Thursday, January 22, 2015


RubnGum always inspires me to be the best rubberman I can be! Rbrgear is coming over on Saturday! I'm going to bind him up in the red E7 fistsuit, then we're going to do some rebreather and shared air breathing using the mainline setup I have. I only have him for the'll have to be quality over quantity as this will probably be the only time we can get together until after I get back from San Francisco.
Mmmm...that codpiece...
I need to get on a bubbler again soon!
Self-contained breathing...mmmm....
Hook me up, sir.
There's nothing a Segufix can't fix.
Geared up with nowhere to go.
Chastity over rubber? That's on the list.
Thumbs up, definitely.

I also have some work to do to the blog...I only have four weeks of Rubberstuds left before they run out! Eep! Fortunately, there are tons of pics of hot rubbermen out there that I haven't even displayed yet :)

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