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Prime-Time Latex

I'm sure many American rubberfiends' eyes got wide when they saw promos for the new FX series, "American Horror Story" starting this fall. Two of the teaser promos show a guy (with a strange baby bump in the second clip) fully enclosed in latex.

Red_Recruit had suggested this as a blog post which is why I'm posting it today, but there was a conversation about this piece on Fetlife a week or so ago. The imagery is appealing to a certain segment of the population and everything, but the conversation stream was basically lamenting the negative character stereotypes latex wearing (particularly MALE latex-wearing) forms when in the media. It seems in most manifestations of rubbermen on screen, the wearer is either a psychopath killer, drugged out freak, internally-tortured with mental health issues, or a kidnappee being additionally victimized via air restriction and/or bondage (think: Sqweegel on CSI, Milo Ventimiglia in Gamer, Ricardo Meneses in O Fantasma or Johnathon Schaech's kidnapped character in the movie 8 MM 2).

This is in stark contrast to latex-clad FEMALES in video, TV or on screen, who are almost always depicted as sex-crazed dominatrixes or sexual objects. Not the greatest messages to pass here either, but at least they're not (uncomfortably) mentally unstable.

Despite the idea that 'any exposure is good exposure', I don't think that consistent negative depictions is necessarily a good thing. This is something that was also brought up in the Fetlife forums; where latex-wearing men are always assumed to be gay deviant freakshows (with plenty of personal stories to back up the implications) by the community/society at large because of these negative stereotypes that play over and over again.

I may be a gay deviant freakshow sometimes but I am in no way violent, malicious, overdosing, mentally unstable, or dangerous when I'm wearing latex, and this is the part of the imagery that I have an issue with. When will there be a male latex character on the big or small screen that is just wearing it because he enjoys the sensory highs, the sexual empowerment, or the roleplay aspect of it? There is no need to consistently make these characters serial killers, junkies, or rapists.

The way things are going, I don't expect these impressions to change any day soon.


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LOL Gay Denial is funny

Why Superheroes are Awesome

...because hunks play them in the movies???? And of course because they wear tight stretchy clothing too, just like the rubber and lycra fiends I know.

Oh, Henry Cavill, I hope the new Superman movie is as big as your biceps!
Pics from

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Scenes From Rubclub Volume 3

Scenes from Rubclub Volume 2

Personally my favorite in the series!

My Favorite Things

Rubber, fisting and toys, oh my!

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FABLE: Chapter Eleven

Part 11
Richard did not have long to wait before Karl betrayed the first signs of returning consciousness. The hitherto regular rhythm of his breathing slowly gave way to a more disturbed, agitated cycle of respiration as Karl's system responded to the level of intense pain he was beginning to experience in his groin. He moaned, and opening his eyes, still muddled from the gas, began to ramble in German. Richard remained silent and motionless, he knew it would be several seconds yet before the full impact of the pain impinged upon Karl.

That this was now beginning was apparent from the increased restlessness of the big body-builder within his bonds; he began to struggle, moaning and grunting. Richard leaned forward, bending his head close to Karl's. In tones he hoped were reassuring he said, 'It's alright Karl, you're safe - I'm here with you and everything is alright.' As he spoke, he caressed Karl's rubber helmeted and tightly masked head gently with his rubber hands, but Karl, now almost completely free of the effects of the Nitrous, showed signs of distress, and tried to move his head free from Richard's hands, shaking it violently from side to side, causing the pair of black rubber corrugated hoses leading from his mask back to the anesthetic machine to dance.
Although Richard had never thought of himself as being a sadistic rubber dominant, and had no interest in Sado-masochism in its purest and most literal sense, making a clear distinction in his mind between that erotic activity and the imposition of his will as a rubber dominant upon a rubber submissive in circumstances where the element of consent previously given by the submissive was a paramount factor, nevertheless, the sight and sound of a totally rubber-clad submissive breathing while tightly masked through any form of breathing apparatus of which he had sole control, while that submissive was under severe physical duress, never failed to excite Richard to a point where he came as close as he ever did to losing control of himself.

The prospect of witnessing so magnificent a specimen as Karl enduring such duress in the circumstances he had created had on this occasion invested Richard's sense of anticipation with a keenness he had not felt for a long time; that sense of keenness evaporated before his eyes as it dawned upon him that Karl's reaction was not going to be at all as he had expected it to be.

The pain in Karl's genital region was now searing. He was in a state of total panic, cursing himself for his stupidity in trusting this English stranger. Tears of fear and anger welled up in his eyes, and he shouted at Richard through his mask, 'Why have you done this terrible thing to me - why I have been punished - you are like Nazi.' Richard sat upright, slightly startled, and not a little dismayed by the violence of Karl's reaction. He let Karl rave on at him for just a little longer before hardening his voice. He could not believe he had misjudged Karl so widely, 'Just what do you believe I have done to you that is so terrible - I know you are in pain, but you must have expected that, you were told there was no need for panic, and that is the case - now why are you behaving like a big girl?' That was perhaps the worst thing Richard could have said. He was worried, he felt that control of the situation was rapidly slipping away from him, a circumstance with which he was totally unfamiliar, and he did not like it. Karl screamed at him in reply, 'If I behave like girl, it is because you have make me like girl. You have taken the man of me away, now kill me, I don't want to live like girl.'

In a flash Richard realised his mistake. In his hurry to set up the scene far from his own facilities, and having had much less time than he usually gave to planning and thinking out his tactics, he realised with a mixture of relief and horror, what it was that was causing such an unexpected reaction from Karl. He understood now that the lad believed he had been deprived of his manhood permanently while under the gas, and that Richard had tricked him into that situation. That was the basis of Karl's complaint, not, much to Richard's relief, anything to do with the pain itself. He realised that if he were to retrieve the situation and regain control, re-establishing his authority in Karl's mind, not to mention Karl's trust and confidence in him, he must quickly convince the lad that no damage had been done to him.

His reasoning was rapid, in seconds he had worked out that despite his own guilty feelings about putting Karl in his present predicament through lack of adequate planning of the scene itself, and his omissions in his mental and psychological preparation of Karl beforehand, he must now induce Karl to believe that if any mistake had been made, it had been his own in jumping to wrong conclusions. Much as he hated himself for this deception, Richard knew it was the only way to maintain Karl's trust in him, and in view of his recent decision about Karl's future, there was now too much at stake for both of them for him to risk the possible consequences of taking an apologetic and sympathetic line.

Sharply he said to Karl, 'Stop this nonsense immediately, do you hear me. If you keep on sniveling like a baby, I will release you, send you home, and that will be the end of your rubber life forever. Now listen to me - nothing has been taken from you. You have not been cut, but you have been severely clamped, which is what is causing all the pain you can feel. I will show you. Lift your head and keep still and quiet.' Richard rose from the stool, went to the foot of the table, and hooking a rubber finger through one of the scissor-like handles of a hemostat, lifted Karl's dick to where he could see his genitals still intact, amid the array of hemostats glittering beneath the lights. Karl did not even wince with the added pain this caused, he just lay back with an audible sigh of relief.

Still cursing himself for what he knew was a stupid lapse of classic proportions, Richard resumed his place on the stool by Karl's head. He sat silently for several seconds looking down at Karl who lay with his eyes closed, but now no longer restless, and once more breathing regularly. Richard acknowledged to himself that he had overloaded Karl with pain in a crucial area that he had not allowed for Karl’s inexperience either with anesthesia or extremes of physical sensation in scenes which to Richard were commonplace and that Karl's reaction was understandable in the circumstances. What he was beginning to realize about Karl that was more than a little surprising, was that although he had succeeded in demonstrating to him that he remained entire, he had done nothing to ameliorate his pain, and yet the lad behaved now as if he were perfectly comfortable.

Karl opened his eyes, looking straight into Richard's. 'I am sorry, Doctor. I have been silly.' Richard struggled with himself to conceal his sigh of relief. 'Yes, you have been extremely silly. I have told you from the beginning that you would be safe, and that you were to trust me, but the very first time I have put that trust to the test, you behave as you have done - like a dumkopf - it must never happen again, do you understand?'

