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Regulation London

Here's a great promo video for Regulation's vac rack:

...and a behind-the-scenes video of Regulation's September photo shoot ;)

FABLE: Chapter Sixteen

Part 16
Richard reduced the level of Entanox Tom was getting, and held him at a level where he was just barely aware of the effect. The strapping-in procedure had been lengthy, and now he wanted Tom to have the opportunity to settle down before beginning the program of procedures he had planned for the next few hours. He left Karl on a full dose of the gas; he knew how much the big muscleman enjoyed it. He checked the monitors before him, and was reassured to find that Tom was in a very relaxed condition. He glanced over to Tom, who sprouted so many tubes and wires from his rubber gear, no one looking at him would have believed that it was possible, at the press of just one button, to free him from his bonds in a matter of seconds in the event of his becoming in any way seriously distressed. Richard glanced over to Hans, sitting beside him at the console. They both enjoyed this part of the proceedings, watching the reactions of the subjects as the program got under way. Karl always reacted well, even Hans, despite his deep-seated reservations about the bodybuilder, got a thrill out of seeing Karl put through the coming routine. Both men were eager to see how Tom would shape up. He would be the center of their attention, and he would be the one to be tested to his limit.

A testing time lay ahead for Karl too, but the test for him would be one of loyalty and emotion. Richard speculated on the outcome; would Karl's loyalty to himself prevail over his love for Tom or, as he hoped, would Karl be able to strike a balance between the two. Although Karl knew what lay ahead, the test was to be a true one, Richard had not pressured him either way although much was at stake for him also. Tom meanwhile was blissfully unaware of the pivotal role in which he had been cast.
The heavily oxygen-diluted gas gave Tom a sensation of floating lightness; he was aware of the grip in which the mask held his face. There was just the right 'feel' to it, and the slight pulsing kept him continually aware of the erotic pressure the mask was exerting upon him. He still had the two black rubber breathing bladders in view. He held his breath momentarily so that he could see his own bladder become briefly stilled. Karl's was rising and falling regularly; the big rubber guy was in his element on the Entanox. Unlike Tom, he had had his feeding tube fully inserted ; apart from the tube, and the fact that he was on a stronger mix of gas, his situation was identical to Tom's, and Richard decided that he was ready to begin the program in earnest, and that the moment had come to stop the gas for both men in the chairs.
The scene before Tom's eyes moved gradually away from the bladders, and once again he found himself gazing at himself. He heard Karl moan softly, and at the same moment he became aware of movement in his ass. At first the movement was barely perceptible; the sensation was one of gentle internal massage. He found himself moaning with the exquisite pleasure that was building up within him as the movements slowly and gradually increased in intensity. The segmented head of the dildo had opened out like the petals of some tantalizing erotic flower, and it had begun to rotate back and forth just half a turn, causing the rounded edges of the rubber segments to massage his prostate lightly. He writhed in rubber ecstasy, and could see himself writhing within his bonds. The image before his eyes drew away, and now he could see himself and Karl, who was also writhing with the same intense anal pleasure he himself was experiencing.

The prostate massage had made Tom's dick swell within the moulded black rubber sheath, and his dick seemed to fill it totally; he felt perilously close to orgasm, and powerless to hold himself back from it. His rubber cock ring ceased pulsing and gripped the base of his dick tightly, and as this change occurred, the image in his black rubber goggles drew down to show his own and Karl's cock sheaths. Tom's cock sheath suddenly gripped his dick and then relaxed, at the same moment he became aware of a restriction on his breathing, and although in no sense did he have to fight for oxygen, he did have to consciously exert himself to inhale enough to fill his lungs. Remembering Richard's caution never to fight what he was experiencing, but to go along with it, he settled into a slow but deep pattern of breathing, taking his cue from the sensation on his dick, for he realised that his own breathing was stimulating Karl's dick in the same way that Karl's breathing was working upon his.
Once again the image before Tom changed; now he knew he was looking at Karl, and correctly he deduced that Karl was probably looking at him. To test his idea, he attempted a wave with one hand. Karl responded immediately, and he knew he was right. Being able to see Karl, and to know that Karl could see him added a new dimension to the sensations he was experiencing on his dick as Karl breathed. Tom decided to inhale, then try to hold his breath, reasoning that this would result in Karl's dick being held firmly in the grip of the rubber vacuum his lungs would have created. As soon as Tom began holding his breath, Karl immediately did the same, and now a contest ensued between the two rubbermen as to who could hold the other's dick in a rubber vice-like grip longer. Karl had no trouble in winning, and as both men resumed their regular breathing pattern, Tom heard Karl gurgle with amusement. The masks on both men were still gripping their rubber faces tightly, and Tom remembered that he was breathing now solely through the rubber nasal tubes. The thought excited him anew, and he flexed the muscles in his nasal passages against the intruding tubes, enjoying the sensation of this element of the totality of rubber.

Karl, who was, unlike Tom, fully intubated, and who during his time under Richard's rubber guidance, had learned to overcome the reflex action of his throat muscles, and had achieved conscious control over them, swallowed repeatedly against the tubes in his throat, in effect caressing the tubes with the muscles. For him, this area of his body had become a highly erogenous zone, and the rubber invasion of this area of his body, a sensation unknown , and probably also repugnant to, most rubbermen, was symbolic of the totality of his rubber needs. He fantasized about sharing this wonderful feeling with Tom, who he knew had yet to acquire his own skills in dealing with this unusual aspect of rubber. How wonderful, he thought, it would have been to have shared the double mask with Tom while both were fully intubated, their sensual rubber lips locked together, but impeded slightly by the invading feeding tubes, around which each would entwine their tongues, feeling and tasting the rubber, as they felt and tasted each other. The mere thought of such a prospect sent a thrill of added excitement through him. He knew, of course, that Tom was nowhere near ready for such an experience yet.

As Karl's thoughts dwelt upon Tom, and future rubber events in his own, and he hoped, Tom's life, his rubber excitement gave way once again to the anxiety that had lain leaden in his stomach since the moment, while he was being prepared for the chair, and while Tom still slept, that Richard had told him of his own hopes concerning himself and Tom. Unaccustomed as he was to responsibility, or to the need to give profound thought to any matter, the situation in which he now found himself consequent upon what Richard had told him had at first been an alarming one, and within Karl it wrought a fundamental change. During these hours in the chair he had thought deeply and carefully about his relationship to Richard, and the attendant brittleness in his dealings with Hans, and now the added dimension of his emotional involvement with Tom. A stranger to dilemma, Karl had, on learning of what Richard had imparted, felt alone and vulnerable in a way he had not experienced since his early days at home in Hamburg.

It was the rare experience of recalling those comparatively lonely and bleak times that had stiffened an hitherto untried resolve within Karl, and quite suddenly he found himself able to think with uncharacteristic clarity upon this complex problem. The fact that he was undergoing a maturing process went unrealized by Karl, what did not escape him however, was the fact that for the first time since he had joined Richard's household, a situation had developed over which Richard was not overtly exercising control, at least for the time being.

Karl's reasoning told him that the final outcome for himself, for Tom and for Richard would be determined by Tom's reaction to Richard's final test, and to a large extent, to how he himself handled the situation. In that moment he made his decision; the feeling of resolve and determination within him was so strong that he involuntarily straightened himself up in the chair, subconsciously reinforcing his decision, and realizing that whatever the final outcome, there would be no escape from some degree of emotional pain. He would face it, he told himself, like a man, then mentally correcting himself, he almost mouthed the words, 'like a rubberman.' For years now he had gloried in his manliness, his superb physique, and his ability to enjoy the most extreme of rubber procedures, and he knew in that instant that as a rubberman he was supreme. The rubber metamorphosis of Karl was complete, his decision made, and his resolve firm, he turned his attention to the enjoyment of his immediate situation.

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Western Canada LeatherSIR/boy/CBB

The Western Canada LeatherSIR/boy & Community Bootblack is coming up the weekend of November 18 – 20, 2011 in Calgary, Alberta, with cool events happening all weekend long.

Any interested contestants can download the Application Form, which also cover the rules and regulations of the WCLS/B & WCBB contest.

The weekend kicks of on Friday November 18, 2011 with the Meet & Greet and the Leather Community members will also be presenting Leather Demos that provide a taste of our play and lifestyle live on stage for all to see.

Then on November 19, 2011 you can take in the workshops followed by the Western Canada LeatherSIR/boy & Community Bootblack contests including the super-hot fantasies.

The weekend round out on Sunday November 20, 2011 with the Victory Brunch which is your chance to join winners, judges, producers, and community members for some food and socializing. Admission is $10 and space will be limited.

Judges for the event include:

Sir Alan Penrod, 2011 International LeatherSIR
boy Nitro, 2011 International Leatherboy
Master Chuck, 2011 Eastern Canada LeatherSIR
boy Iain, 2011 Eastern Canada Leatherboy
Sir Scott, 2011 Western Canada LeatherSIR
boy Rene, 2011 Western Canada Leatherboy & 1st runner-up International Leatherboy
Rob Pont, Producer of Rubbout & 1999 Mr Canadian Drummer

More info on the website

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Men Only: Channel 4 Special

This is interesting (and some good visuals too):

Folsom Aftermath

From all the drunk texts and tweets I received and saw this weekend, it sounds like everyone had a blast in San Francisco for Folsom. It was pretty quiet around here too; it felt like half the city's gay kinksters weren't out and about despite it being pretty busy around town on Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing lots and lots of pics!

Here are a couple that Rick posted on the Rubbermen of San Francisco FB page from the Quarantine Party on Saturday night.

Team Bonding

LOL This was posted by dear JockNSpeedo on FB a couple of weeks ago and Ruff posted it last week with screen captures. It's a funny look at the Canadian National Speedskating Development Team 'bonding' as they traipse around the University of Calgary campus.

I used to love that when I was going to school at U of C I could head over to the Olympic Oval during a break or in the evenings and watch National teams from all over the world train, warmup and compete in all their skintight glory.

I also love the fact the skinsuit bulges were, of course, the topic of a series of captures from the video! The world would be a lot less sexy place without horny fruits! LOL

Slime Pit

Lucky for us, the rubber lovers from Eindhoven are at it again! This time, it's a pile of rubber creatures playing with the wonders of J-Lube. How fun is this?

Nate posted this first. Is it just me, or has good amateur rubber porn been hard to come by lately? Granted, I can't complain since I haven't done any myself for quite a while now! :(

Rubberstud of the Week #178

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FABLE: Chapter Fifteen

Part 15
The strapping-in procedure at last complete, with the final straps securing Tom's arms in place, Richard asked Tom if he was comfortable, and upon Tom's assuring him that he was, Richard instructed him to attempt as much movement of his limbs and body within the bonds as possible. Tom found that leg and arm movements were impossible, but that he was able to move his body to the same extent as he had previously seen Karl moving.

'Good, Tom - that's fine. Now you have seen Karl, and I think you will agree that he looks pretty good in his gear.' Tom nodded his agreement to that - he had never before seen such an exciting array of rubber gear and equipment on one man all at the same time. 'Well, by the time we have finished with you, you will look exactly the same. You have only seen on Karl what is outwardly visible; there are, as you are about to discover, several items of gear that you cannot see. We are going to fit you out with the same, and I will be explaining to you all about them as we go along. Karl is also wearing a dildo exactly like the one you have been fitted with. His and yours differ only in that each has been individually tailored for you. Perhaps I should caution you not to under-estimate this clever little device. I noted that you did not appear to be unduly impressed with it when you had the opportunity to inspect it, but I assure you it is a masterpiece of miniature engineering and design, and I promise you that although you may not feel much from it now, by the time you leave this chair, it will have worked its unique magic upon you.'

Tom nodded, but said nothing - all the time Richard had been speaking, he could hear Karl's moans and breathing in the background. Hans brought a trolley to where Richard stood before Tom; on it was laid out a heap of tubing, a long catheter, far longer than any Tom had seen before, a beaker of clear liquid, a pot of sterile gel, a syringe and a couple of steel kidney dishes. Richard removed the long catheter from its sterile pack, taking care to avoid touching the tip or any part of the long tube within twelve inches of the tip. He dipped the catheter into the gel, immersing the first foot from the tip, then as he held it up to allow the surplus to run off, he explained to Tom, 'I call this an active catheter, Tom - another product of the fertile brain of a very useful colleague. You won't have encountered one like this before, but you will find it very stimulating.' Tom could see that the open end of the tube was equipped with a rather complex-looking connector, and there was also a short length of wire embedded into the rubber. Richard continued as he began inserting the catheter into the eye of Tom's rubber sheathed dick, 'As you are already aware, there are limits to the degree of manipulation possible with a conventional catheter, whereas this little gizmo has some features built into it that will give you some surprises, not to mention some thrilling moments.'

His interest and curiosity stimulated, Tom strained to look at the tube; it was flesh-colored, and apart from the additional length and the elaborate connector, the only way in which it appeared to Tom to differ from a normal catheter was that there appeared to be some dark rings in the first few inches running back from the tip. Richard offered no further explanation, and continued carefully with the insertion. Tom felt it slide in easily, and shifted slightly back in the chair, wanting to wriggle with the pleasure of the sensation. He felt the tip encounter his sphincter, then the movement of the tip through it as Richard eased it onward into his Bladder. Hans was ready with a kidney dish to catch the brief spurt of piss from Tom as the tip entered the bladder. Richard knew that Tom's bladder would be almost empty, so he was careful to close the valve on the catheter to prevent further escape, and satisfied that the tube was primed, and that there were no air bubbles present, he took the syringe that Hans held ready, and inflated the balloon, locking the tube into Tom.

Tom looked down at his rubber sheathed dick, it looked very exciting to see several feet of tubing protruding from it, the light color contrasting sharply with the blackness of his rubber gear. The feeling was great, and his dick became hard, beginning once more to throb insistently; he desperately wanted to come, a feeling intensified by the fact that Hans had brought a heavy moulded black rubber cock- sheath and had begun threading the open end of the catheter through a hole in the side of it. The movements created by this procedure were transmitted along the length of the catheter and right through Tom's rubber dick, causing him to writhe with the intense pleasure, and, without realizing it, to begin moaning softly into his mask. Hans ran the sheath along the tube, and telling Tom to keep still, slid it over his dick. The sheath was well-lubed and slid on easily with a squelching sound. The fit was snug, and it felt wonderfully cool on Tom's dick.

The diameter of the hole in the sheath through which Hans had brought the catheter was large enough to leave a sizeable gap between the edges of the hole and the tube. In order to fill this space, Hans began inserting into the gap a rubber grommet which was fitted on its inner surface with a trio of rubber ball bearings, which when the grommet was finally snapped into place, would rest on the surface of the catheter exerting enough pressure to ensure traction, but not so much as to crush the tube; Tom could see that yet another wire was attached to the grommet. Hans completed fitting the sheath by attaching it to Tom's harness by means of press studs, and as he finished he gave the sheath a couple of playful tugs, which caused Tom to wriggle within his bonds, and make the need for orgasm seem more urgent than ever.

The open end of the sheath was fitted with a male connector, and to this Hans now fitted the female connector on a long length of black corrugated rubber hose. Tom could see that the hose was itself connected to several other hoses, creating a system of hoses which disappeared out of Tom's line of vision, although he could see that the central length of this potential rubber tangle connected directly to Karl's cock- sheath. The complexity of the network of hoses was added to by the fact that at each point where the various hoses connected, there was either a 'T' or a 'Y' connector incorporated into the system, and from each connector there ran a smooth black rubber tube and a wire, these would enable a series of valves located within the connectors to be used to control the various modes in which the entire system could function.

Hans moved over towards the electronic console, and bending, began lifting and sorting out what appeared to Tom to be an impenetrable tangle of tubing from the far side of Karl's chair. As far as Tom could discern, all the tubes were connected either to Karl or the console, and to his amazement, Hans seemed to be able to bring some order to the apparent chaos quickly by connecting loose ends to some of his own tubes, and others to the console. Richard returned, and standing so that Tom could no longer observe Hans' activities, removed Tom's oxygen mask, saying as he did so, 'While Hans finishes connecting your lower regions to Karl's, and into the system, I'm going to sort you out up top.' He rummaged among the tubing on the trolley and from beneath it produced a rubber gag that resembled the feeding gag Tom had worn earlier. Like that item it was in two sections, an upper, and a lower section.

Richard continued, 'Although this looks similar to the gag you wore before, it has a couple of additional features. It has been made to fit you, and like other items you are soon to experience, it is a marvel of ingenious engineering. Now open your mouth.' Fitting the lower section first, then the upper part, and locking them together as previously, Richard told Tom to bite down on the gag, then asked if it was comfortable. Tom nodded, and Richard went on, 'Be absolutely certain about that, Tom. You will be wearing this for many hours and we don't want an aching jaw to spoil your enjoyment. Tom nodded again, and made what he hoped were affirmative noises. The gag felt much the same as the previous one, except that his tongue felt slightly more depressed, and the whole area of his middle mouth felt fuller than before. Richard asked Tom if he could swallow easily, and bade him demonstrate that he could. 'Fine - you seem to be OK in that department.'

Turning to Hans, who had finally got all his tubes under control, Richard asked for the mask. Tom's eyes widened when he saw the mask. It was identical to the one Karl wore strapped to his face. A big black rubber anesthetic mask with a large inflated rubber cuff round the outer rim, it had all the tubes sprouting from it that Karl's had, but it was the tubing inside the mask that had excited Tom. First there was the red rubber feeding tube, then two slimmer red rubber tubes, and two slender smooth black rubber tubes. There were also two wires. While Richard held the mask, Hans connected the two smooth black rubber tubes to connectors at the front of Tom's gag, then carefully inserted the feeding tube into the gag as before, but leaving the tip in the gag itself. 'We're going to intubate you now Tom, and this may be a little uncomfortable for you for a few seconds. Can you remember how to swallow the feeding tube?' Tom nodded to Richard that he could. 'Good, well we're not putting that down just now, but we are going to fit you with your nasal tubes.' He indicated the two red rubber tubes sprouting from inside the mask and passing on through it. You must breathe normally through your nose, I realize that at the moment you have no choice about that, but even so, don't attempt to breath through your mouth. As you feel the tubes moving in, try to sniff them up right into your higher nasal passages. As the tips of the tubes pass into the more sensitive areas of the passages you will want to 'gag', you can overcome this by rapid swallowing over and over again; keep this up until the tips of the tubes have passed the sensitive area, and then you will feel comfortable. You will still be aware of the tubes, but hopefully it will become a nice sexy feeling. Are you ready?' Tom nodded, despite the fact that the prospect of his head, throat and upper chest being invaded by rubber tubing in this way filled him with as much apprehension as it did excitement.

Richard moved away and took up position behind the console, telling Hans to begin inserting the rubber nasal tubes. He watched the monitor carefully. There was a small X-ray camera behind the monitor trained on Tom's head, and Richard switched it on. Because the tips of the tubes each had a small dab of barium paint on them, Richard was able to observe the passage of the two tubes into Tom. Hans moved with his customary dexterity, and Tom obeyed Richard's instructions, making it unnecessary to make a second attempt, or for Richard to intervene. Despite the expected moment of extreme discomfort, and near panic by Tom, the procedure was accomplished within seconds, and Tom began savoring the feeling of having these rubber tubes in his body.

Richard switched off the camera, and returned to Hans who handed the mask to Richard. Working slowly, Richard began moving the mask toward Tom's rubber face, allowing Hans time to pull the surplus lengths of tubing out through the body of the mask, pausing only to allow Richard to reach into the mask and slide a rubber grommet along each of the nasal tubes and locating them just inside Tom's nostrils, thus packing out the space between the tubes and the nostrils themselves, ensuring that Tom breathed only through the tubes and not around them, until finally Richard was holding the mask firmly to Tom's face.

Telling Tom to lift his head slightly from the head rest, Richard took the mask harness from Hans who had threaded it up along the outer tubes of the mask, and snapped it into place over Tom's head, holding the mask snugly, but not tightly in place.' Feeling good, Tom?' Richard enquired. Tom nodded, and made a sound that Richard easily interpreted as 'yes.' 'OK, Tom, I understood that, despite the gag, and all the other gear. So you can communicate; remember that, because Karl can communicate too, and you can hear each other, and by using the same inflections in the sounds that you are able to make, that you would normally employ in speech, it should be possible for you both to interpret the sense of what you wish to tell each other.'

Instantly into Tom's ears came unmistakable sounds from Karl, 'Hi, Tom - I love you', was how Tom correctly interpreted the message. 'Be quiet, Karl!.' was Richard's rebuke. Tom longed to respond, but the forbidding tone of Richard's voice kept him silent. Richard's attention returned to Tom, 'Look about you Tom.' Tom did; his head was still quite mobile. He looked first of all over at Karl. The tilt of the chair permitted him to see only Karl's knees and lower legs and feet, although he could see the forest of tubing that appeared to flow from him. He remembered that Richard had said that he would look just as Karl did, and looking down at his own rubber body, he saw there were tubes everywhere. They branched out from his mask and from the moulded rubber sheath on his dick. He found it difficult to unravel in his mind where each tube went to, or to which other tube it was connected, so intricate was the network.

The best he could do was to establish that there were several tube connections between himself and Karl, and that he and Karl were both linked to the console and to the anesthetic machine. He could see the twin black rubber bladders, now both active.

For a second he held his breath and watched his own bladder become still, and then return to life as he resumed breathing. As he looked about him, he saw Hans approach with a clear plastic bag containing a clear liquid. The bag was like an enema bag with a clear tube emerging from the bottom. He watched as Hans suspended the bag from an overhead hook between himself and Karl. Hans began connecting the tube from the bag to a three-way connector in the tube linking Tom's and Karl's catheters, taking care as he did so to purge all air from the tubes, leaving them fully primed with the clear liquid.

Richard resumed, 'Quite a tangle, isn't it, Tom. Well its much more orderly than it looks, and as Hans has just put the finishing touch to this tubular circuitry, we may as well begin with that. As you know, you are catheterized. You have passing through your urethra and locked into your bladder, a variant of the Foley catheter. There are two principal modifications, the first is that it is much longer than is customary, and secondly, it has built into that section that is now in your body, devices that will, I hope, enhance your pleasure in having that part of your anatomy fully rubbered, in other words it has the capacity to stimulate you in ways other catheters cannot. We have discussed your dildo that also has unique stimulating properties, but to return to the catheters. Your bladder is linked directly to Karl's, however as you can see, the direct tube link between you is bisected by a number of connectors linking with other tubes. Each connector contains valves, which can be opened and closed as I decide. For example I can cause fluid to flow simultaneously into both your bladders. I can cause it to flow from one of you to the other, and there are several other variations; perhaps you have realised that there is also a link between these tubes and your feeding tubes. Another feature of this network of tubing is that your catheters, your nasal tubes and your feeding tube can all be withdrawn or re-inserted as I decide from the console, and this can be accomplished without interfering with anything else you are wearing.'

'Let us turn now to your mask. You are, as you have been apart from brief intervals, breathing pure Oxygen through your mask now, and you have already observed from the action of the re-breathing bag on the apparatus beside you that you are connected directly to that apparatus. Your mask is not actually for breathing through in the usual sense, you are breathing now solely through your nasal tubes, and apart from brief interludes in the coming hours, you will do so most of the time. The mask is primarily an anchor point for the tubes, and anyway, Tom, it feels good doesn't it?' Tom nodded his agreement, and Richard continued Tom's conducted tour of his own gear, 'Well, I can promise you, it gets to feel even better than it does now. The hoses and tubes associated with your mask are all linked to Karl's, and to the console and breathing apparatus. In these circuits, as in those we have just been discussing, there are valves which enable me to control your breathing in a variety of ways. You and Karl can, for instance breathe directly into each other's lungs; in another mode you can use the power of your lungs to massage each other's dicks. So don't sit there in the comfort of that chair imagining yourself on some magical rubber rollercoaster with nothing to do but sit there and enjoy the thrills - you have to work. Karl is depending upon you for some his pleasures, and you upon him for some of yours, so you need to be alert enough to interpret what is happening, which modes the equipment is being switched into, and to respond appropriately. As already stated, you can communicate with each other as much as you like, you can even compete with each other, like when you feel there is not quite enough air for both of you, but you must read the signs.'

Richard moved away, making room for Hans who carefully placed a small black rubber dome over each of Tom's nipples. Each dome was fitted with tubes and wires, and as soon as Hans placed them upon Tom's chest, he could feel the suction of the vacuum holding them firmly in position. Tom found himself with a moment for reflection. Earlier he had thought he had reached the pinnacle of rubber experience during his time on the operating table, but this chair, and all this gear and equipment, plus the thrill of sharing it with Karl was almost overwhelming. His dick felt massively swelled within the sheath, he regretted that he had no awareness of the dildo in his ass, but his mask and gag felt good, and the tubes in his nose felt good too. Richard had promised that all this would feel even better, Tom found that hard to believe. He wondered what 'the signs' that Richard had referred to would be, and he hoped he would indeed be able to read them.

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Mister American Rubber 4

MAR 4 will take place on Saturday October 8th, 10PM-4AM @ Rockbar 185 Christopher St in New York City.

Friday Night
- The opening night Meet n' Greet will be at Ty's on Christopher St. from 10PM-1AM

Saturday Afternoon
- Old school Christopher St. bar crawl from 6PM-8PM, starting at The Stone Wall Inn and will wind its way down to Ty's by way of Boots n Saddles and The Hanger.

Mr. American Rubber Contest

On Saturday, October 8th, Rockbar NYC will play host to the Mr. American Rubber contest from 10PM — 4AM. The contest will start at 11:30PM sharp!

After the contest, our "Let's Get Frisky" action party starts up and will last until 4AM.

The after-party will be from 4AM — 6AM at Encore (Paddles, 250 W. 26th St.).

The Day After

- For those staying after the contest, there will be a FREE "tea-time" mixer Sunday, October 9th at TY's. Lasting from 4PM to 6PM, the mixer will feature the prize presentation and pics with the winners at The Leatherman and London Fetish.

The dungeon after-party will take place from 7PM — 1AM at NY Bondage Club (Paddles, 250 W. 26th St).

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Friday, September 16, 2011

FABLE: Chapter Fourteen

Part 14
The black rubber butt plug in Tom's ass pulsated insistently; still heavy with sleep, he thought how good it felt. He stirred, wakefulness returning rapidly; the rubber cock rings were active too; his dick was rampant and throbbing. He reached for it instinctively, but his hand would not connect with his dick. Puzzled surprise brought full awareness followed swiftly by recollection of the heavy black rubber sleep sac and the rubber hammock in which he remained cocooned.

Refreshed by deep and sound sleep, he felt good. He stirred again, this time consciously; he flexed his leg muscles, moved his head and clenched and unclenched his fists within the layers of rubber, further movement was impossible. He thought of Karl, wondering if he was awake, if he too had slept well. He smiled to himself in his rubber mask at the thought of the handsome rubber-clad body builder, and he would have been content to lie there day-dreaming about Karl had not Richard's low, musical voice come softly into his ears, 'Hello Tom, I hope you have slept well'. The words were superfluous, Richard knew perfectly well that both Tom and Karl had enjoyed several hours of uneventful natural sleep, he and Hans had taken turns to man the monitors and get some rest themselves. All had been well.

Richard did not wait for a responding pleasantry from Tom, who could feel the movements associated with the opening of the hammock. 'We are letting you out now, and then you can take a little exercise to limber yourself up and get your circulation going.' Within seconds the hammock was opened up, lowered to the floor, and Tom felt himself being helped to his feet. The sleep sac was opened, and with a caution to close his eyes from Richard, Tom was liberated from his rubber confinement. He felt steadying hands upon his shoulders as Richard told him he could now open his eyes. He did, and saw Hans standing immediately before him holding a big black rubber oxygen mask, the type with a black rubber bladder. While Hans strapped the mask onto his face, Tom looked about him expecting to see Karl; there was no sign of him or of his hammock. As Hans tightened the mask Richard told Tom, 'Mark time on the spot for a few minutes, and lift your knees up high and swing your arms.' Tom complied, wondering all the while what had happened to Karl. Richard said, 'OK, Tom, now just walk about for a while.'

Concentrating so as not to foul up the hose from his mask or the connections from his suit back to the monitor console, Tom was about to step out, when into his ears came the sound of soft ecstatic moaning; he recognized the sounds of Karl mingled with the sound of regular breathing. Richard's voice came again, 'Turn around, Tom.'
Tom turned, and gasping in amazement, froze in his tracks. Richard and Hans, close by, grinned into their black rubber gasmasks as they heard Tom blurt his 'Ohmigod!' reaction to the sight before him. The figure in the elaborate and awesomely equipped dental chair was Karl; the muscular physique, clearly defined and accentuated by the skin-hugging gleaming black rubber suit dispelled any doubt there may have been about that. The chair had been tilted right back, placing Karl in a position similar to that of an astronaut awaiting lift-off. He was strapped securely in the chair by a complex network of heavy broad black rubber straps, and although he was virtually immobile, he was nevertheless able to move slightly within his bonds, and as Tom began to absorb the details of the scene before him, he could see that the whole of Karl's torso was making an ecstatic undulating motion within the depths of the chair.

He was unable to move his head, which appeared to be gripped firmly by the wrap-around moulded rubber head-rest of the chair.

Rubber tubes, some of them black, others red; thick corrugated rubber hoses and thin smooth tubes all sprouted in profusion from Karl's body. To Tom they appeared to be living extensions of Karl, moving as they did in consequence of Karl's own limited movements. Karl's dick was encased within a heavy moulded black rubber sheath from which more tubes protruded; the sheath was pulsating slowly and rhythmically, no doubt, Tom thought, the cause of Karl's ecstatic movements and the soft moaning, which still filled his ears. From beneath the seat of the chair still more tubes and some wires were visible.

Turning his attention to Karl's head, Tom conceded to himself that he had never before seen such bizarre and exciting headgear. The black rubber mask was unlike any Tom had seen before; it had design qualities attributable to a fighter pilot's oxygen mask, and to an anesthetic mask. From the bridge of Karl's nose the profile of the moulded black rubber mask curved gracefully forward and outward in the manner of an oxygen mask, however the overall shape of the mask was narrower and did not cover the whole of Karl's cheeks. Around the rim of the mask was an inflatable black rubber cuff, the extent of which was limited to the minimum necessary to avoid undue discomfort over a long period. The mask was secured by means of a black rubber harness which, so far as Tom was able to see, consisted of a rubber strap from the front of the mask going around the nape of Karl's neck, plus two additional rubber straps which ran along the outer edges of the mask, meeting and crossing at the bridge of Karl's nose, and then over his head and were secured behind, also at the nape of the neck.

Twin corrugated black rubber hoses led from the mask to the anesthetic machine located in front of the console, between it and the chair occupied by Karl, and the vacant chair facing it. Tom allowed his gaze to travel along the hoses to the machine where he could see the black rubber breathing bladder rising and falling regularly as Karl breathed within the system. The motion of the black rubber bladder had an almost hypnotic effect upon Tom, and it was several seconds before he noticed that beside the lively bladder hung another - inert, lifeless, perhaps waiting. Tom's hopes soared - waiting for him he hoped. Oh! How he would love to be in the same situation as Karl, to share that experience with him. His wish was to be granted - and then some.

He stared once again at Karl's head. In addition to the twin hoses connecting to the anesthetic machine, the mask carried other tubing. On each side, midway between the bridge of the nose and the chin was a slender smooth red rubber tube; these trailed away on Karl's far side and out of Tom's line of vision. Right on the front of the mask was a steel manifold set right into the rubber body of the mask. Attached to the manifold was another smooth red rubber tube, larger than the pair at the sides of the mask, which Tom recognized as the feeding tube. Additionally there was a clear plastic tube and a pair of smooth black rubber tubes, all of which disappeared out of sight to Karl's far side. Over each of Karl's nipples was a black rubber dome from each of which smooth black rubber tubes and what appeared to be a pair of wires protruded. Over his eyes Karl wore a pair of heavy goggles, secured with a wide rubber strap, and fitted with large rubber eye-cups. The rims of the eye pieces were of glittering steel, while the lenses were of black glass which possessed a strange luminescence. From the side of each lens trailed a smooth black rubber tube and a wire. Tom could truly say that he had never seen anything so bizarre or exciting.

Tom's excitement was plainly visible to Richard and Hans. His breathing rate had increased appreciably; the black rubber bladder on the oxygen mask was filling and emptying rapidly, his dick throbbed visibly, and a ribbon of pre-cum was heading for the floor. Although it seemed to Tom that he had been enraptured by the sight of Karl's condition for a long time, in fact only just over a minute had elapsed, and Richard's voice came sharply, 'Come on ,Tom. Don't dawdle, get yourself limbered up, we have a lot to do.' Tom wasn't really sure just what Richard expected him to do, he remembered he had said something about walking about, so he walked to the far side of the room and back again three or four times, while Richard checked Karl's monitors and Hans busied himself with stowing Tom's sleep sac and the hammock.

'Alright, Tom - that's enough - get yourself over here.' Richard's voice still had a sharpness to it, and Tom hurried over to where Richard now stood by the operating table. Richard handed Tom a small beaker half full of a creamy substance, which was a low-residue concentrate of nutrients and sugars, telling Tom to swallow all of it. It tasted good, and only then did Tom realize how hungry he had been. Hans arrived with a glass of mouthwash and a steel kidney dish, telling Tom to rinse out his mouth two or three times to freshen himself. To his surprise, Tom felt no need for the toilet, even after so many hours. Richard, of course knew that as Tom had had only low residue refreshment since his arrival, as well as a radical enema and catheterization, his body contained no waste products.

Tom's refreshment complete, Richard instructed him to take a pace back from the table, lean forward and place his hands wide upon the edge of the table, then to stand with his feet wide apart. Removing the rubber harness from Tom's loins which had secured his butt plug and disconnecting it from the system, Richard handed the harness and plug to Hans who had arrived bearing a new rubber harness and a small black rubber dildo, together with a pot of lube, which he laid upon the table in front of Tom. Tom eyed the dildo with some disdain; he thought it pitifully small, and wondered if he would even notice its presence after it was inserted.

Richard began fitting the new harness to Tom, saying as he worked, 'Go on, pick it up and have a good look at it.' Tom obeyed, the dildo was surprisingly heavy, and closer examination showed two distinct differences from any dildo Tom had seen previously. The head was segmented and resembled the central part of a lemon squeezer. Tom ran his fingers along the edges of the segments, the edges were slightly rounded, and the feeling at first pressure of his fingers was of softness, but there was an underlying firmness. Further pressure on the head revealed that it was capable of rotating, and looking at the dildo closer still, Tom could see that each segment was separate from its neighbor, there was a fine dividing crack between each one. Moreover, the entire head was separate from the shaft of the dildo. The shaft itself was slightly curved, while located on the base were connections for wires and tubes. Tom was very intrigued, but was too nervous to ask any questions of Richard, who having completed the fitting of the harness, asked Tom to hand the dildo to him, which he smeared with lube, and carefully inserted into Tom's ass. As he expected, Tom barely felt it enter, and within minutes all awareness of it had dissipated. Richard completed securing the dildo in place with the harness, connected it to the system and, while Tom noted that it had begun to pulsate much as his butt plug had, Richard bade him follow.

