Monday, January 30, 2012

Rubberstud of the Week #196

Angelo Marconi in Rubbellion Rubber...delightful.

Friday, January 27, 2012

After All These Years....

...this is still one of the hottest pervert pics I've ever laid eyes on :p

Dressing Aid?

A video of Latexguru dressing??? Say it ain't so! The guy needs some pointers on how to dress/wear latex. I'd love to give him an education session. I wonder how much money he's making off his Xtube videos? Some latex shop should sponsor him and give him properly-measured latex for his video events.
He is such a rubberman's nut buster. Damn, he's so fucking hot and adorable, he really needs someone to rubber him up better...

Black to Basics

Just some nice black latex horniness!

Latex im Schloss

Oh my dog...places like this actually exist? Oh, it's those enterprising Germans again!!!! I want to be the rich perverted industrialist who can build a remote out-of-the-way estate like this, and invite rubbermen from all over the world to come and visit and enjoy a weekend in the dungeons. Why do straight people get to have all the fun? This is pretty hard-core stuff, and these women seem to be enjoying themselves. You can be sure if I was running the show here, the sound system would never be playing Enya-esque music!!

Rubbout Weekend Passes now on sale

Rubbout weekend passes are now on sale on the website via Paypal. Sales are moving briskly.

Information on à la carte Event Tickets: The à la carte prices for ticketed events on Rubbout weekend will be $10 for the Mr. S Party on Friday night (tickets available around April 5), $25 for the Slick Dance (tickets available after March 10).

All other official events are free to attend except the brunch which is for weekend pass holders only, though a la carte brunch tickets will be sold if it is not at capacity.

We are stressing sale of the weekend packages because they are a good deal and we have capacity limits for certain events such as the Mr. S Party that are only going to be guaranteed to weekend pass holders. Our capacity there will be approximately 110 - beyond weekend pass holders and volunteers any additional tickets will be sold at $10 just prior to Rubbout weekend. The total number of weekend passes available this year will be capped.

It's your choice either to ensure entry to all events by purchasing a weekend pass or take your chances when you arrive in Vancouver that there will be a la carte tickets available. Last year there were tickets still available on Saturday for the Slick Dance but it did eventually sell out. The Mr. S Rubber party is pretty much guaranteed to sell out.

Calling All Contestants

Are you a true rubber freak? Does walking past a tire store make you get hard? Then you're our kind of rubber piggy and you may be the one to snag the Mr WCR title.

Seriously though, we're looking for one hot dude to continue a our new rubber tradition. Get your Contestant Form, slip on your favorite gear and give us scoop on why you should be the latex god of our dreams!

There are no official duties associated with the Mr West Coast Rubber title nor is there any compensation, either in cash or cash equivalent. However, as a chosen representative of our rubbery community, there are some things we hope Mr. West Coast Rubber will accomplish.

Mr West Coast Rubber is strongly encouraged to compete in the Mr. International Rubber contest held in Chicago. Mr. West Coast Rubber is invited to serve as a judge at the 2013 Mr. West Coast Rubber contest to be held approximately one year after the 2012 event.

We hope that Mr. West Coast Rubber will attend rubber, leather and fetish events whenever possible to promote the title and the Mr. West Coast Rubber Weekend as well as rubber/latex fetish. There is no travel fund, and any travel is done at his own expense. Mr. West Coast Rubber should always represent himself and the title in the best possible manner (ie, tons of hot, rubbery, gear play!). And of course, as the chosen rep of pervs everywhere, Mr. West Coast Rubber is expected to don fetish gear at every conceivable opportunity and to engage in (smart) sexual exploits whenever and wherever possible (and legal). Download the application here or email us - - if you've got more questions.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Toolbox Saturdays

Hosted by the Vancouver Men in Leather, Toolbox Saturdays replace the old Blackout Saturdays on the last Saturday of every month. Put on your rubber or leather and join us!
Also, this Friday VML and PCAN (Pacific-Canadian Association of Nudists) are hosting a Leather or Less event at WISE Hall on Friday.
Wow, it's a great weekend not to have anything Rubbout-related to do!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kings of the Dance

Tuesday's Men in Tights. So...amazingly...athletic. These guys are mesmerizing to watch. I heart Marcelo Gomes :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Poster Unveling Night Images

Here is a series of pics from the Rubbout Poster Unveiling Night at Pumpjack Pub January 14, 2012. It was a light-hearted gong show that everyone enjoyed! The poster is now up at Pumpjack until Rubbout in April. Thanks so much to everyone that helped out; Steve, Vince, Conor, Mitch, Neall, Mark, Rob, Doug, Chris, Stephen, Shane, and Bryan!
All pictures are courtesy of Barry Piersdorff and available on the website.