Karl nodded, again causing the long black rubber hoses from his mask to jump about, but he remained silent. 'Then we will forget about it this time, and get on with what we are here for. Now how do you feel down below, you are feeling a lot of pain?' Karl's response was eloquent in its simplicity, 'Yes, Doctor, there is much pain, but I am a man.....'. The sentence remained unfinished verbally, and was concluded by the best he could manage in the way of a shrug of his massive shoulders, allowing for the restrictions imposed upon him by his bonds. He was telling Richard in the only way he knew how, that his years of dedicated weight-training had accustomed him to pain in the mind as well as in the body. That going that little extra in the pursuit of physical perfection had built will-power as much as muscle-power, these things had made a man of him, he was proud of his maleness, and now, in the light of his recent fright, his pride in his manhood was more than a little tinged with relief and thankfulness that he remained intact as a man. He was telling Richard that alongside these considerations, a little pain was as nothing to him, and he would bear it like a man.

Richard understood Karl's message; he was moved by the gentle simplicity of this great hunk of a man who was proving to be as massive in spirit as he was in body, and he was gratified to find that his own first instincts about his suitability as an addition to his London household were true.

Still somewhat shaken not only by the nearness of calamity, but by his own culpability, Richard pulled himself together, realizing that time was getting on. Rising from the stool, he made his way to the foot of the table, marveling at Karl's stoicism in his genital pain and the added discomfort of the enema he retained in his bowels. As he passed, he allowed his rubber hand to rest briefly on Karl's rubber bicep, almost unconsciously as a gesture of reassurance. The muscle was rigid with tension, and further investigation of his thigh revealed the same muscular rigidity; Karl was not, after all, he realised, in any way immune to the pain, he had simply deliberately steeled himself to it.

Richard began draining the enema from Karl; the relief from the internal pressure now triggered the first reaction that Richard had originally hoped to observe in Karl. His breathing became more erratic, and he began to moan and fling his head about from side to side. The black rubber bladder on the anesthetic machine leapt into new life, and Richard began to thrill at these signs of duress being exhibited by the young rubbered, masked and bound musclemen. While the enema was draining, Richard began to remove the hemostats from the underside of Karl's dick, leaving only the one on the frenum in place, together with those on the scrotum. Despite the additional pain caused by the removal of the hemostats, Karl's dick was massively erect, and Richard ran a rubber finger slowly up and down the now highly-sensitized underside of the hugely swollen cock. Karl writhed with sensual pleasure; Richard said, 'Feels good, does it?' Karl just nodded, and Richard could see that the lad was grinning in his mask.

The draining of the enema was almost complete, and Richard took the smaller of the two catheters, dipped it in a pot of sterile gel, and with one hand holding the hemostat clamped to Karl's frenum, slowly inserted it into the eye of Karl's dick, and gently pushed it in until he felt the resistance of the sphincter. He maneuvered it through and into the bladder, then inflated it, locking it into position.
Karl squirmed with pleasure as he felt the catheter sliding along inside his dick. Physically, he was feeling great; mentally he was still shaken by his recent terror, added to which he felt overwhelming guilt that he had allowed Richard not only to see his terror, but that he had doubted his integrity. He resolved never to give way to groundless fears again. While Richard busied himself with clearing the colonic equipment out of his way, Karl had a few moments to reflect upon his present situation.

The pain in his groin had given way to a feeling of intense warmth; his whole genital area throbbed with life in a way he had never before experienced, and he realised that he found physical pain when applied like this very stimulating, and he was aware of a feeling of elation creeping over him. He loved the submissive position in which Richard had placed him; the sense of total helplessness and dependence was every bit as exciting and fulfilling as he had always dreamed it would be. He stirred within his bonds, and relished their restriction; his mask felt crushingly tight, and although he was beginning to experience a slight ache in his lower jaw from the pressure, he nevertheless told himself that this moment was what he had lived for and dreamed about ever since he discovered that there was a whole lot more to rubber living than being a randy teenager sniffing an old rubber coat while he wanked himself into a frenzy of frustration. He was well aware that he looked magnificent, now for the first time in his life he really actually felt magnificent; at last his masculine pride in himself was fulfilled, and he was ready for anything Richard cared to inflict upon him.

The colonic gear stowed out of the way, Richard returned to the foot of the table, and began manipulating the catheter so that it made gentle contact with Karl's prostate. This was Karl's first experience of prostate stimulation, and although by any standards, it was minimal, he had never known such sexual ecstasy and his arousal was evidenced by his now massive erection. Richard added to Karl's pleasure by slowly moving his rubber fingers along the now hyper-sensitive underside of Karl's dick, causing increasing reaction from the big body-builder; it was plain that Karl was beside himself with erotic pleasure.

Richard was at last satisfied that he had successfully retrieved the situation, and allowed Karl several more minutes of intense pleasure before deciding that it was time to move on to what he regarded as a crucial test for Karl. Leaving the catheter in position, he returned to the head of the table and began giving Karl Entanox. He watched the big black rubber bladder on the machine so as to judge Karl's reaction. He was breathing slowly and very deeply, extending and compressing the bag fully with each cycle of respiration. Satisfied that Karl had remembered his instructions about not gulping in the gas, Richard turned his attention to Karl's dick, which he expected to become flaccid. It did, and as soon as Richard considered the moment was right, he stopped the Entanox and, moving quickly returned to the foot of the table, deflated the catheter, withdrew it slowly, and replaced it with a much larger one. Big enough to stretch Karl's urethra, and open it right up, the well-lubricated sterile tube moved slowly along the length of the boy's urethra, giving him an intense sensation of pleasure. It took Richard several seconds to negotiate the sphincter, and before inflating the catheter he moved it in and out of the sphincter several times, rotating it, and stimulating the prostate. Karl was once more writhing in ecstasy, much to Richard's satisfaction.

The big catheter finally inflated and locked into Karl, Richard took the dildo that he recognized as Karl's favorite, lubricated it, and began slowly to insert it into Karl's ass. He fucked Karl with it slowly and gently for a few minutes, and then holding it with one hand, he systematically snapped each of the hemostats on Karl's scrotum to maximum tightness, causing Karl to wince and writhe about, but the lad made no complaint. Finally, Richard reached forward and snapped the two nipple clamps as tight as they would go, then seizing the base of the dildo with both hands began fucking Karl with it, slow long strokes to begin with, gradually increasing the speed and intensity of the fucking until Karl began moaning softly with pleasure. Richard stopped fucking, and lifting his knee, placed it against the base of the dildo to hold it in place while he dipped one rubber hand in to the pot of lube and began working it along the length of Karl's Dick, holding it steady by the hemostat on his frenum. Then he slowly wanked Karl while he increased the pressure of his knee against the dildo holding it firmly in Karl as far as it would go. He could feel Karl attempting to move himself further onto the dildo, and he knew the lad was almost out of his mind with sexual pleasure. Richard paused in his wanking for a second, and snapped the hemostat on the frenum open and removed it, causing Karl to jump with the exquisite pain, which Richard immediately assuaged by running his well-lubricated rubber finger around the base of the head of Karl's dick, causing it to throb visibly.

Karl's breathing indicated that he was on the verge of orgasm. Richard let Karl's dick stand on its own while he cleaned the lube from his rubber gloved hands, deflated the catheter and carefully and slowly withdrew it. He knew that by now Karl was desperate to come, so dropping his knee, he once more took hold of the base of the dildo and resumed deep fucking of Karl's ass, while with the other hand he slowly wanked Karl's huge erection. Orgasm, when it came, was overwhelming in its intensity, and was prolonged beyond any Richard had previously witnessed. Great shudders convulsed Karl's body, accompanied by loud grunting sounds from within his mask, as stream after stream of spunk rose high above to fall in a gathering pool on the rubber covered abdomen of the big muscleman.

When finally Karl's orgasm subsided the room was silent apart from the sound of Karl's breathing into the machine. For several seconds Richard did not move, he stood watching the huge chest rise and fall as Karl slowly recovered. The bladder on the machine was inflating and deflating regularly, and it was clear that Karl was utterly spent. This had been Richard's intention, for the final stage of the session was approaching, and it was to this part of the proceedings that Richard attached greatest importance; he intended to test Karl to the limit of the facilities available to him. He knew by now that the clamps on Karl's scrotum and on his nipples would now be causing serious pain, and furthermore, that the character of the pain Karl was now enduring would have changed after orgasm. No longer would it be pain of the satisfying erotic kind, but would have become an almost intolerably searing irritant. Nevertheless, Richard made no attempt to ease Karl's suffering; he needed to know how much Karl could take, so he took his time cleaning the pool of spunk from Karl's belly, then moved over to the anesthetic machine to make some adjustment for the next and final phase of the proceedings.

