Friday, January 9, 2015

Weakened Again!

OMG OMG this is going to be an adventure-filled weekend!

First off: Friday evening is the inaugural GEAR NIGHT at Pumpjack Pub at 8pm. The guys from Vancouver Men in Leather, Van-PAH and Rubbout/Vancouver Rubbermen are going to merge and socialize. I'm not sure if there will be any special demos or events at this one but there will be in the future.

I think we're all heading over to BOOTYBOX Fridays at HD Lounge. This week, the theme is "Gear Up That Butt". Hmm, how apropos, given I plan to wear the transparent pig leggings and tank with the black Tred-Airs.

Saturday, perhaps meat draw first, but there's a new priority. Yesterday I got an invite from Tuchus and Cumpigcub for a rubber fisting party at their place on should be great...Paavo, SlickThrobnHole and VanLeather are joining us, and I sent an invite to M. I am doubtful he will accept but you never know. I really anticipate this to be a lot of fun. Paavo and Cumpigcub are keen to be put in severe bondage that night, VanLeather is a proficient fisting top. I'm not sure what Tuchus' ideas are but I know Slick and my holes will be ready for abuse that night!

Sunday, after all of this just to top off the weekend, I'm excited that CutelyPerverted wants to come over for a play date! He's keen for his first true rubber experience with another rubberman, so I'll have to be gentle with him (!) He wants to try out the vac-bed and the sleepsack, some electro and breathplay. It should be a lot of fun.

I missed my playnight with Wardog on Tuesday, so this will be a welcome weekend of rubber, play and sexy men! My three favorite things! :-D

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