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What do you call this insert? Does anyone know who manufactures them?

Punished in the Corner


Check out his profile website at


Adorable rubber pup

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More Tragedy

It has suddenly become a very difficult week. Yesterday I learned another shocking event happened in Portland earlier this week. Friend and kink ally Jakob Jay, well known Portland DJ, hairstylist and community supporter and organizer was stabbed in the lobby of Pacific Towers early this week and is in a Portland hospital ICU. He is in critical condition, in a medically-induced coma, and awaiting further surgeries as of 10am on 5/11/17. At this time the attacker is at large and Jakob's family is fully cooperating with police during their investigation.
KATU coverage of family statement
His family is not accepting visitors at the hospital and their phones are being inundated with calls and texts which make it difficult to engage police and immediate family. They have a support network that is helping them and have asked friends to help raise funds to cover his medical costs and lost wages. At this time they are solely focused on his health and cooperating with the investigation.

Please donate money to help with Jakob's recovery and rehabilitation here.

RIP Tuchus 1963-2017

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to announce that our friend and mentor, Gavin aka Tuchus passed away this morning at 9:20PDT after a long battle against complications from pancreatitis at Vancouver General Hospital.

He is survived by his husband M aka Cumpigcub and Pup W aka DogofWar206 aka Wardog and of course a huge group of friend and community of kinksters whom he touched in so many ways.

I got the call from Wardog yesterday afternoon that Tuchus' condition had changed rapidly to worst after seeing him on Monday when he seemed to be in good spirits and improving health. The ICU doctors were planning to move him to palliative care and remove his life support. I got to the hospital around 7pm yesterday evening.

We've been at VGH all night. Yesterday the ICU doctors discovered that Tuchus's digestive system was no longer working so they decided to pull him off of life support. His sisters got to the hospital around 9pm and we were all able to say our goodbyes in the evening while he was awake. He was asking for more conversation from everyone even though he hasn't been able to talk during this whole 3-month ordeal and he seemed like he was in a good place knowing what was coming. He wanted to hear everyone's conversation one last time.

They took him off the breathing machines around 10:30 and started shutting the life support machines off one by one until about 1am when he was on his own. He managed to breathe and keep his heart beating until about 9:20 this morning. He was surrounded by his husband CPC, his puppy Wardog, his sisters, family and friends throughout the entire night. I managed to get a few hours sleep in the ICU lounge until 7am when I went home to get ready for work. I just got in now and got a text from Wardog an hour ago that Tuchus finally let go.

As many of you know, though Wardog is my boy, he had a very special Sir/pup relationship with Tuchus; they were inseparable, and Wardog looked up to Tuchus like a father and he is understandably very upset and staying with Mr. P and I at the moment. I think he is heading to our place now and Mr. P will look after him until I get home. This has hit him very hard as he considered Tuchus a father figure and I want to be at home for him so I'm probably going to work until noon or so then head home to get some rest.

Fortunately CPC's mom was with him in ICU last night and his dad is coming on the weekend so he has some good people to look after him.

It's been a shocking and devastating ordeal. We can hope that at least Tuchus is no longer in pain but hopefully still able to inflict some pain on others as he enjoyed so much to do...

Please send your love to CPC and Wardog on their shocking loss today.

Please have a glass of wine in Tuchus' memory today. He was an amazing mentor and friend who showed me more about myself, sex, kink, and the world then I ever could have expected. His creatively, wild spirit, perverted mind, and nurturing spirit will be missed forever.

It's Funny Because It's True

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Hole in the Middle

RIP Robert Miles 1969-2017

Trance producer Robert Miles died of cancer yesterday. His songs from the 90s are an indelible part of my twentysomething soundtrack. RIP

Here's a fitting song from his last album, Thirteen, released in 2013. Not trance :)

The Sounds

At the last minute, I enrolled for the Get Kinky With HIM workshop on Sounding last evening. I'm glad I went! My friend JR was the workshop lead, he showed us safe and sane sounding play including all the important things like hygiene and equipment maintenance. He first sounded himself with my assistance (as I was asked to assist and can't say no LOL), then we switched and he sounded me in front of a workshop group of around 10. It was fun! I have to laugh a bit that I've stuffed my urethra with more stuff in the past week than in the past six months.

