Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today's rubber

It got pretty hot in there after awhile, hot enough that the sweat and lube was foaming up under the rubber and squishing around whenever I moved. Hot!

Gear and Fetish Night in Calgary

CgyLeatherSon did a great job of getting the word out...there was a great turnout of gearheads at the Eagle last night! Lots of leatherdads, a few of us in rubber. CgyLeatherSon has suggested another Friday night in March for the next event. Let's keep the momentum going and get some more pervs out for the next one!



Before heading out to the Gear Event at the Eagle last night (for which there was an excellent turn-out...more on that later!), I had a friend over for a bit of rubber fun. He's a very cute boi who likes his kinks. I think initially he wasn't going to gear up but after showing him my rubber collection he got into the mood for some dressing up and bondage. It was a great time. I hope he wants to play some more in the future! I offered to put him in the vacrack last night. Next visit, perhaps?

He looked fantastic in the STR suit and peripherals. He's got great arms and shoulders...I was worried that I wouldn't be able to zip him in!

Bound and poppered, just like any proper rubberboi should be...

The STR suit has seen better days. Since the big blowout in the suit last summer, the thing has just been slowly deteriorating. After my friend was in the suit, I noticed yet another small hole in the zipper area above the ass. Another repair job to do...there's been a lot of that going on lately!

I mentioned in the Winter Warmup entry about 'play' rubber vs. 'show' rubber. Most of my suits, particularly the colored ones are .35mm or .4mm latex, which is stretchy and thin and looks great skintight, however it will not standup to play very well. It is best left to wearing to events where you will be standing, socializing and dancing -- or photo shoots, of course. Play rubber should be thicker, more like .5mm, .6mm or .8mm latex that will stand up to rough play. As much as I love the thin stuff, for practical reasons I need to get something thicker if I'm going to play more in latex. The Spexter suit is .5mm and should stand up to some play fairly well, but I think I need to get a new black catsuit even thicker than that. I'm thinking back entry or shoulder entry with a codpiece? And an ass zipper, OF COURSE! ;-D

I'm going to a Mardi Gras party tonight -- I think I'm going to wear the red tri-suit. That may not necessarily color-coordinate with green/gold/purple, but it looks great!


Further to some thoughts in an earlier post, I think I need to take a bit of a break from the clothing purchases for awhile. At this moment I am completely satisfied with my latex arsenal. So, now my attention turns to what?

After my adventures last week, I'm focused on getting a few new things this year:
1) A sleepsack. The one I tried in San Diego was fantastic. Very comfortable, and the binding makes staying in one for prolonged periods even more frustrating.
2) New masks. I got to try a few new hoods and sensations in San Diego and Palm Springs. I would like to now get some masks/hoods that are designed for bondage and deprivation. I am fixated on this one from Blackstyle, but with a few modifications. In addition to a zip back, I would also get laces like the mask worn by a previous rubberstud of the week.

This one....

It has built in collar, nose tubes, D-rings and detachable blinders. Once this thing is on you'd probably never want to take it off.

As I write in some of my profiles, it is a year for gaining some play experience, particularly with bondage and discipline. It would be great to meet some local people that want to experiment and learn a few things with me.

Shiny Bubbles

*Guh* What is it about a beautiful male ass in latex that drives me so crazy? What a delicious vision!

Friday, February 27, 2009


Another video in the Spexter suit but with the new STR harness, restraints and boots.


I can't get enough about how cool transparent latex looks. Clear latex is something that is only appreciated and arousing for some; I can't explain why - I just think the look of the male (and female) form bound in clear latex is amazing. Especially once the sweat and slime starts to build in the suit and you can start to see the fluids moving around on top of the skin under the rubber.

Now that I have Pat's fantastic anatomical mask to go with the neck entry catsuit, my look of clear enclosure is nearly complete.

***how does my fix job look on the back?***


3XL approached me six weeks ago or so asking whether I'd like to be an occasional contributor to the Lust, Love & Latex blog. A couple entries a week? I could try. I'm not sure if the general rubberist world necessarily want to hear what I have to say, but I thought I'd give it a try. I finally got my first entry published today. It's a generic review of the Winter Warmup weekend.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Silver and Gold

Nothing like coming home to a bunch of new packages. The transparent anatomical mask from Pat showed up last week, and the silver surfsuit, fullbody harness, and gold thong showed up from STR today. The silver surfsuit is magnificent; what a perfect fit.