Fetish Week London Promos

Recon's been doing a good job of putting together promotional videos of the stuff that went on at the parties last year. I'm SOLD! Especially after seeing the boys in the Rubber Party video. Woof! I definitely want to go :)

That suit mooves me

Squeak Latex is at is again! Those guys know how to have fun with inflatables!

Gear Night At The Cuff

Woo! Saturday night at the Cuff was a lot of fun. I had been asked by to come and speak/demo about all things rubber at their monthly Gear Night at the Cuff Complex in Seattle. Toby and his friend Chris helped me set up the vac-coffin, vac-rack, sleepsack and straightjacket just before a sizeable crowd came into the club section of the bar. I didn't have anything scripted and just ran from one topic to another (sort of reasonably segued together!) and then got into the demos. Several handsome volunteers came forward to get into the gear, and not surprisingly the largest amount of curiosity was over the vac equipment. I got one of the guys into the vac-coffin first, and as he squeezed his head through the neck hole, the seam gave away on the neck ring and ran across the top of the top sheet. Merde! Well, suddenly that piece of equipment was out of commission. The guy felt really bad but I told him not to worry about it - as I had mentioned in my speech, rubber is wonderful to play in but requires a lot of maintenance and repair because of the inherent nature of the material.

Anyways, as a consolation I put him in the sleepsack. He was slightly taller than me and actually filled out the sleepsack very nicely. Three guys eventually got into the vac-rack, another in the sleepsack, and the first guy in the vac-rack also tried out the straightjacket (apparently something he was an old vet at wearing).

I got lots of feedback from staff and attendees how well it went and how well-attended the night was. I'm very glad I went! I think there's a good buzz about Rubbout down there and it was also a great opportunity to promote West Coast Rubber. Here's hoping a lot of guys from Seattle attend both.

I spent the rest of the evening visiting with my friend Jim and partying with my friend Eric. I had a lot of fun!


Now I'm already dealing with Rubbout stuff today. For those of you wondering why the weekend package purchase link isn't available on the Rubbout website, don't fret, we'll get it up there tonight. Busy with budget and event planning meetings this week, the first big volunteer meeting next week. I can't believe Rubbout is only 11 weeks away!

Rubberstud of the Week #195

Friday, January 20, 2012

FoxZatt's Back!

I know Rubberedstud and Ruff have posted Foxzatt's new video, but I wanted to as well, only because he and I used to share so much conversation about rubber and I consider him a big influence on my rubber journey today. I welcome you back, sir! I hope you're back around and giving us great rubber wanking material for sometime to come. I think we generated such a strong bond because our rubber tastes were that similar! He's wearing his STR and a Kink Engineering Microbreathe hood, something I'm hoping to get from them at Rubbout time. Enjoy! Thanks Fox!

Today's View From the Sling

This was actually on Wednesday, but close enough ;)

Had fun meeting with sponsors at the Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show last night, off to Seattle tomorrow for the rubber education/demo event at the Cuff. Here's hoping the ice is melted and the roads are cleared! :)

Last night at the Taboo Sex Show was interesting. If not only to meet and reconnect with some of Rubbout's awesome sponsors like the folks at Ware's and Wear, but also to realize how much more adventurous most gays are compared to straights. I exchanged stories with Ken, a friend of mine who works at Little Sisters, who recounted a group of women that came into their Taboo display. One of the women asked her friends, "why are there flavoured lubes?". The friend whispered in her ear, and she cried out when she heard the answer! It's sort of unbelievable, in this day and age that come people have a comfort zone SO small when it comes to sex that everything that doesn't include vaginas and missionary positions is completely foreign and exotic, and most likely scary and threatening.

I was traipsing around the convention center in my Invincible tank and Mr. S neoprene cyber pants trying to distribute some Rubbout promo cards (to a ladies' night crowd, no less). We were about to leave when I think I indirectly heard the best line of the night. As I was passing by these women, one of my friends overheard one saying to the other, "oh my god....his pants have a zipper in the back!". Now that's classic. Wish I'd heard it; the response would've been, "I can only imagine your reaction if I had been wearing my rubber pants with no back to them at all!" :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

This Week

I'm relieved to say that the Rubbout poster unveiling was a success on Saturday night. We managed to get four guys rubbered up including the two models in the poster who were gracious enough to rubber up once more for the evening (thanks Bryan and Shane!). I also want to thank my military compatriot Chris for coming on stage with me and trying full rubber for the first time...and loving it! :)

Pictures (and video!) forthcoming...

