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Great Rubber Jerkoff

Firstly, shut off the sound and just imagine the moaning in the gas mask. The music is terrible! The cumshot is great!

Great jerk-off in Rubber and Gas Mask powered by XTube

Rubber Fist


So yeah, I had a great rubber playdate set up with RbrGear and CutelyPerverted on Saturday that I was SO looking forward to....and I had to CANCEL Saturday morning because I woke up with the FLU! It was the worst feeling in the world and I had to add immense disappointment to my condition because I was looking forward to enjoying time with these two sexy rubber boys so much. At least they took the cancellation graciously. I hope they aren't too disappointed...I know how prevalent flakiness is in the Vancouver play scene. I have told both of them that I will make it up to them in spades the next time we can arrange some play time.

Thursday night Wardog and I got together for our weekly fisting session (the night before I started getting my flu symptoms). We had a great time and I reached some new endurance and depth continuity PBs. We've been using a bit of a numbing agent in our lubes recently that I think is allowing me to do some amazing things, but admittedly my ass has been in very good shape lately. It certainly wasn't very happy this weekend with the flu! In fact, it was the worst stomach and intestinal distress I think I've ever had.

This has been a very weird flu and cold season....first we learned that the vaccines are not covering the strains that are prevalent this season (gotta love the guesswork the experts gotta do 12 months before flu season even starts, eh?), and now it seems that EVERYONE has had a bout of something over the past six weeks. It's pretty gross. Even though I did get vaccinated this year, it hasn't really prevented anything from happening, though I'm sure it made the bout I got this weekend much less severe than it could've been had I not gotten vaccinated. Anyways, I'm on the mend and hopefully will be back in action by the weekend. I'm really horny for rubber now that I missed my fill with the sexy rubbermen on Saturday!

This weekend coming up I might be working Friday night, but Saturday night is the 3rd Ring on the Harness contest at Pumpjack so I'll be able to rubber up for that, additionally Wardog and I are moving our fisting days to Sundays since he's starting school now. I'm trying to get together with old playbuddy Hairybondagesub...I'm trying to convince him to come over Sunday so we can tie him up under the rimming chair to entertain the fisting top while he's working on the bottom in the sling, who's controlling the electro on the bondage sub. Sounds delightful, doesn't it? I would consider that a supportive chain, wouldn't you?

Next week, San Francisco....Squeeee!!!!


So I haven't had a full-body lycra suit in some time...I had a reasonable one several years ago, however the body zip on it broke and I never bothered to get it fixed, regrettably. I have always loved the feel of tight zentai on my body and as you know, lycra was a fixation of mine long before I ever discovered latex.

I do still have my black leather-like Slick-It-Upish unitard playsuit, my red speedskating skinsuit and all my cycling lycra still, but I really have started to miss full head to toe lycra coverage.

Over many recent years, I've communicated and played with my buddy Higherlycra who is a BIG zentai and lycra fan and he's always kept me up-to-date on the best places to get the best lycra suits. We have always been inspired by the gear of such spandex players as Stevo Blue.

I have never been serious about getting a replacement for my previous suit until recently. This might be due to the fact that one of my new friends, Rbrgear, is also into lycra and we've talked about having some playtime in lycra in addition to latex. So....I've been doing some research into what's out there beyond the cheap Chinese knock-off crap. I want to buy some nice high-quality suits that will last a long time, feel amazing and look fantastic.

Once again, it seems the Germans and the Italians have the upper hand on this stuff for fetish purposes. Highlycra had always suggested DHYA Shop, but unfortunately they are now out of business. His other suggestions have been Fets Fash and Stretchstyle. I am leaning towards the Italian job only because their website is easier to navigate and they have the suits on male body models.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Other suggestions? How about toe socks?

Artist Spotlight: Yvon Goulet

Painter and engraver Yvon Goulet (1956) has built a reputation for himself as an “urban folklorist”. His “pop-like” imagery is created with photo transfers and paint on discarded signage. Born 1956 in Quebec City, Goulet graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from l'Université du Québec, Hull, in 1988. During the following year, he collaborated with the University of Ottawa’s Philip Fry on a project in Oxford-on-Rideau, Ontario.

