Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In Stride

My new (cheap) eBay win! Hot! I wonder if I'll ever be able to run in public in that thing? GayGames Track & Field, here I come!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Rubberstud(s) of the Week #22

8MM 2: The Basement

Here is the scene I finally found of that (mixed reviews) '8MM 2' sequel from a few years ago. Fortunately, it is delicious Johnathon Schaech that is found under that latex mask. If his breathing was restricted at that time, how long could this have been going on? I guess I'll have to buy the DVD in the Wal-mart bargain bin and find out for myself.

Here is a YouTube trailer; the basement scene is from 3:00 to 4:10(ish)...in German.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Catsuit wish list

Here is a visual presentation of the suits and outfits that have gotten me in a tizzy for a long time. I would eventually like to own them all!

#1. Libidex Male Extreme Catsuit. Once I saw gorgeous Gummiratte's transparent smoky black one, I knew this was next on my list!

#2. The Spexter Full suit. Need I say more? This one needs no explanation....it's the ultimate in rubber transformation. Complete coverage with a CB sheath AND codpiece, and eye lenses! Hot hot hot! Because I think this one needs to fit perfectly to make me the ultimate rubberman, I'm planning on custom ordering this one in-store in Munich when I'm in Europe next summer.

#3. The Hot4HogTie face entry suit. In yellow. Not sure why - I just think it would be fun to get trapped in this thing and have no way to get out of it on your own. Marvellous! All in the evolution of building the perfect rubber hazmat suit.

Plus I still think of that video of that poor lucky sap that was trapped in his yellow suit getting e-stimed over the edge!

#4. STR olive green catsuit to start my true military fantasy outfit. I'm looking to get an olive green suit and olive green gasmask to start this one. Possibly even a matching combat helmet at some point? RubberjockWa got me started on this one...

#5. My obligatory transparent natural catsuit. Ultimately it would also be best to get this with attached hood (the less holes, the better!), gloves and socks, but I will have to do some deliberation and comparison shopping for this one too. I would think that Invincible or STR might be able to put a good suit together, or I could drop big bucks with Libidex or someone to ensure a beautiful suit. However durability would be the priority since I doubt this one would get a lot of public viewing!

Bobmer's ultrathin transparent fullsuit was custom-made by Cocoon. Maybe? For that suddenly-I've-become-a-penis sensation?

#6?. I also find something fascinating about Gummiratte and Rubberfiend's transparent blue (Blackstyle) catsuits...

Keep in mind this list is catsuits only; it still doesn't include the kinky gear I want to get like a rubber straightjacket, hogsack, sleepsack, vacuum sleepsack, and the rubber Mountie outfit (hello, Vex!).

I'd better start saving my pennies now!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Our night out last night didn't quite turn out the way it was supposed to, but it ended up being a great time anyways!

The guys showed up at my place around 11:30 and quickly dressed. Kai wanted to wear my pewter catsuit so I had that ready for him to jump into when he got there.

We got to the Eagle shortly before midnight only to discover it was closed early. What to do now? The decision was made to go to Twisted Element. We got there and became the center of attention! It was a Thursday night afterall; there wasn't much else going on in this city anyways. It was 'amateur strip night' and the MC Diva wanted Kai in the competition, so off he went backstage. Gearcollector and I joked that we weren't sure how he was supposed to strip off a latex catsuit on stage, and he didn't but he put on a sexy display anyways! Suffised to say he didn't win but the prize wasn't anything worth spitting on anyways (tanning minutes? Please...).

We played around in the area in front of the bar for another hour or so, spanking, wrestling, answering people's questions, letting people touch the latex (!) before we headed back to my place. Gearcollector and Kai left. I let Kai borrow my STR catsuit for the rest of the evening and will pick it up from him on Sunday.
Despite it being a Thursday night in Calgary - it was a good time.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

FoxZatt's Back!

My buddy FoxZatt has been off the radar for the summer, but now he's back in a big way! He just bought a total enclosure suit from Skintightrubber and will be posting pics of it soon! I can't wait to see it. I love STR suits very much -- their fit is unsurpassed. The .45mm suits feel like a second skin, but as most of you know, perfect thinskin fit can come at a price.

Can't wait to see more of the suit, Fox!

Speaking of new suits, I'll be posting a list of my (six or so! :-O) 'must haves' that I'll be working towards getting over the next year in a post this weekend.