Conor is the new Director of Operations for Pumpjack Pub and the evening wouldn't have gotten off the ground without him. As always I want to thank Rob and Doug for their unfaltering commitment to our objectives, and also to N and M for helping in the coatcheck! Thanks guys!

Next is Thursday and Friday night at the Taboo Sex Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Thursday and Friday, and Seattle next Saturday for the Cuff Fetish night. This week I have to get sponsorships firmed up and approach Deadly Couture to see if they are interested in having any involvement in the Rubbout weekend. Things are getting very exciting!

We also have five confirmed heading to Palm Springs on February 24 for West Coast Rubber weekend. It's gonna be a blast! Interestingly, the three 'generations' of Rubbout organizers are going to be present: Bill, Mitch, and myself! Plus I'm stepping down from the Mr. WCR title so there's definitely going to be a strong Vancouver presence at this year's WCR! Rubbout is going to be providing part of the title winner prize package, so I hope the winner makes Rubbout their official first event of their reign! :)

Fetish Week London

A nice promotional video by Recon for Fetish Week London. Very nice looking boys!

Rubberstud of the Week #194

The new Libidex model is almost too pretty...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Official Rubbout Poster Unveiling

Rubbout will be unveiling the poster for Rubbout 21, RUBBOUT: INVASION this evening. The artwork creator, Stephen Sadowski, will be on hand to autograph copies of the poster that will be on sale!

While all this madness is going on....

Rubbout, The Pumpjack , & Vancouver Men in Leather Present the 2nd contest in the 'Third Ring On the Harness' series:


10pm Sat. January 14th
Win prizes or just enjoy watching the on-stage action.
Coat Check to benefit Rubbout.
Wear rubber/uniform/leather/fetish gear for priority entrance.
The Pumpjack Pub 1167 Davie St.

Rubbout Weekend Pass Announcement

Rubbout 21 is coming very quickly. With less than three months to go, we know some of you are probably anxious to get your travel plans and weekend package purchases confirmed.

Rubbout 21:Invasion weekend packages will go on sale on Monday, January 23rd via the Paypal account on the Rubbout website ( The cost of the weekend package for 2012 will be $45 CAD plus Paypal service fee. There is a limited number of packages available this year so it is strongly encouraged that you buy your weekend pass as early as possible.

For those people who cannot purchase the weekend passes through Paypal on the Rubbout website, please email with the following information:
Contact number
Contact email

Once we receive your information we will confirm your weekend pass reservation with a return email to you. If you haven't gotten a response from us within a week, please contact us again and we will confirm via email or phone that you have a package reserve. For those using Paypal, you will receive a Paypal receipt to the email address of your choice.

All purchased and reserved weekend passes will be distributed at the Rubbout Registration and/or Meat and Greet on Friday, April 6th. Please have your receipt and/or identification with you for package pickup on Friday.

The Rubbout weekend package will give you great value:
Exclusive entry to the private Mr. S Leather Party on Friday night
Slick: Invasion Dance Ticket
Sunday Brunch ticket
...and lots of stuff in a bag!! LOL

Also, host hotel reservations are now open using the Rubbout promotional code. Details on hotel room reservations are available on under the 'Hotel' tab. Individual tickets for the Slick Dance will be available for sale in March at various outlets in Vancouver.

If you are looking for information on the Rubbout travel subsidy, please refer to the Facebook page before contacting refer back to the December 13, 2011 blog post.

If you are in Vancouver this weekend, we are having the Rubbout poster unveiling at Pumpjack Pub on Saturday, January 14 at 10pm, 1167 Davie Street. More info is in the blog post above this one! :)

We will be at the Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Thursday January 19th and Friday January 20th. Come find us at the Little Sister's/Sweet Adult Boutique/Ware's And Wears booth, or wandering around in rubber!

We will be at the Cuff Bar in Seattle on Saturday January 21st doing a rubber education session/demo.

Please follow us via the website, Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates on events, sponsors and new announcements as they come! Official sponsor list will be coming soon!
Rubbout event page on Facebook: Rubbout 21: Invasion (
Rubbout on Twitter: @Rubbout (!/Rubbout)

New poll

Prince Albert piercings: hot or not?

In my opinion, they are a bandwagon thing worse than tattoos or mohawks, both of which I can tolerate though I would never do to myself. Actually I would do a mohawk but I don't have the hairline for it anymore. Tattoo? I would have 20 years ago, maybe, before everyone jumped on the bandwagon, but there's been nothing significant enough in my life to permanently etch on my body. At one time, I could've done a maple leaf, right? Or a bicycle chain around my ankle or bicep/tricep, right? Or an Ironman symbol on my calf, right? However, those are long overdone and long ago, therefore irrelevant.

