Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Does anyone know anything about this new startup, Latex'd?  They look either to be selling Latexskin excess inventory or something (similar to what they do on eBay from time to time?) or simply hijacking Latexskin's photos for their own website.


Anonymous said...

Made on a free website system (Wix) and a generic gmail.com email address. Highly suspect.

Anonymous said...

While it does looks suspect, there are two things that are somewhat curious. For one they seem to have their own domain(latexd.com), registered via a polish registrar(nazwa.pl) on March 29th 2016, which redirects to their page on wix.com. The second is the location from where they ship according to ebay(http://www.ebay.com/itm/231956610620?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649), namely Konin/Poland. And latexskin states Konin/Poland as their address. Which could be a coincidence considering there are at least six Konins in Poland, but only one of them is a town.
Taking these things in to account, including the age of their ebay account(registered March 18th 2016), I can only say that Latex'd could be a new branch of latexskin which is still being set up. Another possibility is that they are a franchise of latexskin. But they could also be unrelated.
Without any further information there is no way of telling which is the case, or how reliable they might be.
With all this said I have one question: How did you find them?

Kamil Kozlowski said...

We came here to clarify things and to shed some lights on all this.

We are NOT Latexskin, we are NOT affiliated with them in any way.
People who created Latex'D are the same (most of them anyway) who created Latexskin but due to personal reasons our ways split and we created Latex'D leaving Latexskin behind.

And yes - the photographer and model in the same person is me - the guy formerly behind Latexskin, now running Latex'D. Hence it may cause some confusion but we did not use any Latexskin pictures - since we have our own studio we simply took new pictures in new gear (who do you think took all the photos for latexskin in the first place huh? :)

As for using gmails - from our previous experience we noticed that many domains were blocking our .com and .pl domains and gmail is the best way to reach it.

Wix.com website might be just a temporary solution - I'm no webmaster/programmer and this was the closest I could get on my own in a short period of time.

To answer some obvious questions - I do not know what will happen to Latexskin, all I can tell you is that we as Latex'D are here to stay and you can expect a lot more from us in upcoming weeks, and you will definatelly not see me in any new pictures under latexskin.

MB said...

Thanks for the info, Kamil. I know a lot of people were wanting to have some context on the arrival of another polish Latex company :) Good luck to you!