Karl lay silent, motionless apart from the now less frantic heaving of his chest as he recovered from the effort of orgasm. Richard returned to the foot of the table, and with slow deliberation, began snapping the clamps from Karl's scrotum. He was purposefully slow, wanting to spin the procedure out as long as he could. His intention was neither cruel nor sadistic; he was testing Karl's stamina. It was essential for him to know that Karl was not one of those who, having come, then lost all interest in the proceedings. If Karl was to be of any use to his future plans, he had to have staying power, and this long drawn out and very painful procedure was the first part of the test he had devised for Karl. As each clamp was snapped off his scrotum, Karl's only reaction was an involuntary jerk of his body in response to the stimulus; no sound escaped him. When the last clamp had been removed, his ball sack felt hot and tender. Richard lightly massaged the area with his rubber hand, and to Karl the cool rubber felt like balm. Richard reached up over Karl's body and snapped off the two nipple clamps, one at a time, gratified and relieved that Karl had come through this part of his little test to his satisfaction.

For the final, and for Richard's purposes, the crucial part of Karl's test, he resumed his seat on the stool at the head of the table. He placed his rubber hands either side of Karl's rubber hooded and masked head, gently cradling it between them. He leaned forward to enable Karl to hear him through his gasmask. 'How are you feeling now, Karl?' 'I am fine, Doctor - a little tired'. Richard nodded, gave Karl a reassuring pat on the head and turned his attention to the anesthetic machine. As he turned he placed one hand on Karl's mask and exerted as much downward pressure upon it as he could without injuring Karl; he wanted Karl to have the strongest possible sense of helplessness, of dependence, even, perhaps of the sheer hopelessness of his position. He wanted to reinforce Karl's feeling of submission, Karl must now be given a sense of the totality and immediacy of Richard's domination of him, and that there was no possibility of escape from whatever Richard ordained for him.

Karl responded to the pressure Richard now exerted upon his mask by beginning to breathe more heavily and rapidly. His sense of anticipation suddenly sharpened, and his pulse rate increased. He was not expecting Ether. The heavy pungent and overwhelming vapor took him completely by surprise. His head swam, his ears roared and his hands and feet tingled strangely. He had heard about Ether, and in his efforts to learn about anesthetics he had discovered that it was one of the most potent, though long since superseded in clinical use by more modern anesthetics, mainly because Ether was considered by most anesthetists to be unpleasant to administer because of its panic-inducing properties, and for patients therefore, unpleasant to breathe. Karl had read about the strong volatile vapor, and had long fantasized about breathing it in an erotic rubber situation in such as he now found himself. Despite his weariness, the Ether caused no panic; this, he told himself, is real anesthetic. The heady vapor excited and stimulated him in a way that, enjoyable though they were, the relatively odorless gasses he had so far experienced could never do. He loved the sense of being totally overwhelmed by the vapor, he loved, and gloried in the knowledge that the tightly strapped, and now held and pressed to him, mask prevented any prospect of escape. This smell, this whole situation of total and absolute rubber submission was, he knew now, what he had craved. His mind raced, in seconds he realised that wildly exciting though this new experience was, there was something lacking, he was aware of a slight sense of disappointment. He wanted the pain he had experienced this evening to return, he wanted the dildo back, and above all he wanted that big catheter back in his dick - for the first time in his life he knew exactly what he wanted.

Karl exhaled and took another deep breath, expecting to get another overwhelming shot of Ether, but Richard had other ideas. He had allowed Karl only one hit of the Ether before returning him to oxygen. He had expected the customary panic and associated attempts to struggle, therefore he had planned to allow Karl a few moments to recover from the initial effects of the strong vapor, and thereafter give him a much reduced and intermittent dose, providing a prolonged and gradual induction before putting him right 'under' with a full dose. In his surprise, he lifted his hand from Karl's mask, thinking for a few doubtful seconds that perhaps he had made an error in his adjustments to the machine, and that Karl had not actually received the intended dose, however as the residual traces of the vapor seeped from the system and he could smell it himself, he knew that all was well. He cast a checking glance at Karl, who was quite still with his eyes closed, breathing evenly. To his amazement he discovered that Karl's dick was once again standing erect; in all his long experience he had never encountered such a positive reaction from a candidate being introduced to Ether for the first time.

He placed his hand back on Karl's mask, and exerted renewed pressure; as he did so, Karl opened his eyes, he was breathing deeply in his mask, and there was an enquiring, searching look in his eyes. Richard bent over him, 'Good?', he enquired, still amazed at this guy's tolerance of the Ether. He felt Karl try to nod acquiescence beneath his hand, and he noted from the muscles around Karl's eyes, that the lad was trying to grin beneath the now considerable pressure of the rubber mask on his face. Richard decided to stick to his original plan and induct Karl slowly and gradually. He had adjusted the machine to deliver a dose of Ether greatly diluted with oxygen every fourth breath. He re- activated the machine, and then placed both hands firmly over Karl's mask and exerted strong downward pressure once more, leaning over Karl as he did so.

Karl loved this powerful pressure on his masked rubber face, and when the Ether, fainter, now began again, he reveled in the strange feeling it induced within him. Involuntarily he was repeating over and over, 'Yes, Yes' to himself. When Richard heard Karl's mumblings, he knew for sure that he had found in Karl a truly natural candidate for his long-term rubber plans. He found himself thinking back to when he had discovered Hans, and realised that Karl was his equal in his capacity to appreciate the erotic pleasures of black rubber anesthesia, even if he had much ground to make up in experience.

Richard removed his hands from Karl's mask, stopped the Ether and returned him once again to pure oxygen. He sat watching Karl, who opened his eyes as soon as he realised there was no more Ether. He wanted to beg Richard for more of that divine vapor, but remembering how the scene had started off, and still feeling that he had erred seriously, was too nervous to do so. His dick was rampant and he ached for a renewal sexual stimulation. For fully five minutes Richard sat immobile and silent, then once again adjusting the machine, he leaned forward, placing his elbows on the table either side of Karl's head, placed his hands on the mask and pressed as hard as he dared, leaning right over Karl to give him as much sense of being 'put down' as he could. He knew that after two more breaths of pure oxygen, Karl would get a full dose of Ether with each breath. He waited.

Karl felt Richard push down heavily on his mask, he was aware of Richard's arms gripping the side of his head, and once more his sense of anticipation was sharpened, and he breathed the oxygen wishing and hoping there would be more Ether. Suddenly it was there, full and strong; Karl felt he could not get enough of it, and breathed in deeply fearing that once more he would only be allowed the single breath as before, but Richard did not release his hold on his mask this time, and when he breathed again, there was more Ether. Briefly his head swam again, and then there was nothing, just blackness.

Richard felt the relaxation through Karl's body that signified unconsciousness, and immediately put him back onto oxygen. He had completed his test, and now wanted Karl to recover as rapidly as possible, for there was still much to discuss before he left for London tomorrow. He slackened Karl's bonds, and waited for him to come round. He was well satisfied with the way Karl had reacted to the whole of the evening's work. He still felt bad inside himself about the poor beginning, but hopefully, he felt, no lasting harm had been done either to his own credibility in Karl's eyes, or to his own ability to establish total and permanent rubber dominance over the lad.
Karl stirred. Richard eased the pressure on his mask, but left it in place; he wanted Karl to continue breathing pure oxygen for another fifteen minutes to clear his head and minimize any feeling of nausea he might have.

Karl's recovery was rapid, and complete, and in another half an hour the pair were in a cab heading back to the city. During the trip back to Karl's apartment, the youngster was silent, morose even, and Richard left him to his thoughts, interrupting the journey only to collect some food from a takeaway. Over a hasty meal, which Karl devoured hungrily, the lad maintained his silence. When they had eaten, Richard said softly, 'You are quiet.' 'Yes, I am sad.' 'Why is that - did you not enjoy what we have been doing?' 'Yes, but tomorrow you go, and there will be no more.'

Richard looked at his watch; it was past midnight. He looked straight into Karl's eyes, and began to tell him about Hans, his house in London, his long-term rubber plans, all of which Karl listened to in doleful silence. Richard then mentioned that he needed another suitable rubber guy in the household, and the reasons. When Richard asked Karl if he would be prepared to move to London and join himself and Hans in their rubber life, Karl's face lit up, and his usual infectious grin spread almost from ear to ear. Richard had his answer; he had his new man. He gave Karl a brief resume of what would be expected of him, cautioned him that he would be expected to work to both his and Hans' direction, explained the relationship that existed between himself and Hans, then asked him if he still wanted to come. Karl's grin answered for him.

