Tuesday, January 27, 2015


So yeah, I had a great rubber playdate set up with RbrGear and CutelyPerverted on Saturday that I was SO looking forward to....and I had to CANCEL Saturday morning because I woke up with the FLU! It was the worst feeling in the world and I had to add immense disappointment to my condition because I was looking forward to enjoying time with these two sexy rubber boys so much. At least they took the cancellation graciously. I hope they aren't too disappointed...I know how prevalent flakiness is in the Vancouver play scene. I have told both of them that I will make it up to them in spades the next time we can arrange some play time.

Thursday night Wardog and I got together for our weekly fisting session (the night before I started getting my flu symptoms). We had a great time and I reached some new endurance and depth continuity PBs. We've been using a bit of a numbing agent in our lubes recently that I think is allowing me to do some amazing things, but admittedly my ass has been in very good shape lately. It certainly wasn't very happy this weekend with the flu! In fact, it was the worst stomach and intestinal distress I think I've ever had.

This has been a very weird flu and cold season....first we learned that the vaccines are not covering the strains that are prevalent this season (gotta love the guesswork the experts gotta do 12 months before flu season even starts, eh?), and now it seems that EVERYONE has had a bout of something over the past six weeks. It's pretty gross. Even though I did get vaccinated this year, it hasn't really prevented anything from happening, though I'm sure it made the bout I got this weekend much less severe than it could've been had I not gotten vaccinated. Anyways, I'm on the mend and hopefully will be back in action by the weekend. I'm really horny for rubber now that I missed my fill with the sexy rubbermen on Saturday!

This weekend coming up I might be working Friday night, but Saturday night is the 3rd Ring on the Harness contest at Pumpjack so I'll be able to rubber up for that, additionally Wardog and I are moving our fisting days to Sundays since he's starting school now. I'm trying to get together with old playbuddy Hairybondagesub...I'm trying to convince him to come over Sunday so we can tie him up under the rimming chair to entertain the fisting top while he's working on the bottom in the sling, who's controlling the electro on the bondage sub. Sounds delightful, doesn't it? I would consider that a supportive chain, wouldn't you?

Next week, San Francisco....Squeeee!!!!

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