Thursday, June 30, 2011

Leading up to a Vacation

I'm taking off for the family farm today, returning to Vancouver on July 10. It's a four-day long weekend for pretty much everyone in North America, and here's hoping the weather is hot and clear to enhance the oceanside, lakeside, poolside experience -- where ever you find yourself. Enjoy the time off what ever your plans are! :)

Things are moving quickly for the Leather & Denim Cruisey-T on July 24th. The organizing groups have been busy getting printed and online media in wide circulation.

We've also been doing a few things for Rubbout, and are planning on getting the photoshoot for the first run of our print media done in early July. I think you'll like the theme and visuals we have planned for Rubbout 21 in 2012!

A couple weekends ago, I hosted my first rubber sex party. Gummibike and Rouki were visiting town and my friend HigherLycra came in to visit so I decided it was a good time to get everyone under the same roof. A few local guys including ABigKid thrown into the mix, and the sleepsack and sling got a lot of use! It was fun; there are a few things I will do differently next time. It was a good learning experience, oh yeah, and I had a bit of fun too :)

There won't be much rubber or sex for me for the next 10 days, however I am planning to spend next Saturday night at Collector2's place since he is the closest person I know living by Regina Airport. Maybe I'll finally get an opportunity to try out some of his enclosure suits with closed-system breathing and bondage gear? Here's hoping! :)

I will be around next week, working from my parent's place. Hopefully I'll get a few posts in while I'm not at home base.

For those of you asking, NO, I am not going to send you the FABLE story in its entirety. You'll just have to suck it up and wait for each chapter just like everyone else. That was the deal. ;)

Ciao for now, rubberstuds!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Great Lay!

From 3XL:
Jens Vogt, the owner of Demask Dortmund / SeriousToys STS, has created World’s first rubber Sling.

Jens explains: “Until now high quality Slings were always made of leather. On the one hand I don’t like leather as much as I adore rubber, but on the other hand leather is not as suitable for building slings as rubber can be. Rubber is much easier to clean and can be way stronger if it contains the right reinforcement. I had to create something new!”

Result is the SeriousToys STS Sling, a comfortable Sling in two sizes build for eternity. The shape of the sling is anatomically correct and all edges are nicely rounded. The long lasting rubber contains two strong layers of kevlar. It takes several tons to tear the Sling apart
and a dynamic load of 400kg is guaranteed. Also new is the mounting: Two stainless steel brackets and screws clamping each of the five corners.

Technical data:
- Weight: 4.8kg (XL 5.9kg)
- Size: 122cm x 75cm x 6.5mm (XL 122cm x 95cm x 6.5mm)
- Ceiling support: 4-point, rectangular 1.5m x 2.5m
- Pack size: rolled-up 14cm x 75cm (XL 14cm x 95cm)
- Incl. tension belt for transportation

The price of the Sling is 349,- (XL 429,-) Euro incl. VAT and can be ordered Europe-wide postage free at Demask Dortmund.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Eagle L.A. Mr. Rubber 2011

From Leatherati:
Rubber and Latex ruled at the Eagle LA on Saturday, June 25th for the Eagle LA Mr Rubber 2011 contest.

4 self-proclaimed pervs threw themselves in to the fray with sharp-tongued George Geary hosting the annual event.

When the talc settled, contesant #3 Manuel (aka Rubber Kitten) snagged the top honor with AndrΓ© slipping in to the runner-up slot.

Good job guys and thanks to Charlie and Hunter and the Eagle staff for a hot night!
Congratulations Manuel! They couldn't have picked someone more deserving! :)

Rubberstud of the Week #165

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rubbout On Recon

The event pics from Rubbout just got published to Recon's past events section late last week! Awesome! Who is that handsome guy on the main page??? ;)

Friday, June 24, 2011

FABLE: Chapter Two

Part 2
Hans had equipped himself with a clip-board and paper, together with a variety of measuring devices ranging from a simple tailor's tape, to calipers and even a micrometer. The measuring began; at first it was the usual basic data that was noted, but before the evening was over, Hans had measured not only the diameter of every orifice, the exact size of Tom's head, and the size of his testicles, but every finger and every toe, joint by joint. The measuring was punctuated by calculations of angles and contours where appropriate, the whole process occupying several hours. Hans was concentrating hard on his work, recording every detail meticulously, and spoke only when he wanted Tom to adjust his position. To Tom it seemed that Hans had undergone a metamorphosis - gone was the smile, and the courteous manner - the serious professional had taken over, and Tom realised that he was a little in awe of this new Hans.

When it was over, and every conceivable measurement had been taken and recorded, Tom was told to dress and reminded to return the following Monday. Hans left Tom to find his own way out without further comment.

Every Monday thereafter Tom attended as instructed. He underwent many sessions during which wax impressions were made of every part of his anatomy, including his mouth; no part of him went unrecorded. He was made to give samples of urine, blood and saliva. On several occasions he was given an electro-cardiograph; on others he had an electro- encephalograph. Tom was not slow to realize that these more searching investigations always followed any test which excited him sexually. The very intensity of the whole process he was undergoing stimulated Tom's erotic imagination; it seemed that Richard wanted a fully scientific profile of his physical and emotional reactions to certain stimuli. He was beginning to grasp that Richard really was going to take him to the very limit of his tolerance and beyond. The prospect filled him with elation.

Most of the sessions were with Hans alone; occasionally Karl would be present to assist. It was clear to Tom that Hans was the senior of the two, apart from that there was no indication of what relationship, if any, existed between the two. They behaved towards each other as professional colleagues. So far as their relationship with Richard was concerned; it appeared, superficially, that they were nothing more to him than trusted employees.

The whole set-up fascinated Tom. He found himself imagining that these two had begun their relationship, whatever it was, with Richard in similar circumstances to those in which he now found himself. Certainly they gave nothing away; conversation was limited to the job in hand. Tom was disappointed that they had offered no information about the purpose of the tests they carried out, despite the fact that Richard had hinted that they might do so. His own observations only led him to suppose that he would at some stage be kitted out in a rubber suit that would fit extremely well, and that because the so-called 'Great Occasion' was going to be of extended duration, Richard with his medical background, was being ultra cautious about the health-related tests. The outstanding feature about these two, from Tom's vantage point, was their immaculate self-discipline. They were so controlled that Tom found himself speculating for hours about the true nature of their relationship with Richard. He knew instinctively that it was something very deep and complex.

One evening, after several weeks of tests, Tom received the first indication that things were moving to toward a climax.

He was dressing after a session of tests with Hans, and was ready to leave when the German said, "I have some special instructions for you from the Doctor. First there is a list of foods that you should avoid from now on. You are to take no alcohol, or any drugs either recreational or for medication. If you develop any symptoms that would normally lead you to consult your own doctor, you are first of all to telephone the number included with the diet sheet. Finally, there is to be no sexual activity whatever, not even masturbation; the Doctor is most emphatic about this. He expects you to continue your habitual regimen of exercise, but that you should also ensure that you get plenty of rest, retiring early each night from now on. You will attend as usual next Monday, which will almost certainly be the last time. I will have some news for your then. Goodnight, Tom."
Sitting there in the ante-room, awaiting he knew not what, Tom recalled the frisson of excitement that gripped him that night. Despite Richard's instructions he was unable to sleep. The exciting prospect ahead made his whole body tingle; the weeks of tests had shown him only a glimmer of what was to take place, but his natural intelligence told him he was in for an incredible rubber experience, for why else would such a man as Richard take so much trouble. His cock gave him no peace. It was permanently erect, and its constant throbbing distracted his mind as well as his body. He exercised all his will-power and managed only by super-human effort to refrain from wanking. He was convinced that no submissive ever endured such torment, especially by proxy.

When Tom arrived at the house the following Monday it was Karl who answered the door. Karl received him with a wide grin; gone now was the detached professionalism of the past few weeks. Karl's whole manner suggested unbounded joy at seeing Tom again, although his verbal greeting was the customary politeness he always displayed. Tom was taken straight to the study where Hans was seated at Richard's desk.