Richard left, telling Karl that he would be in touch within a few days about the arrangements, and turned his thoughts to the daunting task of acquainting Hans with the news of the impending addition to the household, which in the event was accomplished after much explaining, and Karl assumed his role.

Satisfied that Hans could be left for a while, Richard took Karl to the side of the room. He looked over to where Tom sat quietly, he would be alright for a few minutes. Richard checked to see that only he and Karl were in circuit. 'You have become very fond of Tom over the past few weeks, I think.' 'Yes, Doctor. I am sorry if that is wrong, but I love him and would like to know him better, but if you tell me that I must not, then I will obey.' Karl hung his gas masked head, staring at his rubber booted feet. Richard lifted his rubber hand to Karl's chin and pulled his head up. 'Look at me Karl. You have been here four years now, you have done all that has been asked of you, and you have become a very valued member of this household. You have, I know, from time to time had a lot to endure from Hans. He is a fine man, as you know, even if a little difficult at times, and he has come to respect your rubber abilities as I have done. Now you have your duties here, and I have no intention of releasing you from those in any way whatsoever. Unless I am very much mistaken, Tom feels the same way about you. Now go tell him, you have earned the right to your own happiness, and anyway, if Tom continues to perform as he has done so far, you will be seeing a lot him anyway, though you are not to tell him that. Now, I'll put you two in circuit, and be quick, its time you were fed.'

Tom looked up, suddenly he could hear Karl's breathing in his ears. Karl left Richard, went to a locker at the side of the room from which he collected Tom's set of breathing gear and his butt plug, and began making his way across the room to Tom. Richard, who had remained where he was, watched Karl, and waiting until he was half way across the room to Tom flicked at one of the tabs on his belt, and instantly Karl was startled by the sudden considerable increase in activity in his cock rings and butt plug that Richard had caused. Richard grinned wickedly in his mask, telling himself that a rampant and throbbing erect dick and a wildly twitching asshole was just the spur Karl needed.

Tom watched as Karl approached; he heard the startled 'ooh!' and saw the slight hesitation as Karl felt the increased activity in his cock rings and butt plug. As Karl reached Tom's side both began speaking at once. Karl lifted his rubber gloved fingers to Tom's rubber lips to silence him. ' We have only a moment, Tom, I have to fit you with your breathing gear, and plug. The Doctor requires us to be masked and breathing oxygen at all times, and you have been resting for long enough, now.' That was fine by Tom, he was feeling recovered and looking longingly at the breathing gear, he was eager to be in it, and his ass was in urgent need of the stimulus of the plug.

Karl set about his work of fitting Tom with the gear, all the while the pair moving their rubber hands over each other's rubber clad bodies. Tom was just as erect as Karl, but casting anxious looks in Richard's direction when Karl grabbed Tom's dick, he hesitated to grab Karl's, which he could see was almost bursting from the confines of the rubber sheath.. Karl saw Tom's hesitancy, and seized his opportunity. 'It's alright Tom, the Doctor knows how we feel about each other, we have a few minutes together now, he will allow us to meet when all this is over, if you would like that.' Tom heaved a sigh of relief, grabbed Karl's dick and said, 'You just try and stop me!' By now Tom was fully geared up, plugged, and connected into the systems; the two made their way over to Richard and Hans. Richard was beginning the final stages of preparing Hans for his feeding, and Tom was fascinated to see the big rubber guy strapped in the elaborately equipped chair undergoing the exact preparations that he had so recently experienced himself.

Hans was still breathing Entanox, and Tom looked over to the anesthetic machine alongside and slightly to the back of the chair, and watched the regular rising and falling of the black rubber bladder as Hans breathed on in his gas induced delirium. Richard paused in his attentions to Hans as Tom and Karl approached. He flicked at a tab on his belt, bring all three of them into the same circuit, and said, 'Tom, you can assist me to relieve Karl of his breathing gear, and you can put it over on the table.' When Karl was divested of his breathing gear, Richard settled him in the chair opposite to and facing Hans, and began fitting his feeding gag. Then he fitted the feeding tube through the channel in an anesthetic mask which he strapped onto Karl. The sight of the two masked rubbermen strapped into these incredible chairs opposite one another was almost too much for Tom, and without thinking, he allowed his hand stray to his rubber dick. Richard noted the movement, and flicking once more at his belt, increased the activity in Tom's cock rings and butt plug. All was now set for the pair to be intubated, and for the feeding to commence.

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Breathless Model AndyT

He's delicious!

New Invincible Models and Styles

Loving the new models and styles Invincible has rolled out! The roster includes Mr. Samuel Colt.  Is it just me or is a lot of stuff going back to neck entry?  Danger!

Open Wide

Here's hoping you all get a bit of rubberplay this weekend!


Bondage sleepsack from Invincible Rubber.

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FABLE: Chapter Ten

Part 10
When Richard parted the double doors to allow them to pass into the delivery room, Karl, just as Tom would on a future occasion, stopped dead in his tracks and stared with wonder. He had expected nothing like this. He had assumed that Richard was bringing him to meet a rubber friend of his who also liked gas; nothing more. He stood and absorbed the scene before him. The delivery table, equipped with stainless steel stirrups was placed in the centre of the room. Above the table was a huge light, similar to, but slightly smaller than those found in operating rooms. At the head of the table stood the item that fascinated him most of all, the anesthetic machine. At the foot of the table was a fully professional array of colonic irrigation equipment, while to one side of the table was a small trolley covered with a white cloth. Karl was rather surprised that apart from the components of the anesthetic machine usually made from rubber, including the mask, plus some rubber strapping on the table itself and the stirrups, there was nothing else in the room, save also the tubing associated with the colonic equipment, made of rubber. Willi and Liesl were not rubber people despite their mutual enjoyment of gas, and so they were not equipped to provide for this aspect of Richard's 'private purpose'.

Allowing Karl his few magical seconds of surveying the scene before him, Richard then indicated that they should move to the table, and he helped Karl get onto it. Telling Karl to position himself comfortably on the table, with his legs in the stirrups, he began strapping Karl down, firmly securing his body to the table, with his arms pinned to his sides, and finally strapping his legs into the stirrups, upwards and apart. The table, being intended solely for obstetric and gynecological use, supported the body only from the head to the buttocks, enabling Richard to place himself at the foot of the table right between Karl's elevated legs when he needed to. Richard, noting with satisfaction that Karl's erection was already rampant, for a few moments busied himself with unpacking Karl's dildos and butt plugs from the bag they had brought with them, and then checked that the items he had asked to be provided were laid out on the trolley. Satisfied that all was ready, he moved to the head of the table, seated himself on the anesthetist’s stool, switched on the anesthetic machine, and turned his attention to Karl.

Karl moved his rubber-hooded head to watch as Richard picked up the big black rubber anesthetic mask from the machine. Two long corrugated black rubber tubes led from the mask back to the machine, hanging heavily in a gentle curve. Richard cupped the mask in one hand, while he rested his other arm on the table alongside Karl's head, using his rubber hand to cradle Karl's chin. He leaned close to Karl so that the rubber-clad muscleman would be able to hear as he spoke through his bizarre black rubber gasmask in his low persuasive voice. He could feel Karl's body trembling; he hoped that excitement accounted for this, although he reflected that a little fear and apprehension would not, in the circumstances, be misplaced. He found the anxiety that emanated from a young, inexperienced rubber guy on the threshold of a new experience, as Karl was on this occasion, very provocative, providing that the 'patient' did not allow his fear to overwhelm him. He became conscious of his own erection rising when he realised that Karl was indeed anxious. It was, Richard told himself, as it should be. Holding the mask where Karl could see it clearly, but keeping it well away from his face, he said, 'Are you ready, Karl?' The rubber head nodded, but Richard did not wait for further answer, and went on, 'you are going to have some new experiences this evening. Some of them will be painful, some of them may frighten you, and you will want to fight them. You may fight and struggle as much as you wish, but it will do you no good, there is no escape. For the moment you are not only my rubber patient, but you are my rubber prisoner, I could say, even, that you are my rubber slave, but I do not believe in slavery, even for rubber submissives like you, even though in truth, and fact, at this moment I am your rubber master. To prove that to you, I want you to try and struggle free from your bonds now, if you can.' Karl looked up at Richard in disbelief. 'Go on, I mean it, I want you to try and get yourself free.' Karl began to writhe about on the table, straining his massive muscles first one way and then another. He tried to rise, but couldn't; he tried moving first his legs and then his arms, until after several minutes, he gave up. 'Now you understand that there really is no escape from the rubber situation in which you now find yourself. That is, there is no physical escape that you can effect for yourself, as you have just discovered. I will free you in an instant if you tell me that you regret the situation in which you are now placed, and that you have decided you wish to proceed no further. If, on the other hand you would like to continue, and you can find it in yourself to acknowledge me as your rubber master, then we can continue. Which is it to be, Karl? Think carefully before you give me your answer. If you tell me that you don't wish to go on with this, then that will be for ever, there will be no second chance for you. If you say to me that you do wish to go on, then equally that also is for ever.

