Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Just Because

I need something quick and sexy to post on a Tuesday...

Monday, November 28, 2016

Rainy Distractions

I'm so glad gay men are slutty and piggy; it makes me happy that they can be that way with me too.

Friday night we had Wardog, Convivial and Whatsup over for a play session. It was a whirlwind of dicks and holes. So much fun! Whatsup showed up around 7:30, Wardog around 8:30. Convivial around 11.

Just prior to Wardog's arrival and while he was hosing out, Whatsup and I started fooling around on the bed. Mr P and Wardog eventually joined us and once Convivial showed up we were already quite heavy into fucking. We did some daisy chain fucking, took turns on each other, and Wardog took a turn fisting Whatsup while I took a break.

Wardog is typically a bottom but he took some Viagra on Friday night and became this out-of-control topping monster! Scary! LOL He took a concerted effort on fucking Convivial.

I spent a good part of the first sessions of the evening topping Whatsup and Wardog. Convivial took a bunch of pics and vids as we were inserting things in each other however he wasn't feeling well and he and Wardog went to bed around 2am.

Once we moved things to the sling from the bed, Whatsup and I did a lot more holework application on each other and actually came out quite satiated. Whatsup fucked and fisted me, Convivial took his multiple turns on my hole afterwards as he woke up in the middle of the night, horny as he was every couple hours like the last time he was over. He aggressively fucked and fisted me, we all took breaks and then he wailed on me again.

We stayed up very very late into the night....let's just say the sun was up and alarms were going off when we decided to call it. I think there was reasoning that we'd stay up until Wardog had to get up for work as there wasn't enough places to sleep; Whatsup headed out around 7:30, Convivial and I crashed on the couch again but he got up and moved to the bed once Wardog left. I woke up early afternoon on the couch.

Saturday Mr P and I went to our friends place for a dinner party and games of Cards Against Humanity.

Sunday I curled in the afternoon and Wardog came over for a great fuck and fist session in the evening...coincidentally the sling was still up from Friday haha

This week I'm hoping on concentrating on getting some pre-Xmas tasks done and that will keep me horny for my next rubber session with Xivenge™ on Friday.

Gimps on Display

At the Friday and Saturday night sessions of the MIR20 contest in Chicago a few weeks ago....well played, Chicago Rubbermen, well played.

SeriousKit "Special Order" Vacuum Suit

A variety of attachments....mmmm....

MIR 20 had a SeriousKit suit onstage during the contest..(check out the next post)