Monday, May 11, 2015

This is Happening....

Next weekend is the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada. Mr. P and I are going camping; we're very excited to be getting out of the city for three days. We bought a new used vehicle a couple weeks ago and this will be our first trip out of Vancouver. I'm very happy that Mr. P has some extended mobility again, we've gone almost nine months without a vehicle and it was particularly limiting for Mr. P.

Anyways, the two weekends after this are pretty big ones for North American rubber events, especially for the East Coast boys.

Of course, the Chicago Rubbermen and MIR Team up for the annual Rubber Meet and Greet at IML on May 22

The Buckingham Room, First Floor, Congress Plaza Hotel and Convention Center

Cash Bar, Rubber Demos, Photo Opportunities, and much more!

Mr International Rubber 2015, Max Samauth will be in attendance. The following weekend he will be in Toronto for their monthly Meet and Greet at the Black Eagle in downtown Toronto on May 30.

Come and meet Max Samauth, Mr. International Rubber from Amsterdam hosting our May Toronto Rubbermen meet and greet!

Dress up in your rubber gear and socialize with us. Special show: Vac rack demo, No dresscode - We have rubber pieces to try out and welcome you with warm hugs. Hosts: Gummi, and Karl and Allan!

Feel free to invite your friends!

Max's blog:
Photo by Sly Hands

If you get an opportunity to go to either of these rubbermen events, you won't be disappointed! Lots of fun and lots of shiny sexy men!

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