Tuesday, May 24, 2016


We just had the official kickoff weekend for Canadian summer, Victoria Day long weekend. I always have a bit of a giggle with Brits when talking about this, as we have a statutory holiday for a British monarch here in Canada while the Brits do not. Weird.

The weather on Vic Day long weekend is always tricky, it can either be absolutely gorgeous (like in 2015), or a complete washout as we experienced this year.

Mr P and I went up to Shadow Falls for our debut weekend with the Eagle 5. As you recall, Mr P and our friend Brian flew to Regina, Saskatchewan last weekend to pick up my dad's old RV, who offered it to us. Mr. P spent part of last week at camp unpacking and setting things up, and this weekend was our first chance to get at some of the projects we wanted to work on. However....the rains started on Saturday and really didn't stop until Monday morning. Needless to say, we didn't get a lot done other than drinking, eating and visiting. We wanted to build steps for the main door in the RV to make things a lot easier for Mr. P. We are planning on building up the front area of the RV site as a reception area and build a small retaining wall in the back in order to fit a 10' x 10' gazebo with gas firepit and the sling off to the side, and a new spot for the BBQ in the mid-area. There's a lot of work to do! We have some mechanical issues as well; the pilot light/water heater keeps shutting off after 20 minutes or so (currently investigating), there are a few leaks through window seals (to be expected in a 32 year old RV I suppose), and the main awning is pooched. A new one would be super expensive but we'll figure something out eventually. It's all going to be a new (money pit) work in progress! LOL

All in all, the weather was wet and cold. I felt pretty bad for the tenters - most abandoned the camping weekend and headed back to the city on Sunday however some hardier partiers stayed until Monday. I have to say this RV living with a roof over your head certainly makes for an easier experience! I think Mr. P is heading up again this week. I have to work Friday evening and Rubberswim is coming to visit Vancouver for a few days starting on Thursday so hopefully I can show him around town a bit on the weekend.

We had a bit of fun over the weekend. Mr P and I played with a buddy a bit on Friday and Saturday nights, and some of the guys were getting hot and heavy in T and K's hot tub next door. That hot tub is a slut magnet! Hahaha....Mr. P wants to get one now too.

Official opening of the new Shadow Falls bridge to the new campsite annex...in the rain
We played Cards Against Humanity on Sunday night with a bunch of friends and got back into the city on Monday around 4pm. I had talked to ltxj about playing a bit on Monday night instead of going to trivia. He agreed to come over around 6 after I told him that Wardog was coming over and I wouldn't be able to go over to his place. Ltxj and I put on rubber....he just wanted a fuck so I obliged. He came hands-free first, then came again before heading home. Wardog and I spent the rest of the evening in each other's holes. He claims to have hit another depth record while fisting on our hands and knees....I guess we'll find out more as we're planning to do the same again tonight!

Rubberswim shows up on Thursday....I'm looking forward to some hard-core rubber play this weekend with him. We are planning on going to the inaugural Bawdyhaus at the Hindenberg on Saturday night. Rubberswim wants to wear exposed chaps....I have no problem supporting him on this preference. I love wearing my chaps out! :D

So the following weekend, June 4 is supposed to be the VRM June meet at PJ. I'm seriously considering skipping the next two - June 4 and July 2 - to go camping. Only because the following weekend on June 11 is the Rubbout volunteer BBQ and the weekend after that is the VML Whistler weekend, so if I don't go on June 4 weekend, I won't be back up at Shadow Falls again until June 24....far too long. So, I think I'm going to forego hosting the VRM meet for a few months for my personal life. Wow, what a concept!

It should be an interesting couple of weeks. Hopefully there will be lots of rubber and play in store.

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