Are you a true Bottom?

Ruff has a great article outlining some simple things you can do to determine whether you're the type for long-term bondage and how to find the right Top. For those of us just getting to fetish play and making our fantasies become reality, it is a good exercise to step back and determine where our lines actually should be drawn. Just because you may or may not be a natural long-term bondage slave doesn't mean you still can't enjoy bondage and discipline anyways!

Ninging It

What's with all the guys taking their video/image Ning sites offline lately? Both DirtyRubberPig and LatexWorld have disappeared. From the looks of things, the owners just got tired of doing maintenance. I'm not really sure how much maintenance is required on these sites; if you're happy with the design and features, I would think the thing would largely take care of itself. There is the moderation and approval process that I'm not familiar with, and it's possible that these people simply just didn't have the time. But then I ask, "why do it in the first place?". Now I have lost videos -- not really sure which ones they were and whether I'll post them somewhere else. Best solution? Get your own server.

If Guyzingear or MaletoMaleBreathControl ever disappear, I might as well shut this blog down too!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Suspend your disbelief

Find more videos like this on guyzingear

Wow, just wow! What a getup!

Rubberstud of the Week #21



I've been chatting to quite a few old acquaintances online this weekend; I've also been rubbering up for a fantastic amount of time as well.

TR and I have discussed doing a nature video together in a couple of weeks, possibly another Rubber S.W.A.T. episode. He's scouted out some locations. I'm excited about doing it - we'll see how things develop since I have yet to discuss this with other parties. TR also has some SPFX masks that he's going to let me try on. We'll take pictures together in our catsuits. I can't wait.

Today I also found a new reprogrammable rubberslave in Spain. Anything I want him to be, apparently. I demanded more information from him before the rebuilding process can continue, so we'll see if he's worthy. ;)

I also made further plans for this Thursday's rubber night out with GearCollector and Rubberkai. It sounds like more rubbermen might show up than even I anticipated.

What else? My friend and I have started a hard-core gym routine this week. I'm sore as hell but it will be worth it. I gotta get in shape in time for MIR!

Other than chatting online and indexing my MP3 library (in the hopes of some DJ work someday), jumping in rubber, running and working out, I haven't really done much else...

...and it's been fantastic. Productivity can be measured in so many ways! :P

Thursday, September 18, 2008

You've Got Male!

Now that International Male has been consumed by UnderGear (obviously the more profitable of the two) and no longer exists as an independent company, I'm finally posting this article I've had in draft for a few years! Funny stuff! On the same topic, check out the hilarious I.M. Swat on the Something Awful site.

By Chris 'CZ' Lee

Let's face it: We often want to escape our lives -- at least temporarily -- and sometimes we succeed through drugs, alcohol, droning music, drag, or adopting children. The pursuit of fantasy, however, can sometimes get us in trouble. Luckily, for over 25 years, the International Male catalog has provided a healthy and affordable antidote to the "mean reds" of reality.

As if I.M. and its treasures are news to YOU -- you've probably been crackin' your corn to the UnderGear hunks for years, or at least when you were a teen and real gay porn was HARDER to COME by. I freaked out the first time I saw I.M. -- the models were impossibly hot and usually half-naked, the underwear was absurdly skimpy and bulging and the other clothes were tight, flamboyant and nothing like what I saw on local men or the department store racks. And I wanted to see more! So I called I.M.'s 800 number and ordered a free subscription under a fake name (but with my address) and played dumb (and straight) when my parents brought the mail in and threw my I.M. in the trash. "I'll take the garbage out, mom!"

That's all history though because recently I took some I.M. merch for a test-drive. Phoning the company's glamorous San Diego office, I was put in touch with Paul Walter Kleinschmidt or, as he e-flirtatiously signed off his e-mails, "Paulie." Paulie is I.M.'s Catalog and Public Relations Coordinator and his job covers "everything from booking models and locations, coordinating all the clothes for the photo shoots, etc." It's because of Paulie that the gays on "Queer as Folk" wear I.M. It's because of Paulie that an E! reporter will be sporting I.M.'s London Opera Trenchcoat (on sale for $129.99) to neither London nor the opera, but on the red carpet at this year's Academy Awards in Los Angeles. And it's because of Paulie that a big box of I.M. was Fed-Exed to my door, no questions asked.