Hans wasted no time on preliminaries or greeting, "There is no work tonight. All tests are now complete and satisfactory." His voice was flat, he did not smile, nor did he invite Tom to sit. "The Doctor requires you to be here on Friday of next week at three. You should be prepared to remain at the Doctor's disposal until late on the following Sunday. You will need a period of recovery, and the Doctor suggests that you arrange to keep the Monday and Tuesday following free for this purpose. Do any of these requirements create problems for you?"

Tom shook his head and Hans continued, "You are to eat nothing solid after ten on the preceding Thursday evening, and you will take no liquids after noon on the Friday; this is essential for your subsequent well- being. You may go."

Hans's dismissal had been almost brusque, in contrast with the warm friendliness of Karl's welcome earlier. Tom reflected once again on how, gradually, attitudes had changed since his first visit. For an instant he felt almost rejected, but his thoughts soon turned to what lay ahead, and the gnawing excitement he had been living with for so long re-asserted itself, and he tried, as best he could, to continue his life normally.

After a restless night, Tom rose. No breakfast; his stomach was churning, partly from hunger and partly from a mixture of emotions, indefinable now that the actual day had arrived. When he got downstairs and found a letter on Richard's distinctive stationery, his stomach stopped churning. He hesitated before opening it, terrified that at the last moment everything had been cancelled. If his hands had not been trembling so much he would have ripped the envelope open; as it was, his fingers would not obey his brain, and telling himself to 'get a grip', he took a knife and slowly slit the envelope. As he withdrew the paper a key dropped out.

He read,
Tom - Today is the day we have both worked long and hard for; you have proved to be a fine candidate -so far! Ahead of you are some incredible rubber experiences. I urge you to make the most of them, and to savor fully each delight as it is presented to you. Some of the preparation may have seemed long-winded, unnecessary even. You are soon to discover what extreme rubber experience is all about. I must caution you about the various emotions that will assail you. There will be moments of terror - it will give way to ecstasy. Pain will become pleasure; exhaustion will become exhilaration - just go with it, you are in good hands.

Enclosed is the key to my house. Let yourself in, lock the latch and leave the key on the table. You know the way to my study; go in and on my desk you will find an electronic switch pad, similar to a TV remote control. There is only one button. Point the pad at the bookcase and press. The bookcase will open, go through and downstairs to the basement. The door will close behind you automatically. When you get downstairs, go through the black door ahead of you. Strip, put your clothing on the bench - and wait.

Good luck, and as one who hungers for rubber to another, 'bon appetit!'

Here he was - waiting.
Silently, the double doors opened. Tom had been momentarily lost in his own thoughts while gazing at his reflection in the mirror opposite the bench. He first saw the movement in the corner of his eye. Slightly startled, he turned his head to see, standing in the entrance, two figures in identical rubber gear. Involuntarily his jaw dropped, and for a few seconds he gaped at the two rubber creatures. They advanced into the room a few paces. One figure was slightly bigger than the other; both had very athletic bodies.

Tom stood up, remembering at last to pull himself together and shut his mouth. Standing there stark naked, he felt very vulnerable, and slightly ridiculous. The smaller man stopped just inside the doors, which had swung to behind them. The larger man approached Tom, and placing his rubber hands on his shoulders, exerted gentle downward pressure to indicate that Tom was to resume his seat. By now Tom had collected his wits, and he realised that the two rubber figures were Hans and Karl.
The suits they wore fitted every contour of their bodies perfectly, and Tom was quick to notice that the rubber moved with them. There were no ripples or creases; it behaved exactly as an extra layer of skin. He had only seen such anatomically perfect rubber gear portrayed in drawings, and these two were no drawing.

As usual, it was Hans who took the lead, while Karl waited just inside the doors. Hans turned and crossed the room to one of the steel lockers, from which he took a small plastic box. Returning to Tom, he opened the box, and turning Tom's head to one side, inserted a rubber plug into his left ear, then placed another in his right ear. He inspected them closely, and took some care to set them snugly in Tom's outer ears. When satisfied that he had fitted them correctly, Hans stepped back a pace, and with one hand made a movement to his own waist. Over his suit he wore a thin rubber belt on which were a number of small square tabs. He pressed one and instantly Tom could hear electronic 'noise' in his ears, faint, like the few seconds of a tape running before the recorded sound begins.

Hans's voice came into his ears, "Hi, Tom, you will have guessed it is me, Hans, and that is Karl. The plugs in your ears are very high- tech. First of all they are pure rubber, as will be everything that comes into contact with your body from now on. Embedded in the rubber are tiny receivers, we can talk to you and to each other. For the moment you cannot talk to us, but later, when you have been fully dressed and equipped, you will be able to. We are wearing the same plugs that you have, but because they totally exclude all sound from outside, we cannot hear anything you say until you are properly equipped, which will be soon. We can give you all kinds of sounds in your ears, and more importantly, when we want to we can give you deep and total silence. You will find that experience quite unlike anything you have known before. I need to know if your plugs are seated comfortably because you will be wearing them for a long time. Nod if they are OK."

Tom nodded.

Hans's voice had never sounded so friendly, and although he could not feel relaxed; he was far too excited, nonetheless the friendly, almost matey tones of Hans' voice had made him feel much more at ease and he began to absorb some of the detail of the rubber gear the two men wore.

Hans obviously sensed Tom's interest, and paused before him to allow him to take a long look. The suits were of fine grade latex; what puzzled Tom was that although they were made of heavy gauge material, the suits behaved as though they were made of light gauge latex. Every inch of flesh was covered; the hands appeared to be covered in black surgical gloves, so close was the fit. Their feet were encased in calf- length boots made entirely from moulded rubber. The suits had been so expertly crafted, that instead of the customary crude sheaths for their dicks, the impression was that their dicks were made from solid black rubber, so closely did the rubber follow every contour. Both men were well-hung; each had an erection.

The whole outfit seemed to Tom to be totally integrated; he could see no point at which gloves or boots were joined to the main suit. The head gear particularly excited Tom. Very tight hoods made of the same rubber as the suits, and also apparently integrated. Both men wore gasmasks which were secured by a series of thick heavy-duty black rubber straps. The masks were fitted with oval eye-pieces which slanted slightly upward at the outer edge. Hans's eye-pieces were black, and Tom was unable to see Hans's eyes, which he found just a little unnerving. Karl's mask had mirrored eye-pieces, and so far as Tom could tell, this was the only respect in which the two men's gear differed.

Corrugated rubber tubes were connected to the mask beneath each eye-piece. The tubes hung in provocative loops almost to the shoulders, passed over and behind to join at a Y-tube which was attached to the top of a black rubber bladder located between the shoulder blades. The rubber bladder was slung vertically in the centre of Hans's back, and from the bottom of the bladder protruded a short length of corrugated rubber tube which joined a regulator and two small cylinders which lay across the lower back. Between the cylinders and the regulator was a network thin smooth black rubber tubes. One tube connected the cylinders to the regulator while the others appeared to be welded into the suit itself. The whole apparatus was secured by a harness of thin but robust rubber strapping.

Hans turned so that Tom could have a really good look at the gear. Tom noticed a small gold padlock at the nape of Hans's neck at the point where the two main straps of the gasmask converged. The lock was open and swung from its hasp as Hans moved.

