Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting SO Close

Rubbout 20 is now one week away. You will find information below on this Saturday's Gear Swap Meat, how you can have fun volunteering at Rubbout, Priape's incredible 40% off Rubber Sale, and where to buy tickets.

The Gear Swap Meat is this Saturday, April 2nd from 1pm to 5pm at PumpJack Pub. If you want to sell some gear you can drop it off @ PumpJack at noon on April 2 or contact Rob ( for instructions.

We're still looking for a few good men to help make Rubbout a big success: volunteer 'victims' for Slick Dance bondage art, go-go boys, and volunteers for door and coat check. If you would like to volunteer as a 'victim' for an hour as part of the Slick Dance bondage art exhibit, please contact Claude ( For all other volunteering, please contact Rob Pont ( You will be rewarded for your help.

*** PRIAPE 40% SALE ***
Priape has a special shipment of rubber that just arrived from Polymorphe. With Rubbout 20 just one week away Priape is pleased to advise you of some special selections and pricing on one of a kinds, samples and surplus factory direct.

Prices have been slashed 40% off!

This is a limited time offer as remaining stock will be shipped back out in 10 days. Do not miss this opportunity to save like never before on chaps, shorts, shirts, vests, t-shirts, tanks, and much more.

Remember, in addition to these fabulous savings all other regular priced fetish and leather gear is automatically 15% off if you show your Rubbout ticket or wrist band.

SLICK dance tickets $20 ($25 @ door) and VIP Weekend Passes $30 are on sale at Priape, the Gear Swap Meat, and registration. Registration is Friday, April 8th from 4 pm to 6 pm at PumpJack Pub and late registration is from 8 pm to 11 pm at Numbers.

In rubber,

PS. Bearracuda (bear dance) is tomorrow ( if you're interested.

Jockarse in Motion

Here's hot Jockarse in his Skins guy.

Chinese Style

I'm always on the lookout for unique designs and the integration of latex fetish with the everyday or traditional. Now, isn't this outfit simply amazing? Chinese Warrior Dragon vest and Flame pants from Sinner's Skin.


Latex hitting Haute Couture?

Well look who's getting into rubber now! The rubber invasion of the main stream continues with Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 Ready-to Wear. Marc even donned latex during the show and gave the fabric a big kudos in his interviews.

Marc Jacob quotes:
"Yeah, I like rubber. It's cool; I mean it's not cool, I'm sweating my ass off but it's really nice to wear."

"Military, sports clothes, rules and discipline, and dress codes taken from a lot of places and made caricature-like; I guess that's how I amuse myself."

NEW YORK, February 14, 2011
By Nicole Phelps

Walking into the Marc Jacobs show tonight, a retailer remarked, "We have to come here in order to find out what we'll be seeing next season." His point: The lush colors and Lurex that have been everywhere this week were inspired by the ode to the 1970's Jacobs delivered last time out. Well, come next fall, you'd best prepare yourself for plenty of polka dots, a good deal of latex and lace, and a much more fitted silhouette. Backstage, Jacobs himself said the new collection was a reaction against the loose, fluid feeling of his Spring outing. "I wanted something strict and severe," he said.

And not without a healthy dose of kink, it would seem. Jacobs worked with the British company House of Harlot on the show's latex button-downs and "rubber to look like sequins" dresses. With all that plastic—not to mention the taut chin straps attached to Stephen Jones' vinyl berets, and Marilyn Manson screaming about "The Beautiful People" on the soundtrack—it was tempting to think Jacobs was making a comment about our contemporary fixation on self-betterment.

The idea of personal improvement played out in another way, because many of the things the designer put on this runway were redos of his own oeuvre. Take the polka dots, for instance. The first collection he showed in New York 20-odd years ago was covered in spots. Here, they appeared large and small, even in three dimensions on a ponyskin sweater and skirt studded with plastic cabochons. Jacobs is always playing with high and low, and he was back at it tonight, cutting a sweater in Shetland wool on the front and cashmere on the back, or trimming a mock-croc bomber jacket in real fox fur.