Once I become your acknowledged rubber master there will be no turning back; it will be so for always, your life will change completely and nothing will be for you as it was before ever again. Think with care, and tell me truthfully which way you choose to go.'

There was silence; the impact of the dropping of a pin in that room at that moment would have been seismic. Karl struggled with himself inwardly; it was not that he doubted what his answer would be, he could find only one word with which to convey it. He looked straight into the hypnotic eyes within the monstrous looking gasmask and breathed, 'Master!' With lightning speed Richard had the big black rubber anesthetic mask onto Karl's face and was holding it with ferocious strength before the big bodybuilder knew what was happening. 'I cannot hear you', Richard said softly into Karl's ear. 'I am yours, master!' Karl shouted frantically into the mask, as he began to feel the effects of the gas. It was only Entanox, and Richard knew he had a few moments to toy with Karl before he became muddled with the gas, and over and over he demanded of Karl that he repeat his reply until the big rubber guy's voice betrayed that the gas was winning. The combined hypnotic effect of Richard' voice and the gas sent Karl spinning into the black rubber void he was now beginning to recognize as a haven of erotic bliss.

Using a Clausen's harness he had earlier placed on the table at the spot where Karl's head would rest, Richard now strapped the mask to Karl one place below maximum tightness. He allowed the lad to breathe Entanox for a few minutes before lightening the gas and putting Karl onto pure oxygen.

He waited a few seconds until Karl was fully out of the effects of the gas and said softly, 'Karl.'

The reply was instant. 'Yes, master.'

Richard had no intention of being addressed for ever more by Karl as 'Master', and said, 'Yes, Karl, I am your master, but you will continue to call me 'Doctor', is that understood?'

'Yes, Doctor.'

'Good, now we have established that you have no wish to escape, and that there is no way you can escape. You now have to understand that no matter what happens to you tonight, you must on no account panic. I am in control of everything, and you are quite safe. No harm will come to you so long as you remember that you must never ever panic.'

Karl nodded. The big black rubber anesthetic mask strapped tightly to his face felt wonderful. Once more he stirred within his bonds to savor the delight of rubber restriction, telling himself, as he felt the restraint of his bonds, that it was this that he had been born for. The pure oxygen he breathed through the mask made him feel even stronger than he normally did, and he waited in excited anticipation for what was to follow.

Richard, meanwhile, had moved to the foot of the table. He took a pot of lubricant from the trolley and began gently opening Karl's arse with well-lubricated rubber fingers. Karl moaned softly with erotic pleasure, and his anal muscles began to respond to Richard's skilful manipulation. Richard knew from the array of dildos in Karl's collection, that the young rubber guy was no stranger to anal penetration; several of the dildos being of prodigious dimensions. Satisfied eventually that Karl was open and muscularly receptive, Richard ceased his digital exploration and greased a long slender dildo, distinctive because of its anatomically impossibly large head. He deduced from the well-used appearance of the dildo, that this was a favorite toy of Karl's, and before he proceeded with further anesthesia, he had to determine just how much anal stimulation Karl could take without injury. He held the big cockhead firmly against Karl's anus, exerting just enough pressure to encourage Karl to open up in voluntary muscular acceptance. Within seconds, to Richard's amazement and satisfaction, Karl's anal muscles had virtually swallowed up the cockhead. He watched fascinated as the anal sphincter settled itself around the shaft behind the now invisible cockhead, and he could feel Karl willing him to drive it further into him.

He paused for a second to rotate the dildo slightly from side to side within Karl, before beginning, with gentle but relentless pressure to drive the big head further into Karl's rectum. His efforts were rewarded by contented sighs and moans from beneath the big mask. Karl's pleasure was further betrayed by the visible throbbing of his massively erect dick. Richard had thrust the dildo into Karl to the point where about eight inches of the shaft were inside him before he stopped and began to withdraw. He made repeated strokes to the same depth without an adverse reaction from Karl, who was making encouraging noises inside his mask. Richard began deeper thrusts until eventually, when just over ten inches were into him, Karl stiffened in resistance, and Richard knew, as does the mariner taking soundings, that he had touched bottom. He probed a little deeper, but Karl stiffened each time, and eventually gave a little cry indicating to Richard that the limit had finally been reached. Carefully he withdrew the shaft until only the head remained in Karl. He paused to allow Karl's muscles to relax, then tugging outwardly just enough to exert a little downward pressure, he encouraged Karl to expel the head of his own accord.
The only part of Karl's anatomy remaining mobile within the extensive rubber bondage binding him to the table and stirrups was his head. He could watch everything Richard was doing despite the fact that his vision was slightly obstructed by the inflated black rubber cuff on the rim of the large anesthetic mask tightly strapped to his face. He had watched enthralled when he saw Richard pick up his favorite dildo, and as it had been inserted and the probing within him began gently, and then penetrated deeper, he had hoped for a really vigorous fucking. The huge cockhead had felt great as it plunged deeper into him, then, when his limit had been reached, and he felt his body stiffen involuntarily to resist further penetration, he had felt a sense of disappointment as Richard had begun the withdrawal. He remembered just in time to remain silent. He must, he knew, never forget that his new rubber master was the one who ordered his rubber pleasure from now on, and he concentrated all his physical and mental effort upon anticipating and responding to Richard's requirements of him. He felt the unremitting outward pressure of the cockhead, and quickly worked out that Richard wanted him to let it go, which, with some reluctance, he did. The pure oxygen he was getting from the anesthetic machine had given him a tremendous lift, and he had never felt fitter, more alive, nor more sexually stimulated that he did at that moment. He saw Richard pick up a large nozzle connected to the enema equipment, and after it had been well-lubricated, he had felt it slide effortlessly into his ass, and he watched excitedly as Richard squeezed a rubber bulb attached to the shaft of the nozzle. Within seconds he had felt the nozzle begin to inflate within him, and soon he was aware of the warm liquid flowing into him. Using some of the rubber strapping, Richard fashioned a makeshift but effective harness around Karl's loins to prevent Karl expelling the inflated nozzle at a later stage.

Karl saw Richard lean over to the anesthetic machine for just a second, and he knew more gas was coming. He breathed deeply and slowly as Richard had instructed. He wanted to pull as much of the intoxicating gas into him as he could, but he was, he now realised, learning to react to this, as to everything that would happen in this rubber experience, in the manner that he hoped would please Richard. As the gas took effect, he closed his eyes, no longer curious about what Richard was doing, and he allowed himself to drift into the black rubber twilight world he had now become familiar with, and where what remained of his consciousness was dominated by a succession of erotic rubber fantasies, each more outrageous and extreme than before.

He was unaware when Richard once again moved to the machine, this time to lighten the gas so that Karl would be more aware than usual, when on gas, of what was happening to his body, but yet would remain sufficiently affected by the gas to feel pleasantly sedated. Karl could feel the inflated Bardex nozzle inside him, and he was aware that his gut was getting fuller by the second. He lay there dreaming his rubber dreams for what seemed like an eternity, until the increasing volume within him began to drive all else from his mind. He felt as if he were about to burst, but the flow continued, stopping only when mentally he had abandoned all hope of it ever stopping, and in his semi-gassed state, he had resigned himself to whatever might now happen. He could feel a pulse in his anal sphincter beating furiously against the solid inflated nozzle, his mask felt both tight and heavy. He was still sufficiently conscious to maintain a rigid erection, which throbbed to the same beat as his anal pulse. He gloried in his discomfort, this act of rubber submission was what he had craved for as long as he could remember.