He turned back to face Tom and said, "Our suits are the same as the one you will soon be wearing. The latex is a special surgical grade; it’s very elastic and extremely strong. They are made by a craftsman friend of the Doctor's, and as you can see, they fit very well. They look very tight on us, but in fact, as you will discover, there is no constriction. The suits are very comfortable, and we can wear them for days on end without discomfort or ill-effect. What you see before you is the heavier over-suit. There is a very thin under suit next to the skin. The two facing surfaces of each suit are coated with a compound which eliminates any friction between the two layers, which is why we can move about so freely and still look as if we have rubber skin. You can understand now, Tom, why there had to be so much measuring during your weekly visits. The hoods gloves and boots are integrated; it is one unit which we enter from the back. Under my breathing gear there is a seal. The suits are air-conditioned, and although our breathing gear may look simple, I can assure it is very sophisticated. You may think we wear it only for the overall effect, but I assure you it is very necessary. As I said just now, we can and frequently do, wear these suits for days on end. Your own rubber experience will have taught you that while to be totally encased in rubber is wild, nevertheless, after a few hours you can become very uncomfortable because of the sweat, and also because long periods when the surface of the skin is deprived of oxygen result in a feeling of lethargy."

Tom nodded as Hans went on, "We are breathing pure oxygen in these masks, and we are totally isolated from the natural atmosphere. Every square millimeter of our bodies is covered in rubber; we have been in our suits already for several hours and we are quite fresh because our suits are linked to our breathing gear which helps our suits to 'breathe' as well. There are dozens of tiny tubes, like capillaries, welded into the inner suit. Each tube is pin-pricked and can be inflated. The movement is so slight that you barely notice it. Our breathing gear is electronically controlled. It can be set to give us the required amount of oxygen we need, in addition every few seconds it sends a minute pulse of oxygen through the suits to enable our own skin to 'breathe', and it also has a reverse action so that the sweat we produce is scavenged away."

Hans turned his back to Tom again, "Take a look, Tom; I have a large butt-plug in me. The outer surface is made of pure rubber, but the plug contains a mixture of heavy silicon which gives it the exact texture of flesh, rather like the inserts women have implanted in their breasts in cosmetic surgery. For us, however, the important thing is that this material can be made to vibrate for several seconds after an electrical pulse is shot through it. My breathing gear has a small electric coil built into it and is programmed to pulse every twenty seconds. I am kept continually aware of my arse."

Tom was fascinated by the cunning design of the gear, and the sight of the black rubber bladder on Hans's back gently pulsating as he breathed drove him wild, and he thought his rampant dick would burst.

Hans faced Tom again, "Look closely at the base of my dick; you will see that built into the rubber there is a reinforced rubber ring which goes right round the base of my dick; there is another which goes round the top of my balls. These rings act just like ordinary cock- rings, but with a difference. They are also controlled electronically from the breathing gear, and pulsate every few seconds, quite imperceptibly, but we can feel it like a contraction, and it keeps our dicks erect at all times. These rings also have another function, but more about that later on. Time now to kit you out in some gear."

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ahoy, perverts! Vancouver Fetish Event

Cruisey-T Productions presents a Leather & Denim Cruise - Ship To Shore Event on Sunday July 24th, the weekend before Vancouver Pride and the day before the opening of the North America OutGames in Vancouver. Rubbout is a co-sponsor; we are excited about this event and hope you will join us for some sexy cruising! :)

Hoist Black Party

Man, wish I could be there this weekend! ;) Have fun, boys.

Rubberstud of the Week #164

Friday, June 17, 2011

FABLE: Chapter One

Part 1
The smell of rubber was overpowering, and as Tom descended the stairway into the basement, the sensual odour grew stronger until its assault on his senses made his rampant cock so desperate to escape the confines of his jeans that the last few steps of his descent were decidedly uncomfortable. It was not only the strong smell of rubber that affected Tom, but also anticipation of what he knew was awaiting him during the next forty-eight hours. Tom had visited the house many times before, but this was the first occasion on which he had been bidden to the basement.
It had all begun six months previously when a privately circulated highly specialist gay contact publication carried an advertisement which leapt from the page before Tom's eyes.

Attractive, educated Rubber-dominant, 42, seeks Rubber-submissives. The advertiser is widely experienced, has a medical background, and has devised what he believes to be a supreme Rubber experience. To test his theory, the advertiser requires applications from Rubber-submissives of not less than 30, who have extensive experience of all aspects of Rubber-erotica, with particular reference to medical equipment and procedures. All applicants will be replied to; potentially suitable candidates will be invited to submit themselves for interview and assessment. The successful candidate(s) will be rewarded with a memorable rubber-erotic experience. The advertiser has ample resources of equipment and imagination - now he needs a subject.

Such an ad was irresistible to Tom, who at 33 was beginning to feel that, much as he enjoyed his rubber-sex, it was all becoming very routine; the zest was going out of it and, he admitted to himself, his rubber palette had become jaded. He needed something new and special to bring back the buzz.

Rubber had been like a drug to Tom, the more he had, the more he wanted, and now he was hankering for something really spicy - something extreme which would extend all his erotic thresholds through the medium of rubber - so he answered the ad.
Tom had reached the basement. The small area at the bottom of the staircase was bare and painted entirely white. There were three doors. One ahead and one to each side. The black door was straight in front of him; it was this door through which he would pass.

He paused for a few seconds to compose himself for what was to come; he was almost overcome with excitement. As he endeavored to calm himself, his mind flashed back to his first visit to the house several months ago.

He had not known what to expect on that occasion; the door had been answered by a man in his early forties, well over six feet tall, not especially good-looking, but indefinably attractive. His dark wavy hair was greying slightly at the temples, and he could only be described as distinguished. The features were lean, but saved from gauntness by the generous and humorous mouth. The grey eyes possessed a curious intensity, although the laughter lines surrounding them added warmth. The nose was slightly aquiline. .he was dressed in a black jacket and striped trousers, Tom thought he looked like a barrister.

"You are Tom?"
"Good, I'm Richard, please come in."

The manner was almost courtly, not at all what Tom had expected. Richard led the way into a small sitting room, expensively and tastefully furnished. After a few polite enquiries about Tom's journey, Richard pressed a bell, saying, "I thought you might care for some tea." Tom murmured his assent, thinking how different - and in his heart, how disappointing - his reception had been from what he had imagined; there had so far been no mention of rubber, and certainly no evidence of any.

Almost within seconds of Richard's ringing the bell, the door opened, and a trolley laden with the accoutrements of afternoon tea appeared, pushed by a man of about Tom's age dressed in a white steward's jacket and dark trousers. He was possessed of blond good looks and a powerful physique. He addressed Richard as 'Doctor', or just 'Sir' in the brief exchanges between them as the tea things were laid out. It emerged that Richard's houseman was called Karl, and as he left the room, Richard thanked him courteously for his attentions.

During tea the conversation ranged over a wide variety of topics, none connected in any way with the real purpose of Tom's visit, though he did remind himself from time to time that the ad had referred to an interview, and Tom supposed that this was it, and that he was being assessed all the while by his host, who was proving to be an interesting conversationalist and a pleasant and attractive companion.

After forty-five minutes of talk and tea, during which Tom was feeling increasingly drawn to Richard, not least by his unusually persuasive, almost hypnotic personality, the older man rose, "Shall we go to my study?", he invited, and without waiting for a reply, opened the door and led the way across the hall into a room, which though slightly more masculine in character, was as quietly elegant as the room in which they had taken their tea.

"Now, Tom - business. Our little tea-party has given me the opportunity to get to know you, and for you to form some impression of me; although I have the advantage, so far, in knowing, from your letter, rather more about you than you know of me. I was especially interested to learn that you have an arts degree in philosophy, and that you are currently lecturing and going on to get your Doctorate.

Your account of your experiences and achievements in the world of rubber was impressive, though I agree with you when you say that much of what you have been doing now seems commonplace. I went through a period when I felt much the same. However, I was fortunate that part of my work and my interests generally enabled me to do something about it; but more of that later on. For the time being, I need to know more about your future aspirations where rubber-submissiveness is concerned. I need to establish with as much certainty as is possible at this stage how well your own objectives will fit into my own plans, and above all I have to assess if there is a realistic prospect of our realising these hopes and plans.

