Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Latest

Had a second great fisting session with DS last night. We got together for the first time on May 18 at his place. He is very experienced, so it is nice just to be able to get right 'at it' and not have to fuck around with a bunch of prep, interruptions, or guidance. We worked quite a bit on depth both on the 18th and last night, though I ended up fucking him for a considerably larger portion of the evening last night. Even Mr. P jumped in that hole for awhile!

I had him in a bit of rubber on the 18th, we just played naked last night, but I'm hoping to put him in a bit more rubber as we progress forward. He seemed mildly curious and interested the last time; honestly it was just nice to get naked and fuck.

We are talking about making this a regular thing; DS is looking for playmates that don't have to be under the influence of a bunch of party favours in order to fist...which is something I have no problem with...and I think he's just looking for someone who's not flaky, sketchy, yet local. So yeah, our first two sessions have been pretty amazing, I'm looking forward to many more! I like the idea of us getting together regularly on Tuesday or Thursday evenings every couple weeks or so when he has Wednesdays and Fridays off. We've actually known each other for quite awhile and I knew that he was into fisting but I just never thought he was interested in me. As he is a recovering addict, he is adamant not to get into any sessions where drugs are even a consideration (other than maybe a bit of pot and a beer), and he assumed that I was a hard-core, no-holds-barred party favour player. When we finally had a conversation about it, we discovered that both of our assumptions were wrong...and here we are, enjoying putting our paws up each others' holes, sober and focused.

As for that assumption that I'm a party favour player...that I thought that this was a reputation I had bothered me a bit, but honestly after I analyzed it, I probably do have a reputation. There is no doubt that I like to drink and smoke pot excessively...occasionally, and, well, I do like my buzzed-out blissful rubber-encapsulated sling sessions from time to time as well, but in reality I play a lot more sober than I do high or drunk. I know my limits. I know what I need to keep as rewards for good behaviour or output. I know that drinking too much or taking too many drugs takes away from the sex experience I'm having - the sensations, the immediacy. I've never gotten the concept of using numbing agents or reducing sensitivity somehow as that takes away from what you're experiencing.

Party favours do allow for endurance though, I'll admit that.....I like to totally let go once in a awhile, a couple times a month if I'm lucky, otherwise I do not need drugs to fist or get into a heavy rubber session. Pot, poppers and beer are the best relaxants out there anyways, who needs all the other after-effects (or lack of up-front effects)? That and the fact you need days to recover from a extended late night fuck and fist session with heavy use of party favours.

Given all the shit that goes on in my life and all the responsibilities and support I have to provide all...the...time, I don't think letting loose once in awhile is unjustified. And for those who judge me, fuck right off.

I've tried tina a few times, it's definitely not my drug. I get none of the good effects other than being awake for days and all of the bad after-effects. In that light, I try to avoid this drug like the plague. I do like to play on mdma from time to time, it makes things light, fuzzy and fun. I used to play on ketamine often but the drug quality has gotten so weak and the prices so high it's at the point of being unjustifiable now, regrettably. Ghb is another drug that does nothing for me, so I tend to avoid it. Some guys swear by Ghb, I still have yet to get any of these reported effects everyone's raving about. I have always been known to be a terrible metabolizer of drugs ingested orally; I figure the reason that G doesn't work for me is that I most likely need a superdose twice of what most guys need in order to get any effects...something I won't do. The other thing about G is its chemical composition - given it's basically like ingesting bleach, I am not particularly interested in that superdose angle for that reason either.

I'll just stick to a light dusting of booze, poppers, and pot, thanks....they've never steered me wrong, and their effects are predictable and consistent! Good ol' faithfuls!

