Thursday, May 12, 2016


Woo hoo! I had a great fun sex evening with Mr. P, HotTop, and Wardog on Tuesday night after the FH anniversary evening.

Tonight is confirmed...we are doing another MetaverseXXX porn filming with Daddy Rich, Wardog and myself (Matt Bauer) in a double fisting shoot.

I am going to try and lay low Friday evening after dropping Mr P off at YVR to pick up the RV in Regina, go for a ride with EBCC Saturday morning. Alternatively I might see if G wants to come over and chill with me.

Almazmol and myself are planning a sexy evening on Saturday with a hot visitor from out-of-town. We were originally going to do a football jock fisting fantasy scene but I think for simplicity this is going to end up being a bit more simple....rubber and spandex evening instead.

Looking forward to all the dicks and fists! YESSS!

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