Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Teaching the Kids How to Count

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Steven from Scotland. He's even hotter with less rubber on, if that's even possible.

Thoughts from Alex Rubbaman, Sly Hand's partner

It is with immense sadness that I have to tell you that our amazing, talented, kind, inspirational Si Hands died yesterday, 19 June, aged 33.

I, his family, and friends are distraught that we have lost such a shining star.

I know I am a better person for having had Si in my life and I am sure others feel the same. His huge sense of adventure, awe at the world around us, a desire to see people and places, and a genuinely caring attitude will stand out amongst many other inspiring qualities. From youth work, to being a role model at summer camp, to building a vibrant community Si always tried to make a difference to the world he lived in. We are so proud of him.

Si and I were about to embark on a new chapter in our lives, buy a flat, build a home and plan a whole raft of new adventures. My heart is broken at the thought of not having him next to me to share the rest my life with. I will miss every single thing about him.

He will live on in our hearts and in our memories. Please keep his friends and family in your thoughts.

As we make plans over the next few weeks I will keep you posted about arrangements, including the funeral.

I am so sorry for having to do this through Facebook but he knew so many people in so many countries I couldn't possible contact everyone directly. I hope you understand.

Let us remember him as the fun loving, care free, joyous person he was and live a little more like that.



Thoughts from Preston So, current MIR20

It is with the utmost grief and shock that I share the sad news of the passing of our dear friend Sly Hands, Mr. International Rubber 15 (#MIR15, 2012) and founder of the Manchester Rubber Weekend and the Manchester Rubbermen. He was 33. My heart aches for his partner Alex, his family and friends, and the entire Mancunian and British rubber community.

Sly was one of the most exuberant exponents of the rubber community, both at home in Manchester and worldwide. He worked tirelessly and generously to welcome and mentor new people in our community and to represent our fetish to the world.

He donated countless hours of his time for missions as large as one of the best-known gay fetish events in the world and as small as taking professional photos for those without the resources to afford them.

When we judged Mr. Rubber Spain together, he argued passionately for allowing candidates to have interpreters. He felt strongly from his position of privilege that enforcing English-speaking skills in any contest was exclusionary. He embodied the spirit of #rubberizetheworld. That's the kind of man Sly was.

Soon after I won Mr. International Rubber 20, I asked him for advice from one MIR to another. His response guides me to this day and will always stay with me well after I step down.

"Stay humble. I always told people that I wasn't any better or more worthy than anyone doing their bit."

Thank you, Sly. You've done more than your bit by empowering us to do ours. And you will be with us forever. XX

#MIR20 #MIRXX #MIR2017


How to properly stretch in tight black latex

RIP Sly Hands 1983-2017

The global rubber community is deeply saddened by the loss of MIR15 and shining community advocate, Sly Hands. Taken too soon, he will be deeply missed.
Vancouver Rubbermen (@vanrubbermen): Our condolences, thoughts & hugs to our Manchester brothers, Sly's friends & family. He made our lives & community better. He will be missed.
Sly: I'm glad I got to see you and talk to you only a few months ago in Manchester. The last we got to discuss was plans for IDOL Day last week. I am completely shocked by this news this morning. I hope all rubbermen the world over will embrace your legacy and push to expand our love of rubber even further! All my love to Alex, the core Manchester Rubbermen crew and all of Sly's friends in the UK.

Possession Prevention


Fresh Air

Fisting and Fresh Air with friends.
Vic Valentine (@ItsVicValentine)

Monday, June 19, 2017


LondonRopeTop: "There were a lot of 'oh fucks' coming out of him during the afternoon".

The Slo Mo Guys in Balloons

Vahva Doing Handstands

I can't stop watching


Well Fit

So smooth...and given the perfect fit, must feel divine as well.

Bottoms Up

Cheeky Monday!
A recent deja vu!

Rubberstud of the Week #478

Friday, June 16, 2017

Covered, Locked and Loaded

Have a great weekend boys!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Toronto Rubbermen Summer Schedule

As you know, Vancouver Rubbermen summer hiatus happens until Labour Day; in the meantime the Toronto Rubbermen are still having their monthly meets throughout the summer. Check the poster for dates and times!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Skynfeel Apparel

A performance suit made from condom material? This pushes ALL the buttons. Sign me up!

