Wednesday, September 30, 2009


How do you know it's equinox time again? The lycra comes out! Over the past week as the temperature's been going down ever so subtlely, I've been seeing more and more lycra out on runners, skaters and cyclists.

Tonight on our regular group run around False Creek, I saw a guy running in full lycra - Skins running tights and top. Marvellous. Inspiring. I think I might have to do the same soon! Well, as soon as I lose some of this beer gut I seem to have acquired over the past few months...


I've been posting lots of pics and videos lately, presumably because I haven't had a lot to say??? I've been spending most of my time with the new kinky sex machine.

The Toronto-Montreal trip plans are falling into place nicely. Kylie on Friday night, then off to Montreal Saturday afternoon, Military Ball party at L'Aigle Noir Saturday night (in rubber), Black & Blue Sunday night (in rubber), flight back to Toronto Monday afternoon, then back to Vancouver Monday night. How did a simple trip to Toronto get so complicated (and extra super-duper fun!)?


Wrestle me down ANYTIME...


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Eurocatsuits vs. STR

Can anyone give me advice on buying SkinTightRubber vs. Eurocatsuits? For the gear I have from each to date, they both fit as tight as possible, I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on differences between the two product offerings?

And this fullsuit with lensed mask? Suggestions?

Red Hot

Welcome LatexTim, the newest hot addition to YouTube. Hopefully his videos aren't found too 'inappropriate' for the YouTube moral police.

Thanks to RubberedStud for pointing out this stud muffin.


Pec bouncing and it!!!

Rubberstud of the Week #74

Friday, September 25, 2009


It's not rubber or body covering per se, but I think body painting is pretty cool too. From, Alex Kovas gets painted up as various animals for various events. The paint job is great, and Alex isn't hard to look at either.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Bound Godliness

OMG Beautiful.

Liquid Punk

RubberskinUK does some pretty magical stuff with Liquid Latex. I'd love to try this sometime...?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Squeaky Toys

Have you ever seen the outfits Lomax and KC have had made over the years at Squeeky Toys? I've seen pics of their stuff before, but never this site. They certainly like the anthropomorphic rubber transformation aspect of their fetish, eh? Marvellous stuff! Almost all of their stuff has been made by Pretty Pervy.

Gimpsuit and Electro

If you've ever attended a MIR, you probably met Kinkrubber. He is a very nice guy with a great pervy mind and enough gear to make your head spin. He has graciously posted many videos of his work to the Guyzingear sites over the years. Here is the latest awesome dungeon video from him. My only question: how did Gimp get his arms out of position?

Marvellous scene, mmmm...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ballet bondage

Woof...this image hits so many buttons...

GM for Fetishists...who knew?

Germans satisfy latex desire with GM dandelions

By Lewis Page, The Register

Posted in Biology, 11th September 2009 14:48 GMT

German boffins have worked out a much improved method of making latex using the sticky white fluid which comes out of dandelion stems. The new breakthough could mean more comfortable body-cavity searches, an end to itchy condoms, and might free humanity from the threat posed by a global rubber fungus epidemic.

According to top rubber experts at Germany's famed Fraunhofer Institutes, it is a fact that natural rubber comes out of dandelion stems. Indeed, when latex products were vitally necessary for the war effort during the mass military mobilisation of World War Two, various combatant nations fell back on the sticky white sap as a source of extra supplies.

However, the sticky dandelion latex is difficult to harvest properly as it polymerises - turns gummy - as soon as air hits it. Thus to date the normal source of supply has been rubber plants in South America and Southeast Asia. Latex from these trees flows rather than turning sticky at once, and so is easier to collect.

But tree rubber can cause painful allergic reactions such as itchiness or rashes, which as the Fraunhofer brainboxes note "is clearly an issue with clinical products" - for instance cavity-search gloves or prophylactics. Not to mention the specialist recreational apparel popular in certain circles.

Worse, a deadly global pandemic of fungus has already largely eradicated the rubber farms of Latin America, and is now beginning to devastate the plantations of Malaysia and the rest of Southeast Asia.