There will be many tests and much preparatory work to do before we get down to serious rubber therapy. You are about to undergo the first test, which, though simple, is vital. Fail it and - well, Tom it has been nice knowing you. Pass it and the way is open to all manner of rubber delights."

Tom could feel himself falling under the spell of this unusual man. His voice was low and musical, and once again Tom was conscious of a strangely persuasive quality in Richard's manner.

This was certainly the most extraordinary way in which to begin what Tom had hoped would be an exciting, way-out rubber relationship. Nevertheless, Tom was very intrigued, and acknowledged Richard's remarks with a nod while wondering what form the test could possibly take.

Richard was speaking again, "I am going to leave you now, but on that table over there you will find some photographs. There are one hundred of them, and each has a number. You will also find some coloured pens. I would like you to look at each photograph carefully, right through the whole set. When you have done that, you are to begin again with the first one, but this time sort them into two piles, those you reject as being of least interest in one stack, and those you decide are more interesting to you in the other. Take the red pen and mark a cross on the back of each reject and a circle on each accepted print. You may only go through the set twice, so take your time and be careful in your choice; once you have chosen, you cannot change your mind. When you have completed that, ring the bell on the table and Hans will come and give you details of the next stage of the test. Now, forgive me, but I must leave you. I hope you will find the test stimulating; meanwhile, I will be in touch again soon. Thank you for coming." He rose and left the room.
Tom remained in his chair for several minutes after Richard left. He was tempted to go over to the book-lined walls and examine Richard's extensive library, but remembering that he was in the house 'on approval', he decided against doing anything other than that which he had been instructed to do. He got up and sat at the table where Richard had left the photographs.

The first picture was of a man dressed in the most fantastic array of rubber-gear that Tom had ever seen; it was the sort of outfit he had fantasised about hundreds of times, and he could not put it down. The sight of the figure in the picture brought his cock surging to massive erection in his jeans, and he had to stand up for a minute to get it into a comfortable position. He realised that time was moving on, and took up the next photograph; this was just as exciting, as indeed the whole set proved to be. He wondered how he was ever going to be able honestly to reject any of these; the choice was impossible.

He sat for a while when he had finished his first examination of the photos, thinking hard, trying to decide upon a basis for selection. All the pictures were wildly exciting rubber shots, and there was not one he would not have been proud to have possessed himself. While he considered the set of photographs as a whole, it dawned on him that it fell quite neatly into two groups; those showing single figures posing passively, and action shots of groups of rubber-clad guys, all with the same theme; one figure submitting to various forms of rubber treatment by the others. He decided to reject all the single-figure shots and accept those depicting group action. He marked them accordingly and rang the bell.

Within seconds the door was opened by a dark-haired man in his early thirties. He smiled, "Good evening, Sir. I am Hans, may I have the photographs you have rejected, please." There was just a trace of German accent. Hans was a powerful six-footer, he had massive shoulders and a bull-neck. His hair was cut 'en brosse' which accentuated his powerful appearance. With his features in repose, Hans looked brutal, but the softness of his voice combined with his bewitching smile to dispel the momentary impression of brutishness. Tom passed the rejected photos to Hans.

"Thank you, Sir. Would you please now select twenty-six photographs from those remaining, and arrange them in order of preference. Use the green pen to mark them A to Z according to your interest in each. There is plenty of time; the Doctor will expect you to take great care in your selection and arrangement of the pictures. Please ring when you have finished."

Hans left Tom alone once more, and he realised he had not addressed a single word to Hans. He noticed he was feeling quite drained by the concentration the test was imposing upon him. He counted the remaining pictures and discovered that there were fifty-three. This was going to be the most difficult part because all the remaining prints were visual expressions of all the wildest rubber fantasies Tom had ever dreamed about. Once more he had to decide upon a basis for selection. Some of the shots were fairly routine S & M rubber scenes; a few were straightforward rubber bondage, while others combined both. Tom had already noticed that there was a hard-core of shots much more elaborate than the others in terms of the equipment portrayed, and the treatment being administered to the submissive figure in each. In these particular shots there was extensive use of various items of rubber medical equipment. Tom found his attention returning repeatedly to this last group; there was no doubt about it, these were the ones that attracted him most of all. He separated these from the others, and counted them - there were twenty-six. Suddenly he realised he had 'cracked' the test, and that he was choosing along the lines he had been intended to by Richard.

He felt momentarily elated, but he knew that having got this far, the order in which he arranged his final selection would be crucial, and he paused to consider his next move carefully.

Tom looked through the whole of the twenty-six prints several times, and so fascinating were the photos that each time he completed a run-through he found himself choosing a different order of preference. He was wary because he was certain that there was only one way that would be acceptable to Richard, and he knew that unless he found the correct sequence, Richard would have no further interest in him.

He stood up, and reaching over the table, began setting the prints out in rows until the whole table was covered and he could see them all at once. Then he sat and stared at them for a while, 'Where do I start?’ he asked himself. It was at that moment that Tom tumbled that there was indeed a rational sequence of events being depicted and that one photograph followed on logically from another. What had puzzled him was that the photos were all of different groups of individuals, and that none of them had been taken in the same place; the importance lay in the actual event being shown. He could not help but admire the cunning with which Richard had prepared this test.
Within five minutes he had arranged all the prints and once he had marked them, he felt able for the first time since his arrival, to relax. He reached for the bell to summon Hans, but stopped himself. He wanted one last look at the collection of shots of some of the most fantastic rubber scenes he had ever seen. He also wanted, just once more, to make absolutely certain that he had got it right. Satisfied at last that he had, he sat back. His cock was throbbing in his jeans once more. Were these scenes going to be re-enacted with him as the central figure if he were Richard's chosen candidate? His brain raced over the prospect; if that were to be the case, it would be like a dream come true. He remembered the bell, and rang.

Hans appeared.
"You have chosen, Sir?"
"Yes, thank you."
Hans took the sheaf of prints and smiled,
"I will show you out, Sir."

Tom stood. Hans' smile broadened into a grin as he noted Tom's barely concealed rampant cock within his jeans, but he led Tom to the door without comment. They bade each other farewell, and Tom was alone outside.

He looked at his watch and was surprised to discover that he had been in the house for almost four hours. As he walked back to the tube station he reflected on the strangeness of his reception. The studied politeness - formality almost - first of Richard and then of the two housemen. He could not help noticing that he had been addressed throughout as 'Sir', especially as he had been in the house in the role of a potential submissive.

To Tom it all seemed very strange - and exciting.
Thinking over events had done nothing to stifle the excitement boiling and churning inside Tom. He stared at the black door, knowing that once through it there would be no turning back. He approached the door and gave a tentative push; it opened easily and he went through.

He was in what was obviously an ante-room. The first thing he noticed as the door closed silently behind him was that the smell of rubber was even stronger. The room itself was tiled entirely in pale green, like an operating room. The lighting was bright, though not harsh. Along one wall there was a stainless steel bench with a black rubber-covered seat. The wall opposite was occupied by a large mirror, itself flanked by two large black steel lockers. Ahead of him, opposite the door through which he had entered, were double doors, also black. Each door had a circular window of blackened glass. Tom sat on the bench and began undressing, as he had been instructed. He noticed the floor was made of a black rubber compound, which he suspected was the source of the strong rubber smell. He folded his clothing neatly and placed his things at one end of the bench, then sat down to wait.

This was the culmination of many visits to the house. There had been two weeks of almost unendurable suspense following that first visit. Then came a letter from Richard stating that his choice of photographs had been 'an excellent one, entirely compatible with what I have in mind', and inviting him to visit the house at seven the following Monday 'if he still cared to'. Tom had smiled when he read that line.
He thought Monday would never come, and when it did, he was at the house at seven precisely.

Karl admitted him, "Good evening, Sir. Please come to the study."