Hanging Out

In solitude


Monday, June 12, 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017

Butt Butt Butt

Just feeling the love for a muscular male butt in rubber today. Happy Friday!

New Xtube

Finally got around to a rudimentary edit of the December vids with Almazmol and Xivenge. Enjoy!

Rubber Play December 2016 powered by XTube

Invincible Open Day

It’s our Showroom Open day on Saturday 24th June. Come along and visit our refurbished showroom, with lots of new lines added.

Our exciting new look showroom has been refurbished and is ready for the next Open Day which will be on Saturday 24th June 2017. Why not pay us a visit, browse and try on some items from our extensive off the peg range of rubber wear. Including some brand new designs which will be available to purchase instore and online. We stock Rubber, Accessories, Lubes, Toys, Aromas & Rubber Shine products.

We’ll be on hand to discuss your own custom-made outfits, as well as take measurements and answer any rubbery related questions. We’ve added some brand new items to our increasing range for you to look at, just in time to get yourself a new outfit for Fetish Week London 2017 #FLW2017. We’ll be here from 10am - 4pm. We’re easy to find, if you are travelling by train to Nottingham, then you can take the tram from the station heading towards Hucknall & get off at Shipstone Street, it’s a 5-minute walk. The entrance is located on North Gate, through the red gates. We look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Living Doll

Don't care. Reposting.

International Day of Latex 2017 - IDOL

Next Thursday June 15, rubber up and show the world your latex pride!

Join the official worldwide event on Facebook!

Pup Krypto

What an attentive rubber pup!!

Who Wore It Better?


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Made to Suffer

SYS Sexy Young Stud

Nice collection of rubber on a very handsome man. Heavy Rubber Fanatic (@_blak_gummi) on IG

Monday, June 5, 2017

June Moon

A small turnout showed up for the VRM June Moon meet on Saturday. We had a visit from some of the guys participating in the Strut Charity Walk and they tried out the vac tower....after removing their heels, of course!

I'd like to thank all the guys that have come out and supported the Vancouver Rubbermen events over the past year. We will be back in September, and I'm very hopeful that we will have some new initiatives, events, and venues that will help to grow and foster interest in our fledgling group!

Friday night the couple that were coming over to try on rubber had to cancel so we decided to reschedule at a future date. I went out for drinks with a couple of friends. One went home, the other decided to come home and play with me....we've been talking about playing together for years and I convinced him there was no better time than this evening as Mr. P was at Shadow Falls and he needed a place to crash for the evening. I put him in the sling for a couple hours, he tried fisting me for a bit (first time ever!) and we mutually jerked off before crashing.

I got up Saturday and hauled equipment to Pumpjack for June Moon. The turnout was small but a lot of good friends showed up. I was more in the mood to visit than demo so luckily some of the other guys manned the equipment. Near the end BF put me in the straightjacket and ninja hood and I ran around the bar freaking everyone out for about 30 minutes. It was fun!

Afterwards Wardog and I took the equipment home, I took him out for dinner, dessert and some drinks in various locations around town and then we went home and cuddled. It was nice to reconnect physically with him as it feels like its been so long since we were able to do that.

Sunday Mr. P came home, Wardog spent the night, and Ovrload came over for some rubber and assplay. We dressed up in our rubber gear and took two turns in the sling each plus some breaks for drinks and visits with the other guys. It was a nice long relaxed session, and some great fisting in some of my new rubber gear!

I also got to my storage locker and found an old front wheel and carbon fork in my bike box. Hallelujah! I will be able to save myself some money and get the bike fixed within a week. Can't wait to get on the road again. I've been riding my mountain bike to work the past couple weeks, I'd like to get on the road bike as soon as possible. 

How to Clean Your Ass

I had a great weekend of fisting and rubbersex. In the spirit of these successes, here is a great guide to prepping yourself for buttsex.