JR told me he has an electro sounding kit on order, soon to arrive in the next few weeks. I told him I had two electro urethral plugs that I have yet to use; now that I got one more 4mm to 2mm adaptor pin set for my electro boxes, I should be able to hook everything up in one fell swoop. We have planned to get together in the near future and try all this gear out. I'm excited to try electro sounding!

I'm really regretting that Mr. P and I won't be able to go to the Vancouver Men in Leather June Whistler Retreat. It's always a good time but we don't know when Mr. P's surgery is going to be scheduled so we are just keeping our schedules open and loose. This would definitely be a good forum in the near future to try out some sounding. We will for sure go to the September one.  I'll just have to get JR over for some rubber, electro and sounding :)

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Saturday Night

I think my rubber experiences in the UK have launched a new age of rubber horniness! Perhaps that's to be expected considering the amount of rubber I've bought in the past five weeks!

Friday night I was out with friends but cut out around midnight because I wanted to go home and put on some rubber! I enjoyed myself in the Latexskin 0.2mm two-piece catsuit, which I haven't worn in quite some time. It's like putting on a rubber balloon, so thin and sexy. I didn't get too in depth into self-play as I wanted to save everything I had for Saturday. Boy Wardog was coming over in the evening, I had lots of plans I wanted to execute...

Saturday, I had to set up for the VRM monthly meet. We had a great time at the Vancouver Rubbermen May Spring Fling meet on Saturday afternoon at Pumpjack. There was a good turnout of guys, some that haven't come out regularly are starting to show up (yay!) and some of my buds also turned up. I enjoyed putting a few guys in the vac-tower, and some pups took a crack at the body bag. We wrapped things up around 5:30pm, Mr P came and picked me up. We went home I had a nap, then went and met a few friends at Fountainhead pub before Wardog was done work and came and fetched me.

We got ready for play, it wasn't until almost 11pm when we started. I was excited to finally play in my crotchless gimp catsuit and I got him in rubber tank and pants for the great night ahead. I got fucking him on the fuck bench for awhile but eventually he said he wasn't feeling like bottoming and he wanted to top me, so I obliged ;)

I totally got to gimp out for the rest of the night with him working my hole for hours and hours. I was in heaven. I got him to gimp me out with toe socks, collar, gags, hood layering, put restraints on me, strap me down on the fuck bench in rubber strapping and go to town on my ass in numerous sessions. Additionally I put on the metal cock cage with the urethral insert for some extra submission. Fuck, it was hot! I'm so lucky to have such a good attentive boy who loves working my hole as much I do his.
I am LOVING this crotchless gimp suit....makes me feel so submissive WOOF
My OCD would've required Boy Wardog put the rubber strapping on more tightly and cleanly, but then again, I'm just going to shut up at the moment!
Plugged with urethral insert chastity in an inter-session break....still strapped where I belong ;)

Sunday Mr. P and I went up to Shadow Falls to start with the opening up of the RV.  We spent the afternoon opening up the Eagle 5 with the help of our friend G and his nephew. Trench was dug, gazebo was erected...some mould and lots of mice gifts inside the RV, but overall, things are in pretty good shape for glamping season 2017! Next weekend will be final cleaning and unpacking in preparation for Victoria Day long weekend!

Last night I went with Wardog to see Tuchus. It was the first time I've been to see him since he was hospitalized three months ago. It was hard to see him so frail and so hooked up to machinery, however he did look better than I thought he would. He was alert and able to nod his head to our questions, but due to his breathing tube in his trachea, obviously not able to communicate. His muscle strength is so weak he's barely able to use his arms or hands. Poor fucker. He's been through so much already and still has so much to go.

