Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Approach From Behind

I guess I'm not going to get my order into Latexskin after all; I just haven't had the time this week to get the measurements done and all the details specified before the deadline. I'm a bit sad....I was envisioning getting my dream natural transparent neck entry with cock and ball and anal sheath, hood entry with another hood with nostril holes only, attached socks....would be a super horny outfit, however I think it's probably best to hold off for now.

Mr. P and I have been doing a lot of changes to mortgages, wills, banking, insurance and tax preparation the past month - it's been kinda crazy and I think it would be prudent to wait until the dust settles and see where we are before dropping a bunch of money on some new rubber....as much as I'd like to! It gives me a boner just thinking about it.

ARGH! Can't...resist...the urge...to buy...new tight rubber....

Maybe I should try and finish the measurements today.
We did have a lot of fun with M and K55 on Saturday night. Lots of vid and pics that need to be edited and processed...stay tuned!

Gotta take some equipment over to 8x6 tonight, check out the renovations, package stuffing tomorrow night, and bunch more equipment moving, and then Thursday is the start of the madness! Madness!

Monday, March 30, 2015


Speaking of form-fitting, tomorrow is the last day to order a Latexskin suit at their sale price. Their customer service is prompt and friendly. I'm still on the fence whether to drop money on another suit....I'm thinking finally to get a .25mm transparent latex neck-entry with cock & ball sheath and anal sheath? Hmmm....

Meanwhile, some stunning pics of Latexskin .18mm in orange! It looks so delightful.


OMG! The bulges! The electric blue bulges!!!!

Rubberstud of the Week #362

Friday, March 27, 2015


I think this is Encased, sucked into another body condom by Peter Enslot's Cover4u. This one's natural transparent latex, previously he was in a black one. Fucking hot and horny, man!


A preview of the initial promotion for Rubbout 25: Elemental!


If there's another superhero costume I want to fashion in latex, it's this one (sorry, Northstar). Here is an Instagram pic of the official outfit Ryan Reynolds will be wearing in the upcoming movie.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


K55 came over for ffun fuck session last night. I'm glad that he and I have reconnected after a bit of  a hiatus.

And speaking of reconnections, M is coming over again on Saturday for an endurance session. Pretty excited about this, as we are very in-tune perversion-wise and he's similar to me in the sense that we like our sessions long and piggy. I've already warned him to get lots of rest. I intend to get the vac-cube rigged so we can both get in, use a vacuum on remote and try several different positions. It's been so long since I've checked things off the Fuck-it List! Even better, K55 has offered to come over and play videographer for the day!


I can't believe we're a week away from Rubbout. Things are falling into place and I'm miraculously pretty calm and collected. Other than some printing and receiving packages from sponsors, everything is pretty much in place. Weekend pass sales are doing okay and will undoubtedly pick up over the next week. Hopefully more will come in with the prompts about the Young Action early bird prize. I've secured a few discounts with several local businesses and undoubtedly a lot of sales will come next week last minute.

The one thing we really wanted to jump on was imagery and theme for Rubbout 25 to present to everyone next weekend. This hasn't come together as well as we'd like however we at least have the theme and dates set.

Rubbout 25 theme is "Elemental" April 1-3, 2016 and I'd personally love to have a silver surfer-type man in the background with a raging hard-on visible through his silver latex, however that might need to be approved by several people first!

Contest details:

Rubbout is coming up soon and this year we have a brand new latex sponsor. Young-Action has given us this amazing American Football jersey and shorts combo. Get your Rubbout passes online at rubbout.com before March 31st for your chance to win!11026263_1574347472819300_1730287320684322335_n

Glass Pieces

Spring Gear Guide

Gotta love that the guys at SpandexParty have released a 2015 Spring Gear Guide. Tug on the tight stuff and flaunt away!



Buying Spandex Gear is an obsession and I’m sure that we can all agree that you can never have enough Lycra! I’ve been collecting for a long time and members always ask me where I got a particular Wrestling Singlet or pair of tights. The Spandex Party Gear Guide is going to help you find the hottest gear as we go into spring!

