Tuesday, January 27, 2015


So I haven't had a full-body lycra suit in some time...I had a reasonable one several years ago, however the body zip on it broke and I never bothered to get it fixed, regrettably. I have always loved the feel of tight zentai on my body and as you know, lycra was a fixation of mine long before I ever discovered latex.

I do still have my black leather-like Slick-It-Upish unitard playsuit, my red speedskating skinsuit and all my cycling lycra still, but I really have started to miss full head to toe lycra coverage.

Over many recent years, I've communicated and played with my buddy Higherlycra who is a BIG zentai and lycra fan and he's always kept me up-to-date on the best places to get the best lycra suits. We have always been inspired by the gear of such spandex players as Stevo Blue.

I have never been serious about getting a replacement for my previous suit until recently. This might be due to the fact that one of my new friends, Rbrgear, is also into lycra and we've talked about having some playtime in lycra in addition to latex. So....I've been doing some research into what's out there beyond the cheap Chinese knock-off crap. I want to buy some nice high-quality suits that will last a long time, feel amazing and look fantastic.

Once again, it seems the Germans and the Italians have the upper hand on this stuff for fetish purposes. Highlycra had always suggested DHYA Shop, but unfortunately they are now out of business. His other suggestions have been Fets Fash and Stretchstyle. I am leaning towards the Italian job only because their website is easier to navigate and they have the suits on male body models.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Other suggestions? How about toe socks? Spandexwear.com?


Anonymous said...

The italian designs look like some suits I brought from ebay years ago. IIRC it was an italian seller, so may have started out on ebay.

If so, those suits are excellent quality and tend to be a thicker grade fabric (especially if going for one of the special materials).
My only complaint would be that they tend to leave a lot of excess zip and cotton ends inside the suit, but that may have changed.

shinymike said...

I'm happy with my made to measure Spandexwear.com suits.

Dis-recommend SPANDEXFORFUN.com. Ordered zentai made to measure and got something several sizes too small. Can't even put it on. No response to email asking for help.

spandexman.com looks like it might interest you... I haven't tried ordering from there yet but they've existed for years so probably at least OK.

Keep it slinky!