Tom followed, the room was empty, no sign of Richard. He looked enquiringly at Karl who said, "There is a form with some questions for you to complete, please answer them truthfully - your life could depend on it. When you have finished, ring the bell and I will take you to the Doctor." Alone again, Tom studied the form. The questions were mostly about his medical history. Had he had any serious illnesses, operations, etc., was he allergic to anything. Had he any experience of certain drugs, did he take regular exercise and follow a healthy diet; all mostly routine and straightforward questions for a form of that type, but with a curiously penetrating edge to them. By now Tom was growing accustomed to Richard's methodical, not to say meticulous, approach, and although he still found it somewhat tedious, he was nevertheless very intrigued by what lay behind it.

The form completed, he rang the bell and Karl arrived almost instantly. "Please come with me, Sir, and bring the form, the Doctor will require it."

He led Tom back into the hall and upstairs. They walked along a short passage; Karl knocked on one of several doors leading from the corridor.

Tom heard Richard's voice, "Come in!"

Karl stood to one side and silently indicated that Tom should enter.

The room was a consulting room. No elegance here; everything was entirely functional and professional.

Richard was sitting at a desk, "Hello Tom, please strip, I am going to give you a medical." He did not rise, but held his hand out to take the form, which he read as Tom undressed.

Tom was subjected to the most thorough medical he could remember; blood pressure check, a long and searching session with stethoscope, detailed examination of every orifice. The whole of his body was minutely examined.

As the examination proceeded, Richard talked, "I promised to tell you something of myself. You already know of my interest in rubber, it is something which has been with me all of my life, from childhood, as it has with you. Where we differ is that I prefer the dominant role, while the submissive role seems to suit you best. As a medical man I specialised in anesthetics and was for some years consultant anesthetist in a London teaching hospital, as well as having a lucrative private practice."

"There were two things about my work which fascinated me. Firstly, much of the equipment I used was rubber, and secondly, I became very interested in the psychological effect upon patients who were being inducted into anesthesia. I ask you, Tom, can you conceive of a greater degree of submission than that of one human being lying on a table waiting to have his consciousness taken from him by another?"
Without waiting for a reply, he continued, "For a long time I pondered the ramifications of this interesting juxtaposing of humans."

He paused briefly to allow Tom to absorb the impact of his remarks, and went on, "Fortune had been generous, enabling me to resign my posts in order to return to university to read Psychology. Naturally, I was pursuing my rubber-life all the time, developing ideas and applying much of my professional experience and knowledge to the expansion of my erotic activities. Eventually, I gained my degree in Psychology, and although I don't practice this particular discipline professionally, I have found the wider knowledge invaluable in the planning and execution of the type of situation we are presently embarking upon with your kind assistance.

"As for my professional life now, I hold a couple of honorary posts as consultant in anesthetics as well as seeing a few private patients. The remainder of my time is devoted to rubber - hence your presence here." He smiled, and once more Tom was aware of an innate power within Richard. He was uncertain whether any comment was expected, and racked his brains for something sensible to say, but Richard had picked up the questionnaire, and said, "You are in excellent condition, and so far as your health is concerned, there will be no problem about your capacity to tolerate the various rubber-related procedures I have devised."

Once again Richard paused. He laid the questionnaire on the desk and sat back, closing his eyes as he did so. Several seconds passed and Tom shifted in his seat. Richard opened his eyes and told Tom, "Well, young man, I can put you out of your misery and tell you that I am accepting you as a successful candidate. I am satisfied that you have the will to undergo what I plan. The photographs you saw the other evening will give you some idea of what is in store for you. It will take me several weeks to prepare for the 'Great Occasion', which will last for forty-eight hours at least. For obvious reasons I am not going to disclose precisely what will take place, but you will get some idea during the intervening weeks simply by observing carefully some of the preparations. Incidentally, the first of the preparations is to record all your measurements and I do mean all of them. Hans will be here presently to do that, after which you may go. I shall thereafter require your presence here every Monday at seven, and it will be necessary for you to keep the whole of each Monday evening free; you are to be here every Monday until told otherwise."

Tom was quick to note the slight change in Richard's manner. The urbanity was giving way to a more commanding demeanor; Richard's voice was acquiring something of an 'edge', while his eyes had taken on a strange intensity which Tom found profoundly exciting. Richard was continuing, "I will not need to be present when you come next Monday, in fact it is unlikely that we shall meet again until you actually undergo the ultimate session. Hans and Karl have my complete confidence in their ability to prepare you. Both are highly trained and totally disciplined, and they know exactly what to do. You will do everything they ask of you; you will co-operate with them in every respect, for example Hans will question you closely after certain of the tests, chiefly about your reactions. The answers you give must be the truth and any details you supply must be accurate. This is most important for you because some of the procedures that you will eventually undergo, although very thrilling, do carry a certain amount of risk; I naturally wish to minimize risks. You will not attempt to question them about the tests; what you need to know they will tell you anyway. Some of the tests will stimulate you sexually, that is only natural. Do not be embarrassed, they will expect it. Make no attempt to engage either man in sexual activity. So far as they are concerned it is merely a job of work, and I can assure you their interest in you is purely professional. Do I make myself plain?" Richard's voice had now become hard. Tom nodded, but remained silent.

Richard smiled, "Yes, Tom, there are two sides to my nature. Until tonight I have been the gracious host - now I have taken charge of your rubber-life, and you will submit to all my requirements, none of which will be unreasonable. Many of them will be extreme in terms of what is common practice among rubbermen. We have, I hope, established beyond doubt that there is nothing commonplace about this enterprise. You will not be expected to submit to anything that would be beyond your capacity to tolerate. The tests to be conducted upon you in the coming weeks will enable me to determine precisely where your limits lie. You will be surprised, and I hope, gratified by the end result.

You have studied the photographs, and because you have returned here of your own free will, I have assumed your willingness to submit to all or any of the procedures depicted. You should understand from the outset that you are not in the position of a slave. Slavery by definition implies compulsion - there will be none. Your submission implies your consent. Slavery, even in the context of fantasy, implies divesting a man of his dignity. I plan to enhance yours as a rubberman, insofar as you will have crossed thresholds few others have even contemplated. That in itself should be a source of pride to us both, and slaves are never proud. I stress that although you may at times be required to endure pain, you will not be harmed, and I promise you that when you leave after the final session, the only permanent changes you will notice in yourself will be that your experience will be greater, and so far as rubber matters are concerned you will be a great deal wiser. You will also have some incredible memories to cherish."

The door opened, Hans entered, "Hello, Tom. Congratulations on being chosen."
Tom nodded his thanks with a grin. Richard rose, and moving towards the door, said, "You may carry on now, Hans. Goodnight, Tom. Until we meet again."

Tom noticed that Hans no longer addressed him as 'Sir' - another change. Tom reckoned that he was being 'managed' into his submissive role. He could not help but feel, knowing himself and his own predilections, that this was unnecessary. He was impressed by the thoroughness with which Richard was making preparations, and he considered that when it eventually arrived, the 'Great Occasion', as Richard termed it, was going to be something very special. At that moment Tom could not know how right he was about that.



Friday, June 17th
10 pm

Live Fuck Machine Demo
$5 off with this ad

Rubber friends are in town this weekend! I'm hoping to get them all to meet me and Mr. P at Steamworks tonight. Hopefully things will work out! I missed the inaugural Twisted night when Mitch was demoing the Alien Egg. I'm not about to miss this one, especially with the potential for some rubber bondage and sex! :D

West Coast Rubber 2011

The 7th annual WCR Summer Weekend slides your way this August 19 - 21 in Los Angeles with the hot, slippery, pervy action you've come to love!

AUGUST 19 - 21, 2011

West Coast Rubber is sliding in to action once again this summer in Los Angeles. We've moved to a new date to let you hard core pigs "indulge" yourself at Folsom Europe. But you know you can look forward to just as much wet, slippery fun as years past.

Here's a peek at the schedule. You know us though...we'll dig up some more mayhem as we get closer!

