Monday, June 1, 2015

In The Woods

Mr P and I went camping again this weekend. RK and M came up with us. The weather was fantastic all weekend and we had a lot of fun. I figured the campground would have been full based on the weather forecasts, but the weekend actually was pretty laid back and quiet. A lot of the RV guys were up at their sites but the tenting area was maybe half-full.

We spent Friday night setting up and around the campfire. the temperatures actually stayed very nice until after midnight...compared to Saturday night when it chilled down rather quickly.

Saturday afternoon was beautiful. It was probably around 25C so we spent a good part of the early afternoon nude sunbathing on the main lawn with all the other guys. I jumped in and out of the sun every 20 minutes or so.

Around 4pm M and I went for a naked hike up to the Summit. It's always a good quick workout, a steep hike with some rope climbing just before the summit, and it's always fun to do naked. We sat and admired the view over the Valley for awhile, I made the move and started sucking him off to which he responded favorably, as expected haha

We sucked each other's cocks for awhile on the rock face (with the view you see above) overlooking Morris Valley; we climbed part-way down again and found a flat secluded area with a nice big fallen tree for leverage where we flip-fucked and fisted each other for a couple hours. I just conveniently had J-lube, gloves, condoms and papertowel with me ;)

On the way down there is an opportunity to jump in a reservoir behind the campground dam that feeds directly off the mountain snowpack. It was well deserved and required, and damn icy cold! Shit! We made it back to the camp around 7. That was fun!

We made more food, hung out around the main firepit with the rest of the campers and retired back to our site again to build a fire, eat and go to sleep.

Sunday we slowly packed up and headed back to Vancouver, pulling out of Shadow Falls around 3pm. Once we got back, Mr. P and I checked out our garden box at Nelson Park and went to Pumpjack for a couple beers with friends before heading home.

We have a lot of fun up at Shadow Falls; in fact, we are heading back up there again next weekend with M and his's supposed to be 30C on Saturday! Mr. P has wanted to get up there as much as we can this year since we had to miss half of last year's season because of his chemo. It will be our third trip, and we have at least three more confirmed in July and August. It's such a great decompression, it's gay, clothing optional and there's lots to do. Good times.

In other news, I got confirmation that my Latexskin suit is completed and shipped. Hard to believe! How exciting to be getting a new pervert latex suit! Hopefully it will be here in the next couple weeks.

Now to contemplate the next black latex playsuit design AND the toy order....I think I'm going to most likely go with Crackstuffers vs. SquarePeg. Any thoughts?

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