So this weekend, we have the Vancouver Rubbermen June Moon meet going on on Saturday afternoon. I have decided to stay in the city while Mr. P is going up to Shadow Falls again this weekend. So, that means I'm trying to fill up my dance card for the weekend! haha

Friday night I am possibly hosting a downtown couple for an introduction to rubber and gear session. They have been a bit elusive in what exactly they are looking for....honestly I don't think they know for sure, so I'm going to slip them into some encapsulating rubber, introduce them to some toys and e-stim, and see where things go. The bottom is apparently the kinky one so I intend to get him in the sling and let his boyfriend go to pound town on him, and then see where I can fit in ;)

Saturday I am planning to spend the day with Wardog; finally a day for us to spend together. He is going to help me with the VRM meet setup and demos; I don't know what the plan is for the evening - whether he wants to hang out, have sex, cuddle, spend the night and/or a combination of any of these. It's okay any way as long as we're spending time together, I haven't been able to give him much attention since Tuchus died and I'm feeling pretty bad about it. It's also a great progression that he's now getting weekends off - I really hope this translates into better quality time for the two/three of us.
If he doesn't plan to spend the evening with me, I've also talked to Pup Figaro about hanging out with him and Pup Rusty that night; I guess we'll see what happens.

Sunday I have an afternoon play date with Ovrload. We've played a few times before; he's into rubber and just got a new outfit, we have had fisting and fucking fun before, so we're going to play a bit of dress up and do some gut rearranging in the afternoon. We are going to have the time to get into Deep Play - we're both looking forward to it!

If anything falls through (I am leery that Friday's going to work out), I have to get online to reconnect with a few other guys I've been chatting up recently for some good fucking and fisting. The big hot Australian with big hands....the handsome young Irishman with a big know, on and on. Still guys I want to have on my dance card in the future.

Given the lack of action up at Shadow Falls the past three weekends, I'm also trying to recruit some more energetic guys to come up camping with us too. This past weekend a contingent of pups were up tenting at Shadow Falls. I had expected, given the conversations, that they were all going to be in the mood to play, and I even was inspired to take some rubber up because one of the guys I have been wanting to get with was up there and I know he's into rubber. At any rate, everyone was lame, pup nothing happened, and I ended up traipsing around the campground on Saturday night by myself. I put on my gloves and new Invincible anatomical hood (I love the feeling of actually putting my ears in place inside the molded ears on the hood!), grabbed a bottle of poppers and lay in the grass in the main field stargazing. Later on after finishing off Mr. P I put some big toys in myself. Not quite the end to the evening I was expecting. This is why I need to recruit some more fun guys to come up for the weekends!!!

I have been feeling some disappointment in some of my good friends lately; they are being excessively flaky, boring and in some cases, a lot of emotional and physical work to deal with. I am kinda getting at the end of my patience with this behaviour. We're grown men and should be able to face life as such. I'm trying to be open-minded: people go through phases, people have shit going on in their lives I'm not aware about, and it may be some crabbiness about quitting smoking (two weeks!), shit in my life, blah blah blah that is effecting my worldview. However I am getting tired of my incessant role of Facilitator, Instigator, Dominator. I am tired of being the one who is looked at to plan, initiate, execute.....All. The. Time. It's exhausting and frankly feels pretty thankless. For this reason I am working on cultivating some new friendships and relationships with men that are more independent, more self-actualized, more confident. Typically this means more 'mature' and more 'seasoned' as well, if you get my drift. I'm done with the incessant snowflake sensitivity training, it's really fucking irritating me.

Now to get this final VRM meet over for the summer. I think I need a break.

The Great British Tattoo Show 2017

I'm trying to find out more info on what Libidex's involvement in the show actually was; I see some runway fashion show pics of women in latex but I don't know what these men were doing any rate, they look fantastic!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Public Fisting

Love this so fucking perverted!

Depression Among Kinksters

A version of this post was originally published in the Bay Area Reporter. The resources mentioned are mostly from the local San Francisco Bay Area, but the main content of the post and some of the resources will prove useful to anyone. You will find the original online version here.

One of the most beautiful things about the San Francisco Bay Area leather and kink scene is how connected and supportive everyone is with each other. I don’t want to paint a picture of a perfect kink Utopia. All communities have their challenges and areas for improvement, but the Bay Area really is special as far as I’m concerned in how we honor, acknowledge, befriend and assist others in our scene. It’s a great place to be a kinkster.

Of course, I am sure many others would say that their local scene is equally connected and supportive. In many cases they are likely correct. The Bay Area is my home and it’s the local scene here with which I am most familiar.