Friday, August 19
Gear Night Rubber Invasion at the Eagle LA, 9 PM

Saturday, August 20
Brunch reception at Rubbellion, 12 Noon
Anvil Club - Vulcan Edition, 9 PM

Sunday, August 21
Gear Up Pool Party and BBQ, 12 Noon - 5 PM
Full Rubber Dinner - location and time TBD

Packages and tickets will go on sale soon and we'll flesh in more details like lodging and other boring stuff as we have them. Get Your Gear On - Get Your Rocks Off!

Check out the info on WCR 2010 for some inspiration!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rubberzone's Big 15!

Even though many many other sites have feted Rubberzone's anniversary, I feel obligated to post a shout-out to them as well. :)
Celebrating 15 Years of Rubber

A Brief History of RubberZone

The origin of RubberZone can be traced to the spring of 1996.

RubberZone’s founder, Squirm, started an online directory called “The Rubber Lovers Contact List”, one of the first (perhaps the very first) web-based lists of Rubbermen-seeking-Rubbermen, rather than solely a picture site, at the domain

The list was inspired by the work of groups that had nurtured the fledgling (in the US, at least) rubber community for years before via print and mail, including the New World Rubbermen in Washington state, and the Rubber Rebel magazine (later incarnated as Vulcan Magazine) in California.

The site was actually an offshoot of a work project for converting material in databases, such as catalogs, to a navigable web format. What better use than a directory of latex pervs to keep one from being bored at the office?

Over the years, the web site evolved into its own fully interactive experience, at the domain

In the late 90’s, another rubber site took the scene by storm,, founded by JimmyB and Tommy.

Seeing the how the content and features of both sites were complementary, the sites were eventually merged with combined operations. A new name was chosen to launch the new combination (also in part because an overseas profile site had started using "rubbermen" in their title without permission, leading to customer confusion) and RubberZone, “The Fusion of MEN and RUBBER” was formed.

Now an independent web site, RubberZone outdates many fetish web sites, and over that time we've been lucky to witness the birth of rubber events that are now thriving institutions. RubberZone added a production studio and now augments member-submitted content with original photo and video shoots.

This year, we’ve launched the new RubberZone Web Store, with the ability to sell more than just subscriptions. Now there are Video Downloads and DVDs, and we hope to have some gear offerings in the future.

The sheer number of people who are out and proud and making friends in the fetish world has grown tremendously, and the Internet has shaken up the fetish world, in many was positive, but has also transformed the bar scene in a way that makes people miss what once was. There is much more gear available to rubbermen and many online options. Who knows what the next 15 years will bring?
Congratulations Squirm and Stomper! Your work has brought rubber fetishism out of the closet and I think I can speak for many of us perverts when I say your work has been pivotal in developing many of us into what we are today; confident, kinky, empowered, sexy rubbermen. You have helped bring us out of the lonely shadows into the social digital age. Thank you!

Chicago Rubbermen Celebrate Wood

Chicago Rubbermen Anniversary Party

The Chicago Rubbermen are 5 years old! Turns out the appropriate gift to give in year 5 is wood (yes, really). Rubber has given us wood for the past 5 years so it's our turn to give back. Join us at the Cell Block Chicago on Saturday, July 9 at 10pm for a night of rubber fun and prizes. Cheap drinks: $4.50 call drinks and import beer, $3.50 well drinks.

And for every person who walks through the door wearing rubber, the Chicago Rubbermen will give that person a free raffle ticket and donate $5 to the Center on Halsted up to a total of $500. Imagine you and 99 other rubbered-up sexy bodies for a night...The more of you and your friends who show up, the more we give back! It's that simple. If you or your friend doesn't have gear but wants to join the raffle, tickets are only $5. The Chicago Rubbermen will match that in a donation to the Center, too.

Giveaways include:

  • Full weekend package to Mister International Rubber this November in Chicago
  • MIR rubber sleeveless shirt
  • MIR cotton short sleeve t-shirt
  • Original Devil Dawg Rubber black rubber jock
  • Steamworks coupons
  • And more!
Plus, we'll also be helping recruit potential contestants for Mister Midwest Rubber which will take place on July 15 & 16 at Touche Bar Chicago. The Chicago Rubbermen proudly support any opportunity to promote rubbermen in Chicago, so come join us! As always, visit our website for details on upcoming parties and events.

Stay rubbered up!

Sincerely yours,
The Chicago Rubbermen

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Gimp After My Own Heart

A couple of Recon friends sent me these great pics of their last rubber session a week or so ago. Aren't they amazing?  They certainly push my, sexy photographs.

I think I have another hot rubberstud to put on the list of must-haves ;)

He likes his latex nice and tight.

Pics were graciously shared by Fullrubber, the model is inlether on Recon. Initially he didn't want his identity revealed but now I think he wants traffic to his profile, being a true rubber pervert! ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

FABLE: The Ultimate Rubber Fantasy

A lot of your pervs have been asking for a source of this story, and it seems that the original one has disappeared. I am also not sure about some of the mirrors since I never did bookmark them. Fortunately about five years ago, I downloaded the story in it's entirety and generated an electronic copy and hard copy of the story for my own enjoyment. Now I think it is time to resurrect the online version of this story. It is the best rubberman fantasy story I have ever read and was pivotal in the pervy rubber awakenings in me. For that reason, I am going to post a chapter of the story weekly for the next 20 weeks. Just like a rubber dom top, I love to keep you all in suspense. It's only appropriate, yes? ;)

So that being said, I will post the first chapter this Friday followed by chapters each Friday after until you have the entire story. It is hot and I am sure many of you will get your jollies from reading it.

For reference and kudos, the information I have for the story is the following:

Title: FABLE
Sub-title: The Ultimate Gay Rubber Fantasy
Author: Oxygenmaskman (John Cooper)
originally posted at:

The Dane Effect?

Er, caption these? From The Tight Spot.

Learning How to Intubate

Is it weird that I get a medical fetish buzz from this?

These videos show intubation administration to army volunteers. Do not try this at home unless trained in intubation with proper equipment!

Just an FYI - the guy in the second video doesn't insert the tube properly. The tube is made for the right nostril and you start it upside down then rotate it 180 degrees after it is started. That way is no where near as painful as it moves it gently into the sinus cavity instead of forcing its way past the tissue (thats generally what causes it to bleed).

I would LOVE to see this done on a completely rubberized bondage sub on a video someday. Anyone want a guinea pig? Expressing my ultimate rubber bondage fantasy includes nasopharyngeal and gastrointestinal intubation, anal intubation and catheterization, ultimately having all biological systems under control by outside processes. A rubber bondage master could have control of air, food, drugs, and sexual devices administered. I still need to find another on-line copy of the 'FABLE: Ultimate Rubber Fantasy' story so you can all read what I'm thinking about. :)

Bizarre? Yes. Reasonable? Maybe not. Hot rubberization internally and externally? Definitely!

Refer to "The Patient" vids on YouTube here and here. Don't watch any of the other ones, they suck.

I think since I haven't seen the story online for awhile, I might just have to post an electronic copy here. I feel kinda weird about it, since I don't have any way to credit it. Maybe that will come naturally once it's out there and searchable again :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Eagle LA Mr. Rubber 2011 Contest, Friday June 24th

Eagle L.A

Bathhouse Tips

This blog entry by iBi is a great information resource for the bathhouse newbie. Heed and be experienced! ;) Keep in mind this is his perspective, outcomes may vary.

Tips for Visiting a Gay Bathhouse

I do not, under any circumstance, want to scare you away from going to your first bathhouse experience. They can be really fun. A few things to be aware of from the start. Most bathhouses tend to be in questionable parts of town, so precautions should always be taken. As with any such establishment, theft may occur so be cautious and take care of your belongings (when I first started myself, a thief licking my ass actually picked and chose which of my credit cards to steal).