Nike Compression Tights Compression tights are the Spandex lover’s saviour! Ever since tights were re-branded as something that is essential to fitness (yeah, right) men of all kinds are happy to wear them in the gym and outside; something I heartily endorse.

Here in the UK everything on offer tights-wise is fairly boring but in the USA you can get all kinds of brightly coloured choices. Two of my recent personal favourites are the Jordan Stay Cool Compression Retro 7 Tights and Nike Pro Hypercool Comp Woodland Tights.
The great thing about these tights is that the great busy patterns mean that even though they are meant to be used under shorts, they are much better on show where they belong! They also have really good support so you can wear them without underwear at the gym without feeling too self-conscious.
Skins A400

Skins were one of the first compression brands to hit the market with their distinctive yellow stripes and they held up really well until 2xu came along with their silver lines and (in my opinion) a superior product. Member cdngearjock put me onto their brand new range, and this time it’s GOLD.

(image credit The Savage Boys)

He tells me that "they feel like they support your muscles but they allow you to move freely. So they are great for working out and for Crossfit. They are soft and you can wear them with nothing under. Great pouch for support." The yellow styling was looking a little dated so the gold lines have really taken their designs in a more classy direction.

New N2N gear
In the past I’ve always thought that N2N singlets were a bit too popular and for guys with a long body like me they were way too short. However, their new USA singlet looks really nice. Longer legs, still with the distinctive pouch and a high body makes it look really fun. This still isn’t a singlet that you can ever wear anywhere other than round the house sadly! On the positive side it’s possible to buy N2N easily and i’m looking forward to seeing some guys in one! Available from the N2N Website.

Barcode Berlin
Barcode Berlin’s collection of skintight gear has grown and grown and now in London you can't move for singlets from this brand. In the past I've not been a fan of the fabrics but that seems to have changed with their latest singlet. Bold colours with wide hems and well made shoulder straps remind me of the Adidas response singlet, for proper wrestling! Great to see brands like this making Singlets more generally popular and available. See them at Barcode Berlin.


Looking for spandex on a budget? A new option that has come up over the last couple of years is ordering direct from manufacturers in China. Where in the past there would be minimum orders of thousands and slow shipping, sites such as DHGate and Aliexpress make it almost as simple as buying something on Amazon! I've bought several items from sellers on both of these sites and the price usually includes shipping from China which can be as quick as a week! The sites also have eBay style ratings which mean that you can have some confidence in the seller.

For example, the Tri-suit I'm wearing on the site homepage is available from Aliexpress for just $62 and other items such as thongs, tights, cycling skin suits and zen tai are available at low prices. My only advice is to beware that some items are sized for the Asian market so make sure of the measurements before you buy as sending it back isn't going to be easy!

Under Armour
There's one brand that's brought more Spandex to the market that anyone else in recent history and that's Under Armour. They have some very exciting designs and their tights tend to be cheap and also kind of thin and flimsy which as we know, can be very hot over a bulge! My favourite range of theirs are the series of Super Hero shirts and tights and I recommend the Alter Ego Superman top to get you started. Another massive plus for me is that top is long which means if you are tall it will fit comfortably and not ride up which is a reason I've kept away from compression tops so far. Check it out.

eBay eBay is the place to go if you want that once in a lifetime sprint suit, professional athletics tights or wrestling singlet. Nothing can be depended on, but hey, that’s what makes it exciting! My advice for finding something on eBay is patience. Set up a saved search for the item you want so that when it's listed you get an alert. Make sure you cover all the ways of writing it as a Skinsuit can be written as skin suit, sprintsuit etc. or also Trikot or Bodys in German. Most people will head for items with great pictures so don't discount the same item if it's listed with poor photography as it will likely end up cheaper with fewer bidders. You can pick up some awesome second hand athletics gear this way, and if it doesn't fit you can take a better photo and sell it again! As an example, check out these two items available now: Sprint Suit and Running tights.
Let us know your favourite gear and I'll be bringing you another roundup with the best of what the summer's got to offer soon.