The pressure inside him subsided as the water began its outward flow. Twice more he would be filled, each time a little fuller than the last. When the third enema was inside him he felt that the pressure was greater than ever, and this time his gut was not drained to relieve it; his entire abdominal region seemed to him to be filled beyond capacity. He lay waiting for the pressure to ease, and became aware that the effects of the gas were diminishing. As he returned to full consciousness he began to feel fully the effect of the massive amount of warm fluid he was being forced to retain within his body. He felt Richard's hand gently palpate his distended abdomen, and although the touch was light, to Karl, now in a highly sensitized condition, it felt as if he were being pummeled. Richard's voice came in his ear, 'I have a little treat for you now, Karl. You are about to have a new experience, remember what I told you about panic. Just breathe normally now, and relax and enjoy what comes. If you can do that, I promise you it will be fantastic for you, but if you fight it, you will hate it. Do you understand?' 'Yes, Doctor' 'Good. Right, off we go.' Karl felt the gas take effect once more, and for a few seconds the pressure within him seemed to ease. There was in fact no reduction, the analgesic effect of the Entanox merely made him feel less aware of his bloated lower bowel.

He spun down into the black rubber twilight world the gas had made him familiar with.

By now growing accustomed to the effects of breathing Entanox, he knew that it would take him no further into true anesthesia no matter how much he breathed it; he would just stay pleasantly intoxicated, and able to fantasize to his heart's content. As Richard had instructed, he relaxed and gave himself up to full enjoyment of his situation, while wondering mildly to himself just what the treat was that Richard had promised.

It was when he felt Richard's hand on his mask that Karl realised that he was feeling differently. The mask had already begun to feel very tight and heavy, now Richard exerted quite severe pressure. He was in fact weaning Karl gradually from Entanox onto Nitrous Oxide. He counted Karl's breaths, and on every fifth inhalation he gave Karl a burst of Nitrous. He wanted Karl to experience a long slow induction into full general anesthesia, and as he now began to demonstrate, he was a master at prolonging the onset of unconsciousness, keeping his 'patient' hovering on the brink, just sufficiently aware of what was happening, to give a devotee such as Karl a really thrilling slow descent into black rubber oblivion. By careful regulation of the flow of Nitrous, and continual pressure and manipulation of the mask, he was able to keep Karl in a state of awareness as very slowly the anesthetic began to overwhelm him. By degrees he increased the dose of Nitrous, so that after five minutes the gas came to Karl every fourth breath, and so on until finally he was breathing true anesthetic with every breath, no longer able to resist the beguiling lure of the gas into the dark abyss of black rubber anesthesia toward which he spun downwards relentlessly.
Karl slept.

As soon as Karl lost consciousness, Richard lightened the anesthetic and set the flow meter to maintain Karl's condition at a point where he was just barely 'under'. He checked Karl's pulse, which was normal for the circumstances, then checked that the enema nozzle remained in place and that there was no leakage due to Karl's reflexes being affected by the anesthetic.

Satisfied that all was well with Karl, Richard drew the trolley to the foot of the table, swept off the covering cloth and inspected the array of items laid out neatly. There were some two dozen hemostats, a kidney dish containing two Foley catheters, one of medium gauge, the other of large gauge, bathed in a sterilizing fluid, together with a syringe for inflating the catheter balloons. The equipment Richard had asked for was completed by a pair of large surgical clamps, each fitted with a pair of soft rubber pads.

After casting a quick look at Karl, Richard pinched up the skin of Karl's scrotum, taking care that he had only skin between his rubber fingers, and began clamping the hemostats from one side to the other until he had made a complete fan of hemostats right around the ball sac. Of the three possible locking positions available on each hemostat, Richard chose the least severe, and when he had completed clamping the scrotum, he lifted Karl's now flaccid dick, and working up from the root, pinched out the skin along the underside and attached the remaining hemostats along the whole length, saving the last one for the frenum, which he knew would cause Karl the most exquisite pain of all.

Not once during this procedure did Karl flinch, so Richard knew he had judged the level of anesthesia correctly. He picked up the two large clamps and resumed his seat on the stool by Karl's head. Richard sat for a few minutes just watching Karl's massive chest rise and fall regularly; once more he found himself fascinated by the sheer size of the thorax. Almost without thinking Richard found his attention had wandered to the big black rubber bladder on the anesthetic machine. Each time Karl exhaled, the bag filled to capacity, the natural creases along its length smoothed out to invisibility by the pressure within. With each breath Karl exhaled the big black rubber bag hovered quivering, fully extended for just a second before it began to deflate as he inhaled again, emptying the bladder until it crumpled into itself, hanging momentarily empty and lifeless before the cycle began yet again with Karl's next breath. He allowed his gaze to travel along the two corrugated black rubber hoses from the machine to the black rubber mask firmly strapped on the rubber face of the sleeping Karl. He reached out and lightly ran his rubber-gloved hands over the black rubber head of the slumbering weight-lifter.

It was at this moment that the resolve crystallized within Richard to invite Karl to join his household, provided that the lad came through the remainder of the evening without falling short of Richard's high standard. His decision made at last, Richard reached forward over Karl's chest and attached the two clamps to his nipples, once again leaving them at the least severe of the three possible settings. He then tightened the mask to its tightest and, turning to the machine, cut the gas and put Karl onto pure oxygen to hasten Karl's recovery and reduce the likelihood of headache and nausea, and waited with excited anticipation for reaction from Karl as he emerged from his first encounter with full erotic black rubber anesthesia.

Richard had been aware from the outset that this almost impromptu scene with Karl had been planned, and was being executed, under far from what he would normally have regarded as ideal conditions. For the moment, however, he remained unaware that his improvised plans had been flawed, the devastating consequences of which were soon to become apparent.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rubber = Gay?

On the Fetlife discussion board, a straight guy posited a question about why latex is always associated with gay by more uninformed/uneducated/dim people.

WTF is it with rubber and gay?!?!? [therapy session]

Every frikkin' time I mention to people I know I like WEARING latex the first thing that comes out of their head is, "Oh, I didn't know you were gay."

Any other amusing / frustrating / annoying assumptions that the great unwashed leap to when you reveal your kinks?


The responses were funny and interesting. It's a light topic, but I never really thought of it as an issue for straight guys but it probably is for some.

Here are some of the responses:
* Latex and gay have been correlated because gay community seems to tend to go further. No shy half-way (again, it's stereotype, most of them aren't).
So when they dress sexy, they delve in the deepest pits to retrieve what's more extreme, what can shock mainstream people, and so on.
And since that's the most obvious element to differentiate a gay when they show themselves at Gay Prides, many people just keep the association "latex = gay".

* Rubber makes me submissive, and I feel more submissive to a man because I see my fetish as a perversion, so by being used by a dominant man makes me feel even more submissive and perverted and therefore more stimulated.

* In my experience, more men have a fetish for rubber than women. I don't know why this would be. I love it for the reasons that women don't (it's clingy, shiny, skintight, gripping, smelling etc).

* A lot of people think anything kinky means you are gay. I don't know if it is because gay men tend to be higher public profile about their kink or that some people just have a negative attitude about anything sexual.

* My worst ever prejudiced reply to me revealing my kinkyness, came from my own girlfriend at the time: "So have you ever murdered someone?"

Needless to say that relationship ended in complete disaster.

* I am certain that pride parades has a lot to do with it. For a lot of people - me included when I grew up - for a long time the only exposure to fetish gear has been news footage of pride parade. So in those people's mind, the association is made.

* My observation is that Latex fashion is acceptable for women to wear, there are many female 'role models' who wear latex, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lady gaga etc. But no men. You never see hetro men decked out in latex in any of the media.

However you do see a constant association with gay men ('only gay in the village', etc). There is a general perception that only gay men wear rubber i think.

In the shop, the most common statement by a guy is 'I don't want to look gay'

* Latex is associated with straight women and gay men and the men who love them. Always has been and probably always will be, even though by numbers there are certainly a lot more straight guys into latex than gay guys. Weird world we live in.

* Certain types of rubber and latex clothing have been adopted by the gay community to replace leather. I know latex is expensive, but leather is more so. Gay rubber is often heavy and nearly always black, usually with heavy rubber rain boots. OK, I know this is generalization, but it's true in general. Note the ads on eBay often read, "Rubber, Gay, Fetish" in the description. It is no wonder than non-rubberiest might associate rubber and gay together. As one gay real rubber fetishist noted in a commentary in this group, his non- fetish friends freak out when it is suggested that they wear rubber for other than play time. This is what separates the real rubberiest from the rubber costume wearing gay (or other) non fetishist. This includes most women who wear latex as fashion rather than as a fetish.

