Monday, May 30, 2016

Vancouver Eagle

Rubberswim was feeling rotten all weekend unfortunately so after our brief food and drinks on Friday I never saw him again. He's heading back to Washington today. I'm really sad we never got to have the extreme rubber session we had been anticipating for so long :(

The Bawdyhaus event at Hindenberg on Saturday was a ton of fun, lots of sexy kinky guys (dressed appropriately for a men's bar!), however not as many as should have been there. The event was competing with a lot of other events (including whoever was in Chicago for IML instead), but it was the quality of the crew there that made the event awesome.

I went with R and F. Had a few drinks, chatted with lots of friends, then got solicited by K to play in the dark room. I fucked K for awhile then got my dick sucked, sucked off another cute young guy, and then hooked up with BF who came back to the Village with us and came home with me for a fisting. It was fun!

The big news from Saturday was that Bawdyhaus was supposedly the kickoff for the Vancouver Eagle in the downstairs bar at Hindenberg. We all realized this space is going to need a lot more promotion, but I think many are up to the task of helping out. I'm working on getting some more promotional materials for it today.

As well I have a meeting with Rob and Mitch on Wednesday to have a frank talk about the future of Rubbout. I'll have a lot more to say about it after Wednesday.

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