I selected large for the harness and it fits just about right with all straps tightened to the last hole. I guess that will allow for some bulging in all directions! Yipe!

For some reason I thought the thong in a 36" waist would fit best but as it is it is way too big. It's good to know my waist is still a svelte(!) 33 or 34"; it looks like the best way to maintain that size will be to get eventually sell off the stuff that's too big! LOL

I think I'll wear the silver surfsuit this weekend to the Eagle on Friday and the Mardi Gras party on Saturday. I might wear the red on Saturday instead, I love the red that much. The silver suit will look great with the black hat and boots. I can't wait to put the harness together with the Spexter suit; it'll look like there are no openings in the suit at all!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wild winter warming: final report!


I normally start writing these travel logs while still in the airport on the way home, but yesterday I was pretty tired and just felt like sleeping on the flights instead of writing. I was grouchy, cramped and hot on the flights, not boding well for creative writing success. I was getting in very late and knew that I needed to hit the ground running at work today...I really gotta stop this get home, go to work thing without a recuperation day. I'm getting too old for this!

Palm Springs was a blast. I finished off the San Diego leg of the trip riding in the afternoon on Thursday and dropping the bike off in La Jolla after riding as far as Encinitas and back. I would've liked to have gone farther but the lunch at my friends' place went longer than I expected and I showed up there late initially because of a flat tire on the route north. After the ride, my friends picked me up and I spent the evening at their place in the pool and hottub...seemed like the right way to finish off this leg of the trip California-style.

I hopped the Pacific Surfliner from San Diego to L.A. Union Station early Friday morning and got in around noon. The Sunset Limited (eastbound to New Orleans) didn't leave until 2:30pm so I had a few hours to kill milling around the station. The track from San Diego to L.A. runs right along the ocean through all the seaside towns. It is very picturesque until you get into Orange County and everything becomes pretty urbanized track-side again. Getting out of L.A. to the east on the rail is not a picturesque seaside jaunt.
From Calgary Rubberman

The train left on time, but had to run slow east of Los Angeles due to track repairs. We got into Palm Springs around 5:30 at a little speck of a train platform. There were probably 20 or so people that got off the train there but for some reason there were only 2 cabs who wouldn't fare-share anyone and who promised to come back for the others, but never did. I waited there for almost an hour before I called Aqualaboy and Rubberbuck, who came out from Palm Springs to rescue me. In the future? Get some cab numbers prior to getting on the train so you can ensure someone will be there to get you! I don't know what I was thinking, that there might be enough cabs at the platform to pick up everyone??!?!!

Anyways, we got to the hotel. Aqualaboy immediately went to work repairing my white suit, god bless him. He had it completely fixed by the time I was into my blue sleeveless catsuit. After the very quick change into latex we were all off to Hamburger Mary's for dinner. There were approximately 12 of us for dinner and I got to meet everyone I hadn't met before. Immediately after dinner we headed to the Barracks, where L8xdad and L8xboy set up their WCR ticket table and things started getting set up for vac-rack demos on the pool table (eep! ;-D)

Rubberchris32 and I had a discussion with Rubberbuck about trying new things this weekend. We decided since we were relatively new to the scene that we were going to try five new things. Looking back on it I had to include the things I had tried earlier in the week as well to make my five! I was a little shy at the event to start but warmed up to the thought of trying new things by the end of the weekend.

Many people were interested in watching the vac-rack and body-painting demos by the pool table area. L8xboy was only partially painted by the end!

We were there until 1:30 or so; most guys had already headed back to the resort. Pup Zigzag and I got back and hit the hottub. There was a bit of action going on there, but mostly everyone was tired and went to bed, knowing full well that Saturday was going to be a long, energy-intensive day.
From Calgary Rubberman

First thing in the morning, Aqualaboy donned fresh rubber, I jumped into some lycra and met Rubberfiend and Atrusicon for brunch poolside. Zigzag decided to sleep in. Very soon several of us hit the pool, Rubberfiend was into his latest latex outfit and doing some fantastic condom breathplay, and the rest of the gang showed up from the nearby resorts where they were staying.
From Calgary Rubberman