Nowhere was the “it takes a village” mindset displayed more than at the recent event hosted by the San Francisco Leathermen’s Discussion Group (LDG) about depression within the leather and kink communities. As I sat in that room listening to therapist professionals and fellow local kinksters explain the details of depression, how it can manifest in people’s lives and how it can be treated and managed, I realized I was sitting amidst a special group of people. “These folks get it” I thought. They understand that along with all the hot sex and play, bar gatherings, conferences, contests and other things us kinksters do, if we don’t actually care for each other both individually and collectively, can we really consider ourselves a compassionate and caring community, or a community at all really.

There is a collection of maladies that inhabit our scene, as in all walks of life, that are either directly linked to depression or, as I like to say, are kissing cousins of it. Outright depression, ongoing clinical or temporary. Loneliness. Suicidal thoughts. Feelings of differentness or isolation. Being the newcomer and trying to fit in. All of these things, and more, are present within our scene just like they are in other sectors of life.

Consider also that kinky people can have shame about their non-standard sexual leanings that long outlasts any shame they may have felt as LGBT. That can be a contributing factor to feeling depressed too.

But you know what? I think in many ways we are better equipped to help our fellow kinksters. We have built in mechanisms to connect us and communicate with each other that perhaps other groups do not. That gives me hope and makes me proud to be part of the leather and kink world.

As I sat and listened to the presenters on the panel, and listened to audience questions and the resulting answers and cross discussion taking place, certain themes emerged for me about depression and the impacts that ripple through kinksters’ lives and the scene overall. Here are my layman’s observations.

Experiencing depression is by no means rare. Many of us experience, either fleetingly or ongoing, some form of depression during our lives.

Depression, in all its various ways of expressing itself, looks and feels different for different people. We can’t always know that people we know are depressed. However, when we do, there are things we can do to help.

There can be a tendency for many depressed people to isolate themselves. That sometimes makes it harder to realize a friend is depressed. But if you notice someone hasn’t been around for a while, or you haven’t heard from someone who normally communicates with you, check in. Call them. Text them. Facebook them. However you do it, reach out. Just say hi. That single act of checking in can do so much for the depressed person. If it’s at all possible, try to make reaching out result in an in person, face-to-face meeting. Nothing trumps being physically present with someone.

One of the important things you can do to help someone who is depressed is something pretty simple. Show up. Be there. Connect. Be a presence. You don’t have to offer any advice. In fact, at times that can be counter productive. Just be a friend. Just be an acquaintance who cares. Talk. Hang out. See if someone wants to grab some coffee, go for a walk, or just “be” together. The point is to foster a human connection because that’s often what the depressed person needs the most.

If alcohol or substance abuse appears to be a possible issue in someone’s life, see if you can navigate them to finding some assistance. It seems that for many people depression and substance abuse go hand in hand, although you can’t always be sure which one ushered in the other. To a friend, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is to see if you can move them toward some help and support. Luckily, there is a strong presence of sober folks and meetings within our local kink scene and our scene is very open and welcoming of the sober among us.

Here’s a good place for me to give a shout out to one of the local presences we have for sober folks, the contest produced by SF Bay Area Sober in Leather-SF. That contest was recently held and let me offer my congratulations to the winners. I hope the contest and its titleholders do some good in fostering awareness and help for those who might need to address substance abuse issues in their lives. The winners for 2015 are Mr. SF Sober Leather Stephen, Ms. SF Sober Leather Leather Jackie, and SF Sober Kinkster Robert Moore.

As a result of the LDG event on depression, local kinkster David Hegarty launched his new initiative to take the kind of active steps to combat depression that were discussed during the program.

Get Out and Love is a project aimed at challenging people to get out and connect with people face to face, to share real connection with other humans, and in doing so help relieve the ever increasing effect of depression and isolation in our community. Isolation is a frequent symptom and cause of depression. This project offers a way to reach out and touch someone in your life.

Here are some other resources that can be useful to local kinksters who might be dealing with depression or have friends suffering from it.