In the early 2000s, Goulet found his inspiration in Montreal’s lively cultural scene. Focusing on the male figure as well as cultural events, in 2002 his work was part of an exhibition at Vieux Palais, Saint-Jérome. More recently, Goulet has appropriated pop-art to depict everyday subjects within found imagery, often boxes or signs. For his Animal series he paints bears, goats, wolves, and even mosquitos “to pay tribute” to animals with “feelings just like ours”. His work also features Montreal cityscapes painted on the polyester panels of discarded election posters. The text plays an integral in his work, reinforcing both emotion and meaning.

Goulet’s work has been shown in many countries, including Canada, the United States, Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Japan, South Korea, as well as the United Arab Emirates. Goulet lives and works in Montreal

2014 "Conclave" acrylique sur canevas 24" X 36" 1000$
2014 "Le pouceux" acrylique sur canevas 30" X 24" 800$
2014 "Retable cuir" acrylique sur canevas, triptyque 24" / 54" 1200$.
2014 "Baiser" acrylique sur canevas 36" X 24" 1000$

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Spandex Workout

Posted here from Tumblr just because I can't stop staring at this beautiful specimen, covered in lycra. So beautiful.

Full Fetish London - NYE 2015



RubnGum always inspires me to be the best rubberman I can be! Rbrgear is coming over on Saturday! I'm going to bind him up in the red E7 fistsuit, then we're going to do some rebreather and shared air breathing using the mainline setup I have. I only have him for the'll have to be quality over quantity as this will probably be the only time we can get together until after I get back from San Francisco.
Mmmm...that codpiece...
I need to get on a bubbler again soon!
Self-contained breathing...mmmm....
Hook me up, sir.
There's nothing a Segufix can't fix.
Geared up with nowhere to go.
Chastity over rubber? That's on the list.
Thumbs up, definitely.

I also have some work to do to the blog...I only have four weeks of Rubberstuds left before they run out! Eep! Fortunately, there are tons of pics of hot rubbermen out there that I haven't even displayed yet :)

New Ownership


A rubber latex sheeting maker based in Derbyshire has been acquired by industry entrepreneur Richard Gogerty in a deal supported by a £3.6m funding package from Santander and Finance Birmingham.

Four D Rubber Company makes latex sheeting for the heathcare, fashion, dental, medical and industrial sectors. It was formed in 1964 and has facilities in Heanor and Sri Lanka, employing about 115 staff.

The company said there was "exciting potential" in its markets going forward as a result of the deal and vowed to create more jobs in the Midlands in the future.

Gogerty will lead the company as managing director alongside existing technical director John Britton and financial director Asher Lambert.

To support the transaction Santander provided a £1m term loan, a £500,000 invoice facility and £900,000 of growth capital as part of its Breakthrough Programme. Finance Birmingham provided £1.2m in mezzanine and equity capital.

"Four D is an exceptional business with products and capabilities that are virtually unique," Gogerty said.

"We have seen good international growth in demand for our materials in recent years, particularly from health and medical customers. Our aim is to continue and accelerate this growth with the right focus."

Clive Broadhurst, investment director at Finance Birmingham, added: "We are very pleased to be partnering with Richard and the Four D team in an expanding UK and international business that has been built and grown in the Midlands. We look forward to supporting their growth and expansion plans over the coming years."

The management team were advised by Richard Medd at Browne Jacobson and due diligence work was carried out by BDO, PMSI and Freeth’s.

I am always skeptical when finance acquisition specialists take over companies. I'm not sure what's going on here, perhaps some of the friends in the Midlands can comment if they've heard anything?

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Craig Ramsay

Craig is really hot! Maybe he's family too?!?!
He looks great in his spandex knickers here...nice thick boy....check him out doing his Shower Power workout here!

What Rbrgear Wants what Rbrgear will get...if he commits to coming over this weekend for a fullrubber/breathplay/electro-bondage session again!

Low-Brow, Bro.

Mr. Wave

Red Spandex

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Now, THAT is one well-fitting suit! .2mm, I'm guessing? It must feel divine.

A Brief History of the Rubber Band
Matt Blitz -

Cheap, reliable, and strong, the rubber band is one of the world's most ubiquitous products. It holds papers together, prevents long hair from falling in a face, acts as a reminder around a wrist, is a playful weapon in a pinch, and provides a way to easily castrating baby male livestock… While rubber itself has been around for centuries, rubber bands were only officially patented less than two centuries ago. Here now is a brief history of the humble, yet incredibly useful, rubber band.

It has only recently been discovered that Mesoamerican peoples (which includes Aztecs, Olmecs, and Mayans) were making rubber (though they didn't call it this) three thousand years ago. Mixing milky-white sap known as latex from the indigenous Hevea brasiliensis trees (later called Para rubber trees) with juices from the morning glory vines, they could create a solid that was, surprisingly, quite sturdy. The civilizations used this ancient rubber for a variety of purposes, from sandals to balls to jewelry. In fact, while Charles Goodyear is generally credited with the invention of vulcanized rubber (a more durable and non-sticky rubber compound via the addition of sulfur and heat), it seems that the Aztecs were simply varying the ingredient proportions (between the latex and the morning glory juice) to create different variations in strength.

When Spanish explorers arrived in South America in the 16th century, they discovered for themselves the many uses of this elastic, malleable sap. When the French explorer Charles de la Condamine "discovered" it in the 1740s, he called it "caoutchouc", a French word, but a variation on the South American word for latex. In attempting to figure out what it was exactly, Condamine came to a wrong conclusion – he thought it was condensed resinous oil. The name "rubber" was only attributed to this latex material when, in 1770, the famed British chemist Joseph Priestley (who also discovered oxygen) noted that the material rubbed pencil marks right off paper, thereby inventing the eraser and giving the "rubbing material" a name. By the end of the 18th century, the material was forever known as "rubber."

In 1819, Englishmen Thomas Hancock was in the stagecoach business with his brothers when he attempted to figure out better ways to keep his customers dry while traveling. He turned to rubber to develop elastic and waterproof suspenders, gloves, shoes, and socks. He was so enamored with the material that he began to mass produce it, but he soon realized he was generating massive amounts of wasted rubber in the process. So, Hancock developed his "Pickling machine" (later called a masticator) to rip up the leftover rubber into shreds. He, then, mashed the malleable rubber together, creating a new solid mass, and put it into molds to design whatever he wanted. One of his first designs were bands made out of rubber, though he never marketed or sold them, not realizing the practicality of rubber bands. Plus, vulcanization hadn't been discovered yet (which we will discuss in a moment), so the bands would soften considerably on hot days and harden on cold days. In short, these rubber bands simply weren't very practical at this stage of the game, in terms of many of the types of things rubber bands would later be used for. Hancock didn't patented his machine or the shreds of rubber it produced, instead hoping to keep the manufacturing process completely secret. This would end up being a rather large mistake.

By 1821, Hancock had perfected his machine, though he would keep it secret for about ten years, in an attempt to dominate the market. In fact, that is why he called it a "pickling machine," to throw everyone off the scent. It worked. Hancock turned rubber into a commercially practical item and he dominated the market for the next twenty years.

In 1833, while in jail for failure to pay debts, Charles Goodyear began experimenting with India rubber. Within a few years, and after he got out of jail, Goodyear discovered his vulcanization process. Teaming with chemist Nathaniel Hayward, who had been experimenting with mixing rubber with sulfur, Goodyear developed a process of combining rubber with a certain amount of sulfur and heating it up to a certain point; the resulting material became hard, elastic, non-sticky, and relatively strong. A few years later, in 1844, he had perfected his process and was taking out patents in America for this process of vulcanization of rubber. He then traveled to England to patent his process oversees, but ran into a fairly large problem – Thomas Hancock had already patented the nearly identical process in 1843.

There seems to be conflicting reports on whether Hancock had developed the vulcanization process independently of Goodyear or if, as many claim, that he had acquired a sample of Goodyear vulcanized rubber and developed a slight variation on the process. Either way, Hancock's patent stopped Goodyear from being able to patent his process in England. The ensuing patent battle dragged on for about a decade, with Goodyear eventually coming to England and watching in person as a judge proclaimed that, even if Hancock had acquired a sample prior to developing his own process for this type of rubber, as seems to have been the case, there was no way he could have figured out how to reproduce it simply by examining it. However, famed English inventor Alexander Parkes claimed that Hancock had once told him that running a series of experiments on the samples from Goodyear had allowed him to deduce Goodyear's, at the time, unpatented vulcanization process.

But in the end, in the 1850s the courts sided with Hancock and granted him the patent, rather than Goodyear, quite literally costing Goodyear a fortune; had they decided otherwise, Goodyear would have been entitled to significant royalties from Thomas Hancock and fellow rubber pioneer Stephen Moulton.

Though he had a right to be bitter over the ruling, Goodyear chose to look at it thusly, "In reflecting upon the past, as relates to these branches of industry, the writer is not disposed to repine, and say that he has planted, and others have gathered the fruits. The advantages of a career in life should not be estimated exclusively by the standard of dollars and cents, as is too often done. Man has just cause for regret when he sows and no one reaps."

Goodyear, though eventually receiving the credit he deserved, died in 1860 shortly after collapsing upon learning of his daughter's death, leaving his family approximately two hundred thousand dollars in debt (about $5 million today).

The patent dispute with Goodyear also had a profound, ultimately negative, effect on Hancock as well. As he was entangled in the time-consuming mess for years, others began to reap the benefits on Hancock not patenting his masticator process nor patenting the seemingly useless bands that they created. Specifically, in 1845, Stephen Perry, working for Messers Perry and Co, Rubber Manufacturers of London, filed a patent for "Improvements in Springs to be applied to Girths, Belts, and Bandages, and Improvements in the Manufacture of Elastic Bands." He had discovered a use for those rubber bands – holding papers together. In the patent itself, Perry distances himself and his invention from the ongoing vulcanized rubber dispute by saying,

"We make no claim to the preparation of the india rubber herein mentioned, our invention consisting of springs of such preparation of india rubber applied to the articles herein mentioned, and also of the peculiar forms of elastic bands made from such manufacture of india rubber."
While the rubber band was invented and patented in the 19th century, at this point it was mostly used in factories and warehouses, rather than in the common household. This changed thanks to William Spencer of Alliance, Ohio. The story goes, according the Cincinnati Examiner, that in 1923, Spencer noticed the pages of the Akron Beacon Journal, his local newspaper, were constantly being blown across his and his neighbors' lawns. So, he came up with a solution for this. As an employee of the Pennsylvania Railroad, he knew where to acquire spare rubber pieces and discarded inner tubes – The Goodyear Rubber Company also located in Akron. He cut these pieces into circular strips and began to wrap the newspapers with these bands. They worked so well that the Akron Beacon Journal bought Spencer's rubbers bands to do the deed themselves. He then proceeded to sell his rubber bands to office supply, paper goods, and twine stores across the region, all the while continuing to work at Pennsylvania Railroad (for more than a decade more) while he built his business up.

Spencer also opened the first rubber band factory in Alliance and, then, in 1944 the second one in Hot Springs, Arkansas. In 1957, he designed and patented the Alliance rubber band, which ultimately set the world rubber band standard. Today, Alliance Rubber is the number one rubber band manufacturer in the world, churning out more than 14 million pounds of rubber bands per year.

So, next time you are shooting a friend with this little elastic device, you can thank the Mayans, Charles de la Condamine, Thomas Hancock, Charles Goodyear, and William Spencer for the simple, yet amazingly useful rubber band.

Wow, nice concise little history lesson!

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Well Fitted

Oh my gosh.....delightful sights to behold!

Mr. S Rubber

In Mr. S's newsletter last week, there was promotion of new rubber designs in time for MAL, featuring Terry as the model...nice enough, I can't see any of the new styles on the Mr. S website. Hopefully there will be updates soon as I'd like to see what's available before heading down there on February 5. I like some of the new styles....hopefully something will catch my eye enough to purchase while there! :D

Rubberstud of the Week #352

Friday, January 16, 2015


Gotta hate being the hottie that gets cut out of the picture :(
More found April 13 :)


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Rubbing it Out at Rubbdown


- Vacation approved CHECK
- Flights YVR -> SFO booked CHECK
- Hotel room reserved CHECK
- Weekend Player Package purchased CHECK

I'm on my way to Rubbdown February 5-9. Soooo excited!!!!
I'll be hosting the exclusive GEARBOX rubber play party on behalf of Rubbout on Saturday night at the Center for Sex and Culture. I'm looking forward to seeing all the rubbery hot boys out that weekend, hope you're planning on'll be a great kickoff for Rubbout 24!

A Roomful of Seething

I know, I know...I just can't get enough of this pic! Thanks Sly Hands!


Now, that was a weekend that ended up being amazing! Almost everything went to plan as I had hoped.

Friday night after work, I rubbered up and headed to Gear Night at Pumpjack. It was incredible...there were probably around 50 guys that showed up between 8 and 10...typically this event has only had 5-10 guys show up in leather, pup or other gear so the turnout was amazing. Of course, I was the only one in rubber again but that doesn't surprise me.

Around 11pm we headed over to HD Lounge did some dancing and some booty boxing, it was a good time. I met some new guys that I had a lot of fun with, but I ended up heading home after HD though a few friends went back to Pumpjack.

On Saturday Mr. P and I went to the Meat Draw and then I got ready to head over to Tuchus and Cumpigcub's rubber fisting party. There ended up only being five of us there since some others had to bail at the last minute, but we ended up having a great time.

We put Cumpigcub, Paavo and Wardog into three sleepsacks and hooked them all up to electro and Tens units. Tuchus and I spent a couple of hours making them squirm and squeal. It was a lot of fun.

We then had a break for a couple drinks and food then Tuchus and I went into the slings. Paavo fucked me for awhile in one while Cumpigcub and Wardog took turns fisting Tuchus. Wardog was also on photo duty at this time.

Cumpigcub and I fisted Wardog for awhile, then he went to bed, following Paavo. Tuchus went to bed soon after. Cumpigcub and I played until 5am or so....his ass wasn't in play mode so I was the lucky recipient of a massively great fisting for a couple of hours before we shut things down.

Great party!

Hopefully I will have some pics from Saturday to post here...I'm waiting for Cumpigcub to get them downloaded and sent to me

On Sunday, Mr. P and I took the fire-hazard remnants of the Xmas tree down, cleaned the house and welcomed CutelyPerverted over for an evening of rubbery fun. As I was still doing chores, I put him into the rubber sleepsack, hood and gas mask and introduced him to some electro. He was quite content to stay in his confines until I got my stuff done. I edged him for a bit, Mr. P and I played with his cock for awhile before releasing him. In the meantime I erected the vac-tower and it was ready for him to go into. He was eager to try it out. I put a blindout hood and inflatable gag on him while he was sucked immobile in the vac-tower. This went on for another hour or more until I let him out of there.

We had a bite to eat, put our head-to-toe rubber gear and went into the bedroom. With our puppy hoods on and with the playsheet down, I put him into some restraints and took some pics. We did some grinding on each other before cooling off, putting on some other hoods and getting into some rubber-clad ecstasy, just enjoying grinding against each other, two rubbery deviants.

I put restraints on both of us and locked us together at neck, wrists and ankles and rolled around on each other for awhile longer. CP's boyfriend has been denying him a cum for several days now so he was begging for release. We finally jerked each other off in tremendous orgasms before he was sent home, still in his stinky, sweaty rubber, where apparently he was tormented again by his boyfriend and his brother husband.

Good times all weekend, it was amazing! I hope I can have a fun-filled rubber sex weekend like that again soon.

Last night I went to 8x6 for the inaugural Dog Pound. There was a decent turn out, I think Pup Luvyvr counted 17 through the doors. A bit of pup play was long overdue! Too bad no one was able to 'play' play, however if this becomes a regular thing, who knows?

I'm hoping to get together with Wardog and a friend of his tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to it :)