Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Now, that was a weekend that ended up being amazing! Almost everything went to plan as I had hoped.

Friday night after work, I rubbered up and headed to Gear Night at Pumpjack. It was incredible...there were probably around 50 guys that showed up between 8 and 10...typically this event has only had 5-10 guys show up in leather, pup or other gear so the turnout was amazing. Of course, I was the only one in rubber again but that doesn't surprise me.

Around 11pm we headed over to HD Lounge did some dancing and some booty boxing, it was a good time. I met some new guys that I had a lot of fun with, but I ended up heading home after HD though a few friends went back to Pumpjack.

On Saturday Mr. P and I went to the Meat Draw and then I got ready to head over to Tuchus and Cumpigcub's rubber fisting party. There ended up only being five of us there since some others had to bail at the last minute, but we ended up having a great time.

We put Cumpigcub, Paavo and Wardog into three sleepsacks and hooked them all up to electro and Tens units. Tuchus and I spent a couple of hours making them squirm and squeal. It was a lot of fun.

We then had a break for a couple drinks and food then Tuchus and I went into the slings. Paavo fucked me for awhile in one while Cumpigcub and Wardog took turns fisting Tuchus. Wardog was also on photo duty at this time.

Cumpigcub and I fisted Wardog for awhile, then he went to bed, following Paavo. Tuchus went to bed soon after. Cumpigcub and I played until 5am or so....his ass wasn't in play mode so I was the lucky recipient of a massively great fisting for a couple of hours before we shut things down.

Great party!

Hopefully I will have some pics from Saturday to post here...I'm waiting for Cumpigcub to get them downloaded and sent to me

On Sunday, Mr. P and I took the fire-hazard remnants of the Xmas tree down, cleaned the house and welcomed CutelyPerverted over for an evening of rubbery fun. As I was still doing chores, I put him into the rubber sleepsack, hood and gas mask and introduced him to some electro. He was quite content to stay in his confines until I got my stuff done. I edged him for a bit, Mr. P and I played with his cock for awhile before releasing him. In the meantime I erected the vac-tower and it was ready for him to go into. He was eager to try it out. I put a blindout hood and inflatable gag on him while he was sucked immobile in the vac-tower. This went on for another hour or more until I let him out of there.

We had a bite to eat, put our head-to-toe rubber gear and went into the bedroom. With our puppy hoods on and with the playsheet down, I put him into some restraints and took some pics. We did some grinding on each other before cooling off, putting on some other hoods and getting into some rubber-clad ecstasy, just enjoying grinding against each other, two rubbery deviants.

I put restraints on both of us and locked us together at neck, wrists and ankles and rolled around on each other for awhile longer. CP's boyfriend has been denying him a cum for several days now so he was begging for release. We finally jerked each other off in tremendous orgasms before he was sent home, still in his stinky, sweaty rubber, where apparently he was tormented again by his boyfriend and his brother husband.

Good times all weekend, it was amazing! I hope I can have a fun-filled rubber sex weekend like that again soon.

Last night I went to 8x6 for the inaugural Dog Pound. There was a decent turn out, I think Pup Luvyvr counted 17 through the doors. A bit of pup play was long overdue! Too bad no one was able to 'play' play, however if this becomes a regular thing, who knows?

I'm hoping to get together with Wardog and a friend of his tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to it :)

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