Bay Area Open Minds offers psychotherapy services to people who serve these Bay Area populations and issues: BDSM/kink, polyamory, trans concerns, gender identity, same-sex relationships, sex work, and more.

Kink Aware Professionals is a referral service managed by the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. It’s a great resource for kink-aware psychotherapists, doctors and attorneys.

The San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance has partnered with Stop AIDS Project to sponsor their Suicide Prevention Project.
San Francisco has its own Suicide Prevention organization and they are very welcoming of the diversity of sexualities in our city.

I know this isn’t an upbeat topic, but I think along with all of the great fun and hot things we do together, us leatherfolk and kinksters have to also try to take care of our own.

Cologne Rubbermen

VRM June Moon

This weekend I am foregoing a trip to Shadow Falls to host the VRM June Moon rubbermen meet. We will have the vac equipment and both flavors of the sleepsacks out. I may even be inspired to bring along some electrostim equipment. Rubber up and come join us!

Rubberstud of the Week #475

Friday, May 26, 2017

Why Hello There, Vahva


Whiteout in Chicago

He's back!!!

Rubberpits and ass

Mmmmmmm ohhhh myyyy

Leather Bar on Steroids

Have a great time in Chicago this weekend, perverts! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Best of luck to all the contestants of IML39.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mr. Latex

These guys look like so much fun!


Yay! Another rubber-centric porn movie has been released!

UK Hot Jocks has released "Rubbergeddon"

Slick, black, shiny and all encompassing. Bulging muscles and rippling abdominals under taught, stretched latex catch the light and streaks across thick thighs and bursting bubble butts! Dick outlines in malleable rubber are squeezed hard and teased, zip-thru, cheeks spread , rising pink flesh from the body anonymity of the gear, reducing the guys to nothing more than incredible sex objects.

Rubbergeddon stars Aaron Asker, Kayden Gray, Koby Lewis, Leander, Dani Robles, Jack Taylor, Matt Anders, Brent Taylor and Hans Berlin in a 5 scene epic all rubber clad feature!
Big, brand new and very shiny! #MRM8 Our new kink movie is ALL rubber! @invinciblerubbr @MancRubMen — (@UKHotJocks) April 21, 2017
Here are some hot snaps and clips of the smouldering Aarin Asker (@AarinAskerXXX) and Dani Robles (@daniroblesxy).


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Bound Collective

We are TheBoundCollective – an international art collaboration of rugged guys who love to publicly display their passion for bondage and objectification.

We’re not talking about a quick fuck in the park. We’re talking about the dehumanization of the human being! We’ll transform you into nothing but a faceless object. That’s why we love tape. It covers up your individuality until nothing remains. With each layer, you feel your humanity disappear: stiffened joints, useless hands, blind eyes... You’ll be objectified into perfect insignificance.

It’s about art. We focus on situations of everyday life that we attack with the complete dismantling of human self-determination.

TheBoundCollective made their debut at Folsom Europe 2016 with the installation “Tape Mummies @ Victoria Luise” inside a Berlin subway station. If you’re interested, write to us or visit us at

Monday, May 22, 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


What do you call this insert? Does anyone know who manufactures them?

Punished in the Corner


Check out his profile website at


 Stefan is hot. Even moreso in a black rubber catsuit.
Stefan (@hyper939) on Instagram

Monday, May 15, 2017

Thursday, May 11, 2017

More Tragedy

It has suddenly become a very difficult week. Yesterday I learned another shocking event happened in Portland earlier this week. Friend and kink ally Jakob Jay, well known Portland DJ, hairstylist and community supporter and organizer was stabbed in the lobby of Pacific Towers early this week and is in a Portland hospital ICU. He is in critical condition, in a medically-induced coma, and awaiting further surgeries as of 10am on 5/11/17. At this time the attacker is at large and Jakob's family is fully cooperating with police during their investigation.
KATU coverage of family statement
His family is not accepting visitors at the hospital and their phones are being inundated with calls and texts which make it difficult to engage police and immediate family. They have a support network that is helping them and have asked friends to help raise funds to cover his medical costs and lost wages. At this time they are solely focused on his health and cooperating with the investigation.

