Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The electricity generated between two hot rubbermen as they met in the dimly-lit backroom was intense and growing.

Tom Of Smurfland

Alessio Slonimsky

Black Boys in the Sling, Again

Saturday brought another great weekend session with the fuckbuds. It was the first try for the rimming chair and the spreader bars, and they worked out really well. I was put in the sleepsack under the rimming chair so had no other focus than what was sitting above me in the target zone of the chair. I must've been there for an hour. It was so much fun!

This time, we even managed to pull out the horse speculum for a few stretching exercises late Saturday evening, more usage and penetration than we've ever achieved before with that monster.

We tried xanthan gum for the first time as our fisting lube; it worked really well...it is super messy, but it dries and comes off very easily. Not so good for fucking, but it's thick consistency worked very well for fisting and deep dildo penetration and kept the holes well-conditioned for most of the evening. Considering the cost, volume, and neutrality, thumbs up for xantham gum...

More sounding and a double-ended dildo session also were on the agenda. A great time was had by all!

Next on the agenda is the Abduction Party at 8x6 next Saturday night. M and I are planning on putting on some rubber or other easy access rubberwear with rubber hoods and join in the fun! It is doubtful Mr. P will be able to join us since he will be just getting out of chemo tomorrow and most likely will be feeling cruddy on Saturday, but time will tell.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Black Legs, Part 10

Here is the tenth installment of the thrilling visual feast that is muscular men's legs covered in skintight latex. Yum. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Straight Man Lycra Reviews

More, please! Thank you Chris Elkins, thank you.

Loop This - I'll Watch for Hours

I really like this cameraperson's work. Thank you!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gender Reimaging

Stephen Byrne has re-visioned the “If male superheroes were treated equally by pin-art artists” idea as was done with their female counterparts a few weeks ago. I'd really REALLY like to see more. Nice tits!

DeeJays in Bondage

Funny, but vanilla people are so lame....and judgmental. Straight guys scream too much when they're out of control and in their boxer briefs.


I love Cenk and Ana. Their discussions are great and even though he sounds judgmental in the beginning he makes valid points and good evaluation towards the end.

Black Membrane

I've always been a fan of Peter's videos. He likes his latex tight and encapsulating; I still have a body condom from his company high on my list of must gets. One of these days. This little membrane sheath looks like it might be a bit of fun too! :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Rubberstud of the Week #313

Sexy Poses


Straight people might be disgusted with us for having such a fixation on men's asses, but if they only could only appreciate them as much as we do...they are so big, round, muscular and beautiful, and when set upon a sturdy set of thighs, along with the cock and balls (and a nice layer of hair) are the definition of masculinity....the stuff we like to pleasure and derive so much pleasure from.

Just a few with a thin covering of lycra over top.....:-D