Oh. My. God. That's what I said when I actually saw, in person, the Ultimate Poet's Shirt, wrapped in plastic -- where it still remains. It's just so...icky, I can't even unwrap it! (Sorry, Paulie.) The UnderGear was another story completely, I couldn't wait to finger it all. But eewww, the Buns® Bikini has this weird, speed-bumpy panel that rides against your balls and backdoor. And then there's The Sock, an International Male legend -- a jock without the straps, for those not on the mailing list (unlike YOU). I was set to wear my Sock to the gym, to really give it a whirl during a much-anticipated cardio blowout...but the real blowout was happening in my pants, as my goodies kept falling out! Prompting me to ask aloud: "Who wears this stuff and WHERE?"

"Believe it or not, we're HUGE in the Midwest," Paulie told me. From the praries of the heartland to the bayous of the deep south, everyone is not in leather as the Gap would have you believe. They're in I.M.! Turns out even the swamp witch of gay fantasy herself, Anne Rice, is a frequent I.M. shopper. Of what, I'm not quite sure. Surely she isn't hauting the crypts of the French Quarter in the Sock, but perhaps it's the literary ruffle of the poet shirt that has Anne VANTING some more. When I asked Paulie, who by the way is a real babe, if he actually wears I.M., he bristled. "You make it sound like I should be ashamed to wear I.M. clothes -- on the contrary! My closet is full of I.M. I just don't know where to wear some of it!"

But I knew exactly where to wear the Sleeping Bag Snuggler. "I'm just going to use the bathroom," I'd say at various friends' homes before changing into the extremely baggy blue polyester one-piece unit. After slipping my legs through the midget-level leg holes and zipping up this walking sleep sack, I was ready to emerge with my surprising new look. What they saw was classic Martha Graham. What they heard? Martha Wash. "What the hell IS that?" "What do you DO with that?" "That is SO weird -- can I wear it out tonight?" Turns out the Sleeping Bag Snuggler, comfy as it may be, gets a lot of laughs -- AND everybody wants to try it on!

"'Style as individual as you' -- that's our motto," Paulie said. "Our ideal customer is someone who wants to make a statement. Someone who wants to stand out in a crowded room." Believe me, wearing the Snuggler, unzipped to the navel to show off an unlaced Swashbuckler Shirt ($42) yet covering the Wonderbra-for-the-penis qualities of The Sock will definitely say something...perhaps, "I'm crazy!"?

But wait, there IS plenty to love about I.M. beyond the swollen pecs and massive crotches. Paulie sent me a sample Bootlegger Brief. Being an athlete himself, Paulie explained that "In football, to 'bootleg' is to 'conceal the ball.' Hence, our Bootlegger 'conceals' but conforms naturally" And me being an athletic supporter, it's my favorite underthing of the moment. Sexier than a boxer brief and comfortably snug, I think I'll be buying some more soon at three for $18.

You know what else looks hot? The Long-Sleeve Ribbed Muscle Knit top ($32), the Scandinavian Rib Tee ($12) and, while I didn't get freebies, the Tough Guy Leather Jean ($169) and the cringe-inducingly-named Nouveau Riche Leather Trench (sale, $150). They're all simple, flattering and downright butch -- the quintessential gay fantasy itself!

I will, however, be passing on some of the fancier items. The New Sparkling Turtleneck, the Raining Diamond Jacket, all of the caftans and the Times Square Shirt -- which "features an embroidered antique clock face" -- are just too rah-sha-sha for me. Maybe it's just that I'm not, as Paulie says, "someone who's comfortable with people continuously coming up to them and asking where they got their outfit." Continuously!

Okay, now for what you -- or at least I -- REALLY want to know: It always seemed like the I.M. models had the same cock and balls. You know, their packages were always impressive but, as a friend once observed, "they seem to all have the same three potatoes stuffed down their pants!" So I asked Paulie point blank if the guys wear some kind of "mold" to fill out their baskets; is it flesh or fantasy?

"You were drooling over real meat, trust me!" swears Paulie, who also went on to dispel other myths of the I.M. catalog I had not even thought of. "Our models don't need to wear cock rings and they are not porn stars. If we would ever discover that one of our regular guys was doing adult movies, we would immediately end our relationship with that person. And if a model shows up for a shoot looking anything but perfect, we have no problem telling them to go home!" Which is refreshing to hear, as it is the same staffing policy as Blair!