I can appreciate those who claim it's a type of art work. Go for it. Much like I like seeing a clean male body not covered and etched with art, I like a pristine cock without a bunch of holes in it.

The one big thing I can't understand is Prince Alberts. I know lots of guys and have lots of friends who do this. I still don't understand why. Does it really enhance sex as is claimed, or at least enough to make it worth the decision to go ahead and put another hole in your penis? If you are a bottom, why in the world would you mangle your cock like this since it's obviously not about inserting it into someone else and pleasuring them? A top I can sort of understand putting in a P.A., barely. Why would you work down to a zero gauge? I guess its the same drive that makes certain bottoms put bigger and bigger things in their asses. I hate sucking P.A. cocks and I'm at the point now where I'll refuse to. They are dangerous, not that nice to look at, and must be a pain in the ass to maintain plus you have to take them out all the time, so what's the point? I think it must be some sort of perversion/edgy influential drive to do it.

Do you like them? I'd be interested to find out why. A new poll is in the right-hand column of the blog. Thanks, men! :)

3 Almost Foolproof Ways to Spot a Knockoff Site

The question comes up on latex forums with alarming regularity: “Do you know Are they legitimate? They have very nice things.”

Usually almost at first glance, the site will set off warning bells to anybody who’s shopped for latex long enough. But to newcomers with no point of reference, the clothing may appear too good to pass up.

There are three ways in which you can generally spot a knock-off or scam site. Check out the telltale signs below, and for fun, test on, latexcatfish, milanoo, or any number of eBay shop sites.

1. Office Lady Uniform
Enter the words “office lady” in the search field of the site. If it shows up, you more than likely have a Chinese knock-off site.

2. Size chart
The size chart shown above is also a dead giveaway of a Chinese knock-off operation. If you see it, you're on a copycat's site.

3. Heads cut off
Some websites automatically crop thumbnails so models’ heads don’t show, but when you click through to the full-size image, the whole head should be visible. If it isn’t, the image was almost certainly borrowed or stolen and the site you've found is a knock-off seller or scammer.

Caution: there are exceptions to rule 3, where designers purposely show garments in a “look book” style without heads — such as on Kim West’s Luxury Latex site. However, with a little practice, it becomes easy to tell the difference between a look book shot and a copycat’s crop.

AUTHOR OF THIS ARTICLE Heidi Patterson is a fetish commentator and regular contributor to The Fetishistas who also has her own latex line, Essential Latex.

Unbelievable, really...

Brit designers make Swedish site pull unlicensed pictures
Thursday, 12 January 2012

British latex designers have persuaded a newly launched online retailer in Sweden to take down scores of pirated images it was using to promote its business.

As the name suggests, the Swedish site focuses on offering latex outfits as worn by the numerous celebrities that, until yesterday, were featured on the site. The USP evidently being that, if you’re an admirer of, say Katy Perry, here’s your chance to own a custom-made latex outfit just like she wears.

Robin Archer, owner/designer at House of Harlot, e-mailed the Gothenburg-based company on Tuesday complaining about its unlicensed use of numerous copyright images and copyright designs belonging to House of Harlot, and threatening legal action if they were not removed.

Yesterday Robin received an initial response from the website owner, Matthias Nyberg, explaining that the images in question were found by browsing Google Images and did not carry any information about the original manufacturers of the garments depicted.

Nyberg immediately offered to take down any images Archer owned the rights to, along with those of any other copyright owner who contacted him. He claimed that the images on the site were “only meant to give our customers a better idea of what is possible to create”. He also asserted that the garments he sold were not “perfect” copies and that they were, in fact “perfectly legal replicas”. He went on to state that he believed it was “practically impossible to copyright a piece of clothing”.

In a reply circulated to a number of other well-known designers and members of the fetish media, Archer went to some lengths to explain to Mr Nyberg why he was “completely mistaken” about the intellectual property rights of garment design, and outlined the changes in European law that now make it much easier for designers to legally pursue those who copy their work.

He added that he could identify the origin of nearly all the designs offered on and was in the process of informing all the original designers and manufacturers, as well as various celebrities he knew whose images were also being used without licence.

Yesterday (Wednesday) other designers took up Archer’s suggestion to look at the Swedish site, and as a result, among those also soon demanding removal of images was Atsuko Kudo — who found half a dozen images of her designs there. The net result of all this British effort was that by Wednesday evening, every single latex garment image had vanished from inside the site, leaving a string of “not found” URLs between the home page and the ordering info section.