Please donate money to help with Jakob's recovery and rehabilitation here.

RIP Tuchus 1963-2017

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to announce that our friend and mentor, Gavin aka Tuchus passed away this morning at 9:20PDT after a long battle against complications from pancreatitis at Vancouver General Hospital.

He is survived by his husband M aka Cumpigcub and Pup W aka DogofWar206 aka Wardog and of course a huge group of friend and community of kinksters whom he touched in so many ways.

I got the call from Wardog yesterday afternoon that Tuchus' condition had changed rapidly to worst after seeing him on Monday when he seemed to be in good spirits and improving health. The ICU doctors were planning to move him to palliative care and remove his life support. I got to the hospital around 7pm yesterday evening.

We've been at VGH all night. Yesterday the ICU doctors discovered that Tuchus's digestive system was no longer working so they decided to pull him off of life support. His sisters got to the hospital around 9pm and we were all able to say our goodbyes in the evening while he was awake. He was asking for more conversation from everyone even though he hasn't been able to talk during this whole 3-month ordeal and he seemed like he was in a good place knowing what was coming. He wanted to hear everyone's conversation one last time.

They took him off the breathing machines around 10:30 and started shutting the life support machines off one by one until about 1am when he was on his own. He managed to breathe and keep his heart beating until about 9:20 this morning. He was surrounded by his husband CPC, his puppy Wardog, his sisters, family and friends throughout the entire night. I managed to get a few hours sleep in the ICU lounge until 7am when I went home to get ready for work. I just got in now and got a text from Wardog an hour ago that Tuchus finally let go.

As many of you know, though Wardog is my boy, he had a very special Sir/pup relationship with Tuchus; they were inseparable, and Wardog looked up to Tuchus like a father and he is understandably very upset and staying with Mr. P and I at the moment. I think he is heading to our place now and Mr. P will look after him until I get home. This has hit him very hard as he considered Tuchus a father figure and I want to be at home for him so I'm probably going to work until noon or so then head home to get some rest.

Fortunately CPC's mom was with him in ICU last night and his dad is coming on the weekend so he has some good people to look after him.

It's been a shocking and devastating ordeal. We can hope that at least Tuchus is no longer in pain but hopefully still able to inflict some pain on others as he enjoyed so much to do...

Please send your love to CPC and Wardog on their shocking loss today.

Please have a glass of wine in Tuchus' memory today. He was an amazing mentor and friend who showed me more about myself, sex, kink, and the world then I ever could have expected. His creatively, wild spirit, perverted mind, and nurturing spirit will be missed forever.

It's Funny Because It's True

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hole in the Middle

RIP Robert Miles 1969-2017

Trance producer Robert Miles died of cancer yesterday. His songs from the 90s are an indelible part of my twentysomething soundtrack. RIP

Here's a fitting song from his last album, Thirteen, released in 2013. Not trance :)

The Sounds

At the last minute, I enrolled for the Get Kinky With HIM workshop on Sounding last evening. I'm glad I went! My friend JR was the workshop lead, he showed us safe and sane sounding play including all the important things like hygiene and equipment maintenance. He first sounded himself with my assistance (as I was asked to assist and can't say no LOL), then we switched and he sounded me in front of a workshop group of around 10. It was fun! I have to laugh a bit that I've stuffed my urethra with more stuff in the past week than in the past six months.

JR told me he has an electro sounding kit on order, soon to arrive in the next few weeks. I told him I had two electro urethral plugs that I have yet to use; now that I got one more 4mm to 2mm adaptor pin set for my electro boxes, I should be able to hook everything up in one fell swoop. We have planned to get together in the near future and try all this gear out. I'm excited to try electro sounding!

I'm really regretting that Mr. P and I won't be able to go to the Vancouver Men in Leather June Whistler Retreat. It's always a good time but we don't know when Mr. P's surgery is going to be scheduled so we are just keeping our schedules open and loose. This would definitely be a good forum in the near future to try out some sounding. We will for sure go to the September one.  I'll just have to get JR over for some rubber, electro and sounding :)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Saturday Night

I think my rubber experiences in the UK have launched a new age of rubber horniness! Perhaps that's to be expected considering the amount of rubber I've bought in the past five weeks!