Most of the afternoon was spent socializing on the pool deck in the nice weather, taking lots of photos and videos, massaging, polishing, trying out Bill's vac-cube with help from Squadbay, wrestling in the slime pit and running off to the play room when necessary. The pups had a great time playing with the owners' dogs; the canines were quite confused with what they were seeing. Yipe! Men that looked like dogs!
From Calgary Rubberman

I think I did about four polishing jobs that afternoon. It's something I really like to do and it's something I think all rubberists like to receive!
From Calgary Rubberman

I think the only victim of the day was another of my suits -- I was wearing the transparent catsuit all afternoon and decided to get into the slimepit with Rubberchris32 and L8xboy, and later Rubberfiend was yanked into the mix. The pit was built in the grass by the pool that was on a bit of an angle so eventually you were sliding onto the edge of the pool deck and had to launch yourself back onto the mat of the pit by pushing off of the cement with your legs. There was a small bush at one end of the mat and at one point I came sliding across backward at full velocity and slammed into the bush. The impact tore a hole in the shoulder of my suit. I carefully moved over to the pool and removed the suit and luckily didn't tear the hole any further so it will be easily repairable. Whew!
From Calgary Rubberman

After that I changed into my red tri-suit for the remainder of the afternoon, went to the playroom with Rubberchris32 until close to dinnertime, then we went and cleaned up for the 'formal' rubber dinner. There were 16 of us for dinner at Boscoso. We got lots of stares and compliments from patrons of the restaurant, and things were going swimmingly until the other table did not receive their meals at the same time as ours. Our table was practically done eating and had sucked down our second martinis by the time the food came out for the other table. After cooler heads prevailed and everyone was satiated, we all headed back to the resort for the play party.

One of my big issues of the weekend was the choice of outfits I brought with me. I had this idea in my head that since it was Palm Springs and the weather was going to be all warm, bright and shiny, that that should be reflected in the suits that I brought with me. There was only so much room so I left most of the black at home, which was a mistake. Of course I didn't leave all the black at home, no good rubberist would leave home without at least some black latex. I forgot to factor in the reality that Californians consider this time of year winter, even though I was perfectly happy with skin exposed all weekend. Because of that, I felt out of place since black was the color-of-choice for the weekend. It also affected what I wore when, and looking back on that I could've and should've made some different gear decisions than I did too. And for a play party? ALWAYS BLACK. I should've known better, but things worked out okay anyways.
From Calgary Rubberman

But I digress. Latxdad and Latxboy started up some electro demos in the play area. I became the second participant, trying both CB and anal electro. Both were crazy to try, and I came out of the session liking the anal electro better. Of course it is something else I will have to try again in a different environment which will have different results.

I played around with Rubberchris32 and Aqualaboy in the slings for awhile and then went over to the hotel room where we convinced Aqualaboy to get out the hogsack so we could put Pup Zigzag into it. This fun went on for awhile, and once he was out of the sack, the play party was practically over. Most headed back to their respective resorts and rooms, the remaining ones hit the hottub. After several great pear martinis and Rubberbuck-mixed drinks, a few minutes in the hottub was all I needed to go for lights out until Sunday morning.
From Calgary Rubberman

In the morning, we got up and dressed up. Instead of wearing the white catsuit on Saturday night I put it on this morning, ate brunch and then got geared up in Aqualaboy's red straightjacket. This got a lot of attention from the guys as they were showing up to say their goodbyes. A few had to make the trip home, others had to make it into L.A. in time for their Oscar Parties so most left early. Aqualaboy, Pup Zigzag, Rubberfiend and I spent the morning and afternoon playing around poolside and in the pool, then got ready, packed and departed to our respective destinations.
From Calgary Rubberman

From Calgary Rubberman

The weekend went by SO fast. I had such a great time and think that L8xdad and L8xboy should be commended for putting on these events on behalf of West Coast Rubber. They are great guys and very hot! Everyone had a really great time. As testament to our pledge from Saturday night, everyone also got to try a lot of new things! Especially for the newbies like Rubberchris32 and I who haven't really got into the bondage and discipline aspects of things yet, it was a great introduction. I am motivated now to try so much more!
From Calgary Rubberman

To my roomie Aqualaboy, I think we did pretty well considering the circumstances. Next time, a bigger bed and more bondage gear! I can't wait to get to Houston and try out the rubber room.

