Thursday, May 30, 2013

For Reals?

Russian coach blames gays for cutting men in tights rolling on a mat together from the Olympics
By Max Powers on February 17th, 2013 at 7:44 AM

Russian wrestling coach Vladimir Uruimagov is blaming gay activists for pressuring the International Olympic Committee to drop wrestling from the Olympics in 2020.

“If they expel wrestling now, that means that gays will soon run the whole world,” Uruimagov said via, calling the decision “a blow to masculine origins.”

“It turns out this committee is headed by representative of these minorities,… It is necessary for millions around the world who understand that this is a man’s sport and who understand the need to continue the human race to go out and explain their position to the Olympic Committee,” he said. “We should prove and explain that in any other case there is no future.”

Why would we ever want to get rid of THIS?!?!?
I don't think this guy is thinking this out rationally. If he knew anything about how gay men's brains work, he would realize that gays would be the biggest supporters of keeping Olympic wrestling IN the Olympics, not OUT.

Monday, May 27, 2013

On The Side

Me Wantey

Latex bodycondom from Peter Enslot @

Rubberstud of the Week #265

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Lube & Tug

Lick It


Yum, five minutes of staring at Joe Phillips ass.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Victoria Update #2

So yes, there's been a dearth of blogging on Rubber Canuck the past few weeks; I've been spending most of my time with Victoria boy in the hotel suite in downtown Victoria every night this week. In fact, he's just been staying with me at the hotel, we both head to work in the morning, then meet back in the hotel room again at the end of the work day just to start the sexual escapades again!  It's been a tremendously fulfilling time; we really connect and get along and the sex has been AMAZING! I haven't had my laptop with me, and I'm not that big on blogging from my phone.

Victoria boy told me he wants to be called RubbNuck Jr., so that's what I'm going to call him from now on. He's been reading the blog and showing his friends, so I guess I should amuse them all with some depraved stories. During the days there has been some chastity at work. We have been spending all of our free time having sex, in leather, in rubber, in bondage; I've even been subbing a lot to pain and enjoying it. Tit clamps, a bit of cbt, and of course, lots of fisting and toys and inflatables...competitions to see who can take the most pumps....though the highlight of the week though was that I took RubbNuck Jr's FISTING CHERRY! As he claimed it has been 11 years in the making; I'm glad I was the one to take it. It happened on Wednesday night. He took it about five times, the last one being as we fisted each other.

He was all gung ho to try it again on Thursday but his ass was a bit too sensitive, as I suspected it would, so he's on a strict command to rest up his ass for multiple fisting sessions next week. I'm looking forward to it. This week was supposed to have a 'leather week' theme so I brought a bit of leather and hardly any rubber. We ended up wearing the rubber all week though! So next week, I'm bringing full rubber suits since I love getting fucked, fisted and bound in complete rubber coverage :D

In the meantime, I've have hardly spent any time at home over the past month or so and feel that it's been adversely affecting a lot of my personal life at home, especially Mr. P. I hope this schedule won't be going on much longer; it's all due to major fuck-up-ed-ness at work that I have to spend my entire work week in Victoria. Long story short it should be over by the end of's hoping.

We took more video this week, but no pics. I have some work to do to get these vids edited and up on Xtube! HOT! ;)

I'll try to write again in the next few days. I feel like I've been neglecting everything for sex - well, I have, but it's been incredible!

Friday, May 17, 2013

New Memories

This week has been one of my most memorable for sex and play in a while.
I got to Victoria on Sunday night and proceeded to have a solo full rubber session I recorded on video with condom breathplay.

Monday night after seeing "Oblivion" at the theatre, I was planning on something rubbery-similar when I got a call from an old trick who invited me to a six-man orgy a few blocks away. The coincidence was too much! It was after 11 and I had to work in the morning but the invitation was too good to pass up. It was a joke that we were celebrating the B.C. provincial election on Tuesday but whatever it takes to put on a party. A few of the guys were not very engaged or active, but four of us were there all the way through and had a lot of fun. I got home around four and made it to work by nine.

Tuesday I napped when I got home then proceeded to have the rubber session I planned the night before. Unfortunately Victoria boy was working one of the election polls all day and had just got back from Ottawa on Monday night so went home after....I had to only anticipate what Wednesday was going to bring for us...
The Victoria boy and I have had a great week of sex and play; it makes hauling a huge heavy suitcase of gear and clothes four hours on buses, trains and ferries totally worth it!

I got him into full rubber before a heavy assplay session on Wednesday. It was the first rubber session I've had in a long time and the first time I've been aggressively fisted in full rubber in a very long time!
Thursday we originally planned to relax and take it easy, but when I got back to the hotel from work and found him with the CB-6000 on, the inflatable butt plug and inflatable gag in, waiting for me, how could I resist not fucking him?

We stopped for dinner then got into another heavy play session. As I was peaking, shackled in restraints and chastity on, the visor hood transparent panel getting a sweaty, foggy white haze on it so that when I opened my eyes it resembled a dreamscape, and having him blow up the inflatable butt plug to dizzying sizes in my ass, "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk came on the Zune playlist, and I was even higher in heaven than moments before.

Victoria boy is a pile of fun; I'm so glad to have met him, he's made my time in Victoria away from home during the workweek so much more enjoyable. He wants to be my boy; he wants to be called Rubb Nuck Jr., so I will oblige. On top of the fact he researched better hotels for me and now I'm in a suite with full kitchen, dishwasher, washing machine and king size bed, right next door to a huge rooftop garden. Loves.

Speaking of loves, RubbNuck Jr. loves the CB-6000. He's been instructed to wear it all weekend until I return to Victoria on Monday night.

It's a long weekend holiday in Canada this weekend, Victoria Day ironically, so I have an extra day relaxing at home with Mr. P. I have all intentions of enjoying a nice quiet time at home with my husband and friends....once I get off this packed ferry and get on the train home!

We took a ton of video footage this weekend that I'm sure will make its way to Xtube eventually. Here's a few teaser pics!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Illustrated History of Gas Masks

The gas mask has a history that dates back thousands of years, though it wasn't until World War I that it became nightmare fodder for Doctor Who and countless other stories. Here is a sometimes terrifying history of the gas mask, from its beginnings through the present day.

Link to

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

Tied to Ride

Happy Bulges

DavidHallberg (USA), Nikolay Tsiskaridze (Russia), Marcelo Gomes (Brazil), Dennis Matvienko (Ukraine), and Guillaume Cote (Canada) were in featured in the final performance of the 2011 Kings of the Dance in New York City.

Slide Into Your Evening Suit

I love Regulation's marketing team; they seem to be one of only a few that know how to hit the horny buttons on their gay male clientele.

Slide Into Your Evening Suit

Some of us live for the thrill of pulling on our rubber. It's hard to explain, but the horny feeling of tight latex clinging to your skin and fitting in all the right places as you zip yourself in, is really like no other.

Our Full Rubber Suit is one of our best selling clothing items and with plenty of entry and style options to choose from, you can design the suit you've always wanted. For something a little more unique, ask about our Get Fitted made to measure service.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Great Kink Photography

Great scene captured by Photokink. I think the composition is great!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Beach Day

Omg beautiful Sunday at the beach. Nice to see male skin showing again. Good thing I put in a butt plug before leaving the house today! ;)

Saturday, May 4, 2013