Another thing, drug use occurs way too often and tweakers can be rampant. I personally think a bathhouse is the exact wrong place to indulge yourself in case the trip goes badly. I’ve seen weird shit go down too often. If things go wrong, the workers will usually just toss your ass out on the street. Tweakers can also be among the worst thieves, especially of cash, valuables, poppers and sex supplies.

Before you go…

1. Shower and clean up thoroughly
2. Clean and trim and be as neat as possible
3. If you’re a bottom or you’re thinking there’s even the most remote possibility you might bottom, douche, douche again, and douche extra deep. Then wait a couple of hours and repeat.

Things to bring with you…

1. Plenty of cash (to get in, snacks, drinks and a cab if you need it to get home or somewhere safe)
2. Driver’s license (yes, you will be required to show one to get in and some places even hold it up front until you leave)
3. A cell phone (some places say they’re not allowed, just hide it; you may need it later when you leave)
4. Poppers & lube (I recommend you bring two small bottles of poppers — because one will get stolen — and several pillow packs of lube)
5. Optionally, you may want to bring sandals if you’re concerned about a little athlete’s foot later (as if that’s the worst thing you could pick up in a bathhouse)

What not to bring…

1. Credit cards or any extra items in your wallet (again, it just puts them at risk to be stolen)
2. Expensive jewelry (target for thieves)
3. Condoms (no need because there’s always plenty of free ones available and around, even if you’re a nazi)
4. An attitude

Attitude deserves a special call out. Do not bring one with you to a bathhouse. While there will people you will not want to have sex with, there’s nothing less attractive on a man than the I-am-so-much-better-than-you-because-I-am-buff-beautiful-and-young attitude. Truth is, you’re a sex fiend and you are walking around in a towel looking for dick or ass or mouth or to be pissed on or whatever.

There’s a level of mutual respect in a bathhouse that usually happens and I’ve seen attitude queens get shunned because they’re rude to the trolls.

What to wear…

You are observed when you arrive. I prefer the casual jeans, t-shirt, hoodie, sneakers, etc. Again, nothing too expensive in case it gets lost. Oh, and I usually have an extra set of clothes in my car in case the set of clothes inside gets gone somehow.

When you arrive…

You will be asked for your photo ID (driver’s license) and will be required to “join” the private club or purchase a day pass (if they have one). It will be expensive — anywhere from $20 to $50. Then you will have a selection of a locker to different levels of rooms.

Lockers are just that. Just like a health club. All you get is a locker with a lock. You put your clothes and belongings inside it. You do not have a place to go to have sex. You will have sex in a public area or hope that the guy or guys you decide to hook up with have a room. Some bathhouses do not allow sex in public or open spaces, despite the fact they are a bathhouse.

I personally recommend a room for a first-timer. This will give you a retreat away from things. Most basic rooms just have a light-bulb with a small platform, a tiny cushion (not long enough to stretch out on), a pillow and a door that locks. It’s a tiny little room, basically the size of a closet. At the front desk, you are provided with a towel, some linens, a paper bag and a key to the room. Some places will allow you to lock items up front like your cell phone, keys and/or wallet.

(I personally never go cell-phone-less but I’ve never had a problem with the lock box.)

Room options including full size beds (which means if you’re going to spend a long time there, it might be easier to snooze), rooms with television (of course, playing gay porn), rooms with slings and other specialized rooms (massage, medical equipment, etc.). All of these options cost more money.

You are renting the locker or the room for a period of time — eight hours is normal.

If you choose to go with the buddy system and take a friend, you technically cannot “share” a room. To save the most money, one of you needs to buy a locker and the other can buy a room. But I recommend you both buy rooms and ask the host to give you rooms close to one another.

When you arrive, you are expected to go and find you room, remove all your clothing (yes, ALL of it, underwear included) and put the towel on. Then you are basically ready for sex.

A few suggestions…

1. Don’t get your feelings hurt when you’re refused or turned down. Everyone has their types.
2. Don’t be a bitch when a guy who turned you down earlier decides later to take you on.
3. You paid a lot of money to get into this place, so remember that it’s about the journey, not the destination. Don’t try to cum immediately. Just have fun. And if you cum, try to cum a few times before leaving.
Basics on a bathhouse

In general, barebacking is the norm at a bathhouse. Don’t scream at me. It’s true. In all my encounters at bathhouses, I’ve only had one man ever insist on a condom. I see condoms everywhere. In fact, almost every bottom I’ve ever fucked had condoms with him. Men love the appearance that they’re going to be safe. But the truth is men are pigs and that includes our sexual encounters.

If you want to have safe sex and you are a bottom, I recommend you take a spotter or buddy with you to make sure your top stays wrapped and keeps wrapped. I’ve never stealthed at a bathhouse (again, there’s no need to) but I imagine it would be easy.

You will encounter men of all shapes and sizes and races and ages. Believe me, someone for everyone exists at a decent bathhouse on a good night. You may not get your number one choice, but you sure as fuck can have a good time.

Don’t be afraid to step back from a bad experience and move on if you’re not enjoying yourself. It’s okay. If he can’t suck cock and he won’t let me fuck his ass, I move on. Not worth my time. Don’t worry about hurting his feelings. And try not to let yours get hurt. It’s just about the sex.

Different areas in a bathhouse

Of course, each bathhouse is different so it varies. I’ll just highlight a few that I know.

1. The steamroom. Since I wear glasses, this is a room I generally stay away from, but it’s the old fashioned steamed up, hot as hell room. Sex can happen or start here. It’s hard to see (even if you don’t have glasses).
2. The dry sauna. Same as the steamroom but without the steam, so you can see what you’re getting into. I’ve seen plenty of sucking and even a little fucking in the dry sauna. Sweat really lubes up the cock and ass in this space.
3. Showers. Generally, men go here to clean up between encounters or to show off their bodies and big cocks.
4. Exercise room. Really working on my gluts, man. I’ve seen a lot of rooms with equipment but never seen the rooms actually used for anything other than, well, the beginning of hook-ups.
5. Sunbathing area. For those sun-worshipers, it’s an outdoor space for getting a tan (and sometimes smoking). Nude sunbathing is the norm here and sex can start and even finish here, although I’ve only really seen oral.
6. Jacuzzi and/or pool. Come on get soaking wet with other men. Funny thing is I’ve seen more men get funky in the sauna or steamroom than in the jacuzzi/pool. And they always seem to over chlorinate these waters.
7. Mazes. Personally, I find these spaces can be fun if done right. It’s usually a room, painted black with very little light. I saw one with black lights and with painted obscene messages in fluorescent paints. Sometimes there’s gloryholes. Wander through and see if lots of men are cruising around.
8. Dark rooms or “black outs.” Rather than a maze, this is just a room or a hallway that is completely dark. You cannot see who is touching you and they cannot see you. Anything goes here.
9. Dance floor. Yes, I have seen bathhouses where you can cut a rug and dance with you cock out. Not my thing. Don’t ask me.
10. Lounge. No sex here. Usually a nice space with a television, some fake plants and snack machine. It’s a place to take a break.
11. Locker room. For all your fantasies, no sex here. For the cheapest rates at a bathhouse, you rent a locker and you change here and lock up your belongings here.
12. Massage room. Some places will “rent” or loan the room to a “licensed” therapist. His job is to work out your stress, which seems to be in your shoulders, your back, your ass, your asshole, your balls and your cock. When all that stress is finally released all over his hand or the inside of his mouth or ass, you owe him money. Gosh, this place is expensive.
13. Bunk room. For the frugal locker users, they don’t have a place to sleep off the drug-induced crash or the post-ejaculation downer, so some offer this kind of space. Now, I’ve found sometimes hook-ups can start here.
14. Cyber lounge. So there’s not enough men in the bathhouse, check out all the men online and invite them over. Have cybersex online! Yay! Come on dude! Real live human beings with cocks and mouths and assholes nearby. Don’t be so picky.
15. Fetish rooms. Jail cells, medical bays, dungeons, meat locker, rodeo, sling, St. Andrew’s cross, etc. are available. Sometimes these are rooms at a cost, sometimes these are public play areas. Either way, if you have a fantasy, they can happen. I’ve seen each of these.

