Thursday, January 8, 2015

How Gay Was I?

I found this pretty funny this morning....made me think back to all the Crystal Light National Aerobics Championships, and of course Undergear and International Male.

There are still some funny threads going on with discussions about International Male and Undergear fashions and who would reasonably wear them, even in Hillcrest, the Castro, and West Hollywood in the 1980s where the 'style ideals' originated from(?)

Particularly funny were the threads about IM's feature on, who was ordering and wearing capes in the late 80s/early 90s?

I loved my IM and UG catalogs coming in the mail. I remember wanting the full unitard (and model) SOOO badly. Why did it take me almost another decade to come out of the closet? Kylie Minogue? Undergear sheer unitards? Anal play? It was ridiculously obvious.
It's so funny to reflect on these days, particularly when the kids today think it was an insane decade. I think it was the last decade of innocence before everything started going downhill! And subconsiously because of that, perhaps the most extreme. :)

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