Thursday, April 30, 2015


Man oh man, do I ever LOVE to receive messages from guys that follow Rubber Canuck. I gotta say,  it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when guys tell me how much they appreciate the content of the blog, particularly the ones who have been following me for YEARS, and then even moreso, the guys who have been influenced to experiment with latex or their sexuality because of it.

I also appreciate the guys who send me tantalizing pictures of themselves in shiny tight stuff (I ALWAYS APPRECIATE THIS), and then allow me to share it with the guys that follow this paltry blog.

These are from P, a powerlifter. I'm sure he suspected that these pics of his thunderous thighs in tights would get me going! Thank you P!!!

P....I just wanted you to know, with this post, April 2015 ends up being my record post month....49 in one month! You should be proud being the hot content for such a feat! HAHAHA

Give Him A Hand!


Hero Fantasies

Your Favorite Super Heroes As Gay Fantasy Pin-Up Hunks!
While the rest of us are content to just let our superhero fantasies live within the colorful world of our filthy imaginations, artist Fab Ng is busy turning them into reality.

Well, as real as a cartoon can be.

Still, there’s no denying the appeal of his work. You can check more out on his Instagram.

Up, up and away we go!


Here's the Story Behind Those Idiotic 'Plastique' High-End Plastic Pants
Bizarre creation was, of course, a hoax By Tim Nudd

Maybe you saw the billboard, or the documentary about Frank La Rant, or the lookbook. If so, you were probably disappointed to learn that Plastique, the high-end plastic pants supposedly designed by La Rant, aren't real. And that Fruit of the Loom was behind it all.

The spoof by Crispin Porter + Bogusky originally came from the brand's TV ad in which Fruit of the Loom purportedly tested its boxer briefs by having people wear transparent plastic pants. (If anything would make underwear ride up, it would presumably be that.)

From there, CP+B launched a full-scale high-fashion parody—poking fun at underwear brands like H&M that pretend to be all glamorous in selling the most basic attire out there. The campaign included fashion ads, outdoor, digital, a Web experience, social media accounts, and even men in Plastique parading around SoHo and Rodeo Drive.

"Throughout the campaign, Fruit of the Loom held the position that they didn't really get how you could call plastic pants fashion," the agency says. "But it was very clear that they were behind (and underneath) this entire story, giving this long time underwear maker the innovation and style cred they deserved."

Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay

There are a few designers that specialize in Cosplay custom latex designs, but one of the most proficient might be Andromeda Latex. Most of their designs are amazing, and they also experiment with textured latex, such as snakeskin....very cool.

Once again, I ask, why all the female designs? Are there not enough men with the guts to design a latex cosplay outfit? Granted, the male cosplay outfits are generally never as skintight or body-hugging as the female ones, due to the general sexist nature of cosplay.

Here is a non-latex take on the Mass Effect Commander Shepard cosplay outfit.
Check out these images of Andromeda's interpretation of Commander Shepard!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nice View

Spandex Stud

Wow! Nice!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015


 important in rubber to access all those fun bits that make men fun to play with!