Ivory satin. Shantung silk. Rhinestones and sequins. Black Tie. Real dongs AND ethics. I.M. has it all. So even if you don't have your own God-given ass, I.M lets you make your own million dollar derriere! Personally, I already have a really nice ass, so the Buns® Bikini didn't do much for me except scratch on my scrotum. Butt thanks, Paulie!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Who wouldn't want a turn in that sling? Exquisite torture!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Alien Sex Toy

Patrick's got a new mask and new look for his rubber alien alter ego. Total enclosure with a Composite Effects "Smooth" mask. He used lenses from clip on sunglasses to give that blank alien look.

His bf was speechless. A fter a bit of rimming and sucking, his eyes were rolling back in his head and after he exploded, the alien got his legs over his shoulders and drilled deep! Talk about an alien abduction!

More pics can be found on the 'Greyland Alter Egos' Yahoo! Group. Check out Patrick's blog - lots of sexy stories and horny rubber pics.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friendly Encounter

RubberKai is in town from the 22-28th. We're planning on going out on the 25th. I think that it will be a great time! He's very adventurous, extroverted, friendly and cute! I've let Rubberpsyche and Deimospup know; hopefully we can all get together.

Fetish Night

I went out to the Eagle last night with a few friends including RoadRacer. I was impressed by the number of people out, and there were actually a few people that made the effort to dress up in gear! Shocking!

Rubberpsyche and his pup were there and I got a great opportunity to talk to them and get to know them better. I would certainly like to talk more to them about their experiences. We've agreed to meet at the Eagle on Saturday, October 4th in full rubber and masks while Doug is in town! I'm looking forward to it!

Rubberpsyche and his pup were dressed in leather and rubber as well as rubber hood and a leather pup hood. RoadRacer was dressed in a Camaro rubberized lycra wetsuit. I wore my sailor pants, Syren shirt and hat. There were a few others dressed up, mostly in leather, but one other cute guy was in a latex shorty suit.

I wore the Polymorphe pants tucked into my TredAirs last night instead of my skintight leggings because I thought they would be more modest?!?! I had the legs of the pants tucked into socks to catch all the sweat, but they were not folded very well and ended up leaving painful welts on my calves due to being pressed against my legs and bound in by the socks and boots for too long. I learned that despite how well the pants may have looked tucked in, they aren't designed for it and unless I can come up with a better tucking method, they cause too much pain for what it's worth. Anyways, something I wouldn't have learned if not for trying....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rubberstud of the Week #20

The king of lycra...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This one's pretty hot

A rubber straightjacket is a rubberman's best friend...Rubberbond1977's BF is a hearty player!

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Wish this was me...

Find more videos like this on guyzingear

(I may have posted this one before but it's so awesome (and it wouldn't be the first time!))

Short but Sweet

Polish Greg is a hot dude with a hot rubberboi that likes his BC!

Find more videos like this on guyzingear

Is this bondage device in the basement of a club or something?

Find more videos like this on guyzingear

Monday, September 8, 2008


I just booked my non-refundable flight to Chicago for November 6-10! Eep! I guess I'm going. How exciting!

To Tell The Truth

Opportunity Knocks?

Should I take advantage of an opportunity presented to me despite some misgivings about the timing and my current situation?

I am considering competing in the Mr. International Rubber competition in Chicago in November. My decision to run or not is taking a lot of time and thought to commit to. There are several reasons for this.

I decided a few months back that I would like to go as an 'observer' this year; just to get a feeling for how the competition operates, who the rubbermen are and what is required to make the final three. This way I would be better prepared to go into a competition next year with confidence. I still wouldn't mind this scenario. It would give me a lot of opportunity to gain some experience with the rubber lifestyle and most likely allow development of some stronger friendships without having a spotlight on my activities over the weekend.

I asked my boyfriend to stay at home in November. I've been feeling a lot of mixed emotions in my life recently, particularly about our relationship. I felt that a sexy weekend away without him might do me some good. I'm a very loyal and devoted boyfriend. I also take on unnecessary guilt about things out of my control. I'm going through a lot of angst because of the fact that I might be leaving him behind for something that I personally consider quite important. But he's not a player, not a fetishist, and I feel most of the time he is only participating in my rubber play as a side-kick simply because he loves me and would do anything for me. I use the term 'participate' very loosely here. He will not initiate anything in this realm, nor does he really want to get into a scene unless I prod him to. I felt while in Chicago for IML that there were things that I would have done had he not been there that I regret not doing now.