When he dipped into his own archives for his Fall show of a year ago, the results were nostalgic and romantic. With its stride-defying hobble skirts and wedge-heel patent boots, this offering demands a little more commitment from the wearer. It was provocative and somehow more precise, and all those slick surfaces had a hard allure. Backstage, Jacobs talked about the discipline of fashion, pointing out the rigor of fitting 63 girls in one day. Disciplined is a good word for it. He had his uncomplicated fun last season, and now he's prepared to get sweaty in a latex shirt buttoned up to his throat. Give the rest of us a few months and we'll be right there with him.

It would be really REALLY nice to see some latex in Marc's mens lines soon. He's doing more 'strict and severe' looks for the end of this year, hopefully that will translate into some flattering styles for the male physique.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Attack of the Show

Today I heard from Pup Zigzag today that he is going to be on tomorrow's episode of Attack of the Show with Mistress Justine Cross in full puppy gear! Check it out at G4TV online or on TV if you have the channel.

A few good men...

...are still needed to help make Rubbout a big success: At the Slick Dance we still need volunteer 'victims' for Slick Dance bondage art, go-go boys, and volunteers for door and coat check. You will be rewarded for your help in various ways, honest!

Working a shift will get you reduced ticket price for the dance, working two volunteer shifts will get you in for free; if you help out with the art or sexy dancing portions, you may end up with free pairs of Rubbout undies and drink tickets. Contact Rob Pont if you're interested in helping out.

And don't forget the Gear Swap this Saturday at Pumpjack from noon until 5! There's no better time to fill your closets with boy toys! Along with Priape Vancouver's awesome rubber sale, how can you NOT come to Rubbout?

Heroes N Hunks this weekend

Hey Rubber Men! ... How many of you are into Super Heroes?

RMSF Recommends Heroes N Hunks bar party.
Saturday April 2nd, 2011 : Truck Bar 6pm to 2am.

It's "Wonder Con" in San Francisco...
... so our sexy friends at Truck Bar (1900 Folsom Street @ 15th Street) and have planned a great opportunity to get geared up in something super tight and hang with other crusaders (or even some villains!).

This is NOT an "official" RMSF event, but please spread the word.
When you get there tell them RMSF (The Rubber Men of San Francisco) sent you, and if guys don't know about RMSF ... send them to our website:

April 1st – 3rd. SOMA will be besieged by men and women in tight fitting spandex, lycra and leather. It’s not Folsom, or Dore Alley, it’s WonderCon, returning to the Moscone Center for it’s 25th Anniversary. It began in Oakland in 1987, as the Wonderful World of Comics Convention, and moved to San Francisco in 2002, to become WonderCon. This year Northern California’s largest comic book and fantasy media convention is expected to draw over 34,000 collectors, fans and stargazers.

The NY Times brought the superhero fetishwear movement into the limelight by featuring Skin Tight, at NYC’s historic Stonewall Inn. Spurred on by ComicCon, similar parties are catching on in LA (Hard Heroes) and San Diego (Heroes vs. Villains). In SF, TRUCK’s annual Heroes and Villains Halloween Party is already an established popular event.

On Saturday April 2nd. Geektastic gay porn and comics blog,, commemorates a quarter century of Bay Area fantasy, horror and superhero fandom, with a party for the SF spandex set at TRUCK. CosPlayers who need a cocktail after walking miles of aisles in skintight Captain America, Thor or White Lantern costumes, come proudly as your Super self.

I've been wanting to throw a 'Skintight'-type party in Vancouver for some time, but of course I would think it best or most appropriate around a Comic or SF Convention, thematically. Browsing around a bit I see there's a small-scale Vancouver Comicon on
• January 16
• March 20
• May 15
• July 10
• August 28 (Comix & Stories)
• September 11
• November 13

and the main V-Con SF convention from September 30-October 2. I think September's going to be the month! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mr. S. Leather in the Fake News

Mr. S Leather on The Daily Show Tuesday Night March 29th 11PM EDT....8PM PDT

From Richard Hunter:

A few weeks ago, the crew from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, came into visit the Mr. S Leather store here in San Francisco. Evidently, the gay magazine. "The Advocate"had ranked San Francisco #11 in the USA in their list of the Gayest cities. San Francisco #11...what the Fu*k is that about. Well to prove that San Francisco deserves better then eleven, Jason Jones came to SF to prove that SF is still pretty fuc*ing Gay.