- See more at: https://www.spandexparty.com/blog/spandex-gear-guide-march-2015#sthash.R7uVH5zc.dpuf

Spotter Problems


Posted by David Lengauer on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Friday, March 20, 2015

More Decisions

Tomorrow night is a Best Sports Gear contest at Pumpjack for $$$. I've borrowed a set of football shoulder pads from Rbrgear to go with my CellBlock 13 football pants. But now I'm thinking it might be possible to get away with my blue Invincible wrestling suit or a cycling skin suit and cycling gear. What would have the best chance of winning the contest???

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More Rubber Adventures

Things picked up again this week after a couple of weeks of inactivity for various reasons.

CutelyPerverted came over on Tuesday last week for an afternoon and evening of bondage. I was still working so I left him in the airtight vac-tower for most of the afternoon, only giving him a re-sucking every 20 minutes or so and the odd bit of stimulation. He is such a rubber bondage pig; he was in there for hours and I'm sure he would've stayed in there much longer had I let him!

Afterwards we geared up and had a bit of fun in bed with our matching CB sheaths, gas masks and BC until we both exploded and intelligently decided to wrap it up around 10pm.

On Friday we had the Rubbout 24 Kickoff at Pumpjack. It was a blast, I was a bit stressed due to the fact I was still running a implemenation chain at work but luckily that ended before 11. I spent the entire evening putting men into the vac-tower, giving some of them their first exposure to latex vacuum bondage. It was pretty popular; the back area in PJ is normally pretty quiet after 11pm on Gear Nights however we had enough stuff going on back there that it remained quite busy until 1am!
Mitch in the straightjacket...again!
Mr P and I managed to get into a bit of trouble back there even while large crowds of people were milling around. Quite fun.

Saturday, I invited several guys over for the evening. I was happy that M, after a ten month hiatus was able to come over again...he is still one of my favorite play buds and it was great to think up perverted scenarios with him again. I was very glad RbrGear and Kief55 could join us....a second play date for RbrGear and I and the first time he met M and Kief55. It ended up that everyone got along quite swimmingly. I was sad that Tuchus, Cumpigcub and Slickthrobnhole couldn't join us but we had a blast anyways.

M and I set up ALL the vac equipment in the living room; the vac-tower and the vac-cube running off of one vacuum line and the vac-bed on the bed on another vacuum. At one point I had all three of them in vac-bondage at the same time! It was amazing! Afterwards, M and I tied up R and K under the sling frame and left them there while we jumped on each end of the double-ended dildo again. They eventually managed to get themselves free and came and joined us on the bed. M and R started making out quite heavily for awhile while K went to freshen up in the shower and I cleaned up the condo a bit.

Mr. P wanted to hit the sack so we converted the bed back to sleepspace from playspace, and the four rubbered beings retired to the living room again. R and K fucked on the couch for awhile while M and I took turns fisting each other in the sling.

R and M decided to leave, it was already 2:30am; so they left while K and I continued to play in the sling and on the floor until 6:30am or so. Good times!

Sunday after finishing the huge cleanup chore, I went out with friends in the afternoon for some drinks until early evening when Mr. P and I came home and crashed. A great weekend overall.

I hope to get those guys back over again soon....they all remarked how good of a time they had so hopefully I can swing it shortly....maybe even one more time before Rubbout?

Rubbout @ Rubberzone

We're live on Rubberzone too! Check out the details in the soon-to-be-distributed Rubberzone mailer with Rubbout 24 information. The website at rubbout.com is all updated with everything you need to know about the upcoming event.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Black latex. Clear latex. Swiss castle. What could possibly go wrong?

From Sly:
You can't do a shoot in a Swiss castle and NOT do a Medieval prisoner scene complete with full metal chastity can you? It'd just be rude not to wound't it?
Shoot by Sly Hands. Chastity by NeoSteel. Hochwald, Switzerland.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hunting Season

So, companies like Under Armour, Nike, are jumping on the camouflage bandwagon. Hot or not?

"Only camo if you got the ammo!"

Fetishists....any point for this? I can only envision wearing head-to-toe spandex or latex camo for filming more (read: new) Military Soldier videos in the bush.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


The No Safe Word podcast was a hoot on Saturday. I got to Sparky's place around 4pm on Saturday and we started recording the session shortly after 5. It was fun!