But he's a loving, emotional being, and I know I'm hurting him by not wanting him to be at the event with me.

Because of the dysfunctions of our relationship and the obstacles they've put in the way of my desires for further experience in latex fetishism, at this point in my life I feel that I'm not the best choice for what would be required as the 2009 titleholder.

But can I really generalize what defines a 'rubberman' anyways? I'm as much into the elemental esthetics and fantasy of a rubberclad male as the sex, sensuality, and physicality of it. I feel sometimes that this makes me less of a rubberman -- that in order to truly flourish in a fetish, you must either have a partner equally passionate or be single in order for your experiences and limits to be defined and grow.

I don't really understand how this balance and general fascination by all things gay, latex and male can be a disadvantage, however I still feel it as being that way.

For example, obviously I'm a huge fan of total enclosure and breathplay. In certain scenes, if there's skin showing, the fantasy is not complete. I find that a lot of guys in the rubber community are much more into seeing skin and exposed maleness as much as I'm into covering it with a layer of thin, stretchy latex. Does the fact that complete latex coverage adds so much to a scene for me create an issue with those (presumably a much large number) that simply see latex esthetics and play as a precursor to sex? I'm not sure if my desire for extreme confinement in a skintight suit or body cover along with bondage puts us all on the same level. However my observations could be completely out to lunch.

I feel pretty naive about the whole thing and crave new experiences to help steer my own development and decisions into the future. I have not had deep relationships with other rubbermen who could bring out my true desires and feelings. More missed opportunities...even when it was moving down that path with a few on-line friends, I would always cut it off prematurely due to the loyalty I have to my relationship.

I hate the thought that my rubber fetishism could be the thing that 'wrecks' my relationship, or more accurately, my boyfriend's lack of interest in it being a reason why I desire additional experiences outside our relationship.

I appreciate everything my boyfriend has helped me with so far, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't make me feel any better that he's not getting anything out of the experience or that he is evolving into anything more sensual (to me). He's just not an evolver. I either have to accept that and live with it, or decide what I want out of my life is something else and move on.

I have lots of friends, both on-line and off, that are encouraging me to 'just do it'. I had another conversation with a couple of friends about this this weekend, and they essetially said, "why not?"

I'm starting to think more like this -- I mean, what do I have to lose? Who knows what the future might bring? I may never get another opportunity to do this again. If I DID win, wouldn't the next year be a blast, for all intents and purposes?

I still have reservations about the publicity that would be shone on the winner. I've seen how public BJ has had to become this year because of his 2008 title, and I'm wondering if this is something I'd be okay with. I'm also going to have a visit with Kai in a few weeks. He was one of the runner-ups of last year's competition. This anxiety is probably something I should bring up in a conversation with each of these rubbermen!

Finally, it sort of sucks travelling alone. I don't have a room in the host hotel, but in a B&B close by, still in Boystown.

Either way, I'm going to go and have fun, bottom line. The more I think about it, though, the more I'm moved to send in my application form! What will the consequences be, however?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Perverts Unite!

Thinking more about my concerns about being a sexual exhibitionist on-line, here are some thoughts Dan Savage has on the issue. And I agree, for those of us who are sexually satisfied, mature and confortable with our proclivities, why the fuck is the world so uptight about it?

From this week's Savage Love:

Jeff Gradney, a television news reporter in Las Vegas, lost his job after some anonymous douchebag alerted the management at KTNV-TV "Channel 13 Action News" to the fact that Gradney and his girlfriend placed an ad on Craigslist seeking a third. Sexphobia? Definitely. Homophobia? Perhaps: Gradney and his girlfriend were looking for another dude. And for this infraction—which had nothing to do with his job performance—Gradney was fired. So much for "Action News," huh? (People who've had three-ways—or not—are invited to send an outraged e-mail to KTNV-TV's vice president and general manager Jim Prather at jprather@ktnv.com.)

Gradney's dismissal came a week after a pair of nationally ranked college wrestlers—including a 2007 national champion—were booted off the University of Nebraska wrestling team after it emerged that both had jerked off for a porn site. (Solo—nothing gay about those videos, although the website is aimed at gay men.)