Thank you West Coast Rubber; thank you Palm Springs!

Winter Warmup review

I got home late last night after an uneventful couple of flights from Palm Springs. The weekend was incredible; I'll get a report up in the next day or so with pictures.

Rubberstud of the Week #43

Friday, February 20, 2009

One-Week Reminder: Calgary Gear Night

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Friday, February 27th is the next gear night at the Calgary Eagle. Rubber, Leather, Lycra, Uniforms, Hoods & Masks, Bikers, Punks, Bears -- all are welcome. Come out and join the fun with a bunch of hot gearheads!

For those of you that are Googleless, the Calgary Eagle is at 424 8 Avenue SE in the cul-de-sac one block north of the old King Edward Hotel.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What a (head) trip: second report

The meetings went VERY well last night. I got a great tour of Hillcrest out of the deal from Pup Zigzag, and I met a couple of great guys.

The trip is halfway over already and I'm already exhausted. This doesn't bode well for the weekend!

LOL totally just kidding. I can't think of anything else than totally enjoying Winter Warmup.

The past few nights have involved latex suit swapping, sleepsack demos, tortuous stimulation, some breathcontrol and sex. And this isn't even the main event yet.

All of this activity has claimed a victim, unfortunately. The white Libidex suit has become the latest suit with a rip above the rear zipper from a night with LARubberandleather. That makes three now? I'm actively searching for repair materials to get the suit fixed before its next public viewing on Saturday in Palm Springs. Wish me luck getting that issue resolved.

For all of you paying attention at home: thin latex is meant for wearing, not playing in. Get heavier rubber for your play things, leave the posing and sashaying for the thin stuff! Oh yeah, and you shouldn't be letting guys (even slightly) bigger than you wear your custom-made stuff. A situation like that has the potential to end in tears AND tears.

Despite it all, the evenings were great as LARubberandleather, Sdleatherlvr and Pup Zigzag all showed me some great Southern California hospitality.


I rained Monday as well as yesterday afternoon. I went for a run in Balboa Park and walked from Hillcrest to downtown on Monday. Yesterday I rode La Jolla to Point Loma, through Old Town back to Hillcrest. Today I rode the route around San Diego Bay and spun around Coronado a few times before taking the ferry back to downtown. The legs are good and tired and I've got freaking tanlines after two days of riding! Tomorrow is the big day: up to UCSD for lunch at a friend's place, then north as far as I can go (my goal: Oceanside) before returning to get the bike back to the rental place before they close. Then a dip in the pool, dinner and rest. Friday morning will be coming early.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well, hello there San Diego: first report

Whew! It's been quite the time in San Diego and it's not even halfway through yet. I got in very late due to weather delays in San Franscisco, but I wasn't delayed enough that I couldn't still honour a plan for a meeting with a friend for a bit of frolicking on Sunday night.

He brought over his Hot4Hogtie yellow hood-entry suit which I was more than happy to put on with some of the fantastic masks he also brought over. I let him wear the white Libidex suit; even though he is about 2.5" taller than me, it fit him pretty well, as you can tell in the pictures.

I got to try on the insect hood, the laced hood with gag and the Mr. S. padded head hood with gag as well as his fist mitts. This one I think was my favorite. It was so depriving! He wanted to try on the condom mask. This went on until the wee hours of the morning.

I went to bed early Monday night despite being ridiculously horny but exhausted. I did manage to arrange a few play dates with a couple of other hot San Diegan kinksters. I'm meeting one for a few drinks here shortly (and hopefully a play session tomorrow night!) and meeting up with another friend later this evening for some fun.

Whew! Between all the cycling and playing, I'm going to be exhausted before I even get to Palm Springs -- thanks to all the cute horny fuckers in San Diego!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

California BOUND

Well, the bag is packed for the California trip tomorrow. I'm heading to the airport at 10am tomorrow morning.

I am taking a lot of shit with me; I need my cycling gear, running gear and civvies for San Diego, and I have four changes of rubber, a hood and mask, restraints and insertables with me for Palm Springs. All that gear takes up a lot of space! I was having a very hard time deciding what to bring, so I just decided to bring everything I had been considering.

