Thursday, May 26, 2016

More Views of the Fuckdoll

I didn't see this pick on the Latexskin site. It showed up on Latex'd, but we are suspicious of this 'companys' Wix site. There is little info on their stuff other than the fact they are using Latexskin's photos. At any rate. This one is fucking hot.


Kamil Kozlowski said...

Just to clarify - We are not using latexskin pictures, these are our own. In fact Latex'D is part of the team that created Latexskin but due to personal reasons we went apart and that's how Latex'D was born.

So the guy behind the camera and model (2 in 1) who took all the pics for latexskin now shapes Latex'D (yes, that's me). You didn't see these pictures on Latexskin because they aren't theirs :) the same suit photographed is just a coincidence.

You can expect a lot more pictures, a lot more products and a lot more activity from us, there isn't much about us because we estabilished Latex'D less than 2 weeks ago :)

MB said...

Thanks for the update, Kamil! :D