Check it out here: http://nosafeword.com/posts/129_rubbery/

Rubbout 24: Industrial Revolution Kickoff

Rubbout officially kicks off this Friday, March 13! Join us at Pumpjack at 9pm for the Rubbout 24: Industrial Revolution kickoff with the poster unveiling, a contest, demos, some raffle prizes, and opportunities to try on rubber.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/620955974704601/

Monday, March 9, 2015

Locked In

Sly Hand's latest creation. Check out that model's arm! Woof!

Rubberstud of the Week #359

Friday, March 6, 2015

Rubber Trouble


Rubber Trouble at the Eagle…

At last, your dreams of rubbing up against men and making a squeaky noise are about to come true: it’s time for Suction, a rubber-themed party at the Eagle. Everyone dressed in tight, slick, waterproof gear? Yes please.

The party’s tonight, March 6, at 9pm, and oh boy you bet there’s gonna be demos. A straight jacket! A sleepsack! A mother-flipping vac tower!

(A vac tower, for the uninitiated, is a sort of cube frame with rubber stretched all around. A victim steps inside the folds, leaving just their head or some breathing holes exposed, then all the air is vacuumed out to seal them in. It’s basically like one of those late-night infomercial bags that you use to store all your bulky sweaters. Except that in this scenario, you are the sweater. Perhaps you have exchanged roles, and the sweater is outside of the bag, holding the suction hose in place to trap you inside until next winter. Who can say?)

As materials go, rubber’s a bit more exotic than, say, your classic leather or your ball-hugging spandex. It’s kinda pricey, and alas there aren’t any rubber stores in Seattle. But if you want to dip your toe in the stretchy-garbed water, you could always pick up some neoprene at doghouse.

Lavender Underground’s throwing this filthy little soiree, as part of their recently-revived Eagle Black Party fetish nights, with cooperation from Eric Starker’s Rainy City Rubbermen. And the special guest: Reid Dalgleish, host of Vancouver’s annual Rubbout festival.

Dalgleish is fiendishly excited about introducing newcomers to rubber, so now’s your chance. “Nothing makes me smile more than a twinkle in the eyes of a guy getting out of a device, or restraints, or out of their first rubber suit,” he says.

And when building your rubber collection, Reid advises, start small with shorts or a tank top. Look for gear swaps, like at Rubbout or MIR. And if you want a perfect piece, get something tailored to your shape. (Or maybe just a little bit tighter.)

But let’s just step back a moment and explain: what’s the big deal, anyway? What’s so great about cramming yourself into a suit that’s made out some goo that leaked from a tree?

“Rubber is the ultimate in perverted confinement in my opinion,” Reid says. “Skintight or not, the material doesn’t breathe so you immediately feel the confinement of a layer of it on you. Things feel different with a layer of latex in between.”

It looks like alien skin, it has a special pungent smell, it feels perfectly slick and makes that shrill squeak when lubricated. Of course, the same could also be said of the Hamburger Helper hand.

“A good sweaty session in rubber is fun, and then the relief of releasing yourself from its confines in the shower at the end of the night as the latex just falls off your body is really an amazing experience,” Reid says. “Rubber gear is as close an embodiment of sex in clothing as I think one can get – it is stimulating to put on, wear, and get bound up in.”

See you Friday night.

Rubberpiss and Cum

Rubberpiss powered by XTube

Pup vs. Machine

A rubber pup and his fuck machine. powered by XTube


So, I've been checking out the Latexskin retail site.

The suit images are hot enough, but does anyone know about the actual quality of their work? I believe this is the retail incarnation of Cervantezshine's videos on Xtube? The suits (and his body) were always very stimulating, I'm hoping that their work is just as impressive.

If anyone has any comments or insight into their latex, let me know. A custom-fit suit for 270 Euros sounds pretty good!

I really do want to get a fullsuit with cocksheath and analsheath one of these days!

Anyways, off to Seattle tonight for Suction at the Seattle Eagle, NoSafeWord podcast tomorrow afternoon, and Gear Night at CC Attles tomorrow night! Whoot!