Jason was a 'Good Sport' as he got a lot more then he probably expected as he toured Mr. S and saw more then he ever thought he'd be exposed to with sex toys and fetish gear. We also took him upstairs and tied him to our spinning cross and spun him around. I'm sure this was one of the more unusual assignments he'd been given. Knowing how The Daily Show edits their shoots, I'm sure this will be pretty funny as to how the Leather scene comes off looking. They promised they'd be nice to us.... we'll see.

The air date is this Tuesday night March 29th... 11PM EDT.... 8PM in the West on Direct TV....Comedy Central. Now Our segment 'could' be bumped if major world news is breaking... but then it would be rescheduled and we'll let you know any new dates they gives us.

So Tune in and let's see if San Francisco is still gay enough to be higher then #11. What the hell was the criterion for this ranking anyway? I was in the media myself for some 20 years before taking over ownership of Mr. S so it was really fun being on the other side of the cameras being interviewed. It was a really big deal for us to have been asked to be apart of the best show on television.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rubbout Sponsor Banner

Here is a peek at the Rubbout sponsor banner that will be up at various venues on Rubbout weekend. There are a few tweaks yet to be done to this 4' x 6' banner, but the boys have done a great job on it!

Rubbout Prize Packages, Part One

Here's the list and pics of the prize packages received to date from our sponsors that will be available from raffle ticket sales:

Priape (Montreal):
o Ads on plasma screens at four Canadian stores from Jan-April
o Banner ad on Priape website, link to, Jan-April
o Mailing list e-mail blasts, one in Feb, one in March
o $250 (retail) in product and gift certificates (not here)
o Weekend package goodie bags

Mr. S Leathers and Fetters (San Francisco):
o MSL newsletter banner advertising (660px wide by 125px tall, jpg or minimally animated gif, provided by Rubbout) - 2 (two), valued at $250 per. Dates: Friday February 4 and Friday March 4
o 6 (six) $25 gift cards for raffles, etc. (not here)
o neoprene bondage mask ($60)
o 2 neoprene half-masks ($40 each)

Recon (Chicago):
o 10 T-shirts
o 3 bags
o 100 lanyards
o site advertising

XTra! (Toronto, Vancouver):
o 1 12 unit ad at 90% discount in the March 24 issue
o free Web button ad on to run from March 8 – April 8
o 1 Facebook broadcast, 1 Twitter tweet

Ego Assassin (Toronto):
o 2-3 (as yet unreleased) men's sleeveless jackets ($250 each)
o gift certificates and promotional items.

Male Stockroom (Los Angeles):
o $265.00 Rubber Chaps, Black w/ White Stripe ($265)
o $189.00 Latex Fred Perry Style Shirt, Black w/ White trim ($190)
o $110.00 Rubber Cap w/ Shied ($110)
o $135.00 Rubber Fists Mitts ($135)
o $158.00 Rubber Hood w/ Zipper ($160)
o HB-4 steel cockring ($23)
o 1 lube shooter ($8)
o sample bottle of WET original lube ($8)
o 1 leather blindfold ($20)
o 1 Forbidden novelties glass dildo ($38)
o 1 black t-shirt, large
o 1 pair wrist restraints ($40?)
o 1 Stockroom gift certificate ($50)

Ware’s and Wears (Leduc):
o OUTFIT 1: Retail value $213
5220 - Shorts w/ Peephole
2310 – Sweatshirt
1510 – Wrist Gloves
1110 – Closed Mask

o Outfit 2: Retail Value $145
2410 – T-shirt
5230 – Pouch Shorts

o Outfit 3: Retail Value $188
2210 – Sport Shirt
4550 – Sheath Briefs
1530 – Long Gloves

Healing Touch Massage (Vancouver):
o 6 massages gift certificates ($70 each) (Edmonton):
o 2 surf suits, size XL ($150 each)

Steamworks (Vancouver):
o 2 hours bus shuttle service
o $160 towards media printing

Pumpjack Pub (Vancouver):
o host bar
o sponsored beer bust
o 2 hours shuttle service
o puppy prizes

Tom of Finland Foundation (Los Angeles):
o 22 Various posters of Tom’s men

Leatherpost (Seattle):

Doghouse Leathers (Seattle):
o Jim Diamond butt plug ($30)
o Nasty Pig underwear ($24)
o Dark Alley Casting Madrid Vol. 2 DVD ($40)
o Dark Alley No Exit DVD ($50)
o 2 Nasty Pig jockstraps ($35 each)