"If the fungus disease was to reach epidemic proportions," warn the German scientists, "experts fear that the natural latex industry could collapse".

But have no fear. Premier-league dandelion rubber boffin Professor Doktor Dirk Prüfer of the Fraunhofer-Instituts für Molekularbiologie und Angewandte Oekologie has the answer.

“We have identified the enzyme responsible for the rapid polymerization and have switched it off,” he says. “If the plant is cut, the latex flows out instead of being polymerized. We obtain four to five times the amount we would normally. If the plants were to be cultivated on a large scale, every hectare would produce 500 to 1000 kilograms of latex per growing season.”

Better still, the unsticky weed-sap rubber apparently doesn't cause any painful itching or redness as the normal sort can.

Fields of Doktor Prüfer's genetically modified dandelions, then, could produce tons of lovely allergy-free rubber no matter what happens in terms of globo-fungus pandemics. As a fringe benefit, it seems they also produce significant quantities of artificial sweetener.

Rubberstud of the Week #73

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meggings? Sheesh.

Men in tights: Would you let your man wear male leggings?
By Eleanor Glover, DailyMailOnline

Last updated at 4:13 PM on 09th March 2009

Normally the preserve of ballet dancers and glam rock stars it appears leggings could be hot footing their way to the wardrobe of your average bloke, well almost.

After the success of the skinny jean it was only a matter of time before fashion went even further and now the male legging or 'megging' is tipped to be the next big thing for any man worth his style salt.

But how would you react if your man followed in your fashion footsteps and stepped out wearing a pair of leggings?

Russell Brand has been squeezing his fleshy thighs into a ruched, wet-look pair from Sass & Bide since last summer.

Yes, Mr Brand's slinky trousers were originally designed for women but he says the ruching helps prevent the £95 leggings becoming too feminine.

He's worn them virtually every other week for the last six months, obviously not ashamed to show off his... erm... shapely calves.

Another bouffant-haired male star to clad his calves in the legging is fellow comedian Noel Fielding.

The Mighty Boosh star, famed for his love of sparkly catsuits and outlandish hats, stayed true to the roots of rock with a cheeky polka dot pair for the NME Awards last month.

Marni and Calvin Klein first dabbled with the trend back in 2007, sending their scrawny-legged models down the runway in brightly-coloured varieties.

The following year Alexander McQueen embraced the look with an eye-catching red leather pair and Martin Margiela went all out glam with a spangly gold-sequined-clad model.

But is it only anorexic-looking male models and debonaire dandy comics who can pull off the look, and what would you do if your boyfriend or husband turned up in a pair of male leggings?

GQ's Jonathan Heaf recently tested a black sequined-pair and was amazed at how much attention he received from the public, but was not impressed by the feeling they produced - akin to 'having a crotch full of staples'.

Writing in The Guardian, Jonathan said the attention made him feel like an X Factor winner but his chic girlfriend was less than impressed.

So will the 'megging' hit the big time and become a wardrobe must-have for every fashionable chap?

It took a couple of years for the girl legging to take off so it may be only a matter of time before the 'megging' becomes a popular choice among the male population.

But until someone like super-macho Daniel Craig wears a pair I think we're safe.

Unless he appears in a remake of Robin Hood - Errol Flynn style - and then we'll be pleased to see a repeat of the Bond trunks type moment all over again.

You realize already that this trend will be exclusive to emos and twinks that shouldn't be wearing something so unforgiving on their twiggy lower bodies, but, meh....oh well. It will only be a matter of time before that trend bleeds over to athletics...hey, wait a minute - are we going to be reliving the 80s all over again??? Like we aren't already in the throes of 80s revival! As long as men don't show up in hot pink....Lord help us!

Mr. International Rubber 2010

Thanks, Ruff.

CHICAGO (September 14, 2009) – Mr. International Rubber 2010, now under new ownership, will be held November 6 – 8, 2009 at its new venue: the 65,000 sq. ft. Center on Halsted, 3656 N. Halsted St. in the heart of Chicago’s Lakeview/”Boystown” neighborhood. In addition to the annual competition for the title of Mr. International Rubber, MIR2010 will feature a new, larger host hotel, an expanded vendors market, shuttle bus service and the largest prize package in MIR history.