Sexphobes will say that Gradney and those college wrestlers got what was coming to 'em. People shouldn't let it all hang out on the interwebs—or spurt out, in the case of the wrestlers—unless they're prepared to lose their jobs, their spots on the team, their shot at being an "American Idol," etc. But with so many people documenting their lives online, and with so many people using the internet as a tool to seek sexual fulfillment, and in our thoroughly exhibitionist culture, one might think that people could picture themselves in Gradney's shoes, or those wrestlers' singlets, and cut 'em a little fucking slack.

If I may tweak a phrase: What happens online really ought to stay online. Your internet personals shouldn't be something that can be used against you by bluenoses at work; if you like to show off and you want to wank for the web, that shouldn't matter to the douchebags who run the NCAA. (Hello, NCAA? Want to generate interest in the sport? Encourage more college wrestlers to make JO videos.) Here's hoping that we soon reach a web-exposure tipping point, a time when everyone has something out there online that's sexually explicit or deeply embarrassing or both. When that blessed day arrives, we'll think twice about firing someone or cutting someone from the team for the crime of letting it all hang out online because, hey, we've got it all hanging out online, too.

The Internet has changed everything. Now anyone can be a self-professed internet star, specializing in whatever unique pasttimes they enjoy. The access to these ideas, images and opinions have spread all over the world and made the enjoyment of these activities bloom, as well as bolstered the self-confidence of so many who thought they were all alone for so long. I do believe, like Dan Savage, that some day all of this will be such a non-issue that no one will even consider your less-than-Victorian-values blog entries or pics posted on Facebook or Myspace when you were in a compromising position reasons to have you fired or kicked off the team or out of school.

Too much of a good thing? Never!

From I Tri For 65 Roses:

Most people think cyclists are dorks and part of some weird counter culture where we are all trying to look like pros. The gear, the colors, the lycra, and the hairless legs. True, we are different, but there is a method to this madness. Check out this article and you will all be able to understand the reasoning. There is structure to the etiquette. But let’s not get all weirded out by this. All sports have their own issues, cycling just has a lot more lycra and quite frankly, that makes people nervous. Why be weirded out by grown men in lycra? Seems natural to me…

How True...

You Know You're Gay When...
You understand why the good Lord created spandex.

Speaking of, there were lots of lovely lycra displays at track Nationals last week. Especially from the Quebec team. Those guys are unabashed in their fashion sense. I had never seen so much white lycra in one place at a time! One of the Juniors had a lovely VW long sleeve white skinsuit. There were remarks going around about how good of a racer you have to be to have the privilege of wearing white lycra (this was coming from the straight guys), when suddenly, BOOM! He crashed into the cote-d'azur while doing the final sprint in the Quebec team sprint final. Luckily he wasn't hurt too bad, but the white lycra skinsuit was now sort of torn and bloody on one side. I really wish I had taken a picture or two beforehand when it was virgin. It really was quite stunning.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Syren Song

The new red Syren zip SS shirt and black military cap showed up today. I slipped on the WWB suit and put the shirt over top for a nice clean look. In addition I donned the cap, my rubber wristbands and Tredairs with red laces and socks, and I was good for a night out!

Do you notice that the zipper on mine is different than that from the picture? Silver? Black? I would've preferred black, but no matter. If there was anything to complain about on rubber clothing, it's the generally crappy zippers that get glued and sewn on them!

Rubberstud of the Week #19

Mmm...nothing hotter than a tight, fit body in total coverage transparent latex!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Westward Bound

I love the new suit! It is very thin latex, which is both good and bad! It's much better quality than I expected for what I paid for it.

It'll be fun for wearing out too, I anticipate...

Vancouver ended up on a high and low note.

I went out with friends on Saturday night dressed in rubber to the Pumpjack, only to discover (not to my big surprise) that I was the only one dressed up. I guess it's not only a Calgary phenomenon!


We did meet up with some friends from Calgary that were in Vancouver for the weekend and had a fun time with them. I met a self-described 'bi-curious' boy there who couldn't take his hands off of me, but only wanted to kiss and touch boys while keeping his girlfriend.

Hmm...another whatever there.

I was hoping to meet up with another friend who sort of bailed on me that night, only to discover that an hour after I jumped on the Skytrain to head downtown that he had sent an invite to me through WorldRubberMen to meet at his place for some full rubber action! I mean, could he not have offered earlier? ;-D

I promised him that next time, it would be a date!