Rubberzone (Portland):
o Site advertising
o 6 DVDs
o 100 gift certificates for 30 day memberships

Recon Dark Party Poster

The background pic is from my fantasy scene at the Mr. Vancouver Rubber contest in 2009. I love that my old work keeps surfacing on Pumpjack's posters! LOL

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


...are pretty quiet. The weekend was the quietest of the year so far, I think. Mr. P and I stayed in Friday and Saturday night (well, I had to work Friday night and went out afterward to drag his drunk ass out of the bar at midnight because I'd made dinner but he didn't show up and when I got to the bar everyone was expecting drama...whew...but I digress) but we went to the beer bust for a good shift on Sunday. I talked Mr. P into putting me in the rubber sleepsack on Saturday afternoon. I stewed in my juices for about 90 minutes until he came in, unzipped the butt access zipper, fucked me then worked on my hole until I came. What a nice way to spend Saturday afternoon! Sunday was absolutely beautiful weather-wise, we spent most of the day outside celebrating the vernal equinox. Not coincidentally, the official time change occurred at 4:21PDT which we all thought was pretty funny.

I have to work next Friday and Saturday evening so things may be just as quiet, if not quieter. That's okay, I'll need all the energy resources I can muster starting on April 1.

Rubbout stuff is still happening fast and furious. New obstacles and new surprises surface everyday. I have yet to receive prizes from three or four sponsors and coordinating the Friday night parties is proving to be a bit of work.

My E7 suit is being made as we speak, and my Rubberdawg hood came yesterday! Pics follow. I can't wait until the Puppy play party!
Tonight: Rubbout volunteer meeting. I still have to workout details about the Friday night play party, find volunteers for tear-down, get my gear swap clothes together (yes, I am going to try and sell some of my latex again ;)) and work on the visuals for Friday and Saturday night. Busy!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Rubberskin's latest Green Imp is St. Patrick's Day appropriate!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rubbout Launch Party

Saturday night there was a great turnout for the Rubbout launch party and Show Your Stuff Rubber contest. The back of the bar was packed early on with guys signing up for the contest and everyone getting ready, including our loyal bondage victims who flanked the stage in straightjackets and gasmasks during the contest!

Congratulations to Mike and Kona, who received the loudest audience support and won the contest of the five entrants.

We ended the evening with the vac-coffin demo, and had three eager volunteers to jump in and get abused. It appeared to be a popular finale considering the amount of people who stuck around to check it out.

My apologies to anyone I was a bitch to that night. I was extremely sick and tired, I just wanted to go home to bed but persevered.

Chicago Rubbermen Bar Night

Chicago...Prepare to be RUBBERIZED!

Greetings Chicago Rubbermen:

Hey everyone, it's March! Seems like our last bar night went so well, perhaps we can add to the fun! We've been getting great suggestions and feedback about bars you like and when to start, so on Saturday, March 19, we're starting an hour earlier at 10 PM at:

Jackhammer | The Hole
6406 N Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60626

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
Forever rubbery,

-Chicago Rubbermen-

Monday, March 14, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

German Dungeon Tour

Now, this is something to aspire to.  Best....dungeon....ever!

Stainless steel, medical exam room, fuckmachines, bondage.....this is amazing.  When people answer the question, "what would you do if you won the lottery?", this is the video I'd show them in response.


I got around (finally!) to ordering my Rubberdawg Pitbull hood, obviously inspired by the upcoming Rubbout "On All Fours" Puppy play party and Dog Show. I can't wait to bring out my inner rubber puppy - I'm looking forward to it. Scott's assured me it will get here in time. :)

All The Posters

The remainder of the Rubbout event posters are now basically completed. Here is the full spread of everything kinky going on this weekend, and in early April! :)

Rubbout Weekend Poster:

Rubbout Banners:
At Pumpjack Pub:
At the WISE (last year's banner):

Rubbout Kickoff Night:

Rubbout Gear Swap:

VML Shine Rubber Meat and Greet:

Recon Dark Party:

Rubbout Beer Bust and "On All Fours" Puppy Play and Dog Show:

Slick Leather & Fetish Party:

Rubbout 20th Anniversary Promo Video: