Tuesday, June 30, 2015


We are off camping again this week! Heading to Shadow Falls tonight, celebrating Canada Day tomorrow and staying until Sunday. We're experiencing a heat wave on the coast here; temperatures are expected to hover around 35C during the day for the entire time we're there. Thank dog for ice-cold mountain streams to jump into to escape the heat. We will be joined by 12-15 of our friends on two sites, including the Victoria faction again, and some of our friends escaping the city. It should be a blast!

It's hard to believe we are having such a great summer. Two weekends ago in Whistler was great, despite it being cool and rainy on Saturday. We honestly haven't seen any significant rain or cool temps here in the city for many weeks now. The lawns and trees are already getting dry-stressed, and it's not even the end of June yet.

This past weekend, Mr. P and I had a young friend that we've known for awhile come over. He has wanted to dick me for some time so we played with him on Friday night. He was planning to go out after so I made additional plans to go over to play with M and his boyfriend later in the evening. The young friend was an hour late so though we had fun, we had to eventually shut it down so I could get to my next commitment. We wrapped things up at the condo around 11:15, I hopped on my bike and headed over to Mount Pleasant to join M and his bf. We played until about 4am; it was a lot of fun! It was the first time M's boyfriend and I played together as well as the first time all three of us played together. We spent a lot of time in the sling, it was awesome. Sluts!

So, here we are; all of the usual suspects are coming camping with us, in addition to Wardog and the Victoria faction. The fact that M and I are both bringing up slings isn't lost on us HAHAHA! I'm looking forward to two or three days of relative downtime with the gang until the Canada Day/Independence Day weekend madness descends upon Shadow Falls. I guess this will be about it for major updates though I will try to post some pics (at a minimum, at least capture some of the fun for posting next week). Have a great week - AND HAPPY CANADA DAY to all!

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