Mr. International Rubber is the preeminent annual men’s rubber fetish event, held each November in Chicago, Illinois. Consisting of a fetish contest, vendors market and an array of social events, the weekend began in 1997 and has been held each year since. Drawing attendees from around the world, MIR2010 will mark the 13th annual occurrence of the event. Previous winners of the contest have included representatives from Germany, France, Italy, Canada and the U.S. Stephane Donaldson of Montreal, Canada was awarded the title of Mister International Rubber 2009.

The Mr. International Rubber 2010 Contest:

Part 1 - Friday, November 6 at 9 pm in The Hoover-Leppen Theater
Your first chance to meet the contestants for Mr. International Rubber 2010. The judges are introduced, contestants select their order of competition and are judged in the first category of competition: "Rubber Image."

Part 2 – Saturday, November 7 at 8 pm in The Hoover-Leppen Theater
The exciting conclusion to the Mr. International Rubber Contest: includes judging of onstage question, "mystery-bag" and audience participation. A new Mr. International Rubber will be sashed this evening. This year’s prize package starts at $10,000 – the largest in MIR history!

The MIR Vendor Market:

Friday, November 6, Saturday, November 7 and Sunday, November 8 from Noon – 5 pm in The Billy Jean King Recreation Center
Up to 40 vendors from around the globe will be offering their kinky wares for sale and trial.


“Greet the Meat” Cocktail Party
Friday, November 6 from 7 pm – 9 pm in The Harris Family Foundation Reception Hall
A cocktail hour prior to the start of the MIR2010 contest – includes a light buffet

Chicago Rubbermen Gear Swap
Saturday, November 7 from Noon – 5 pm in the Billy Jean King Recreation Center
If you have fetish gear that you haven't worn in awhile and are looking to sell it, don't waste your time with online auctions, sell it at the Chicago Rubbermen Gear Sale.

Weekend Packages for MIR2010 are currently available for $95 each ($125 each after August 31) and include: admission to the MIR Contest, “Greet the Meat” Cocktail Party and Vendor Market; access to the MIR shuttle bus; an MIR2010 T-shirt, poster and program; plus additional coupons and gifts. To register, visit . Weekend package and ticket pick-up is Friday, November 6 and Saturday, November 7 from Noon – 7 pm in The Harris Family Foundation Reception Hall. Single tickets to individual events will also be available at registration.

The Official Host Hotel of MIR2010 is The Days Inn Chicago, 644 W. Diversey Pkwy., featuring 133 rooms (suites, business class and standard rooms). For rates and reservations, call 1-888-LPN-DAYS or 1-888-576-3297 and reference "Mr International Rubber."

Shuttle Bus Service will be offered for Weekend Package holders during the evenings of Friday, November 6 and Saturday, November 7. The shuttle will provide transportation from the official host hotel to The Center on Halsted and other venues including select bars in Chicago’s Lakeview, Andersonville and Edgewater “New North” neighborhoods.

The judges for MIR2010 are Frank Blondale, Owner Emeritus of Mr. International Rubber; Andrew Barham, Director of; Stephane Donaldson, MIR2009; Massimo Fussillo, President of Leather Club Roma; Richard Hunter, Owner of Mr. S Leather; Rick Garcia, Director of Public Policy for Equality Illinois; and Brendan McGovern, Mr. Leather Ottawa 2009.

All MIR2010 events will be ASL interpreted by International Mister Leather 2006, Bo Ladashevska.

For contestant information, MIR history, photo galleries, public transportation, sponsors and more, please visit the official MIR website at

High-resolution photos are available for download at


Don’t Judge Me By My Tights
Being a male dancer means battling many stereotypes. But the rewards of my job are limitless.

