Thursday, May 26, 2016

June Moon

So, there's been a bit of stuff going on. I submitted an application to the Vancouver Pride Society for the possibility of marching under the Vancouver Rubbermen banner during the Vancouver Pride Party on Sunday July 31. I am not particularly hopeful we will get in since they have already announced a full roster of entrants and waitlists for most of the Pride events already, but I will remain optimistic. I've already put a shout-out to the local rubber guys to join me, if only to make our club look legitimate...and I need someone to hold the other side of the banner as we march! LOL

So there's that....and there's already some discussion about things to do for the New Westminster Pride two weeks after that on Saturday August 13. They want all the kink groups and clubs to gather together under a tent during the Street Fair. This would be a huge expansion on what we did last year and apparently there's full support behind the New Westminster Mayor's office to make this happen. I have heard rumours that they want to grow this event or an offshoot of it into a Northwest Folsom Fair of sorts - and you can be sure I'll be involved in that like a fat kid on a Smartie.

This weekend, I'm assigned to work tomorrow night and probably won't wrap up until 1am or so, but I'm excited that Rubberswim is coming to town this weekend. Mr. P and I had thought about going up on Saturday but I've already kind of committed to going to the Legion's anniversary party in the afternoon, then dressing up with Rubberswim for BawdyHaus at the Hindenberg. I have also heard rumours of a big announcement going on at that venue on Saturday night too so I'd like to be there to see if it actually happens.

The June 3 weekend I had planned to cancel the VRM June Moon event and go to Shadow Falls with Mr. P, however as of yesterday some more clusterfucks at work might derail my plans and I might have to work to put some emergency code package fixes in on Friday night. I'm trying to get out of it so I can get the fuck out of town again. The following weekend is the Rubbout volunteer BBQ weekend and the weekend after that is the Spring VML Whistler Retreat, so I won't be able to go out to the RV again until June 24 weekend. That is going to be super-awesome because I got my vacation request approved and I'll be able to hang out in the woods from June 24 to July 3 over the Canada Day long weekend. I can't wait.

Another reason I'm not that upset about cancelling the VRM event is due to the venue. I'm having a bit of an issue with Pumpjack....well, I have been for awhile. As much as I appreciate them handing the venue over for Rubbout events and such, I find their 'avid support of the kink community' somewhat rings pretty insincere and hollow. As long as it is a big money-maker for them, and a 'kink' that the owners like, it's fine and supported; if not they couldn't be fucking bothered. It pisses me off; at the May VRM meet, I was relegated to the back as usual - no biggie, but then the pups were in the front, they got all the attraction since the rubber stuff is put up behind curtains, I had nowhere to hang banners, the owners were in the front helping the pups, and not one of the staff even came to the back to see how things were going during set up. It's bullshit. So, we went through the motions of vacuuming a few guys from 2pm on....mind you it's a beautiful day out and yet the old fucking alcoholics are already in the bar. The manager comes to see me around 3:30 and says he's getting complaints about the vacuum on the other end of the bar, and also that a group of lesbians want to come back into the back area to play pinball and pool. I said the pool table is mine until 5, but they can come back if they want. It was about 4:15 when about 20 lesbians come into the back and take over the place. Fuck this's Saturday afternoon, 4pm, I've been told I can do my event here, now I gotta concede the space for someone else?! I pack up and leave with BF, kinda pissed off. This was yet another bad experience at this bar to add to the evidence of how much I'd love to move my event somewhere else. Pumpjack is boring, tedious, opportunistic and complacent in the way they do things that is starting to piss a lot of people off.

I am hopeful that maybe this new setup at the Hindenberg might present some oppotunities for VRM to move venue and change nights, times, doing demos in the weekend evenings or something as part of the entertainment. I'm kinda done with the Davie Village venues, they are all kinda lame.

Anyhoo, despite my decisions to pull away from a lot of organizing for Rubbout, etc. I still want to push ahead with VRM and find some way to find our events a more welcoming home.

Wardog was over on Monday and Tuesday night for a couple of great fisting/fucking sessions; I'm hoping for more (in hard-core rubber scenes!) with Rubberswim this weekend. I'm going to have to miss the P-CAN Jock Party on Friday night due to my work obligations but I'm looking forward to wearing rubber chaps with Rubberswim on Saturday and checking out the action at Bawdyhaus.

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