The second-to-last comment is mine, mostly to the point that someone had said that more guys are into latex than girls. I didn't agree with that so felt compelled to interact.

My take? Gays have been 'out' with their fetishes and kinks since the 70s therefore anything kinky and male would probably be associated to gay men by the unwashed masses since the visuals have been around for awhile. Pride parades, gay shops with window displays are where a lot of straight people get their perceptions of gay men so that makes sense.

Straight guys that are into latex seem to me to be ashamed or secretive about it, most likely because for them, any latex role is usually a submissive one (how many visuals of rubbergimps do you associate with a dominant female towering over them?). For straight men, any perception of their masculinity being any way soiled by submissiveness is a BIG no-no. Therefore, it's kept on the down-low. Gay men don't give a shit and tend to flaunt it because they know what they're looking for and aren't afraid to say/show it, therefore, the exposure factor.

What about the more men than women idea though? If you look at online rubber fetish porn, it is female, female on female, transvestite male or dom female on submissive or TV male. I know of like, 7 gay rubber fetish videos so that doesn't even register statistically. I guess this is why I have the perception that there are more women into latex than men; the stores cater a large portion of their inventories to women, any media references to latex are always with women, the big pan-sexual events (eg. Torture Garden, Montreal Fetish Week) glorify the females. The only man I've seen in the media in latex in the last few years is Jake Shears, and he's gay!

It may be true that there are fewer women than men that classify themselves as rubberists, but you wouldn't tell from our culture. Are the women that are 'into' latex exclusively there to turn on the perverted straight guys into latex themselves, hiding behind the computer screen? I would like to think there is more genuine interest than teasing or revenue generation on the straight side, but then I can't figure those breeders out anyways LOL.

Although, for consideration it may be true there are percentage-wise more gays into rubber than straight guys, going back to my theory that percentage-wise there may be more gay guys into fetish because in our formative years a lot of us had to project our sexual urges onto objects rather than people because we couldn't be honest and open about who we really are/were, thus we ended up fetishizing more than straight guys because they were too busy chasing pussy.


The Next Rubberworm!

Sorry about the lack of posting this week. I've been stupid busy at work and prepping for another job interview on Friday (wish me luck!). I've been having some great conversations with people on Fetlife this week and there are a lot of pervy people on there with great rubber gear and creative ideas. I landed upon Rubberjunky's great album, and found his rubberworm cocoon. This is amazing, I would love to try it someday.
It that great or what?!?!?

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Friday, August 12, 2011

West Coast Rubber Summer Party Weekend

If you're in the Los Angeles area next weekend, be sure to check out the parties going on for the West Coast Rubber party weekend! I would LOVE to be there, however finances and obligations are preventing me from attending this event that I SHOULD be at. In any case, the boys in L.A. will put on a good party and get the ball rolling to lead up to the next Mr. West Coast Rubber weekend in Palm Springs in February 2012.

Check out the events and tickets at


Friday - Full Rubber Dinner, VIP Cocktail Party and Gear Night at the Eagle LA
Saturday - Rubbellion Reception
Saturday night - Anvil Club
Sunday - Rubber Perv Pool Party

Full Weekend Packages are just $95 and include everything.

Anvil Club tix are only $30 for an all inclusive hot dungeon party.

Rubber Perv Pool Party tix are $20 and include all the pool fun plus a BBQ and drinks!

All tix are on sale at

Contest Season

The regional contests are underway to determine who is going to be representing where at Mister International Rubber in Chicago in November.

I would personally like to congratulate two friends of mine. Steven won the Toronto Ontario Rubbermen Network title held in Toronto last weekend and will be representing TORN in Chicago.
Pics on Leatherati

Pleep won the Mr. Midwest Rubber contest in Chicago and will be representing the hometown in November.
Pics on Leatherati

Congratulations guys!

FABLE: Chapter Nine

Part 9
Face to face astride the bench, the two masked rubbermen surveyed each other silently as they settled into a steady breathing routine, their system still open to the atmosphere. Richard held the third tube in his rubber-gloved hand, and giving a pre-arranged nod to Karl, the younger man emptied his lungs as instructed, while Richard filled his. There was a brief pause while Richard folded the tube over in his fist, and when he nodded again Karl inhaled slowly and deeply. Richard instantly became aware of the power exerted by Karl's chest muscles as his lungs were forcibly emptied for him; his gasmask, emptied of air, became a vacuum and clung tightly to his face. Karl, realizing instinctively what Richard required of him, held his breath for several seconds while Richard tried to inhale and pull some air back into his own mask and lungs, but fit as he was, the super fitness of Karl enabled him to resist the not inconsiderable power that Richard was able to exert, and to hold the breath for longer than anyone Richard had previously encountered before. At length, Karl let go, and Richard inhaled greedily, using sufficient force to pull Karl's mask to his face and then himself holding the breath. Before Richard had decided to let go, he felt his lungs being sucked empty again by Karl's superior strength. It was like being connected up to a living resuscitator, with Karl in total control. For a couple of minutes they continued, Karl uncharacteristically enjoying his power, while Richard thoroughly enjoyed having his breathing so effectively manipulated for him. He decided, at some risk to himself, to see how long Karl could hold out without being allowed to breathe from atmosphere, and while both men recognized that Karl was the fitter, Richard was more experienced when it came to conserving his physical resources, the result being that both men became desperate for more oxygen at the same time. Richard opened the system to atmosphere, allowing several breaths before sealing them up again. This time he closed the circuit when Karl's lungs were filled, with the result that there was more air in the system and they were able to hold out a little longer. For twenty minutes both men enjoyed breathing against each other after which Richard removed his mask, indicating to Karl that he should do the same.

Richard savored the fact that never before had he been connected in that way to a worthier partner, and he resolved to do this with Karl again, and to develop several techniques and variations to enhance what for most rubbermen was a simple and basic rubber game. Richard knew that in future, with the combination of Karl's physical strength and his own imagination, some very exciting closed-circuit rubber breathing sessions could be devised.

Somewhat breathless, both men remained on the bench facing each other; Karl waiting to see what would happen next, while Richard reflected that he had perhaps made a tactical error by beginning the proceedings in a way that may have given Karl a slight psychological advantage, especially as he had, unusually for him, been motivated by self-indulgence. He had thoroughly enjoyed being in a rubber situation whereby Karl was able to breathe for him, but certain of his own powers of dominance, he felt fully confident that within a few minutes he would have Karl completely under his rubber control. It was, after all, good to see the boy's confidence in himself rising, but the time had now come for him to exert his full authority and show Karl just what total rubber domination by a master of rubber extremism entailed. He was anxious to see how the lad responded, and with that objective uppermost in his mind he rose from the bench, telling Karl to do the same.

The evening was by now well-advanced, Richard had not eaten since luncheon; he had a full day ahead of him tomorrow at the conference followed by his commitment to dine with a German colleague. This evening's encounter with Karl had invested the dinner engagement with added importance. His host-to-be owed him a favor, and he only needed to make a brief 'phone call tomorrow morning to call that favor in. Meanwhile tonight he would give Karl just a little foretaste of what could become part of his life permanently if he proved himself to be the rubberman Richard had now begun to hope he was. It was Tuesday, Richard would return to London on Friday afternoon. On Wednesday evening he would be dining with his colleague, there remained only Thursday on which he would have an opportunity of a further meeting with Karl, when he intended to introduce him properly to the world of black rubber anesthesia; to test Karl fully in the role of rubber submissive, and, why not, maybe make some of the lad's dreams come true.

When Karl got to his feet, Richard noted with satisfaction that unlike so many body-builders, the younger man had a very large erection. Richard told him to lie on the bench. The bench was not long enough to allow Karl to lie fully outstretched upon it, therefore with his head resting at one end, the other end of the bench came only to the back of his knees, and he was obliged to bend them and place his feet flat on the floor. Richard had found several lengths of heavy rubber strapping in the big trunk with which he secured Karl's torso to the bench, lashed his feet to the legs of the bench and immobilized his arms against the legs at the head of the bench. He bent over the reclining rubber form and ran his rubber-gloved hands over the tight rubber suit moulded over Karl's muscular body; the great chest rose and fell gently, all signs of earlier exertion now vanished. The slender waist contrasted sharply with the huge rib-cage above it and the exceptionally well developed thighs below. Karl's now semi-erect dick rested visibly inside the rubber crotch. To Richard's enquiry, Karl replied that he was comfortable, and that none of his bonds were too tight; he writhed with sensuous pleasure under the caressing touch of Richard's rubber-gloved hands.