By Sascha Radetsky | NEWSWEEK
From the magazine issue dated Mar 17, 2008

My business attire is a pair of tights. All right, there it is. I wear makeup onstage, and some of my colleagues are gay. Can we move on now? Can we leave behind the tired male-ballet-dancer stigma—that ballet is not a masculine pursuit—in order to move toward an appreciation of the athleticism and artistry involved in this line of work?

On an average day at the job, I handle lithe, lovely women, engage in duels and delight in the experience of an exotic locale. I move like a gymnast or martial artist and embody the vilest of pimps or the most chivalrous and passionate of lovers. I constantly expand the borders of my physical capabilities, and I hone my mind to a quick-learning, focused edge. Come 8 p.m., I'll fuse dynamic movement and storytelling with the grandeur of a full live orchestra.

Yes, I'm proud of my profession. Yet I find myself slightly guarded when I tell people what I do. Like some sort of incurable blight, the male-dancer stereotype has taken root and metastasized in our cultural consciousness. Pioneers like Baryshnikov or Nureyev might have opened some minds, but their days have long passed, and despite the noble efforts of a handful of current ballet leaders to expose fresh audiences to our art form, a whole new generation looks at male dancing with skewed vision. Some of my peers are foreigners; in many other countries male dancers are held in higher esteem. I studied in Russia for a year and always marveled at the way Russians celebrated their artists, whether their medium was dance, music or the written word. But I'm American, and I want to live in my own country, as a dancer, with some respect.

The most irritating aspect of the male-dancer stereotype is the underlying insinuation that we in some way lack strength of character or a courageous spirit. Male and female, all dancers undergo strenuous training from a very young age, and constantly wrestle with injuries and fatigue. But male dancers must possess a special type of will and fortitude if they are to become professionals, for, like fish swimming upstream, we have to fight through the current of thinly veiled contempt that much of society harbors for our chosen path. In our culture, girls are encouraged to take ballet; boys receive no such endorsement, except of course from ballet teachers or exceptionally supportive parents. The boy who perseveres in dance must have a genuine hunger for it, must be uniquely motivated and dedicated, and must develop a truly thick skin.

I started taking ballet when I was 5. My open-minded parents thought it was a good way to channel my rambunctious behavior. A few years later I was hooked. I loved the physicality and, of course, the girls, but I also learned that not everyone recognized the value of dance the way I did. I don't remember the first fight I got into for being a kid who took ballet, but I remember fighting a lot before I realized that maybe I should keep my extracurricular activities to myself. But ballet was rewarding enough to be worth a fat lip or a black eye, and I emerged from my years of dance training more focused than ever. My background is not unusual among my American colleagues—they share similar stories of discouragement, harassment and even violence. But these experiences served to harden resolve and develop courage, and I know I can always count on several of my dancer buddies for steadfast support—they got my back! Ironically, the stereotype of the sissy male dancer has given rise to a male dancer who is anything but.

It's frustrating that I feel obliged to extol the virtues and describe the rigors of my profession. I'd just like to make it known that the path of the male dancer isn't necessarily easy—as with any truly worthwhile endeavor—but the rewards can be limitless. I feel lucky to have discovered a vocation that has allowed me to glimpse the great depth of human potential, both physical and mental, and has given me the opportunity to bring joy to so many people in so many places. I feel there is honor in the arts, in the world of dance, in the realm of male ballet dancing.

Exposure to ballet is all that is needed to open minds, for the combination of athletic movement, ardent drama and beautiful music can instill a profound appreciation in an audience. But for you out there who still feel compelled to malign male dancers with half-truths and petty stereotypes, well, maybe we need to step outside. I'll leave my tights on.

Radetsky lives in New York City.

© 2008

Men In Tights

It's common knowledge that American footballers such as Terrell Owens and (formerly) Jerry Rice love (or prefer, if you will) to wear lycra tights to practice sessions and under standard unifrom much more than standard-issue baggy shorts or what-have-you. T.O. has run into tiffs with previous coaches over his proclivities.