Richard led him to the vacant dental chair opposite that which was occupied by Karl, who, as Tom glanced in his direction, was still apparently in a state of permanent ecstasy. Telling Tom to pause alongside the chair, Richard disconnected his suit and the dildo from the system and told Tom to get in the chair. Tom noticed that there was a small aperture in the seat of the chair, and while Richard reconnected Tom's suit back into the system using connectors built into the chair, Hans got down, and telling Tom to move first a little one way and then the other until the base of the dildo was aligned with the aperture in the seat, proceeded to reconnect the dildo into the system, and also connected several tubes and wires to the base of the dildo at the same time. Tom settled himself back into the chair; it was very comfortable; he felt a thrill of anticipation as he laid his rubber hooded head back against the soft rubber head-rest.

Tom's sense of anticipation was well founded; as steel restrains snapped shut around his ankles and wrists, and Richard and Hans began the intricate and lengthy strapping-in procedure, Tom felt good. The big black rubber oxygen mask on his face felt wonderful, and once again he breathed deeply of the pure oxygen it delivered. With every minute that passed, and with every broad black rubber strap that was tightened on his body, the frisson of excitement within him built. Two straps between his ankles and knees, two over each thigh, one across his abdomen, and two more from behind, over his shoulders, crossing over in the middle of his chest, and anchored firmly to the chair. He could feel the pressure of each strap; not enough to constrict, merely to be aware. The ensuing hours, as every accessible part of his anatomy was invaded by the touch of rubber, thrilling, teasing and seducing him to heights of rubber ecstasy he was incapable at that moment of imagining, would change his perception of the world of rubber forever. He would experience undreamed of moments of rubber intimacy with Karl, and yet he would not touch him, nor be touched by him; although feet apart they would share and experience a communion through rubber that would render speech redundant.

These things lay ahead of Tom; he could not know of them, he could only guess, hope even, that there would be erotic rubber thrills ahead. Mercifully he could not know either of the chilling terror that also lurked in the near future.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Folsom Rubber Party

The Rubbermen of San Francisco present Quarantine at the Powerhouse, Saturday September 24th 5-9pm. Support the San Francisco Rubbermen group! I went to the party last year, it was a lot of fun.

You can check out the Rubbermen of San Francisco at their website, Facebook group or join their Google group for newsletter updates :)

Who's that rubberstud in the white quarantine suit, btw? ;)

Bachelor Pad

The Monday night season finale for Bachelor Pad included a part where the four couples went to Las Vegas to practice choreography for Cirque du Soleil's Ka. It would have been unremarkable (like all reality TV shows) except for the fact the teams wore spandex bodysuits and the men, who look stunning on their own, looked even better with some tight stretchy shiny fabric over their musculature.

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Local Events - September


Fri. Sept. 9 from 9pm to 11pm
VML's Regular Monthly Party (2nd Fri.of the month)
50/50 and door prize draws
Dresscode; Leather or shirtless.
$5/event $20/year
Numbers Leather Loft 1042 Davie St.


Fri. Sept. 16th from 8pm to 1am
Classic Leather With or Without the Codpiece.
Presented by Pacific Canadian Association of Nudists (P-Can) & VML
Nudity preferred: leather, jockstraps, underwear.
P-Can and VML Members: $5, Guests: $10
WISE Hall 1882 Adanac St. at Victoria Drive.

VML Brunch

Sunday Sept. 25th at 11am
Introducing a new monthly social event held on the last Sunday of each month.
To kick off this new gathering, VML Members will receive a $5 coupon towards brunch.
Speakeasy Restaurant 1239 Davie St. (beside the Super-Value)
24hr advance RSVP required:
e-mail by 11am Saturday.


Thurs. Sept. 29th from 6pm to 10pm
VML is helping spread the word on this community event:
Steamworks and the Knights' Dogwood Chapter present
An Evening of 'Delight' & Demos to Benefit A Loving Spoonful.
Hook Suspension, Piercings, and more.
Dresscode: fetish, shirtless, or less.
Tickets; $5 at: Priape, Little Sister's, and the door
Steamworks 123 W. Pender St.

Restricted Entertainment Scarlet Harlots Red Theme Party

- - - - - - RED IS THE COLOUR OF SIN! - - - - - -

And it is also a SUPER easy theme! You can do anything from as simple as taking any outfit you like or already own and tying a red ribbon into your hair or on your wrist, or incorporating a red flower into your outfit, all the way through to putting together a full on head to toe red theme outfit!


Last year, everybody raised $1000 total for charity in a single evening! Let's see if we can top that!


Whether you're a natural redhead, or dyed red just for the occasion, redheads get in FOR FREE courtesy of Restricted Entertainment so we can show you how much we love you - and it's considered good luck to buy a redhead a drink at this event! As well, all redheads receive front of the line privilege for themselves and their date!


- Miss Fitt
- Rianna Conda


FLASH Fetish Photo Shoot Party

Sat. Oct. 1st from 7pm to 11pm
Get sexy new pics in your leather/fetish gear or nude for your profile, or as a gift for a loved one.

Rubberstud of the Week #176

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Next Anvil Club


Get your BLUF, Uniform and Full Leathers on for a special Anvil Club that's all about the über hotness of men in uniforms. The Mr Regiment 2012 contest is the same night at the Eagle LA and the guys from the Regiment of the Black and Tans will commando raid Anvil afterwards. Be ready!

Tickets available online at or at LA kink retailers 665, Rough Trade and Stockroom/Syren. Tix are just $30 and are all-inclusive. Anvil takes over a private dungeon space in North Hollywood, CA - location with ticket purchase.

Anvil Club is men 21+ only and the dress code is extreme and will be enforced. Extreme means full leather, uniform, BLUF rubber, sports kit, lycra, skin gear, or jocks with boots. Boots are required for everything except sports gear or lycra. Anything that's testosterone hot is on! A changing room and secure clothes check is available.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Act Of Terror?

LOL Logan, good for you!

Full Fetish - The Men of Recon

Recon and TitanMen Partner for a new DVD film - Full Fetish

Recon and TitanMen are pleased to announce they have partnered for a new film: Full Fetish - the Men of Recon. This latest release is filmed using fetish gear by Recon and features a line-up of some of the exclusive TitanMen stars.

The countdown is on and the Brian Mills & Paul Wilde directed Full Fetish is set to be released Sunday, September 25th at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. If you’re lucky enough to be in San Francisco that weekend, you’ll have the first opportunity to view the film, purchase your exclusive copy and meet some of the stars.

This film was produced specifically for the fetish fanatics of the Folsom Street Fair and explores the limits of hardcore and gear based fetish sex featuring extensive and graphic scenes containing BDSM, Fisting, Watersports, CBT, Sounding, Latex and Leather.

Keep an eye on the home page and TitanMen websites for more updates and information on the new film, the release dates and a sneak preview of what we are sure will be the hottest kink film released during the Folsom weekend.

FABLE: Chapter Thirteen

Part 13
Mindful that he was 'on duty', Karl slowly and tenderly broke away from Tom, putting his rubber hand briefly to his rubber lips, and then to Tom's as he stepped back. For a full minute neither man could take his eyes from the other; both men were in a highly emotional state, and for Karl there was a sense of bewilderment. Not having been briefed by Richard as was customary on these occasions, he was unsure of what was expected of him, and he tore his gaze from Tom to glance over to Richard and Hans. Richard saw Karl turn his head and told him to bring Tom over to the cross.
Hans stood to one side of the cross, while Richard remained on the opposite side.

Karl was told to go to Hans, and Tom to Richard. Richard pressed a tab on his belt, causing all activity within the cock- rings and butt plugs of both men to cease. Richard began a careful inspection of Tom's suit, while Hans did the same for Karl; satisfied that there was no damage to either man's suit, Richard checked his monitor, noting that the blood pressure and pulse rate of each man was well above normal, although at a level he would expect for two men whose emotions were highly-charged. Ideal, Richard judged, for what he planned.

Hans had been fully briefed, and knew exactly what to do to complete his preparation of Karl; following Richard's example with Tom, he bade Karl open his mouth, and fitted a black rubber shield over Karl's upper teeth, and then did the same for his lower jaw. The shields resembled boxers' gum shields, although they were less bulky. Each had been tailored exactly to the contours of each man's dentition, and were held firmly in place by suction. Karl and Tom grinned across at each other as they ran their tongues along their rubber teeth, Tom wondering idly if there was any part of his anatomy left to cover in rubber. Karl and Tom were each fitted with masks which at first sight appeared to be anesthetic masks, although closer inspection revealed several refinements to the masks which had been designed by Richard specifically for this stage of the proceedings, each man's mask having been made exactly to the contours of the individual's face. The masks had inflatable black rubber cuffs around the rim, the body of the mask was made of firm moulded black rubber, but was much more flexible than that from which a standard anesthetic mask was fabricated, while the aperture at the front of the mask was much larger than standard, and the inner rim of the aperture was finely threaded. The masks were identical except for a small hose connector located on one side of Karl's mask. The masks were strapped very tightly to the rubbermens' heads with heavy duty black rubber Clausen's harnesses.

Each man was led to his place on the cross, the feet were spread out to the far extremities of the base of the cross and shackled in place, after which the two rubbermen were told to extend their arms towards the upper extremities of the cross to which the wrists were shackled. The wrist shackles were secured to the cross by chains long enough to permit the two rubbermen to grasp each others' hands and inter-twine their rubber-gloved fingers.

Richard signaled to Hans to step back while he walked around the pair now face to face upon the cross, checking that all was as he required. Satisfied that both rubbermen were secure upon the cross, Richard approached them from one side, and placing one hand on the back of each man's head he gently guided the two heads together so that they were mask to mask and eyeball to eyeball. To Hans he said, 'Bring the ring and the wrench now.' The ring was a thin black steel locking ring with two threaded flanges, so that when placed between the apertures of the two masks, and turned two full turns, it securely locked the two masks together, and a final quarter turn with the wrench ensured that movements of the head by either man could not disengage the masks. When Richard had completed locking the two masks together, he reached up and pulled down a double black rubber corrugated hose and fitted the male connector into the female connector on Karl's mask; the two shackled rubbermen were now securely locked face to face in the masks and once again breathing pure oxygen.

Tentatively, Karl probed Tom's rubber lips and rubber teeth with his tongue. Tom responded; the two rubbermen found that they could just get the tips of their tongues into the other's mouth. Instinctively they tried to draw closer together to make contact with their lips, and discovered that slight pressure by each overcame the resistance offered by the semi-rigid bodies of the masks, which with a little effort from both, proved flexible enough for them to kiss within the masks. While the two rubbermen were enjoying this discovery, Hans had brought what appeared to be a pair of handcuffs on a longer than usual chain. The 'bracelets' of the cuffs were smaller than usual and were made of hard moulded black rubber. Getting to his knees between the two men, he ratcheted a bracelet tightly around the top of the scrotum of each man, taking care not to pinch or crush the active cock-rings already in place. Midway along the chain he clipped one end of a highly elastic rubber strap; the other end of the strap was clipped to a steel ring set into the floor. Immediately both men were subjected to strong downward pressure pulling their balls. The added stimulation in the scrotal area caused Karl and Tom to push closer together in the double mask; they gripped each other's rubber hands tightly while they kissed deeply within the masks, and they found that by gyrating at the waist they could increase the sensations in their scrotal areas as they worked themselves against the pressure exerted by the rubber strap. Animal lust was beginning to overcome the highly charged emotional state that had engulfed the two rubbermen, and each savored the combination of intimate physical contact and bodily restriction.

It was now that Tom realised fully for the first time that Richard was actively encouraging a bonding process between himself and Karl. He had until now imagined that when the weekend was over he would leave with just his memories of what had taken place - that, after all, had been the substance of Richard's promise to him, and until now it had not occurred to him to hope for more. He felt a soaring sense of elation, and he gripped Karl's fingers tightly in his as if never to let go, while he plunged his tongue as deep into Karl's mouth as he could thrust it. Karl, who dwelt much more in the immediate moment, and had given little, if any, thought to the future, responded, and the two men writhed together upon the cross glorying in the various sensations they gave each other, and in those rubber pressures imposed upon their bodies by their masks and the pulling at their balls. Karl had not given Richard's strategies a thought, he was, for the moment content to be this close to Tom, and he was making the most of it.

Richard, who had remained silent, watched the two rubbermen delighting in each other and in their condition. The spectacle before him of these two young vigorous, super-fit rubbermen shackled to the cross locked together in the rubber intimacy of the double mask, writhing against each other was in itself exciting enough, but for Richard the satisfaction went deeper. That the pair were made for each other was plain; Richard hoped that Tom would come through what lay before him, especially the final ordeal he had determined upon for the young rubberman. Not even remotely religious by nature, Richard came as close as he ever could to offering a up a prayer that Tom would not fall at the final hurdle. As he watched the two men enjoying each other, he flicked at a tab on his belt, reactivating their cock-rings and butt plugs. This time the pulses came much stronger than previously. There was a strong double pulse every five seconds. Richard watched the two as they became aware of this new sensation, which spurred them to renewed attempts to get even closer to each other. They swayed upon the well- anchored cross, there was visible tension in their rubber arms as they gripped each other's hands firmly and the two smoothly black rubber hooded, harnessed and masked heads betrayed by their movements the intensity of the experience for each man. Soon there would be more, much more, for them to share in the way of physical experience.

Hans approached; he carried two short handled whips, each equipped with fifty soft strips of rubber two feet long. In addition he held two flat rubber-surfaced paddles, and two very thin flexible canes. He laid one of each of the three pain-inducers on the floor behind each of the shackled rubbermen, then wheeled a bank of monitors and a control panel slightly to the side of, and behind Tom, then he joined Richard, who was concentrating upon the readings given by the monitors for each man on the cross. That both rubbermen were highly aroused sexually and emotionally was clear from the readings, however, a significant discrepancy in the data coming from Tom indicated a rising sense of anxiety which Richard correctly deduced as apprehension at the prospect of the impending flogging.

Tom's experience of corporal punishment consisted solely of one badly mishandled session several years earlier, in consequence of which he had not sought another, despite the fact that he was aware that many submissives found the experience wildly exhilarating. He knew that it was vital for the dominant to have the necessary skills in both the psychological and physical preparation of the submissive, as well as those required for the safe and satisfactory administration of the flogging. That Richard possessed these skills he did not doubt; Tom's anxieties centered upon what he feared was his own inability to cope with being flogged. He did not want to disappoint Richard, but most of all he wanted to be able to demonstrate to Karl that he could handle himself well in any rubber/erotic situation no matter what he had to endure.

Richard was enough of a psychologist to have worked out what was going through Tom's mind. He had at one stage been reluctant to permit Hans to flog Karl, fearing that Hans might allow simmering resentments against Karl to over-ride his judgment. Richard's objective in subjecting the two rubbermen to corporal punishment lay not within the realms of sado-masochistic motivation, or indeed from self-gratification as a dominant; he wanted to create simultaneously within each man, a strong endorphin reaction, after which he wanted to enable the two rubbermen to share the experience of bringing each other down from the intense 'high' they would experience. In Richard's judgment, it was Karl who would be the more difficult of the two rubbermen to bring to the stage where the endorphins kicked in, given Karl's proven ability to deal with pain. In this respect, Tom's tolerance of pain was something of an unknown quantity, therefore Richard calculated that even if Hans did somewhat overdo things with Karl, little if any harm would result, and he wanted to be in control of Tom himself. He wanted to keep the two on a par in terms of how they reacted, although he realised that there would necessarily be unevenness in the degree of individual flogging meted out to each man in order to maintain an even reaction, due to the differing pain thresholds of the two men; he would, he told himself, need to read the monitors with care.

Noting that as time passed, the level of anxiety in Tom was increasing, Richard signaled to Hans to begin. Hans following Richard's example, they began by running their rubber hands over the limbs and torsos of the two rubbermen on the cross, lightly the first time, beginning at the wrists, working down the arms, along the trunks of the two men then on down the legs to the ankles. They repeated this twice more, each time applying more pressure. The two men on the cross responded by moving and swaying, and Richard noted that the dicks of each man were rigidly erect and visibly throbbing. Checking his monitor, Richard noted with satisfaction that Tom seemed to be settling down and had relaxed a little.

Richard and Hans took up the canes and began a series of light but rapid strokes on the buttocks of the two men on the cross, moving gradually down the backs of the thighs, then back up again to the buttocks. A brief pause and then the cane was once again applied lightly but rapidly to the upper back of each man, well above the kidney area. At first Tom flinched once or twice, and the monitor showed a rapid rise in his pulse rate, whereas Karl's remained constant, although the latter had stopped swaying and writhing upon the cross, and had braced himself firmly against it, obviously in expectation of the cane being wielded with much greater force. That would not happen; Richard had instructed Hans to be as sparing as he himself was with the cane to avoid damage to the rubber suits, and in particular to the intricate network of tubing within the suits - this stage was merely to begin the process of sensitizing the skin of the two men, and to prepare them psychologically for a greater degree of pain later. The caning continued, and Richard saw Tom shift his position on the cross slightly and brace himself. His body language showed acceptance and readiness - all trace of anxiety now vanished.

The two floggers paused, set down the canes and took up the paddles. The rubber breathing bladders on their backs were showing signs of their exertions, and were rising and falling rapidly, and each man was wildly excited by the sight of the black rubber bladder on the back of the other filling and emptying as they breathed heavily in their monstrous looking gasmasks. During the pause in the flogging, the room filled with the sound of their breathing and of the breathing of the two men on the cross. The flogging resumed as the paddles were applied lightly at first to the buttocks of the two shackled rubbermen. Gradually the intensity increased; Karl moved not a muscle, but Tom flinched and shifted his position several times as the pain increased. Richard knew Tom's suffering had begun, and the thought touched him. He reminded himself that what Tom was enduring now was not the end, but merely the means to the end; he found himself willing the lad safely over his pain threshold and onto the high plateau of joy and ecstasy that the onset of the endorphins would bring.
When the paddling began, Tom thought he would be unable to bear the pain; his buttocks stung, and no matter what he did to adjust his position upon the cross, he seemed unable to make the stinging sensation easier to bear. He gripped Karl's hands ever more tightly, and the muscular rubber hunk who shared his ordeal responded by squeezing back with his fingers tightly, and running his tongue along Tom's rubber lips. Tom pressed his masked face into Karl's and tried to obliterate the pain by concentrating on the sensations he was getting from the contact with Karl in his hands and as their rubber lips and tongues met within the rubber confines of the double mask they shared so intimately.

It was a couple of seconds before Tom realised that the paddling had stopped, and it only took another second before he realised that the stinging sensation in his ass had not. It seemed worse now than when the paddle was pounding his flesh. Incredibly, he found himself longing for it to begin again. His entire rear-end felt like a huge itch that he desperately needed to scratch, but couldn't.

The pause in the onslaught of the paddle was brief; with startling suddenness it began again, this time the strokes were ferocious. The shock of the intensity of the renewed pain caused Tom to inhale deeply and then exhale with such force that his breath rushed into Karl's mouth, causing the startled rubberman to pull back from Tom involuntarily. Hans was laying into Karl with as much force as he could muster, so that even Karl with his greater tolerance of pain was beginning to seek solace from Tom. Inside the double mask the mouths of the two rubbermen worked furiously together, tongues probing as deep as they could be thrust into each other's mouths; saliva-covered rubber lips slipping against each other and then becoming locked together in sensual suction. Both men were breathing deeply, and as they pulled in the oxygen the room filled with the rasping sound of their breathing as the equipment fought to keep pace with their demands upon it. The pain the two rubbermen felt in their butts was almost equaled by that caused by the rubber pressure of the rims of the masks on their rubber faces as they strove to enter each other's mouths.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Northbound Leather Presents: Rapture

Rapture Toronto

Libidex Launches New Men's Website

Libidex has launched the new Libidex:MAN website today! I'm eager to check it out this afternoon. There looks like a lot of great stuff there, categorized into HARD:MAN, FIT:MAN, DANDY:MAN, FLASH:MAN, and FRESH:MAN. Love it!

It's finally here! LIBIDEX: MAN - the new exclusive range of Libidex latex clothing designed with the male in mind. Our design team has been working hard over many months to create a brand new collection that's like nothing else in the latex world.

It offers a full wardrobe for the latex-aware man: from a full set of Coat and Tails, Dress Shirts and Smart Trousers, through to Polo Shirts, Track Suits, Vests, T Shirts, Aprons, Skirts, Shorts, Briefs, Jock-Straps and G-Strings.
We've designed the range so that many items can be worn together to create complete latex outfits, or can even be mixed with your own 'ordinary' clothes.

This collection is BIG - with nearly 180 items - so to make it easier for you to choose what's right for you, we've divided it up into five separate ranges, where the rubber garments have a similar stylistic feel. We've photographed a lot of styles in many good-looking male colours to give you the opportunity to widen your wardrobe and choose the colours and designs that suit you best.

We think this collection has something for everyone, whether you're a seasoned rubber enthusiast or just keen to try out something different!

20% discount on each range as it launches!

The new collection is divided into five different ranges, which will be launched over the following four weeks.

As each range in the collection is launched, we will be offering a special discount of 20% on that range for one week only.

The "Dandy Man" and "Flash Man" ranges are up on our site today, so don't waste any time in being the first to get your hands on something from this fantastic new collection!

Northwest Leather Sir/Boy Contests this weekend

Northwest LeatherSir/Leatherboy & Community Bootblack Contests are this weekend, Sept. 2 - Sept. 4, 2011

Edge Play is the theme for this year's Northwest LeatherSir/Leatherboy and Community Bootblack Contest, to be held at the The Cuff Complex, 1533 13th Avenue, Seattle, on September 3rd. Doors open at 6pm. The contest will feature Leathermen, leatherboys and Bootblacks from the Northwest competing and being judged in the categories of Interview, Leather Image & Speech, Physique and Fantasy.

The Meat-and-Greet is on Friday, September 2nd, at Doghouse Leather, Seattle, Washington. There's also a continental victory brunch at Lady Lydia's Dungeon - directions will be made available upon request.

The Co-Emcees for this event will be Hugh Russell, International LeatherSIR 2010; and Lynnda Hale, Ms. Oregon State Leather 2006.

The Head Judge will be Allena Gabosch, Executive Director of the Center for Sex Positive Culture. The other distinguished judges are: Alan Penrod, International LeatherSIR 2011; Pup Nitro, International Leatherboy 2011; Luna, International Community Bootblack 2011; James Dunagan, Washington State Mr. Leather 2011; Shell Bishop, Oregon State Ms. Leather 2010; Darian Hawke, Northwest LeatherSIR 2011; and Element Eclipse, Northwest Leatherboy 2011.
Tally Master duties will be handled by the veteran team of Jeremy Dunn, Treasurer of Generic Leather Productions of Washington; and Henry Brown, Northwest Community Bootblack 2006 & 2007.

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FABLE: Chapter Twelve

Part 12
Richard checked that the long red feeding tubes were properly connected to the pump that would deliver a measured amount of liquid nourishment to the two masked and gagged rubbermen. His next task was to make a routine inspection of the anesthetic machine, and satisfied that the settings were as he wished, he put Karl on to Entanox, causing the young rubbered muscleman to begin moaning softly and appreciatively into his mask. Simultaneously, he took Hans off the gas, returning him to breathing pure oxygen, but before Hans was completely out of the gas, Richard began inserting the feeding tube into Hans' throat and down into his stomach. The massive German knew just how to swallow and use his throat muscles to assist the tube in its passage. Tom watched these movements excitedly, and once more could not resist grabbing his own dick, so stimulating to him was the sight of these two men in total rubber.

Richard, alert to everything around him as usual, noted Tom's movement, and began to fear that he would become so excited that he would bring himself to orgasm. A quick flick of Richard's hand to his belt resulted in Tom grabbing his dick and his balls and bending double with the sharp pain at the base of his dick. He had forgotten the punishment facility that lurked within these hitherto deliciously benign rubber rings, and the reminder came as something of a shock to him in a very real and painful sense. Richard's voice came into his ears, 'Easy now, Tom - you have a long way to go yet, so from now on you must leave yourself alone, is that clear?' His voice hardened into uncompromising firmness as he put the question, Tom gave a sheepish, 'Yes, Doctor' in reply, and then felt foolish when he realised he had become so conscious of his own hands, he did not know what to do with them.

Richard turned his attention to Karl, taking him off the Entanox, putting him back onto oxygen and inserting his tube as he had for Hans. Karl, who was ravenous, had no difficulty in accommodating the tube - he could not get it into himself quickly enough, knowing, as he did, that on these occasions, it was the only way his hunger pangs would be satisfied. The scene before Tom seemed like something out of an erotic dream. These two men clad fully in gleaming black rubber, strapped into these awesome chairs, gagged, intubated and tightly masked, reclining amid a fearsome mass of black rubber and glittering steel was the stuff of a myriad rubber fantasies; he wanted to pinch himself for reassurance that it was all really happening.

While Richard busied himself at the control console initiating the feeding process, Tom had time for reflection. He was fascinated by the two chairs, the design of which was obviously based upon dental chairs, and to which Richard had added many refinements. To Tom there appeared to be controls galore, enabling the chairs to assume many attitudes and contours, not to mention the various devices that had been fitted to secure occupants in many degrees of severity, according to Richard's needs for the moment. Although Tom was close enough to examine the chairs and their occupants closely, because of Richard's recent rebuke, he was loath to go any nearer for a really detailed examination; he looked over towards Richard and was just in time to see him operate a switch on the console, an action which coincided with Tom becoming aware of the sounds being made by Karl and Hans in their masks. In fact Richard had arranged the communication circuits so that he could hear the other three, while Karl and Hans could hear nothing. Tom could hear the two men in the chairs, and also Richard. The sound of the two rubbermen in the chairs breathing into their masks while coping with the intrusion of the gags and feeding tubes, and the occasional moans of satisfaction they emitted, excited Tom wildly. The occasional slight movement of each man's head caused the double black corrugated rubber hoses from each mask and the contrasting red rubber feeding tubes to move provocatively, making it harder still for Tom to refrain from grabbing his own dick.

Of the two men in the chairs, Tom judged that Karl was getting the greater satisfaction from his condition; his movements and moans were more frequent than those of Hans, and he displayed all the signs of a rubberman who was feeling as good as he looked, and he was clearly in his rubber element. Tom's thoughts went back to the few minutes Richard had allowed him and Karl to themselves. He was elated that Karl returned his feelings, and that Richard not only did not appear to object, but was actively encouraging them to draw closer. During the weeks of preparation for what Tom was now enjoying, he had, of course realised that his feelings for Karl had developed into something more than he had expected, or, he felt sure, than Richard had intended, and he had been careful to conceal his feelings lest knowledge of them should jeopardize this weekend; he had not allowed himself to think beyond that, moreover he had received no indication from Karl during those weeks that he was also attracted to him.

