Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rubbdown is Coming!

Four weeks from now, we'll be on our way to San Francisco for Rubbdown! I'm looking forward to this event - it'll be my first time in SF in February, first time at Rubbdown, first time there for an exclusive rubber event. I'm going to be shacking up with Lucien from Seattle at the host hotel...if anyone else wants to crash and save $$$ with us, hit me up!

I'm planning on travelling Thursday...luckily (and I never thought I'd say this as the weekend is one earlier than the rest of Canada....WTF?!?!?), it is on the Canadian Family Day long weekend so we have Monday off so I plan to return on Monday. That way I can partake in all the events starting on Thursday afternoon.

It looks to be fun...there is a VIP Rubber Room on Friday and Saturday at the Center for Sex and Culture (including bar and massages!), Homomobile transportation between venues, and of course the events: Mr. S Meet and Greet, Workshops, tour of the SF Armoury (where they shoot BoundJocks, BoundGods, SeriousMaleBondage, etc.), Tenacious fashion show, Gearbox (being hosted by yours truly ;-)), and more hi-jinks on Sunday! Wow!

Check it out if you can....I'm really looking forward to it. Book and get your tickets now :)

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