From BigLeagueScrew:
Terrell Owens showed up to training camp today and even managed to generate excitement without pissing anybody off. The newly obedient Terrell Owens wowed fans with his receiving skills… and his attire. Terrell decided that the shorts common among players in training camp were not for him. T.O. opted for an outfit comprised of tights only. The reality star was not fazed by his form-fitting clothes and gave interviews in the tights as well. I know it’s not that different than wearing a football uniform. However, I still find it excessive.

Really? Seriously? It's almost 2010 and we're still having issues with bulges in tight clothing? We'd rather expose kids to incessant imagery of violence but shield them from a bulge in someone's pants or speedo? Or attempt to culture healthy attitudes toward sexuality? What about all the Under Armour the fat kids and couch potatoes are wearing these days to pass themselves off as 'athletes'?

This culture is so seriously fucked up over masculinity, sexuality, and power, it gets more disturbing by the day.

For those of you that have ever worked out or done sports in tights, did you ever find the experience to be "too uncomfortable", "too hot", or "too restrictive" than wearing something baggy, damp, and shitty? These guys that hide behind these excuses (i.e., "what's up with that?") to make a particular point about another guy wearing them just because he finds them superior in comfort and performance are pathetic. What part of their threatened sexuality are they trying to compensate for the most?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sore Butt

Some people grow up to be doctors, others learn butt tricks.

VMA highjinks

Despite Kanye's narcissism run-amok on the global stage again, there were a few good parts of the MTV VMAs last night. Lady Gaga had been hyping up her performance for weeks and I think she lived up to the expectations. The performance of 'Paparazzi' was actually quite good -- as an additional plus, she had all of her dancers dressed in full white lycra (with 'modesty coverage, American style', of course). She also had Kermit the Frog arrive with her as her date.

Rubberstud of the Week #72

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Formal rubber

I got a chance to talk to Rubberlvr at the Victory Dinner on Sunday about this fantastic suit he had. It was made by House of Harlot (presumably the BRAD jacket and DANIEL trousers). LOVE the pinstripe though...I want one! I have friends that wear formal latex out to cultural events like the ballet or opera, I would love to be able to do the same.

Look at the taper on those pants with the boot flares. Yum.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fly Your Flag

The Flag VacBed is a unique first for Ultimate Slut and SlinkySkin. The quality is stunning as every panel has been hand glued together. Just imagine the time and skill that is necessary to make this item.

Other websites are selling small standard vacbeds for more than they are charging for this amazing piece of Art work.

The flag used here is the Union Jack from the UK but they can produce this Vacbed in just about any Flag - just ask using

Video here.

West Coast Rubber Weekend

The endurance fest began early as I only got a few hours of sleep on Thursday night before having to head to the airport for my 6:30 flight from YVR to LAX.

I landed in Los Angeles around 9:30 Friday morning and had to work from Rubberchris and his partner's apartment for the day. The Ops Helpdesk was already calling me while I was in the cab en route, so I knew my day was going to be a bad one. It was hot on Friday - around 30C - so the apt was sweltering, but I managed to make it through the day while the guys were at work. Rubberchris and I jumped in the pool for an hour or so before Squadbay and Johnboi came around to join us and we got ready to head to the LA Eagle for the first night of the West Coast Rubber competition weekend.

The bar was busy with a good turnout of rubbermen for the first night. Weekend package pickup was available, there was a gear swap, and the guys from Rubberzone were doing a collectible-card swap game of sorts for which there were draws and prizes. I met many new guys, got to visit with some old friends, met the 3 competitors for the Mr. West Coast Rubber title, and met a really nice guy named Rbbrmat whom I ended up spending a lot of time with over the next 24 hours.

Since some of the gang were staying at the host hotel, some were staying in other hotels, and some of us at Rubberchris' place, we all parted ways at the end of the night.

Saturday morning I went for brunch with Rbbrmat then Rubberchris and Squadbay picked us up (and brought me a new outfit of rubber! ;)) and we headed to the Syren/Stockroom WCR Reception at their store on Sunset Blvd. We got to peruse through the store, tour the manufacturing facilities and warehouse, and enjoyed beverages and food in their reception room while watching vac-bed demos. I walked out of the store a lot poorer as I decided to pickup one of their deluxe straightjackets. Everyone bought something, it seems, so I'm sure they were happy to have us for the early afternoon.