San Diego is working out to be a gear nightmare. I have four sets of cycling clothes, plus my shoes, pedals, helmet, repair kit, running shoes, running clothes, one set of workout clothes and three days of civvies. I didn't really want to bring everything but it looks like it might be rainy on Monday and Tuesday so I'm bringing my running gear just in case the biking isn't going to work out those days.

There's no doubt that some of this stuff won't get worn...I may do one more triage of the travel bag tomorrow morning before I leave.

I have the blue sleeveless catsuit for Friday night at the Barracks, the transparent suit for the pool party Saturday afternoon, the white catsuit with white Steel boots, gas mask for the Saturday night play party (and this was decided exclusively because Aqualaboy is bringing his red straightjacket for me to wear Saturday!), and the red trisuit and shirt for Saturday dinner and Sunday lazing by the pool before catching the flight back to Calgary at 5pm.

I've been talking to a few of the guys going; everyone is getting pretty excited!

I'll be posting updates as the week progresses. See you in San Diego!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Two-Week Reminder: Calgary Gear Night

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Friday, February 27th is the next gear night at the Calgary Eagle. Rubber, Leather, Lycra, Uniforms, Hoods & Masks, Bikers, Punks, Bears -- all are welcome. Come out and join the fun with a bunch of hot gearheads!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Artist Profile - Taylor Buck

Every month I'm going to try and feature an artist that either occasionally or entirely creates fetish artwork, or integrates imagery of fetishism into their art. The first entry starts this week with Taylor Buck.

Taylor Buck is a young talented artist currently based out of Indianapolis. He was introduced to the rubber scene while on academic travels in Europe and has never looked back. He loves skintight rubber and bondage.

Someday Taylor would love to get into rubber clothing design and manufacturing.

He does a lot of his illustrations in ink, but also does a lot of painting as well in both watercolors and oils. Taylor would like to get more exposure for the work he does and would gladly do commission work for anyone desiring some fetish artwork for their collections!

Taylor Buck Studio's blog depicting some of his fetish art is at He plans to expand his portfolio on the blog over time as well as start up a legitimate portfolio site for his work.

Check out his's very sexy!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hogsack Revisited

Here's Raptor2's rubberbot squirming in a hogsack. I love Raptor2's laced hood -- I gotta get me one of those.

Aqualaboy's bringing his hogsack to Palm Springs next weekend; I finally get a turn in a hogsack! I can't believe this will be (like) me.

Rubberstud of the Week #41

How to make your own rubber clothing

Finally! Someone has the passion to pass their knowledge on rubber clothing manufacturing out in the public domain! 3XL has posted information about Latex Kitty, a rubber tailor and 3XL's wife, to the LustLoveLatex blog. Latex Kitty has started up a site reasonably called Making Latex Clothing. I've made a lot of small items before such as arm bands and gun holsters, but nothing like an entire set of leggings which she demonstrates very clearly. It is something I've been wanting to get into doing more of. For people like me, there is a lot of GREAT information on this blog, you should check it out if you're the least bit interested in how rubber clothing is made or have thought about trying to make your own.

Speaking of, 3XL has approached me about contributing articles to the blog. I think it would be a lot of fun and give me some incentive to become a more thoughtful blogger. I don't know how it will all work out but he has suggested I try it for awhile and see how it goes. I would get to cover all of the gay stuff as the gay rubberman of the contributors. Pretty neat, eh?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Libidex New Year's Eve

Umm, I was hoping to embed the video from the Libidex page but I don't think it will work.
Just posted on the Libidex website, the Libidex Cabaret Extravagaza at the TG New Year´s Party in London...reminds me that I really need to get my MIR 2009 videos edited and posted. I mean, it's only been three freakin' months!

Now that's what a rubber party should be like!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Found on RedTube:

Embedded version may or may not want to load. Click through and search for 'gay latex' to view this video!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Seeing Red

Okay, so I already know I'm destructively conceited and such, blah blah blah...but holy shit, when I got these pics of the red wrestling suit off the camera and got them full-sized on the monitor, these are in my opinion the first definitive evidence of the results of all of these months in the gym. I'm getting HUGE(R)! (Yes, admittedly there's a way to go yet). Holy shit (again, sorry) - that is awesome anyways! This session was a lot of fun.

Monday, February 2, 2009