I tried to stay upbeat and try to rein in Wardog's anxiety and emotions as for a 25-year old who hasn't had this hit so close to home, this has really messed him up in many many ways. I didn't like to hear him say some of the things he was saying to Tuchus, but I know he was just being emotional; he's such an emotional boy :)

I left with the message to Tuchus that he has to get better soon so he can get out of ICU, we can start talking to him again, and start bringing him stuff to help him rehabilitate and pass the time that's surely to be a big number in the long long recovery that's to come for him. Wardog is dedicated to being his attendant, to the point he wants to find part-time work and spend the days home caring for Tuchus while Tuchus' husband is at work. I think it would be a good opportunity for them to bond even deeper, and you never know, Wardog might discover an inner natural talent and trait that he loves and may want to pursue!

Anyways, summer may not have started but as far as Mr. P and I are concerned, it starts for us next weekend. I may be rainy and cool at Shadow Falls this weekend but we're going anyways!

I'm taking up my new spandex. Will take some pics.

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My Kind of Nightclub

On American Dad!

Artist Profile: James Newland

I saw many of James' illustrations over the MRM8 weekend. He is very talented and fortunately also a big pervert!

Contact James here:

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I think a lot of us have dabbled in animal roleplay. I've assumed the role of a pup and a handler and considered other roleplays that would align with my personality (perhaps better?). I had considered a cat but I am not that aloof. I don't think I am subservient enough and focused enough on other individuals to play an effective pup, at least that's my thought....but one animal role that really attracts me is pony play.

Strong, loyal, independent, responsive....these are all qualities I see in myself. I also like the idea of putting on a rubber 'horsehide' and hooves and a horse mask and being loyal and responsive to a kind gentle and fair handler. What do you think? Does anyone have experience with pony play?
All the gear and harnesses are a big turnon. I'd love to be part of a draft team pulling vehicles as well. It may not sound fun to some, but it sounds intriguing to me :)

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Pop Up Shop sales

The United Kingdom tried to bankrupt me!!!

As mentioned in the summary post, I had numerous opportunities to buy some well-priced rubber in London and Manchester. The Libidex pop-up shop on Thursday before MRM8 and the weekend after was just too good to pass up. Catsuits were already tagged ridiculously low at ‎‎£99, and then were 50% off in addition to that! I bought two catsuits at ‎£50, also a bondage bodybag at the same price, a red and black zip-up short sleeve top, and a ninja hood as well. All very nice and sexy items. I bought a red sleeveless catsuit and a pair of black rubber Chuck Taylor's from J for ‎£140, and a set of 25th anniversary pig gear and a rubber masculine mask from Invincible at MRM8 for approximately ‎£190. The mask is tight - one size fits all - but with the form-fittedness, you can actually set your ears inside the lobes in the mask which feels amazingly rubberhorny, and then when you move your mouth, the lips are set so close they actually move too! I can't wait to show you all the gear, and actually engage it in some rubber scenes.

This is in addition to the fisting gimp suit I got at the Rubbout gear swap. At Regulation London I bought a nice maglock metal ball stretcher, a couple of catheters for some urethral play in the future, a set of 4mm to 2mm electro equipment adapters, and some Elbow Grease and Fist Powder.

Here are some shots of the silver/black catsuit from Libidex.

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Continental Adventures

So, to preface this post, I'm trying to play catch-up with a lack of posting for April. Bad, bad rubberman! Good thing this post basically covers the entire month. There, all caught up haha

Gosh, April was crazy; it started with Rubbout 26, and then in anticipation of the trip starting on April 14, I had collapsed work deadlines to make. On top of that Mr. P had an infected gall bladder which led him to be in emergency several times and finally admitted into the hospital for five days. There was a possibility he was going to still be in the hospital as I was heading to the United Kingdom, but as fate would have it, they released him and I got him home just hours before I was scheduled to fly. I have heavily depended on the kindness of our good friends to keep him comfortable and entertained in my absence.