The different cruisers…

Door wide open, on his back, jerking off to video
(oral bottom 80% chance, anal bottom 60% chance, oral top 30% chance, anal top 40% chance)
He wants a good look at you and wants you to get a good look at him. So, if you’re interested, linger in view for a moment. He’ll glance at you a few times. If his attention goes back to the television and ignores you, move on. If not, move to the doorway, rub your crotch. He should begin jerking off more to you than the TV. Again, if at anytime, he goes back to the TV, then move on. Otherwise, open your towel so he can see your inflating cock and move toward him. If he reaches toward it, close the door. If he motions “no” with his hand, move on.

Door wide open, on his stomach, “relaxing”
(anal bottom 100% chance, oral bottom 60% chance, anal top 0% chance, oral top 5% chance)
He’s looking to get fucked, obviously. He might be a little picky about who does it. Slow down, approach, step up. If he says, “I’m just taking a break” or “I’m just relaxing,” then move on. That’s code for, “I’m not interested.” If he says nothing, keep getting closer and touch his ass. He’ll likely be extremely passive and you’ll need to guide him to suck if you want sucked.

Door wide open, on his stomach, “asleep”
(anal bottom 100% chance, oral bottom 0% chance, anal top 0% chance, oral top 0% chance)
He is looking to get fucked and he is likely already loaded. A few times. He’s not picky (and it’s rare to find these kind of men are good looking or decent looking or anything above fugly). Sometimes they really are asleep, coming down off crystal after being fucked for 12 hours straight. Now I personally love dipping into a preloaded ass — there’s something hot about it — but there’s some places even I won’t go. I let sleeping dogs lie.

Door open, standing in door, naked, relaxed
(50%-50% on everything)
Eye contact is everything pretty much here on out, so if he’s in the door, he’s ready to invite you in. Just stop near by let him get a good look at you, you get a good look at him, look him in the eye, if he keeps looking at you, approach. Now hopefully he’s not staring at a bizarre birthmark over your left eye or anything. Tweak a nipple or ask in a low voice what he’s interested in. You can glance inside his room to see what’s out. But he’ll tell you what he wants to do. You do the same. Don’t be afraid to move on. Likewise, don’t be afraid to step inside and sample the wares.

Standing along the wall, no place in particular
(50%-50% on everything)
Again, eye contact matters. (Personally, I think tops tend to roam more and bottoms tend to be more stationary, but that’s not necessarily a rule.) Just like the previous one, watch him for a bit, if he watches you, good eye contact, saddle up to him and start a conversation. “Howzit going today?” or “Any luck so far?”

Wandering around, wearing a towel
(50%-50% on everything)
Following him will not work. DO NOT STALK. He will slow down if he’s interested in you. Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact. Generally, I monitor his pattern and if he’s headed a route toward where my room is, I’ll conveniently need to stop in my room. I’ll glance over my shoulder toward him repeatedly. If he looks at me and I’m looking at him, the message is received. I’ll leave the door open a crack and he’ll step in behind. Brief exchange of interest then go at it or kick his ass out.

Wandering around, wearing fashionable underwear, towel over shoulder
(bottom 90% chance, top 20% chance, tweaker 75% chance)
Where does he store the crystal bags? In his underwear. He’s hot. He’s out of your league. But if he’s high enough, chances are you can fuck his ass. Just be aware if he’s been doing booty bumps, you might get some on or in your cock. In general, though, I’ve found that these guys run around in pairs and are actually the men selling the drugs.

Stalkers or (worse) stalker trolls
(0% chance of anything)
These guys just will not leave you alone. They follow. They try to touch. They don’t get the hint that you’re not interested. To get them off my scent, I’ve gone into my room, locked the door and waited for 15 to 20 minutes. If they’re still outside waiting on you to come out, I roll my eyes with a disgusted look on my face, close the door and wait another five. If they’re still waiting, I will be so bold to tell them to fuck off. Drugged up stalkers might make things a little dangerous so it’s not worth it. Just leave.

Couples getting their jollies
(10% chance of anything)
Seeking to get a little spice in your love life? Well, these couples are. So they go to a bathhouse, open the door and fuck. They want you to watch. They even don’t mind a little touching. But the top will not let anyone else fuck the bottom and the top will not fuck anyone else. That is, unless you’re a couple of leagues above their collective top status. So let’s save the bottom is a seven (on the one-to-ten scale) and the top is a five. The third they might play with would need to be at least an eight (if he’s another top) or a nine. That is, unless he’s really hung and the top is sort of versatile.

Jerkers (or voyeurs)
(0% or anything other than bukkake)
These are guys just looking to watch. They will wander around until they see something happening and they will stand back and jerk it. They just want to masturbate. They do not want anyone else to play with them.

Tips and tricks

Who has a room and who has a locker? Which did you rent? Your key is on a lanyard or wristband with a certain color. So let’s say you rented a room and it’s a red wristband. As you walk through, you notice a lot of men standing in the hall have a bunch of blue wristbands along with a few reds and a couple of greens. Chances are the blue are locker boys with greens for special rooms.

Between tricks. If you get hot and heavy with anyone, it’s polite to go take a quick rinse off. You don’t have to completely shower off and lather up every inch. But at least get the top layer of cum, spit, sweat and lube off of you.

Dick breath. I always carry a fresh pack of gum that I chew between encounters. I don’t recommend bringing a toothbrush (even for the best mouth hygiene, you could open your gums for bleeding with could introduce your blood or theirs). If you want something stronger than gum, bring a sample of mouthwash.

Using a secret word. If I go with a buddy, I always have a “secret word” that we both know. If either of us use it, it’s an indication of need. Loyal friends will drop what or who he’s doing and run to the rescue. Usually that means going to the other’s room. It really depends on the circumstance and your discussions with your friend.

Shit it out. If you need to shit, go home.

When to go

Of course, weekends are always the best — Friday night until Sunday night. However some surprising times I find works:

- Mondays: If you didn’t get laid over the weekend and you want it, you’ll end up in the bathhouse on Monday. It’s also convenient to take Monday off from work since it’s next to the weekend.
- Thursday night: College towns especially will usually have a good night on Thursday. If someone is taking off Friday too and want to kick the weekend off with a good lay, Thursday night is when the weekend begins.

Each town and city is different. Each has a different vibe, a different day or night that might make a different time better or worst. For example, when do the bars close? That’s when the horny men will show up at the bathhouses for a quickie.

Post an ad to and see what the locals suggest. They will usually steer you the right direction.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Splinter Cell Revisited

I am so inspired to resurrect my Sam Fisher look!  I found these pics online; I love to emulate this Special Forces/paramilitary look in tight, sleek black latex.  All I'm missing is some cool night vision headgear (in a latex form, of course) and some realistic-looking firepower.
*Sigh* the original Splinter Cell game came out in 2002, almost 10 years ago.  Where has all the time gone?  Where has the rubber stealth suit gone?  Times are a-changing...
It's been quite a week; as you can tell I didn't have much time to formulate some posts until today. Freakin' 55 hours this week - wouldn't be so bad if I got paid more than 40. Oh well, it will add to my utilization target for the year, meaning that I might be able to slack off a bit later in the year, if that's possible.

I Want To Be Reincarnated as a Dancebelt....

I've always had a chubby for dancers. I think one of my earliest pics I can recall that got me onto the path of perversion as far as skintight stuff goes was a pic of Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn in "Swan Lake". Is was a pic of Rudolf's derriere in ballet tights, and it was an image that is seared in my memory forever. Ballet gear is the tightest of the tight, and thankfully highlights the musculature, form and bulge of some very hot, fit, flexible guys.

Classical ballet (and all danceforms in general) are among the most physically demanding professions/pursuits a human body can tolerate.  These guys aren't pussies; they're the fittest of the fit!