Richard selected a gasmask from among Karl's collection, and positioning himself where Karl could see him clearly, he donned the mask, tucking the end of the long black corrugated rubber hose into his belt, then he allowed the recumbent muscleman to watch as with slow deliberation he tightened the mask strap by strap. Satisfied that the mask was on as tight as he could get it, he crossed the room to retrieve the case he had brought with him. Karl watched with undisguised curiosity as Richard carried it toward the bench, and placed it alongside, tantalizingly out of Karl's field of view. While he opened the case and began assembling the components of his portable anesthetic machine, Richard knew that Karl could hear every sound and would be wondering what was going to occur next and that his rubber antennae would be working at fever pitch. Richard took his time, enjoying the minor torment he knew he was inflicting upon Karl by so doing. Eventually he could prolong his preparations no longer, and kneeling behind Karl's rubber-hooded head, with one rubber gloved hand he caressed the young rubberman's head, sliding his hand over one side of his face until he cupped Karl's chin, while with the other he brought the big black rubber anesthetic mask quickly but gently down over Karl's nose and mouth, holding it firmly in place. He felt Karl's body stiffen for an instant before relaxing once more.

Richard leaned over until his gas masked face was close to Karl's ear. 'You understand what this is for?'

A muffled 'Yes, Doctor.' came from within Karl's mask.

Richard was giving Karl some oxygen; the noise of his breathing through the machine was clearly audible to both men. It was a sound that never failed to excite Richard, and he knew from the rapid increase in Karl's rate of respiration that the sound of his own breathing together with the anticipation of what was to come was working its magic on Karl. The big rubber-clad body builder shifted his position within his bonds and moaned slightly with pleasure; Richard noted with satisfaction that there was no resistance from him, nor any evidence of nervousness. He looked along towards Karl's groin and noted with further satisfaction that the younger man's erection had now reached such proportions that it had emerged through the open crotch zip and was standing in a graceful upward curve, swollen to the extent that the huge cockhead glistened while a bead of pre-cum appeared in the eye of the massive member. Richard strapped the mask onto Karl with a Clausen's harness, adjusting the straps to moderate tightness, cautioning Karl to breathe slowly but deeply as he did so. The young rubberman immediately brought his breathing under control. Richard waited a few seconds and then turned on the Entanox. Karl immediately began to draw the gas into his lungs greedily, and Richard warned him once again to slow his breathing, this time making the threat that if he failed to obey, there would be no more gas. Karl responded immediately. Although Richard was aware that Karl had experienced Entanox before during his visits to Magda, he was anxious to see for himself just how Karl reacted to being rendered helpless and having gas administered to him. 'So far, so good', he told himself, and he sat back for a while, watching and listening as the younger man breathed steadily through the machine, an occasional moan of pleasure escaped from the mask. There was little time for prolonged observation of Karl's enjoyment, due to the fact that the duration of the machine was limited, and had been further reduced by the fact that Richard himself had used some of the gas the previous evening. He tightened Karl's mask to maximum tightness, then allowed a minute to pass before he got his rubber-gloved hands to work on Karl's enormous dick.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rubberskin's Spidey Suit for Sale

Man, gotta love Rubberskin.  He's ace!  This latex Spidey suit is to die for, and fortunately he's selling it on eBay!

eBay auction for the Spider-man suit is here.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why I Love the 80s

Men wore things higher, tighter and showed more, I miss those days....and those Adidas shorts!

Men unabashedly showed off lots of skin and wore spandex.  Everyone was doing aerobics and getting into 'jogging'.

The Crystal Light Aerobics Championships were a BFD:
John Travolta was young and hot:
And the Glam Rock bands showed off lots of bulge and ass.
And, of course, I would never forget an homage to Undergear and International Male, two catalogs that got me through my lonely, isolated teens....

I miss how everyone was more (apparently) liberated and less prudish about the beauty of the male body.  It was a fun decade, we liked that we didn't take ourselves too seriously like we have for the past couple of decades.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Skintightest Latex Experience

I want to post the body of an email conversation I'm having with ShinyTight about 'how tight is the tightest?' latex experience a guy can have. This is of course a topic of interest for me, and I (as would everyone else, most likely) would like to hear about your experiences.

Subject: Tightest Latex Imaginable!
On Sun, Aug 7, 2011 at 9:57 AM, ShinyTight wrote:

Hey mate,

Came across your video "Skin Tight Rubber 2" on YouTube and you have some way delicious skintight latexsuit on - just yummie!
Being turned on by Skintight Rubber myself very much I'm constantly seeking to improve the "skintightest latex experience" on myself and I'm curious to know how much "skintightness" can one's body bear, and yet still feel comfortable? Some say 10% off the body measurements, though I wonder if it can get some little bit more. If you have experiences in this - I assume your suit(s) is/are made to measure - I would love to hear your opinion/sensations of "skintight limits" and which are the best sources you found.

Best rubberregards,

Love your blog, deliciously rubbery! :-)


Hey D,

Thanks for writing....I think we're of the same mind, latex is only worth wearing if it's tight tight tight. Not uncomfortably tight but tight enough that it looks painted on. I appreciate seeing a body in any latex but if it's loose with lots of folds and baggy areas, some of the sexiness of it is lost on me. I've been fortunate that most of the latex I've bought over the years has either custom fit (with measurements) or I was fortunate enough to find a designer whose off-the-rack stuff fit me like a glove. That's why I've tended to stay with Invincible, Polymorphe and Skintightrubber and other particular designers over the years.

Speaking of Skintightrubber, I have to say that their stuff is the tightest stuff I've ever owned. Talking to the owners directly to determine what size would fit me best, they always suggested a size down if I was on the margin between two sizes. And with their tall sizes now available it makes for an even better fit. You know you're talking to someone who's tight-obsessed if they're suggesting a smaller size than a bigger one :)

The unfortunate thing with latex that fits tight is that there is more pressure on the seams and stress points. I love my STR suits, but I've learned over time to order things that are that tight without stress points like crotch/ass zippers, etc. When I do order my next suit from them (and I will, eventually), it will not have any zippers other than at the shoulders. Crotch entry will be limited to a codpiece since the ass was the first thing to blow out of my last suit since I had a crotch zip put into that suit (that's the same one I'm wearing in the Skintightrubber videos....).

There is the balance to consider for skintight limits. Your suits are not going to last as long if they're super-tight, simple as that. But for the look and feel maybe that's a price you're willing to pay. I am. I am constantly patching latex items but accept that as an inevitability to feed my desire for tightness :)

Comments? I may start this conversation on the blog because you are bringing up an interesting topic.


Further to this, I recall some of the very first latex I bought. It was moulded latex, and I insisted that it be a ridiculously small size because I thought this would ensure the painted-on look I was desiring. The problem was that the stress on the latex itself was too much, and for a period of time when I was first getting into latex I was finding myself constantly fixing or pleading with the design source owner of my stuff to replace what I had ordered. That only went so far until I had to look at other options; learning what worked or not on my own was an expensive venture and lesson but the benefits have been extensive. Other that accessories like hoods, socks, gloves I will not wear catsuits or any type of bodywear for that matter that isn't tailors (ie. created from panels that are glued together). The seams distribute pressure at pressure points better than moulded latex does, and if seams go they are much easier to repair than a rip or tear in the middle of a moulded piece.

As much as I desire a seamless look in a completely encapsulating latex suit, I don't think it's feasible from a design standpoint unless you're getting body-scanned and a torso mould is being made exactly to your specifications. As hot as that sounds, it also sounds terribly expensive ;)

As you will see when shopping for latex, the best-made stuff is all seamed latex designs. Given that thinner latex would be stretchier and a better candidate for a super-tight fit, you are looking at getting a latex outfit made out of 0.2mm latex or thinner, seamed....and right away this looks like the type of suit that it going to have to be handled with great care due to its delicacy from the get-go.

Now as to 'how tight is tight?', I've seen that 10% of body measurements rule-of-thumb before, I'm not sure how accurate it is, and I will have to ask some of my designer friends what they would consider an acceptable size limit if a customer was asking for the tightest latex feasible on their body without it exploding off of them at an inappropriate time.