Monday, May 9, 2016

Spring Thing

I had a great weekend! Friday night I had to work, which was okay because I went to bed early and got up early on Saturday to join EBCC for a trip up to the summit of Mount Seymour. I hadn't done the full climb before; it was the final summit of the North Shore 'Triple Crown' that I hadn't done. What a climb! Very steep, 12.5km from the base on Mt. Seymour Parkway (approx 1000m to the top from sea level). The steepest of the three North Shore climbs (Cypress, Grouse, Seymour) and definitely the most exhilarating descent! How fun! You certainly get a sense of accomplishment after a climb like that.

Most of the guys (because they're nuts) decided to head up the climb one more time...some are trying to get a badge on Strava for climbing half the height of the Giro d'Italia climbs over the month of May....I can't motivate myself to chase virtual badge rewards, nuh-uh.Three of us headed home, stopping for coffee and food on the way back into North Vancouver. I had to hurry back as it is the first Saturday of the month, and you know what that means....Vancouver Rubbermen meeting! This month's event was called "Spring Thing".

I hauled a couple of loads of equipment to Pumpjack since Mr. P had the van at work. I set up the vac-bed and because there weren't a lot of people attending either the Van-PAH pup mosh or the VRM meeting given it was a beautiful day and many guys were out of town this weekend, it was a relatively straightforward demo day for me. BF helped me out; I put him in the vac-bed first, then he helped me suck in a cute pup that was curious. BF and I sat and talked for awhile afterwards, then he helped me haul the equipment home and we had a quick session in the sling (a hand in my ass after a month! Finally!) before I had to get ready to head to my next appointment...the EBCC Social Night.

We met at a pub called the Devil's Elbow in Gastown and dined and drank for a couple hours before I headed home. G was supposed to be coming over to spend the evening with Mr. P and I. He got over around 11pm and we played in the sling for awhile, then the bed, then finished the night in the sling again. For the first time, G got his hand in my ass too. It really turned him on, I think he wants to do it again! LOL

I was happy he crashed and spent the night with us. We lazed around on Sunday, watched some movies, fucked again, then he went home and Mr. P and I met friends for a couple drinks and food before heading to bed.

This morning I got the Rubbout 25 pic package uploaded for the Rubberzone guys to process and publish and biked to work. I'm soo disappointed with the photographs we got from our photographer. Very amateur and for what we paid, awful (terrible in fact). I am a bit embarrassed that we had to send the best of the worst to Rubberzone (and on top of that, only 95 pics out of a total of maybe 600 taken?). This whole situation with the photos has kind of been the last straw for me; I've already indicated to Rob my intentions not to be involved with Rubbout planning next year. I'm done for awhile. This is kind of a premature announcement; there will be much more discussed about this later.

It might be a busy week; tonight is trivia and Wardog wants to play though I have to work early on Tuesday, Tuesday night is Fountainhead anniversary party, Thursday we might be involved in another MetaverseXXX porn shoot (though I'm not holding my breath), there is a hot boy from Washington DC in town this week that wants to get together for some fisting this week...I sure hope that works out.

Next weekend Almazmol wants to get together for a session, hopefully with DC boy as well. I'm flying Mr. P and another friend to Regina on Friday night to pick up the RV from my parents on Saturday morning and drive it back to BC to set up at Shadow Falls. God willing everything will go okay, no major mechanical issues and we'll have the vehicle set up for Victoria Day long weekend! That's the plan at least.

I'll have the condo to myself next weekend.....I think we all know what that means LOL

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