Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Suffocating in Layers

Great scene! And holy cow, what a great looking play dungeon!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

More breathplay

After talking with Lycrasi on YM today (who is one of the perviest breathplayers I know), I was all horned up to do the Pin sessions and decided to run a condom breathplay video again. It's not that great, but breathplay is always a blast!

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I really need to find someone to make these videos with....

The Pin Project

Here are the first two attempts at mimicking Pin.

No flash:


Phase Two: the silver zentai suit!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rubber Caterpillar

Further to my discussions about transformation, Kerotan's got the right idea.

Googling 'Rubber bottomboy'

Sex talk
Speaking of Rubber Gear

Simon Sheppard,

"I love the way rubber feels," says a latex lover, "all smooth and tight against my naked body. Very tight. It makes me hot, it makes me damp...and hot and damp are good things to be."
Sure, leather is the premier fetish material, but these days rubber gear is gaining fast. It's not just the simple stuff, like black rubber bodysuits, T-shirts and shorts. They look good, of course, in a kinky, no-place-to-hide-a-faulty-figure way -- you, too, can play Catboy at the next Batman costume party. But that's just for starters. A trip to a well-stocked fetish store will reveal a dazzling array of latex stuff.

There's fetishwear, of course: lace-up rubber corsets, jockstraps, over-the-knee socks, black opera-length latex gloves just perfect for...well, whatever calls for long rubber gloves. None of this comes cheap; good rubber chaps can set you back nearly $300 (U.S.), a rubber bondage suit around three times that. And not only is rubberwear rather costly, it is, compared to sturdy, durable ol' leather, a bear to care for; it's not just kinkwear, it's a commitment. (And incompatible with oil-based lubes, too.)

When rubberfans want to play, they've got a wide choice of made-for-kink sex toys. Rubber bondage collars and restraints, clones of their cowhide cousins, are just perfect for that vegan bottomboy who'll surrender his ass, but not his principles. And then it gets even kinkier. Rubber gags with cock-shaped attachments. Full-head hoods with mouth tubes. Some top-of-the-line toys take advantage of rubber's unique properties; there's an inflatable hood, and a double-wall, full-body bondage bag that can be inflated like a wrap-around air mattress, leaving the bottom not only restrained, but floating inside a kinky cushion. (Though rubber fetishism always seemed to many of us to be a particularly British kink, much of this fancy gear is made in Holland. Go figure.)

Less specialized rubber gear has its fans, too. Firemen's outfits, fishermen's rubber waders, even scuba diving wetsuits – it's all butch fantasy material for rubberlovers. "As a child, I always liked firemen," one guy reminisces, and some things never change. Unlike black leather, with its Bad Biker aura, slinky latex fetishwear has a more androgynous appeal, but clomping around in a waterproof sewer worker's outfit just reeks of working-class masculinity.

The plain old gas mask, available cheap at your army-navy store of choice, is a favorite toy of many. Concealing all but the eyes, filtering the free flow of breath, it has that dehumanized look so fashionable in today's stylish dungeons. In fact, loss of individuality is part of rubber's appeal. Heavy bondage and rubber, it seems, are just natural allies; fetish magazines are replete with photos of men completely cocooned in shiny skin-tight prisons. Once enclosed in what one writer calls "latex utopia," a bottom loses all individuality. "I crave that feeling of separation from the outside world, that all-over restriction," says a hunky enthusiast who loves being a latex mummy.

And for a space-age rubber look, there's liquid latex, which brushes onto the body, drying to a second skin with, as one manufacturer puts it, "a sensual, tight feeling." The stuff can create fantastic, multi-colored, nearly-naked effects. It even comes in day-glo colors that shine under black light.

At base, any fetish is impervious to logic. Some guys are turned on by gleaming black leather, others by a bright yellow raincoat. The smell, look and feel of rubber just makes some men's dicks hard. Whether you think it's dorky or divine, stretching the bounds of sexiness or just stretchy, hankering for rubber, it appears, is here to stay.

Simon Sheppard is the co-editor of Rough Stuff: Tales of Gay Men, Sex, and Power (Alyson Books)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Latex whore on the Prairie

...and here are the poses in action! Man, I wish I had a real video camera...the fun I could have.

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Find more videos like this on guyzingear

Find more videos like this on guyzingear

Prairie Pervin'

I was in Saskatchewan this past weekend and was able to find a few hours to get into as remote a spot as I could find (not hard in rural Canada). I wanted to get some outdoor photos and video done and as you can see I am pretty happy with the outcome! I wish I had had the time to apply polish and move the camera from south facing to north facing, but alas the opportunity is done. I'll have to get an assistant to help out the next time! ;-)


I've been feeling like I've been 'putting myself' out on the Internet a bit too much lately, especially considering I've recently started a new, high-profile job and some of the most recent perv studio shots I did were full facial, which I had avoided most of the time up to now. I think the liberalness of my attitude over the summer and during my holidays led me to post things that I would not normally (I know -- such a prude for being such a perv). I've decide to remove or suspend a few of my profiles including the Multiply site, Dudesnude and Myspace. I was finding there was so much duplication between sites that it was just becoming a waste of time, so I decided to shed those ones from which I have had the most interaction with others. The Ning sites are still going strong as are, as always, Gearfetish and Rubberzone.