Hans, however had read the signs, and reported accordingly to Richard, who had cautioned him to say nothing to Karl or Tom, but merely to continue observing and reporting. During that preparatory period, the still unacknowledged, far less declared, developing emotional bond between Tom and Karl had caused Richard to think long and hard. He believed that in his milieu of extreme rubber/medical eroticism, supported and enhanced as it was by state of the art technology, emotion had no place. Indeed he regarded it as an impediment to advancement in that field of erotic activity, and his initial reaction on receiving Hans' report of what was happening between Tom and Karl, was to dismiss Tom from the proceedings immediately, and to administer a severe reprimand to Karl. Given his own emotional bond with Hans, Richard rapidly admitted to himself that adopting that course would amount to unacceptable hypocrisy. Outwardly he and Hans displayed no emotion, but like the currents in deep glacial lakes, emotion in each man ran with unremitting strength and force; in their private moments, the passion between them boiled to the surface with volcanic intensity, whereas in the presence of others neither betrayed the underlying nature of their relationship.

Living as a third entity alongside this partnership, but having no part in it must, Richard realised, have been difficult for Karl, who, to his credit, had fitted into the household as perfectly as he had envisaged. Karl's enthusiasm for his rubber life remained buoyant, and he had continued with his gym work, which he fitted around his domestic duties and his duties as rubber submissive to Richard. That Karl must have emotional needs of his own was a factor that had exercised Richard's mind ever since Karl joined the household, and Richard regarded it as the one weak side to the hitherto triangular shape of the household. Karl had never expressed himself upon the subject, and Richard had resolved that until he did, the matter could remain shelved. What, he had frequently asked himself, if Karl had become emotionally attached to someone to whom Richard felt that he could not permit Karl to be fully open about the secret side of the household's activities - in Richard's mind the complications arising from such an alliance just did not bear thinking about.

The reports from Hans upon the developing situation between Tom and Karl, and upon Tom's reactions to the tests and examinations being carried out upon him, had caused Richard's thinking about Karl's future within the household to include Tom. He got out and carefully re-read Tom's initial letter of application, in which he had clearly and concisely set out his previous rubber experiences as well as his aspirations for the future of his rubber life, and he had also added something of his own philosophy upon which he based his hopes and aspirations. There had been only one relationship of short duration, foundering principally because the partner was unable to accept Tom's need to devote much of his time to his academic life, and feeling shut out, he drifted away from Tom. Tom, Richard noted to his satisfaction, was currently unattached.

The more Richard thought about Tom during those exploratory weeks, the more he became convinced that in this latest of many candidates lay the possible solution to several weaknesses in the balance and stability of his household. In his mind, Richard identified two areas he considered to be less than ideal. First, he and Hans had each other for emotional as well as rubber fulfillment, whereas Karl had no emotional outlet, although his rubber life was fulfilled totally. This situation had led to a certain amount of suspicion within Hans, who despite Richard's best efforts remained deeply distrustful and wary of all but Richard himself, and Richard had become aware that Hans feared the possibility of an alliance between Richard and Karl. Involving Tom as Karl's emotional partner, either as a residential addition to the household, or at the very least, as a more or less daily visitor to it would, Richard realised, remedy that specific defect. Secondly, insofar as he himself was concerned, the possible addition of Tom to the household was an attractive idea because of Tom's academic background. Although intelligent, and diligent in all that Richard required of them, neither Hans nor Karl could be regarded as intellectuals. Richard felt a twinge of guilt as he admitted to himself that the prospect of having another academic in his household excited him, for he also acknowledged that both men had never once deviated from absolute loyalty to him in every respect of their rubber lives and their personal lives; both had sublimated all else to Richard's needs absolutely. As a bonus, he knew instinctively that Tom could be entrusted with all the secrets of the household.

As the weeks of Tom's preparation went by, Richard found himself dwelling on these prospects in greater detail. He resolved, therefore to adjust the weekend's events from his originally conceived plan to something that would at the same time severely test Tom's and Karl's feelings for each other, and yet contribute to their emotional bonding. Furthermore he intended to test Tom to the very limit as a rubber submissive; grimly he had told himself that Tom's failure in this respect would negate all else. There could be no compromise, Tom had to submit to Richard's rubber dominance absolutely or he would be dismissed at the conclusion of the weekend, and harsh though he knew it to be, he would consequently deny Karl any further contact with Tom. For several days, Richard wrestled mentally with the decision he had taken, but however he looked at it, he could not bring himself to abandon the basic principle of his own absolute rubber dominance over these other three rubbermen. He saw the whole thing as a matter of his own, and their total allegiance to rubber, and extreme rubber practice. He could not allow himself to contemplate the idea of any failure or shortcoming in this respect, and he made his plans accordingly. Success for Tom, on the other hand opened up for all four rubbermen an alluring prospect for the future. For Tom and Karl, emotional fulfillment within their rubber lives. For Tom individually, the prospect of an invitation to join the household as a full-time inhabitant. For Hans, an end to his anxieties about a possible move on Richard's emotions by Karl, and for Richard himself, an end to his worries about Hans in that respect, plus the hope of improved relations between Karl and Hans, and by no means the least of these advantages, the companionship of a fellow academic.

The outcome of the remainder of the weekend's program would be a testing time for Tom, for Karl, and perhaps most of all for Richard.

The feeding of the two rubbermen was complete, and Richard left his place at the console, and approaching Hans, began removing his feeding tube. For the moment, he left Karl as he was. He knew that Karl particularly enjoyed the gag and the tube, and this was evidenced by the sounds of his occasional sucking and swallowing noises against the rubber in his mouth and throat that he and Tom could hear clearly, as well as by the movements Karl made from time to time, as he did everything he could to maximize the sensations of the invasive rubber equipment. Richard boosted the activity in Karl's butt plug and cock rings before turning his attention to removing Hans' mask and gag, and then releasing him from his bonds. He allowed Hans out of the chair, and at once assisted him back into his regular gasmask and breathing gear, making sure he was once again fully connected into all the systems.

Tom, meanwhile could not take his eyes from Karl, a fact which did not go unnoticed by Richard, and indeed had been anticipated by him. The movements the big rubber muscleman was making, combined with the sounds he made were driving Tom wild with rubber excitement, which was what Richard had intended, and he did not hurry himself in freeing Hans for that reason.

As soon as Hans was fully back in circuit, Richard's voice came in Tom's ears, 'Keep an eye on Karl for a while please, Tom. You may approach him, but do not touch him. If he shows signs of having problems, please just call out, I will hear you. Do you understand?' Tom replied that he did, and as he approached Karl, Richard and Hans disappeared together. Richard's instructions to Tom were purely cosmetic, and designed in part to concentrate Tom's attention fully onto Karl, not that he needed encouragement, and to distract him from Hans and himself. Karl was fully monitored, any problems would set alarms going in Richard's ears, and in addition he could hear Karl anyway.

Richard and Hans left the room by an inconspicuous door at the far side of the room, and as the door closed behind them, Hans divested Richard of his mask and breathing equipment to enable Richard to take some much-needed refreshment quickly, and enjoy a few moments respite, after which Hans assisted him back into his mask and breathing equipment again. The two rubbermen returned unobtrusively to the operating room to begin preparing for the next stage of the proceedings, which was designed to test Tom's endurance to physical pain, and to encourage bonding between Tom and Karl.
Leaning against the far wall of the operating room, and concealed beneath a heavy rubber sheet was a double X-shaped cross, which when viewed from the side had an A-shape. Together Richard and Hans removed the rubber sheet and man-handled the cross into the room, positioning it over a steel ring set into the floor. While Hans remained with the cross, fitting and checking the restraints attached to it, Richard returned to Karl, nodding to Tom to step back from the chair in which Karl was trying desperately to writhe against his butt plug and was also flinging his head about in a state of ecstatic rubber arousal; his dick was throbbing visibly within its rubber sheath, and both Tom and Richard could hear him making almost delirious gurgling sounds. The sight of Karl so graphically enjoying his rubber extremity excited Tom to the point where his own rubber-sheathed dick was throbbing and pulsating, while the plug in his ass pulsed insistently at five-second intervals, keeping him hyped up, and tormenting him with the ever- present nearness of orgasm.

Carefully, Richard began removing Karl's mask. He withdrew the feeding tube with deliberate slowness, pausing when he knew the tip had reached the most sensitive part of Karl's throat, and gently twisting it first one way then the other, while moving it in and out of the area by about half an inch each way, knowing that he was exciting Karl in a way he had never known in another individual. The big muscleman writhed in his rubber bonds, and moved his rubber head so as to maximize the sensations Richard was providing for him, all the time moaning as if in an ecstatic trance. Eventually Richard withdrew the long red rubber feeding tube altogether, after which Karl's gag was removed. The big rubberman's tongue flicked out and licked his rubber lips appreciatively while Richard freed him from his bonds, and helped him from the chair.

Freed at last, Karl stretched his rubber limbs, and seeing Tom standing close by, grinned broadly and playfully put his rubber hand close to his rubber dick, from the eye of which a glistening ribbon of pre-cum slowly descended, and made a mock wanking gesture to indicate to Tom just how much he had enjoyed himself in the chair, but aware that Richard was watching, he was careful not to touch his dick, knowing that if he did, the consequences would be painful.