He's doing okay; they aren't going to remove the bladder for six weeks while they wait for the swelling of the organ to go down and draining to complete. He's been intubated with a draining tube into his gall bladder for these six weeks at which point they will schedule a removal. He is occasionally in pain mostly due to blockages of the tube which he now knows how to control as much as possible. The sooner this ordeal is over, the better!

So on we go to the fun stuff that happened...

Rubbout, this feels months away now. It was a very successful event once again. Lots of local perverts plus our friends from Seattle, Portland and places more distant were in attendance. I was told ~140 weekend passes were sold this year along with close to 200 coming through the doors at the very piggy play party in the basement of Celebrities on Saturday night. Andy and crew must be given great kudos for all the work they did on the event. I made appearances at the Thursday night "Bill and Bill" double birthday party at Pumpjack and the Friday night party...though I wasn't feeling well Friday night so I went home early and seemingly missed a lot of fun since some of the guys I know stayed dancing at the event until 4am!

Saturday I had my own gear and gear of some friends I put into the gear swap as a favour. It took some effort to get all these items sorted and tagged, but I ended up making around $650 on sold gear and they ended up making $1140!

There was lots of high quality gear being sold and almost everything sold as a result. I bought a rubber fisting gimpsuit made by Regulation London being sold by a friend of mine from Denver who attended the event that I'm very satisfied with. The Puppybowl was well attended and successful as well though I didn't get a chance to check it out.
Sunday brunch
Saturday Gear Swap
Saturday Puppy Bowl
Rob and I at Saturday play party
Saturday night play party vacuum demo area
After the afternoon hijinks, I had to prepare for the play party Saturday night. I was in the Celebrities basement with Andy and his crew around 6pm to set up the vacuum stations for doing bondage demos for a few hours at the start of the party. At 7:30 I went home to get ready. I showed up around 10 and things were already getting busy. It didn't seem like things really kicked off in the play area until the vacuum bondage demos were underway around 11.

Eventually it got to the point where the guys who wanted to play with the equipment were good on their own (as I'd hoped), so that's when I headed to the backroom for some play. My Denver bud and his boyfriend were already back there, so I joined them and we switch fisted each other on a bench and a sling. They moved on and I spent the rest of the night just hanging out with friends in the backroom and watching the action. The play space was very, very busy even at shutdown time at 2am. At the end of the night a group of us went back to Pumpjack for a beer, then I went over to a buddies place for some nightcaps and we sat up until 5am chatting.

The brunch came early on Sunday; Mr. P wasn't feeling well Saturday night so he stayed home (most likely due to the precursor symptoms of his bladder infection!) but we attended the brunch together. It was wonderful that Mr. International Rubber 2017 Preston So was in attendance on the weekend and that he was able to say some inspirational words at the brunch ("RUBBERIZE THE WORLD!"), and of course the new poster for Rubbout 27 in 2018 was unveiled!

There was a wrapup play party at Steamworks on Sunday afternoon, but I was too tired and showed up too late for anyone I knew to still be there, so I opted for a nice soak in the hot tub and some time in steam room before heading home. I reminded myself there were still two weeks of work to go before my trip so I didn't need to do all the things.

I went out Sunday night for a few brews with KSG for his birthday, then got a call from Mr. P that he was in a bunch of pain so we rushed him to St. Paul's emergency where he was in for scans and observation until early in the morning as he was getting tests done. He eventually got home around 5am...thank you KSG for staying with him.

The week went by, and finally on the following Saturday night we hosted a fisting orgy with two of my old playbuds, Tr0uble and N33dfulthings. We had such a hot night; it was a great lead-up to my vacation. The boys enthusiastically stayed around until 6am or so; we eventually got Tr0uble to chariot ride us which is something I haven't done in a long time and was something new for those two sexy boys...a win-win-win for everyone. I look forward to our next encounter!
Fucking hot to watch N33dfulthings taking it from both ends
Intentionally blurry chariot ride haha
Sunday was our curling league windup where my team won Most Improved for the season. A great way to end the weekend :)

After I got home from the curling windup, I discovered Mr. P was in a lot of pain again, so I took him to emergency. He was admitted into the hospital that night for his pain due to the gall bladder infection (which the doctors had failed to tell us about the week prior?!?!). We were under the impression his gall bladder but no one had said there were stones seen in the ultrasound. I was pretty pissed about this. The fact no one followed up with Paul meant to us that there was no pressing problem!

The following week was a blur of work and hospital visits. Wardog stayed with me a couple nights. Just before I was supposed to head to YVR on Friday afternoon, we got the official release approval so I managed to get him home, settled, kiss goodbye and head to the airport.

I was finally off to London!!!

I landed at Heathrow at 2pm Saturday afternoon, nine hours later. My friend Kinkarch, who I was staying with in London, generously came and fetched me. Once I was settled at his and his roommates' place in the London neighborhood of Nine Elms, we headed north to Soho to do some shopping and have some drinks at some of the gay watering holes. We headed home and chilled mid-evening.

Sunday we went to Windsor Castle, Runnymede Air Force Memorial, drove through Royal Holloway University campus, and then partied at Horse Meat Disco at the London Eagle. On an impulse after the party, I went over to a hot hairy Spanish guy's place nearby to give him a proper fist and fuck. It wasn't optimal hosting, but it did the trick. He was sexy so I was topping haha. There are so many bottoms in London!!!

Monday we went to Crystal Palace Park, the Horniman Free Museum, and chilled in the evening.

Tuesday was the first big walking day in Central London. We walked Leicester Square, National Portrait Gallery, Trafalgar Square, Canada House, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, and then arranged a meet up for dinner and drinks with the Americans coming for MRM8 in Soho in the evening.
Trafalgar Square
Canada House
Wednesday Kinkarch and I did the National Military Museum before heading to Greenwich, then visiting the National Maritime Museum and the Cutty Sark before taking the River Ferry to the Tower of London. We walked across the Tower Bridge and riverside to London Bridge again. Had a few drinks at a bridgeside bar then went back to Nine Elms.

Thursday we went through Kensington and Chelsea after shopping at Regulation London and Libidex in Islington (Libidex popup shop visit #1...this visit I bought a trans black catsuit, a nice red and black zip-up top with Nehru collar, and a ninja hood) and then checked out the National Science Museum. I wanted to get into the Victoria and Albert Museum and Harrod's but unfortunately we ran out of time.
I'm on the Prime Meridian!

It was already Friday....time to head to Manchester!

We left early with the intention of meeting M and getting into the hotel around noon; unfortunately check-in time was 4pm and M's flight was late, so we ended up having to fuck around on Canal Street in the pubs for most of the afternoon instead of doing the city Walking Tour, all the time longing for a nap.

Friday night was drinks and socializing in the pubs on Canal and then on to Darkcell. I had a great time everywhere (except for the bar lineups at Darkcell!), it was already a great time to meet some guys that I have chatted with forever online. At the end of the night, I was out having a cig, deciding whether to go back into the party or not, when I saw the sexy Aussie I had had my eyes on all night. I ended up taking him home and fisting with him until 6am or so. It was a great time. We made a huge mess of the hotel room...oops, sorry hotel staff.

Saturday we woke up around 10, fooled around again, then he went back to his hotel. Kinkarch, M and our friend Rob headed to the Richmond Tea Room for brunch and then on to the MRM Market.

I checked out what I wanted to buy at the Invincible and Latex101 booths and then went back to the hotel for a nap. I went back to the market and bought my stuff around 3pm, but decided to skip the Sister Bingo which I now regret as I heard it was pretty entertaining. It was already hot and crowded in Sub101, I didn't think I had the fortitude in my state to handle it so I tried to nap again.

I did manage to eke out a couple more hours of sleep. Saturday night the gang collected on Canal Street and we all collectively went to Alert. It was a great party and a great venue. I didn't make it to Deviant after that since Rubberscotsguy, the sexy Aussie and I had preplanned to go back to RSG's hotel room and fist each other until 6am again. It was another grand time, and it was fun for Aussie and I to teach RSG some fisting techniques, though I'm not sure how much of it was absorbed!

Those two crashed in RSG's room, but I decided to take all my messy play shit back to our hotel room and crash there.

I got up early for the Recovery brunch and met the Americans there. Afterwards I went back to the hotel for a few hours of solitude then put on my silver Latexskin suit and met them again on Canal Street for when we thought Geartunes would start. Unfortunately Oscar's didn't open until shortly before five, and in the meantime a leak sprung in the crotch of my catsuit so I went back to the hotel room and changed into my sleeveless red catsuit I had bought from Kinkarch's roommate J just before the weekend. I made it back in time to grab a seat at the Yankee table in Oscar's.

Geartunes was a hot sexy sweaty hilarious mess. There were so many rubbermen packed into a tight space! The aroma emanating from the room when coming down the stairs into Oscar's after being outside is something I will treasure forever: sweat moisture and heat, rubber and manscent all literally billowing out of that place. It was amazing.

Some of my partners in crime for the weekend...
After the main part of the showtunes event was done, a group of us including many of the ones mentioned earlier went for chips and food at a takeaway place en route to the Slick Party. This ended up being one of the most hilarious moments of the entire weekend as we had many curious onlookers asking tons of questions, everyone being silly and drunk. The guys had to tear me away from an overly inquisitive lesbian asking all the questions about rubber.

As we we just heading outside, one of the guys was stopped by yet another woman asking more questions. She seemed transfixed on me and my red catsuit, and she said, "Red really suits you!", to which all the guys started howling. If she only knew!

We partied and danced at Slick for the remainder of the evening. It ended up being largely a wrap-up celebration as the guys in the organizing committee was largely done their duties and were finally able to relax. After the prize draws were done, RSG, Aussie and I walked back to our hotels together. They went to Aussie's and I went to bed solo.

Monday morning we checked out of our hotel. M was on his way to the train station and Kinkarch started his journey back to London. I went to the Farewell Fling at the Lodge (above the Manchester Eagle) where I ate breakfast with the organizers and hangers-on, chatted with everyone that showed up, said our goodbyes and congratulations. RSG and I headed to the Manchester Train Station to catch our train to Edinburgh.

On the journey, RSG and I did a lot of catching up as we hadn't until this weekend seen each other physically since MIR20 in November 2015. Once we arrived at Edinburgh-Waverley, we caught a train out to Dunfermline where he lives, and gladly relaxed for the remainder of the evening, ordering in Indian food, drinking wine, and catching up over the latest Rupaul's Drag Race episodes.

See what I mean?!
Tuesday RSG had a work course so I hopped on the train back into the city solo for the day. I did a whole perimeter walk of Edinburgh, doing the Royal Mile from Edinburgh Castle (impressive!) Scotland National Museum, to Palace of Hollyroodhouse and Scottish Parliament, then Calton Hill and onto Princes Street and the Gardens.

I caught a train back to Dunfermline, RSG and I decided to play that evening, and to add to the fray we decided to invite a young rubber play bud of his over. He got over around 10pm; we were about to start and RSG didn't feel well as he had said throughout the day, so he lay down for awhile, while Youngrubber and I started playing. We rubbered up together, then I tied him up in full rubber with blindout hood and edged him for a few hours as he wanted. I proceeded to sit on his big fat cock while he was still restrained. We took a break, then he ended up fucking and fisting me for the rest of the evening. It was a lot of fun!

It was upsetting that RSG wasn't feeling well; I really wanted to have one more opportunity to play with him again but alas it was not meant to be.

RSG and I got up Wednesday morning, had breakfast then headed to Lochleven to check out the castle ruins on the island in the middle of the loch. It was where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned for almost two years.

