instead of admitting it, we choose to blame the other person and raise moral objections.
If we were really honest, what we would say when setting up a date is:
I’d like to take you on a date next week, and by agreeing to that you are also agreeing to not see any one else romantically from this moment forward, until the completion of our relationship as determined by me. How does that sound?
No one would actually say that because it sounds possessive, and for good reason… it is! Possession of our partner’s happiness has become a standard practice in romantic relationships.
We treat each other like property and call it love.

What I’m talking about when I talk about open relating is taking a closer look at how we choose to possess each other, because the current system leaves us no other choice. What if we could be a bridge to our partner’s pleasure instead of a roadblock?
Wanting for your partner’s happiness often brings up a lot of insecurities, so it’s simple, but not easy. It takes self-awareness, support and a commitment to expansive love. It’s not just a touch up job, it’s a complete home renovation.

Being Attracted To Other People Is Normal

Here’s a situation most people would find bizarre.
I’m at a party talking to an attractive woman. We’re flirting with each other and it’s getting hot. Then I think to myself “I would love for my wife to be here and experience this”.
For most of my life, I had the opposite thought. I would hide attraction to other people at all costs, then lie about it if confronted. Why did I do this? I believed relationships had to be exclusive, meaning if I was in a relationship I had to exclude other people.
When my former monogamous-trained self would be put in a scenario like the one above, my habit of exclusion would kick in. In that case, I would exclude my partner, then I would go be with my partner, and exclude the girl I was flirting with.

Excluding Others vs Including Them

Inclusion is a choice to act from a different place. It’s a choice to not buy into the conditioning that told us we should only feel sexual desire for one living being our entire life. It’s a choice to include your partner in the experience of your world, even if that goes against what some people might consider “normal”. It’s a choice to include them even if you feel ashamed.
Especially if you feel ashamed.
When we hide our attractions to other people it’s because we are ashamed, and as a result the desire gets repressed, stuffed away and given power. It’s the repression that causes us to act out, not the desire.
What I’m talking about when I talk about open relationships is simply saying “yes, it’s ok to be attracted to other people, and let’s talk about it”. Being monogamous is a choice to not act on those feelings, it doesn’t have to be a choice to repress them.

You Don’t Have To Be Polyamorous

I began learning about open relating several years before I practiced it, and simply being exposed to it radically changed the way I did all my relationships.
The choice to be in an open relationship isn’t about one being better or worse, it’s about looking at your current situation and asking honestly if that would be a good fit. Without a community to support, open relationships are not the best fit for the majority of couples, and that’s ok.
Simply having a conversation about who you’re attracted to and sharing honestly and explicitly what goes on inside your head (and your body) can be incredibly liberating.
When you create a space of non-judgement in your relationship, you can begin to pull out the things from your closet that have been hiding in the dark for years.
Watch porn together.
Share your fantasies, especially the weird ones.
Go to a strip club together.
Go to a sex party together and just watch.
What I’m talking about when I talk about open relationships isn’t so much about relationships.
It’s about being open.

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Heavy Bondage has some new great stuff coming out. Here are a couple teasers of what's to come.

'Sleepsack' - a bondage movie - teaser from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.

'Sleepsack' - a bondage movie - teaser 2 from Heavy Bondage on Vimeo.


Have a happy sweaty weekend, pigs!

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I still want to get an Asslock sooo bad. It would be perfect for getting those boys to submit....throw an asslock in them and some chastity after putting some rubber on them, and suddenly they become your perfect submissive.

Vahva's Back!


MidWest Rubber

The contest for the middle-of-the-continent rubber title is taking place this weekend! Wish I could be there to party and play with my Midwest rubber brothers. Good luck to all of the candidates!!!

Vancouver Fetish Weekend

The biggest kink weekend of the year in Vancouver is coming up soon! I am fortunately in the city that weekend, so though I'd love to attend all the events, I won't be able to so will have to do the best I can. I love DJ Pandemonium's promotion materials; pics of yours truly always seem to appear in the marketing stuff! :D

The Sunday cruise is epic, but you can only get on it with a weekend pass. They are on a bigger boat this year so I expect it to be even crazier than previous years.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


More guys lately seem to be getting their perverted paws on the Studiogum Anatomical hoods. Some of them posted pics today, I'm waiting for my friend Jeff to send me some pics of him with his new one on! In the meantime, I gotta bone over these handsome rubbered up Europeans.

The tubing is supposed to be sooo comfortable when put properly into place. Boing!


Recon captured some nice vid from the London Pride Parade and the Recon Member's Party at Fetish Week London. Wish I'd been able to be there!

BC Suspension Milking

So many buttons pushed for this lucky fucker.

Storm and Echo

Two pups up to no good!

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Dat Ass!

Latex'd Ass Enhancer technology is workin' overtime!

Rubberstud of the Week #481

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Kinkon.net's transparent gimp suit

Rubber Recruit

The Chicago Rubbermen had a very successful recruiting event on Saturday night. Everyone was impressed by the turnout, and because so many guys bought gear from Full Kit Gear onsite that night, Rubberwilli thought it was a good opportunity to post some care and storage tips for the newbies. The info is so good, I'm reposting it here! :)

Since there were so many new guys at Rubber Recruit last night and quite a few of them bought surf suits and other gear from Full Kit, I thought a little rubber care 101 might be appropriate for the day after. If one of your friends bought some gear last night (specifically the guys who bought the red rubber suits) reach out to them or send them this info so they can get plenty of use out of their gear for years to come..

Rubber Care 101:

1) Dawn Dishwashing liquid is your friend. It will help remove the silicone lube from your body, your bathtub, you floors and your gear. It's always easiest to keep a small bottle of Dawn in the shower so that when you get ready to take off your rubber gear you can clean it and yourself all in one easy step! Under a warm shower, wash the outside of your gear.with dawn while wearing it, then strip off the gear and wash the inside of the gear as well. (It will slip and slide across itself fairly easily and that should be enough to remove most dirt, grime and residue from shenanigans. If there is additional heavier cleaning, use a soft washcloth to lightly scrub the area in need. Then rinse well under warm water. Put gear on a heavy plastic hanger and let drip dry. Be sure to flip the item inside out after a bit as water may be trapped inside and may cause mold if left to remain.

2) Rubber/latex is a very porous material. Sweat and other fluids can work their way into the rubber and over time if not addressed they will start to change the smell, color and texture of the gear. One way to prevent that is to soak the gear in a bath/sink with a small amount of ammonia in the water. (One cup at the most with several gallons of water to dilute.) Leave it there for an hour or so, move it around every once and awhile to ensure the entire garment is exposed and soaked. Be sure to rinse the garment well after you remove it from the bath, place on a plastic hanger and let it drip dry. (Note: anytime you soak rubber gear for a long time it will discolor temporarily as it absorbs the water. This should fade as the item dries off over 24 hours or so.)

3) Storage - Rubber gear should be stored in a cool dark place, NEVER on a wooden or metal hanger (or any hanger for an extended period of time,) If you own colored latex like a red surf suit, or a clear/transparent suit, be sure to store them separately from other items and in their own bag or container. These items can become discolored when they remain in contact with other pieces of gear, with metal, soft plastics (like personal toys) fragrances like cologne, sunscreen or body lotion. For storage it is recommended that you use corn starch or unscented talc to coat the inside and the outside of the garment (I usually take a trash bag, put in some corn starch, drop my gear inside and then shake the bag until the garment has a light coating of talc or starch inside and out. (like battering chicken - but for rubber!), Then carefully fold the items and place into a large ziploc style bag or some other sealed plastic container. (Printed bags like from a grocery store can transfer ink to the garment and they are not recommended for storage of gear.) Rubber gear that is not stored properly can start to bind to itself and if left coated in silicone lube for an extended period (months) it can change the material to more of a gummy or gelatinous like texture which becomes much more prone to ripping.

4) Prepping stored items to wear. - When you are ready to gear up, take your gear out of its storage and wash it again with Dawn dish washing liquid to remove any starch or talc residue. A warm rinse will also help release any folds or creases in the gear. If the gear has bonded to itself at any point, carefully and slowly separate those areas while running under warm water. (This should not happen when stored correctly). To bring back the shine on your gear, use Vivishine or some other Latex Shine product and follow the instructions on the bottle. Use some silicone lube to help you slide into your gear (or j-lube if you really want to slip and slide all night long). NEVER EVER USE PRODUCTS WHICH ARE PETROLEUM BASED OR CONTAIN OIL. Just like you can't use oil based lube with condoms (or they will disintegrate) the same thing applies to Latex/Rubber Gear.

5) Neoprene gear is a little simpler, wash and clean as outlined above. Neoprene can be disinfected with ammonia as well. Neoprene will require a longer drying period as it retains water. Neoprene can be stored on heavy plastic hangers with no side effects (except maybe misshaped shoulders after some time, but that should release when worn.).

When in doubt, call the manufacturer of the gear and ask for help on storage and or cleaning tips. If you need repairs or notice a blow out has occurred, carefully remove the garment and place in a safe location to avoid further tears or rips. There are numerous people in this group and others that can do repairs for a small fee, or you can sometimes send them back to the manufacturer for repairs.
Hope this helps! Enjoy the gear for many years to come!

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