Monday, June 22, 2015


Can someone buy this for me, please?
The Whistler Vancouver Men in Leather retreat was a lot of fun. I have been dealing with an infection since the middle of last week, therefore had to keep my play to a sex for a week, basically. As you might expect, I have been scheming ways up to by-pass this requirement, and of course most of the solutions require a layer of rubber to prevent any transmissions. That's why I did manage to put on the Latexskin on Saturday night which allowed me to play a bit, however everything else was pretty much off-limit. Soon not to be though! Whew!

To top it off, I brought a bunch of vacuum bondage gear with me. A lot of it had not been unpacked since Rubbout, and when I finally erected the tower, I discovered the air valve for the vac-tower had been left in Vancouver in the vac-cube bag, and also the main bondage strap for the arms on my rubber straightjacket is missing. My stuff was only a small portion of the total gear there, however it didn't seem as much gear play went on as some of us that contributed all the gear had hoped. Sometimes I wish some guys would take initiative and not be scared about trying other guys' toys if they know what they are doing! It's quite entertaining to observe the change in atmosphere in a room as soon as you encourage guys to use equipment and gear, coaxing them from the wallflower shadows.

Anyways, back to Whistler. Early Saturday evening, Pup Billy was able to put a fist in my anal-sheathed rubber hole much to my surprise. Late in the night after most had gone to bed and after I'd taken off the rubber, I got a very very good fisting workover and prostate milking by one of the older, wiser, generous guys that was still up. I'm glad I seized the opportunity as I learned some things and had a great conversation with this guy. Long story short, he assured me that I am on the right path to continue working my hole and eventually opening up the third sphincter. I certainly felt that it was a lot more desensitized than it has been in the past. I'd never been milked quite to that extent and it's certainly something I'd like to experience was amazing! As long as I have guys continue to working and stretching it, someday it will open up for me?  I'm a bit scared of that at the same time thrilled by the possibilities! :)

Anyways, Mr. P had fun, the guys were all relaxed and having a good time. The weather was mixed on Saturday which was a bit depressing but things were beautiful yesterday! A group of us checked out the Sea-to-Sky Gondola up to the Stewamus Chief Viewpoint south of Squamish. It was hot out and due to the Tuff Mudder going on in Whistler and Father's Day, so traffic on the way back to the city was AWFUL.

It's going to be a busy week....hopefully after Wednesday I can arrange some play with the regular guys. I also have a couple new playmates on the wire that hopefully will be receptive to setting up some playtime. I also have to start seriously choreographing something for the Vancouver Fetish Weekend Uniform Ball.

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