Afterwards we drove to Queensferry South for dinner, where one gets a wonderful view of the Firth and the Three Bridges. We then headed into the city to B's place where I was staying the next two nights. B had gotten us tickets to the Skinny Lister show at Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh so we got to his place, parked the car and bused to city center. We had a few drinks in the cocktail bar then checked out the show in the adjoining ballroom. B and I quite enjoyed the show, the band reminded me of the Maritime Celtic/punk/drinking band sound. I'm not so sure about RSG - I don't think it was his type of music!

After the show we bused back to Bs and crashed, RSG and I in the spare room.
Skinny Lister's view of the crowd. We're way up in the upper right corner
RSG went home in the morning, B had to work so I headed downtown for another perimeter trip checking things out, this time including Usher Hall, St. Cuthbert Church, Royal Terrace, the Leith Road area including CC Blooms, then down through the University of Edinburgh campus, the Meadows park, and finally Grassmarket. I met an old Vancouver friend now living in Dundee at All Bar One on George Street for a couple drinks; he suggested I go to Regent Pub for a few later in the evening since this was his favorite watering hole in town. As B was still suffering from 'kennel cough' from the MRM weekend and feeling like shit again, he had to cancel evening plans and I was solo again for the evening. I headed to Regent Pub where I met a group of charming and handsome Scottish bears who I spent the evening with. I had planned to spend the latter part of the evening with an adorable cub that was part of their group but neither of us could host. It was so sad - he was so adorable!

In the meantime one of his bear friends was pretty smitten by me (could it be the pints talking?!) and proceeded to fuck me in the Regent pub toilet stall before we all parted ways. I'm a classy bitch! Toilet sex in bathroom stalls on two continents; can I possibly make it a third?! What a tramp! LOL

Anyways, it was all in fun. I went to CC Blooms for a couple pints before heading back to B's to crash. Friday morning was travel day back to London.
Up to no good
Insatiable holes (he won)
I had a few hiccups at the train station with Virgin so I'm glad I decided to head downtown when I did after having breakfast with B. With ten minutes to spare after getting the debacle sorted out, the five-hour train ride itself was pretty uneventful. We arrived at King's Cross and I took the tube back to Vauxhall to drop off my shit at Kinkarch and J's place. I had a few hours to chill with them, but I had been working all week on setting up this fisting playdate with these three guys in Old Street Friday night, and things had come together.

After prepping and packing, I took the tube from Stockwell up to Old Street to meet these guys. Two of them were a couple who played regularly with the host. One of the partners met me at the station and we walked to their buddy's flat. For a London flat, he had a decent amount of room in his main room so there was the sling, couch and floor areas to work with. The guys were already fisted when we got there, so we wasted no time getting busy. The four of us spent the rest of the night taking turns switching partners and fisting each other until dawn, taking lots of breaks to hydrate and chat.  It was so fucking casual and hot. It was an amazing wrap-up to an amazing couple of weeks with a group of amazing fisters.

Saturday I chilled for the morning but then decided to go back up to Islington with J to check out Libidex again....they were having another popup shop that afternoon. I ended up buying yet another catsuit - black and silver, and bodysack sleepsack...regularly £250 on sale £99 plus 50% discount = £50. All the catsuits I got at £50 each too....the prices were just too amazing to pass up!

We went out for awhile with some of J's friends for beers, they had come into town for one of the guy's bday parties. Once we got back to Nine Elms, they proceeded to get ready to go out for the evening while I ran to Sainsbury's to get some beer and some stuff to take home. Kinkarch and I had debated going out to meet them, but eventually we decided just to order in food and spend the evening in his bed watching Another Period episodes and Black Dynamite.

Sunday was already here. We headed to the airport around 11, I ate at Heathrow and then it was time to head home. Nine hours later I was back home in Vancouver, so tired I crashed out for 13 hours last night. It was time to head back to work and reality this morning.

That's my month of April in a nutshell. Holy shit I covered a lot of ground! Here's hoping May is a little less hectic (and less expensive!).

Next up: Vancouver Rubbermen SPRING THING May meet and play on May 6, then Mr P and I have to start focusing on getting the RV setup for the season at Shadow Falls. Victoria May long weekend is coming up very quickly!