In an e-mail the same evening to everyone originally copied in by Robin, Matthias Nyberg confirmed he had removed all unlicensed images, while reiterating that any breach of copyright was unintended. He explained that he had been in the fetish scene for 20 years, knew who most of the designers were and was a big fan of their work.

He added: “It was never our intention to hurt your business in any way. Nor was it our intention to pass off any of your designs as ours. I hope that you will not try to slander us because of this incident.” If by this he means “please don’t tell anyone what we did”, we at The Fetishistas think it’s rather important that people know when and where copyright breaches are occurring, and that anyone tempted to follow a similar path understands the potential consequences under European law.

Having started out doing the wrong thing, Mr Nyberg has now done the right thing, and we commend him for that, and indeed for the speed with which he acted when he received the designers’ complaints. But we can’t help wondering: what will he do now for product pictures?

I find it hard to believe that someone that 'had been in the fetish scene for 20 years' wouldn't have some idea how copyright or the Internet works.  A 'kinda looks like this' depiction of their creations doesn't scream professionalism or business savvy either.  At least he took them down when he was fingered.  One only hopes he isn't just shilling Chinese knockoffs because that would just make this situation twice as sad.  It's must be frustrating for the fetish design houses like House of Harlot and designers like Kudo to have to spend inordinate amounts of their time protecting their artistic property from thieves that claim it as their own on the Internet, when they could be actually producing the newest, greatest latex design.  And of course, this isn't just limited to latex fashion, but to the entire fashion industry...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today's View from the Sling

Recon New Year's Party

If the first two weeks are any indication...

...I'm going to have one hell of a sexy 2012!

It all started after the madness that was New Year's and my birthday. I organized a play party at my place on the 3rd with Tuchus, Cumpigcub and Pup Growlie with the vac-coffin, sleepsack and sling.  I wanted to take the advantage of the fact Cumpigcub was visiting Tuchus for the holidays and was heading back to the States on Thursday.  We haven't played as a group since Portland last spring!

Tuchus brought over his electro gear and we had a great night subverting the subs and exchanging fists in asses. Bondage, electro, breath control, fucking and fisting; it was great fun!
This weekend was the big 'official' birthday party ("Capricornucopia"). Four of us were turning 40 or 50, so we had a open party in the hospitality room of one of the guys' condo, then at 11 the entire party moved upstairs to the townhouse. It was one of the best parties I've ever been to (maybe because it was important to me?!?!). Around 2pm things got a little crazy and cocks started flying.
The guys were getting a bit randy on the main floor and there were already naked men in the hot tub, so all that was needed was a spark to ignite things. My friend D was snapping off my codpiece/asspiece cover on my pants, so I was getting exposed at regular intervals. Another friend of ours, M is 6'10" and proportionate down below. Mr. P loves nothing more than the challenge of sucking huge cock, so once that thing was unfurled, he was on it like a fat kid on a Smartie, as were about six other guys. I wanted to hit the hot tub so off I went.

I ended up in the hot tub for a great ass-eating session with four other guys while Mr. P and the rest of our crew was busy downstairs chomping on some big members. We had lots of stories to share, refresh our memories about and laugh about on Sunday, for sure! :)

I love being 40; it's getting to the point that I don't give a crap what people think of me. I'm kind of known as the rubber guy in these parts anyways, there was nothing I wanted more than to wear rubber at my birthday party, so I did!
This weekend is the official Vancouver poster unveiling of the Rubbout 21 poster. We are planning an entire entertaining performance. If you're in town this weekend, come and check it out!

The following weekend, I have been invited down to Seattle again to do an education session on rubber and the rubber community. This ended up being a lot of fun last year, plus it's a great opportunity to promote Rubbout and Mr. West Coast Rubber, so I'm going!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Thursday, January 5, 2012


If there's any inspiration to commission another custom-designed catsuit, this is it. Anyone know who the designer or owner of this suit is? I gotta thank Ruff for pointing this one out. The black and black transparent put together in this suit in this style is to die for.
...the owner ain't too shabby either ;) Jeff, are you paying attention? LOL ;)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Do Not Adjust Your Refresh Rate

Another from spleensticker. Warning: this one triggers convulsions! The latex designs are nice though. The bronze suit looks like face-entry.

Sly Hands

I want to give a shout out to Sly Hands, who was sashed Mr. International Rubber 2012 in Chicago in November. He is an amazing guy, very sexy, very affable, and very funny! If you get a chance, check out his site at

Monday, January 2, 2012