After that we all immediately travelled over to the Eagle again for the Slime Pit and BBQ. Fun was had by all, with another great turnout of guys. I was able to do shameless promotion for the Rubbout 19 Event taking place in Vancouver in April 2010...the devil ducks and beachballs were a big hit!

Our crew headed back to Culver City afterwards for a bit of a disco nap, and time to prepare for the Play Party which started at 9pm at a Play Dungeon in Burbank. Everyone looked very sexy once ready and we set off to an aupicious address somewhere deep in North Hollywood. As soon as we checked in and walked into the playspace, we saw this was going to be a great event; lots of sexy rubbermen, sexy electronic dungeon music and lots of great energy!

As soon as I got there, Rubberfiend grabbed me and took me over to his gearbag. He put an inflatable hood and bondage mitts on me and lashed me to the St. Andrew's Cross. I was at the mercy of whomever came along to give me a stroke or brush. It was a lot of fun. The night just seemed to fly by; there were lots of activities going on in the theme rooms, a complimentary bar and social space, and lots of hot guys cruising each other! More antics ensued, and all too soon it was time to wrap things up and head home.

Sunday morning came too soon. Rubberchris made us a great brunch. We only had a few hours to prep as the Mr. West Coast Rubber competition started at Oilcan Harry's at noon. It was another hot day. We were all pooling sweat and lube before we even stepped into the bar for the competition. It was a great event, with a nice pace, lots of light humour and competition rounds, a great fantasy round performed by the competitors, and a very savvy and experienced judging panel comprising of three previous Mr. WCRs, Mr. International Rubber, and Mr. American Leather. L8xdad did a fantastic job as Master of Ceremonies.

As stated on the West Coast Rubber website, props go out to Rubberboi and Rubrluvr, the 2nd and 1st runners up. These guys were awesome in their gear! Congratulations to Jeffrey Moline, the judges pick for Mr West Coast Rubber 2009 and the gear guy who will go on to represent the West Coast at MIR in November.

After the competition we went back to the apartment to change and relax before heading to the Victory Dinner at a restaurant near the LA Eagle. It was a great way to end the day as we had the entire courtyard part of the restaurant to ourselves. I ended up heading home with Rubberboi after dinner while the rest of the tribe went to the Eagle for one last night of debauchery. I was sort of tired, but also wanted to play with Rubberboi and try out the sling and straightjacket. Fun! Rubberchris and Squadbay came home later and interrupted the fun, well, er, sort of joined, but we shut things down not too much later.

Monday morning we got up, had food, and headed to West Hollywood to meet Rubberbuck and Cncast for lunch. We ended up missing the Rubber Movie Invasion as logistics sort of got messed up, but we had a great day checking out 665 and Chi Chi LaRue's and having lunch, margaritas and mojitos on the patio at The Abbey. Rubberbuck and Squadbay took off for Phoenix once we left, and Rubberchris took Cncast and I back to his place to wait for RubberAsianBoy who was giving us a lift to the airport. Our flights were within an hour of each other. After making it through the quagmire that is LAX, I was on my way home.

I had a mad dash through the Phoenix airport to catch my connector to Vancouver, but I finally made it home. Exhausted, I got off the Canada Line in Yaletown and headed to my Smashbox's place for a little R&R, and then it was back home for work this morning. I wonder when I'll be able to catch up on my sleep? Hmm...

Thanks so much to L8xDad and L8xBoy for putting on another amazing event. From what I heard from all the vets, this was the best and best-attended WCR weekend event to date, so things are looking up for an even better time next year!

It's wonderful to have a great affiliation with the West Coast Rubber folks; they have been awesome in helping to promote the Rubbout event here in Vancouver in addition to the CampRubb event coming up on the September 26th weekend. For those of you who aren't going to Folsom, this might be a great alternative...;)

Of course, the Winter Warmup in Palm Springs in February 2010 will be a definite must-go-to as well.