Friday night I was out with friends but cut out around midnight because I wanted to go home and put on some rubber! I enjoyed myself in the Latexskin 0.2mm two-piece catsuit, which I haven't worn in quite some time. It's like putting on a rubber balloon, so thin and sexy. I didn't get too in depth into self-play as I wanted to save everything I had for Saturday. Boy Wardog was coming over in the evening, I had lots of plans I wanted to execute...

Saturday, I had to set up for the VRM monthly meet. We had a great time at the Vancouver Rubbermen May Spring Fling meet on Saturday afternoon at Pumpjack. There was a good turnout of guys, some that haven't come out regularly are starting to show up (yay!) and some of my buds also turned up. I enjoyed putting a few guys in the vac-tower, and some pups took a crack at the body bag. We wrapped things up around 5:30pm, Mr P came and picked me up. We went home I had a nap, then went and met a few friends at Fountainhead pub before Wardog was done work and came and fetched me.

We got ready for play, it wasn't until almost 11pm when we started. I was excited to finally play in my crotchless gimp catsuit and I got him in rubber tank and pants for the great night ahead. I got fucking him on the fuck bench for awhile but eventually he said he wasn't feeling like bottoming and he wanted to top me, so I obliged ;)

I totally got to gimp out for the rest of the night with him working my hole for hours and hours. I was in heaven. I got him to gimp me out with toe socks, collar, gags, hood layering, put restraints on me, strap me down on the fuck bench in rubber strapping and go to town on my ass in numerous sessions. Additionally I put on the metal cock cage with the urethral insert for some extra submission. Fuck, it was hot! I'm so lucky to have such a good attentive boy who loves working my hole as much I do his.
I am LOVING this crotchless gimp suit....makes me feel so submissive WOOF
My OCD would've required Boy Wardog put the rubber strapping on more tightly and cleanly, but then again, I'm just going to shut up at the moment!
Plugged with urethral insert chastity in an inter-session break....still strapped where I belong ;)

Sunday Mr. P and I went up to Shadow Falls to start with the opening up of the RV.  We spent the afternoon opening up the Eagle 5 with the help of our friend G and his nephew. Trench was dug, gazebo was erected...some mould and lots of mice gifts inside the RV, but overall, things are in pretty good shape for glamping season 2017! Next weekend will be final cleaning and unpacking in preparation for Victoria Day long weekend!

Last night I went with Wardog to see Tuchus. It was the first time I've been to see him since he was hospitalized three months ago. It was hard to see him so frail and so hooked up to machinery, however he did look better than I thought he would. He was alert and able to nod his head to our questions, but due to his breathing tube in his trachea, obviously not able to communicate. His muscle strength is so weak he's barely able to use his arms or hands. Poor fucker. He's been through so much already and still has so much to go.

I tried to stay upbeat and try to rein in Wardog's anxiety and emotions as for a 25-year old who hasn't had this hit so close to home, this has really messed him up in many many ways. I didn't like to hear him say some of the things he was saying to Tuchus, but I know he was just being emotional; he's such an emotional boy :)

I left with the message to Tuchus that he has to get better soon so he can get out of ICU, we can start talking to him again, and start bringing him stuff to help him rehabilitate and pass the time that's surely to be a big number in the long long recovery that's to come for him. Wardog is dedicated to being his attendant, to the point he wants to find part-time work and spend the days home caring for Tuchus while Tuchus' husband is at work. I think it would be a good opportunity for them to bond even deeper, and you never know, Wardog might discover an inner natural talent and trait that he loves and may want to pursue!

Anyways, summer may not have started but as far as Mr. P and I are concerned, it starts for us next weekend. I may be rainy and cool at Shadow Falls this weekend but we're going anyways!

I'm taking up my new spandex. Will take some pics.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Friday, May 5, 2017

My Kind of Nightclub

On American Dad!

Artist Profile: James Newland

I saw many of James' illustrations over the MRM8 weekend. He is very talented and fortunately also a big pervert!

Contact James here: