Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Moar Black

So, my Libidex black catsuit ripped pretty terribly again on Saturday night, so I'm basically done fixing the damn thing for good now. I'm thinking I need to get an additional black catsuit....I've gone through how many now? 3? 4?

I have the Invincible 0.6mm play suit, and my old 0.4mm Invincible front zip (repaired that way, originally neck entry) still kinda sorta intact. Additionally the Spexter fullbody suit which I typically protect with my life is still in great shape but not particularly suited for extended play sessions, I don't have any backup functional simple style black catsuits....I like to have an extra or two around to throw on hot guys that end up wanting to get into full rubber prior to a play session at the condo.

Because I'm a hoarder and don't throw out rubber, I still have the shards of my Latexa fullsuit and STR catsuit from years ago still sitting at the bottom of storage boxes. The Rubbellion one is toast (again) and the Libidex will be retired.

God, I've gone through a lot of latex through the years...but it's time to consider some new black stuff.

Who should I go with this time? Should I buy another Invincible suit? They seem to last the longest. I'm considering another STR sized up to large; guys that buy STR seem to be happy with them, however I'm considering Latexcatfish again, though the shopping list for them is long so maybe I should just invest in a couple suits with them at the same time.

So many options and decisions to make.

Maybe it's time to finally get the Ruben suit from Young-Action! I really like the styling of this suit; it's made at 0.6mm latex; very simple styling and a helluva lot of fun in action, I'm sure. It's very similar to the color and design of my Regulation London skinhead jeans and polo however in a one-piece catsuit, of course. I do like the double-stripe look and I don't own anything with that piping yet.

The Young Action website is mostly in German so I'm waiting to hear back from them with a sizing chart. If I can get some reasonable off-the-shelf sizing from them or even an offer for some customizing I will probably go ahead and order from them.

Another company I need to order from is Rubaddiction. They have some fisting pants I'd LOVE to get. Maybe in the near future!

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